Your Job Might Be In Jeopardy from Artificial Intelligence: Steps You Can Take to Survive the Onslaught of Human-Like-Robots

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The advancement in artificial intelligence will create challenges that will be disruptive to nations and peoples life all over the world. Keep in mind, robots are not human, which means they do not get tired or have emotional intelligence.

Industry leaders are just salivating at the profit potential from having fewer employees and lower health care cost. Lost in all the debate of the threat of artificial intelligence is the toll of the human cost. Who will be buying all the cheaper products if millions of jobs are taken over by robots? In this article, we list some of the jobs robots or (AI) will be replacing.

Most college graduates are in for a shock. Your accounting degree might not mean much if artificial intelligence can do it faster with no mistakes. Towards the end of this content, we give advice to those that will listen on proactive steps one can take to prepare for this dramatic change. Also, we take liberty using the terms artificial intelligence and robots to mean the same thing.

What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Computer technology is advancing at an alarming rate, which ultimately led to the birth of artificial intelligence. In layman’s term, AI is simply a machine that has been programmed to do a specific task. At present, AI is most effective at collecting and interacting with data, but that is rapidly changing to involve interacting with the collected data.

A perfect example will be the rideshare industry. In once told my UBER driver that his boss is a machine that does not eat or sleep, and he looked at me like I was naughty or a nerd. This artificial intelligence that UBER OR LYFT uses can collect data about each driver, send warnings or incentives based on that data collected.

If an area needs more drivers, the “machine” increase the incentive until more drivers flood the area to take customers home. Also, at the same time, it is able to increase the prices customers are quoted in real time to ensure the rideshare company does not lose money. It is now possible for AI to interact with humans online through regular chat platforms.

I recently bought a car and my initial appointment was set up by AI. The latest artificial intelligence machines are now capable of learning just like humans. Some of you might not realize it, but AI is all around us in most of our daily activities. Just look at all those smart home devices or the way you can interact with your smartphone.

List of Jobs in Jeopardy From Artificial Intelligence

1 – Tax Preparers

If you earn a living preparing taxes, I urge you to seek training in other professions as soon as you can. Most tax preparers are just information gatherers with the taxation software doing most of the calculations and deductions. Since the software is doing most of the work it will not be difficult for artificial intelligence to completely take over the tax preparation profession.

2 – Fast Food Workers

Corporations are working feverishly to squeeze out more profits by using fewer workers. The preparation of junk work at most fast food restaurants is a monotonous job and there are now robots making pizza in California.

Expect to see your favorite fast food joint with robots as the food maker and one or two humans collecting the money. In the future, it might even be possible to see a completely autonomous fast food joint.

3 – Loan Officers

Most loan officers rely on AI to pull the credit and background report with a conclusion of the creditworthiness of the potential customer. Have you ever filled out an instant credit application online? The whole process is handled by artificial intelligence. This is another data driven profession that will require fewer and fewer people as AI gets stronger.

4 – Bank Tellers

Bank tellers will become less essential as we move full speed into the digital economy. Every year, there are fewer cash transactions due to the rapid implementation of digital currency. If you’re in the money handling profession, be wary and start looking for a different profession.

In fact, the complete atomization of banks is already happening but we’re all too busy to pay attention. Your local bank used to have more employees in the 1980s and 1990s as compared to now.

5 – Accountants

I hate to break the bad news to you, but that accounting degree will soon become meaningless because artificial intelligence will be more capable in understanding the tax laws and all its loopholes. Laugh all you want now, but accountants deal mostly in data and AI is the best at handling data.

6 – Rideshare Drivers

If you presently drive for UBER OR LYFT enjoy it while it last because both are working day and night to replace you with artificial robot drivers. The push to autonomous driving cars can be traced to the introduction of the modern GPS navigation system. Ten or fifteen years from now you just might be riding in a rideshare car driven by a smiling robot that is powered by artificial intelligence.

7 – Construction Workers

Construction is a dangerous job and with the booming real estate market developers are finding it hard to get reliable help. Expect to see robots working on construction sites in ten years or less. Laugh all you want, but if your livelihood is from the construction trade you better start looking for alternatives.

8 – High Rise Window Glass Cleaners

When I look into my crystal ball, I can see robots cleaning the windows of high rise buildings all across America. The robots powered by artificial intelligence will not need a break, neither will they command a weekly or monthly salary.

9 – Truck Drivers

Just like rideshare drivers, truckers will eventually be replaced by self-driving robots. In fact, the trucking industry is in for a big shock from drone delivery. First, the big drones will dominate and drive many truckers out of business, while the robots will take the remaining jobs of driving for short distance delivery.

10 – Translators

Slowly, but surely all translators will be replaced by artificial intelligence. The translation used to be a high paying job, but that is no longer the case except in some extreme cases. Court cases still require human translation, but I would not be surprised to find robots doing the translation work at major courtrooms in America in the future.

This video gives you an insight into what might happen to most jobs when artificial intelligence kicks into high gear. I urge everyone to watch and make their own assessment of job security.

Elon Musk of Tesla Motors is at it again. His suggestion of universal income might sound crazy now, but might be needed with all the upheaval and job losses artificial intelligence will create.

Steps You Can Take to Survive the Onslaught of Human-Like-Robots

A – Take a careful assessment of your job duties to see if it can be done by robots powered by artificial intelligence. No profession is immune from the invasion of AI.

B – If your duties can be done by AI, your next step is to move to another profession. It is now possible to take online courses. The sooner you begin, the faster will be your transition to a job artificial intelligence cannot easily dominate.

C – Consider starting your own business in whatever you’re good at. There are people making a living owning websites. There are people making a living doing Youtube videos. Pick something you’re good at, and consider setting up a business around it.


The jobs listed above is just a small sample of what artificial intelligence can do. Most law firms are now experiencing lower billing hours due to the influence of AI in doing research. All is not lost, for certain new industries will open up. Someone has to program the AI, while others have to fix the robots when they break down.

The emergence of artificial intelligence robots will open up a world of opportunities for the enterprising mind. I do see a confrontation brewing between AI and humans all over the world. I do see that their will come a time when artificial intelligence and humans will go to battle. It might be too late then since AI will be embedded into every facet of life on earth.

Online Resources for Jobs at Risk of Automation

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