VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Review

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A mouse is essential to get stuff done on any computing interface. In this VicTsing Bluetooth wireless mouse review, I will be examining what’s responsible for the fast growth of this company, and if this product should be included in the top 10 Bluetooth mouse of all time.

The design for the VicTsing 2.4G Slim wireless mouse is similar to many others found in the marketplace, but a closer look reveals good features absent from high-end wireless Bluetooth mouse for a laptop sold online. Before we get into the details of what this mouse can and will allow you to do, let’s take a closer look at the manufacturer.

What About VicTsing?

It was founded in 2012 and its official name is VicTsing Technology Co., Ltd. From the information gathered online, this is a Chinese company that maintains a physical location in the United States of America. The listed headquarters for VicTsing is at 1278 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.

Based on sales volume, this company is one of the fastest-growing third-party sellers on Amazon with dozens of products in a range of categories. Best selling VicTsing Technology products can be found in the home appliance, consumer electronics sphere on this large online platform. In 2018, a subsidiary called Homasy was created.

They’ve managed to create a unique following in the car and computer accessories sector with a few humidifiers listed for sale. From the company interactive website, any product you click to purchase takes you directly to Amazon. They do entertain wholesale inquiries and you can email “[email protected]” for more information.

The USA set up for this fast-growing company is not a mirage, because they do list a physical address, and initiating return of a defective item can all be done on their site. We could not find any reliable information about the founders or owners, but that should not impact the analysis to see if this is a top-rated Bluetooth mouse.


What About a Computer Mouse?

We’ll get to the features embedded within the 2.4G Slim wireless mouse from VicTsing in due time, but a brief historical reference to how this computer peripheral got created is quite appropriate. The computer mouse used to be called a pointer, since it is used to input and manipulate the different type of objects on a computer screen

The invention of the mouse is not as straightforward as you might expect, but there are related inventions that helped usher in the modern Bluetooth wireless mouse like the one from VicTsing.

A researcher at Stanford Research Institute by the name of Douglas Engelbart is credited with inventing the first computer mouse, but that is not completely accurate, as many others played a crucial role before the mouse could be used by the masses.

Mr. Engelbart came up with the idea in 1950, and it was not until 1963 that he published it. He gave a public demonstration in 1968, outlining his ideas and concepts about what a computer mouse should look like and do.

But, it was Xerox that took the prototype and refined it to create a functional, although rudimentary computer mouse. Since this was an evolving idea, other technological companies jumped on it with gusto.

Credit for the first wireless mouse should go to Logitech. You can put the rumors to rest, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not invent the mouse. They took the concepts, refined them, and made it widely available to the masses. IBM also played a role in the advancement of the computer mouse, but they eventually left the field to more nimble technological savvy firms.

Right now, Logitech is a major player in the computer mouse business, but Apple, VicTsing, and other manufacturers have dozens of products for those seeking a Bluetooth mouse for MacBook pro.

VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Features

Is the unit made by VicTsing the best Bluetooth wireless mouse? We’ll soon find out, by closely examining its features and durability. VicTsing 2.4G Slim mouse comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity plus a 2.4G USB receiver.

Dual Connection

VicTsing 2.4G Slim mouse can work seamlessly on two smart devices at the same time. The dual connection is made possible because one device can use the Bluetooth connectivity, while the other will be paired using the 2.4G USB receiver. Why someone would want to work on two different screens at the same time baffles me, but some high-end financial traders might find it useful.

I have many other computer accessories, but I find this is my favorite best Bluetooth mouse for mac, anytime. I usually use just one of the connection options since the Bluetooth is flawless with no lag time. The USB receiver will come in handy if you’re on a device lacking the right Bluetooth connectivity options. The blue light indicates connection through Bluetooth, while the red light indicates a 2.4G wireless connection.

Adjustable DPI

The Dots per inch (DPI) simply measures the sensitivity ratio of a mouse. The DPI of the VicTsing mouse not only displays accurate reactions, it is also adjustable. The adjustability range of the DPI goes from as low as 800 to as high as 2400.

The red button embedded in the middle of the mouse is used to increase or decrease the mouse DPI. The ability to control the sensitivity of mouse movement and functions is a good thing, especially for those into doing multiple things on a computing platform. The different DPI levels can also provide serious gamers an edge.

Ergonomic Design

This is a good ergonomic mouse due to the presence of a soft finger rest area, which can help minimize the issue of hand-fatigue. It offers a comfortable grip for most palm sizes. The claim of being anti-slip and sweatproof should be taken with a “grain of salt” meaning, there are other factors that will determine if both are true.

If you’re using the mouse in a cool environment, sweating will probably not be a factor. The anti-slipping claim will be determined by the type of surface the mouse is placed on. A smooth surface will not create any slippage, but I suggest you consider the use of a good computer mouse pad – like this one.

Reduced Power Consumption

While a computer mouse will not use that much battery power, it is good to know this device comes with an on/off switch. To further reduce battery waste, the Bluetooth wireless mouse from VicTsing Technology Co., Ltd will shut itself off after several minutes of inactivity. You need 1 x AA battery to bring the mouse alive and access all its functions.

Bluetooth Mode Pairing

The use of Bluetooth 4.0 protocol ensures pairing will be seamless with compatible devices. Once the single AA battery is installed, turn on the power switch. The power indicator light should be blue, which indicates the mouse is in Bluetooth mode.

Next, go to your device and it should automatically pick up the pairing request. Accepting the Bluetooth pairing request completes the process, which gives the user the power to manipulate the laptop screen. The Bluetooth pairing might be slightly different based on the smart device you’re using. The Bluetooth mode will work efficiently with Windows 8 and up, plus Mac OS and Android operating systems.

Pairing Using the 2.4G Receiver mode

Using the 2.4G wireless mode is even faster as long as your smart device has a USB port. The tiny receiver can be found inside the battery compartment when you first unpack the VicTsing mouse. Once the nano receiver is placed inside the USB port, press the DPI button on the mouse for three seconds until the light changes to red.

Again, there might be a slight difference based on the type of smart device you’re using. Once the nano receiver is put inside the USB port, the needed driver for it to work will be automatically installed. Some devices will ask for permission, while others will complete the process without asking for permission.

Adjusting DPI Levels

The default DPI mode for this mouse is 1200 DPI. Pushing the red button allows one to move from one DPI setting to another. Pressing it once makes the mouse use 800 DPI, pushing the button twice will move it to 1200 DPI, three times will bring on 1600 DPI, pressing it four times will initiate 2000 DPI, and finally, pressing it fives times will bring on the highest DPI of 2400.

Main Difference Between all the Mouse Made By VicTsing

This company is constantly bringing up upgrades for their mouse while still selling the older versions. A good way to differentiate what each can do is by looking at the sensor and connection technology used. The unit found in this review is the latest version and uses both Bluetooth and 2.4G Wireless receiver to initiate pairing with any smart device.

The company does a poor job explaining the main differences in each mouse. Even the latest version has notice that says there is a newer version, and on that version, there is also a notice of a newer version. This might be an oversight, but it can create confusion for the consumer.


Is this product the best Bluetooth laptop mouse? I’ll let you be the judge of that, but there are features gamers and heavy computer users will find very useful. Any serious gamer knows the value of having instant mouse accuracy and this unit does a good job at that.

This is a good wireless Bluetooth mouse that’s priced surprising low. It is priced at less than twenty bucks, comes with some amazing features usually found in a high-end mouse costing twice as much.

The VicTsing Bluetooth wireless mouse is compatible with most of the computer operating systems including Android, Windows, and MAC OS. Is this product the ultimate best Bluetooth mouse for the laptop? In our opinion, it should be included in any top 10 list, due to its excellent design, durability, and impressive features.

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