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In this digital age, wireless connectivity is the rage. The great sounds inside your device can only be outputted through a well built speaker system, which is why we’re putting the RIVA FESTIVAL Wireless Speaker through its paces. In this RIVA Festival Multiroom Speaker Review, we take a closer look at what this sound maker can do, and comparison to other best Bluetooth speakers.

The RIVA speaker is bulky and not as tiny as the image depicts. Right out of the box I had my doubts if this speaker can output all the mid-highs and lows found in my wide collection of jazz music. The ease of set up was surprising, and the sound exceeded my expectations. Before diving into the features, lets address the big elephant in the room, which is the name.

The Odd Name


Why would an audio speaker company adopt the name DIVA? Did they conduct any type of market research to find a cooler sounding name? These were just some of the questions I asked myself as I debated if the RIVA festival speaker is worth having.

Yes, I do agree that the name itself does not inspire confidence, but I can assure all you skeptics that the sound coming out of this “bad boy” is on par to rival what the Bose speaker system could produce. The name DIVA is not what I would have chosen for a durable speaker manufacturing company, but it does not take away from what this Bluetooth speaker can do.

Features of the RIVA FESTIVAL Wireless Speaker

The size of the speaker will discourage those looking for a truly portable Bluetooth speaker that can be thrown into a bag for beach parties. It has an old-fashion look and comes in two distinctive colors, black and white. A speaker system with Bluetooth capabilities is only as good as the sound emitted, which is why the sound quality takes the leading role.

RIVA Festival Speaker Sound Quality

It will not be an exaggeration if I called the Festival speaker a wireless powerhouse. Inside its core sits brilliantly designed four passive radiators, three modern woofers, plus three tweeters, all unique configured to output 200-watts of raw power. This audio speaker can be loud folks, and you next door neighbors will not be happy about it.

The most impressive aspect of the sound quality is the absence of any distortions. I recently listened to one of my Beethoven classics and the music moved me much more than what my old small Bluetooth speaker used to output.

At just 30% volume my upstairs neighbor started banging on the floor, which is an indication he could hear my music loud and clear. The RIVA FESTIVAL Wireless Speaker is more comparable to what a BOOMBOX would produce, but actually on a more refined scale.

The sound power is impressive enough to deliver music effectively to the delight of dozens of guests. I played Grover Washington, Jr. Mister Magic over and over again, and each time I heard horn arrangements absent in earlier playbacks. Both the power and sound quality gets an A+ in this review.

What About the Design?

Apart from the odd sounding name, another area the manufacturer could improve is the online images for this product. This speaker is much bigger than what is depicted on Amazon.com. The RIVA speaker weighs slightly over 14-pounds, which might limit its portability for some people.

The housing of this speaker is made out of plastic that is tough and has a rich feel to it. The grill covering the front gives the RIVA Festival speaker an adoring look. The glossy finish will be friendly to dust and dirty hands. The Festival’s design will compliment most modern decor styles, be it in the living-room, bedroom , or kitchen.

Lets Talk About the Connectivity

What’s the point of buying a Bluetooth speaker if it cannot connect seamlessly with the multitude of modern digital devices? This is where this speaker from RIVA shine the brightest. Connecting it to my iPhone took less than one minute. All you need to do is switch the RIVA speaker mode to Bluetooth and your smartphone or other device should instantly pick it up.

Some have called it the top Bluetooth and wireless compatible speaker, but it gets better, since it can also be utilized using the following modalities: Airplay, optical, USB, auxiliary, and it is Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) complaint.


Owner’s Manual

I have had my share of greatly designed products with poorly put together user’s manual. The manual is not only lengthy, but also detailed with color coordination so there is no mistaken what the next step should be as one navigates functionalities of the speaker.

I suggest you look through the manual before first using the speaker to play your music. Getting this device to work with any smart home device should not be difficult, just follow the clearly detailed directions. There is even a RIVA Voice app to make the process of connecting to Alexa and Google Assistant as seamlessly as possible.


Probably one of the easiest Bluetooth speakers to set up
Astounding sound quality that’s just perfect for large rooms
Capable of connecting to devices through different formats
It is available in two distinctive colors: black and white
Comes with a 2-year warranty that covers most of the major components


The odd name does not inspire confidence
Portability is not one of its finest points, since it weighs slightly over 14-pounds

RIVA FESTIVAL Wireless Speaker Review – YouTube Video

This is a good video that goes into detail of what this speaker can do. It is capable of delivering a thrilling Multiroom performance experience. The video is informative and I suggest you watch it before choosing to buy the RIVA Festival speaker today.


This wireless Bluetooth speaker from RIVA is powerful enough to fill any large room or gathering space, with high quality audio sound. It is designed in such a way that bass, treble, and other instruments will come through loud and clear.

Apart from the intuitive design, the long list of playback options makes it a worthy purchase. The RIVA festival speaker comes with a full two-year warranty!

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