What Are The Pros And Cons of Playing Video Games?

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In the early 1980s, video games made a dramatic appearance and grabbed the attention of the youth. Storefronts appeared out of nowhere with dozens of video boxes and most were as big as vending machines. The earlier games involved arranging objects and trying to get objects out of a specific cube. In the beginning, it only cost one-quarter (25-cents) to play one round. Many of the store owners became millionaires because it became a place where both teenagers and adults hung out.

Fast forward to the present day, playing video games can be a personal experience or played against groups of people online. Most smartphones have video games embedded inside of them. While there are many free video games to get the kids’ attention, the more interesting and violent ones cost a few dollars to download.

Developing and marketing online video games is now a multi-billion dollar business with yearly astronomical growth rates. There are now dedicated desktop computers, laptops, and peripherals like keyboards, multi-functional mouse, all specifically made to cater to this growing niche market.

Millions of dollars are won or lost among serious online gamers competing against players that might be down the street, in another city or state, or even another country. The video games of nowadays have no geographical limitations, and the list of online gaming platforms with real money bet is growing every hour.

With the rapid improvement in graphics and animation technology, realistic-looking video games that involve intense violence are created and deployed every day. Are video games good or bad for kids and adults? That my friend is what this article will decipher. Kids love em’ adults love em’ but pros and cons of video games statistics are coming out showing the damage they’re causing, and the warning signs parents should be on the lookout for.

Playing Video Games Pros

In this pros and cons of video games article, we’re going to discuss the advantages of video gaming because only then can parents and guardians be able to spot the disadvantages when they start to manifest. Among the proponents of video gaming the most often cited advantages are:

1 – It Can Increase Happiness

Often, in the beginning, video game players tend to be happier and less grumpy about life in general. Some of the kids and adults that play video games, justify this activity as a time to be themselves, whether playing alone or with other gamers.

I have seen my fair share of gamers giggle or laugh intensely, especially at any sign of winning a game. No doubt about it, video games can give the player a sense of happiness since they’re in a world they have some type of control.

2 – It Will Increase the Learning Ability of the Player

Truth be told, anytime you’re focused on anything even video gaming, the chances of learning new skills increase exponentially. Yes, playing video games can help one focus, which ultimately leads to increased learning ability. In a nutshell, it will increase the ability of the player to recognize, learn, and remember new things either good or bad.

3 – Learn Good Life Skills

Any video gaming that involves collaboration with online friends will teach the players how to work together as a team to get things done. Working as a team is an important skill set needed in a work environment to achieve company objectives. A video gamer that has participated in collaborative gaming will have a higher level of this unique skill set.

4 – Increase the Drive to Win

There are millions of Americans that have lost their desire to win at anything. Playing any type of video game might help rekindle that drive to want to win. Hopefully, the desire to win at video gaming will be transferred to conquering the challenges of everyday living.

Some of our readers will be able to come up with additional pros of video games on the brain, but the four listed advantages are the ones that make the most sense.

What Are the Cons of Playing Video Games?

There are many disadvantages of playing videos, but for brevity’s sake, we’re only going to list a few of them. Keep in mind, that the pros and cons of playing computer video games will be determined by the design and the structure of the games.

Some of the dislikes listed below will manifest in those that enjoy playing violent video games showing lots of blood and dead combatants. The most significant video games cons are:

1 – It Will Lead to Addiction

There is no doubt that video gaming causes addiction of the worst kind. Staring at any type of digital screen including television for long periods alters the brain wave. I have seen kids and adults that refuse to do other things but play video games. The most addicting video games are the ones that call for the participant to shoot, maim, or kill objects inside the game platform.

2 – Social Maladjustment

Most video gamers reside in an imaginary world during those games and some are unable to form the right social skills in the real world. Most of the addicted online gamers come to trust the persona they’ve become in those games rather than creating real-life ones. Most will lack empathy, emotions, or verbal skills.

3 – Violent Tendencies

The most serious disadvantage of playing video games all the time is that it can lead to the development of violent tendencies. Kids and adults displaying violent tendencies in social interaction probably played too many crazy video games. Some of the games will challenge one to shoot to kill at the slightest chance, and some gamers will transfer that mindset into challenges that arise with people they encounter.

What Parents Can Do About Video Games

If your kid is not into video games, do not encourage him to start playing. From all indications, it can cause more harm than good. Any positive behavior changes it causes in the gamer will eventually turn negative.

These are signs and symptoms parents should be on the lookout for

A former bright student, suddenly getting failing grades. Since some of the most addicting online games come with different levels, your teenager might be spending time trying to reach the highest level rather than studying. If your kid’s room is locked and you cannot go inside unannounced, catching him or her in the act of constant gaming might be difficult.

If your kid develops extreme tiredness especially during the early hours of the day, too much-playing video games might be the reason why. Those that play many hours of video games develop irregular sleep patterns, which can lead to difficulty doing everyday chores.

Another obvious sign is when the person refuses to leave there room to do other things. Intense gamers develop a need to be left alone. If the person’s hygiene becomes unbearable, you should check their video gaming habits.


While there are modest advantages beginner video gamers can develop, most will turn negative over time. Unfortunately, boys are highly at risk because their need for ruff and tumble play is no longer encouraged in schools or by most parents.

Any boy being raised by a single mom might turn to video games to get that male assertiveness, which allows many other problems to develop. Girls are not immune to the growing video games disadvantages as there are now games designed to cater to their style of gaming.

Regardless of how one looks at the pros and cons of video games, too much gaming will not lead to the creation of a better person. Intense gaming can lead to addiction of the worst kind.

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