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June 4, 2019
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Do you remember the days of the point and click cameras, and then having to send the film out for developing. For those that have dozens of older pictures from that era how do one protect the quality of the images before they fall prey to fading? A photo scanner is the most viable option for bringing printed photos into the digital age.

Price is usually the biggest hindrance for those looking for the best photo scanner, but we found the Plustek ePhoto Z300 Scanner to be affordable, with some impressive features normally found in units costing much more.

In this Plustek Photo Scanner review, we examine some of the features, likes and dislikes of current users, and why it should be included among the top 10 best portable photo scanners of all time. This product is one of the cheapest photo scanners for preserving memories into the digital age.

From our testing, the Plustek ePhoto Z300 Scanner is more suitable for photos rather than documents. First lets talk about the design!



Right out of the box, one can tell it will not win any awards for best looking photo scanner of the year. The unusual combination of blue and white did not help. The use of plastic is prevalent all over this scanner. At first glance, we could not find any scanning mechanism since it is cleverly covered by a strip of plastic.

Pulling back the plastic strip reveals the socket needed for the power adapter, power switch to turn it on/off, a USB port for connection to digital devices, and a Kensington lock slot. Not counting the power switch, the most significant controls for the Plustek Photo Scanner can be performed through the ePhoto software.

The absence of an auto-feeder will slow down the rate of scanning a little bit. But this scanner is able to detect if it is a photo or a document before initiating and completing the scan. Another expect of the design that we all liked is the attached handle, which makes it easier to transport or move it around inside your home office.

Easy to Setup

Another compliment to the Plustek ePhoto Z300 is the ease of setting it up. Once it’s out of the box, you install the software using the included disc. It is compatible with both Apple Mac and Windows operating systems.

If you’re using an older computer that lacks the needed optical drive one can be easily downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. After the software is fully installed, just turn the ePhoto Z300 Scanner power on to complete the process.

Another crucial step, is the calibration process. But, don’t worry, the included calibration sheet will guide you along. Once you’re done with the installation steps you will be prompted to complete this process by pushing the finish button. Keep in mind that pushing the finish button will restart your computing system, which means close out other open applications before proceeding.

What About the ePhoto Software?

Once the installation is complete, turning the scanner on will reveal an LED light that magically appears on the right side. The light should glow blue to indicate the scanner is ready to commence operation. But, before we get into the scanning process itself, lets talk about the ePhoto software functionality.

You should get familiar with the interface of the ePhoto software because that where you can select scanning formats, view scan photos, and decide if you want to save the photos or export to other applications.

The ePhoto Z300 scanner from Plustek is capable of detecting if you’re scanning a photo or document. Available scanning formats include Searchable PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Multi-Page PDF, plus Windows Bitmap.

The settings menu within the software is where to select your preferred file name, resolution, OCR language, and color. To apply simple edits to any scanned image just double click on it!

Why This Small Photo Scanner is Beloved?

For those that dislike pushing buttons to get digital devices to work the ePhoto Z300 Scanner will appeal to you, because it is intuitive and able to begin scanning once the picture or document is placed inside the soft roller slider.

This setup, makes it faster than a flatbed scanner. The CCD sensor is quite powerful enough to digitize color photos with no distortions. Another feature that makes instant scanning possible is the optical detection, and it takes less than 3-seconds to complete each scanning.

Apart from providing the ability to preserve memories into perpetuity, it is also possible to restore faded photos into clarity. The restoration can be done automatically or manually, with possible adjustments within the software. Blank areas of the photo will be cropped and the final image is displayed inside the software interface right away.

What Else Can the ePhoto Z300 Scanner Do?

Apart from using it to preserve all kinds of pictures, this powerful scanner can also be used to preserve sensitive documents like receipts, bills, or application forms. If the document or photo can fit into the soft slider, the scanning will be successful.


The small size makes it ideal for use in tight spaces
Inside the software is a editing facility that can be used to remove blemishes from photos
The simplicity of use far outweigh the benefits one might get from using a flatbed scanner
The software can be updated to the latest edition as long as you have reliable internet connection


Plustek ePhoto Z300 is not the greatest at scanning documents
It comes with no dust cover

Conclusion to the Plustek ePhoto Z300 Review

Since it lacks an auto feeder feature, scanning can be tedious and yet enjoyable. Best to do a few photos, take a break, and then continue later on. It is an ideal photo scanner that will take up very little footprint. It is compatible with both the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems.

The auto detection and auto correction of the software is far superior to scanners costing two to three times more. Within the ePhoto Z300 software is an editing facility that can be utilized to create flawless photo collages.

Will it be right to call the Plustek ePhoto Z300 the best photo scanner, probably not, but it is fast enough to get the digitizing of photos done in an efficient manner. Most important of all, this scanning machine is truly affordable!

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