How to Wake Up Without an Alarm Clock Tomorrow

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How we go to bed and wakeup influences most of what we do daily. Notice how you’re grumpy and irritable when you happen to wake up without quite enough rest? Sleep is not only essential to living but also the good life. It is the key to keeping one sane and happy at the same time. Some will ask – is it better to wake up naturally or with an alarm? Many studies have shown that waking up naturally creates a happier day for most people.

Even the best alarm clock can be irritating, annoying, and mood-altering. In this article, I will give you tips on how to wake up without an alarm tomorrow. The tips can be implemented right away, and in less than a week, you might find that your alarm clock is no longer your early morning favorite device.

Before I get to the steps needed for you to wake up without an alarm clock sound, let’s examine why people oversleep in the first place.

Reasons Why People Oversleep

Too Much Caffeine at Night

Do not consume any beverage containing caffeine at least five to six hours before bedtime. The list of drinks to stay away from as nighttime approaches is a long one, but they include coffee, tea, energy drinks, sodas, etc. Caffeine is not only a mood-altering drug, but it can also cause many negatives health effects.

Limit Your Intake of Calories

The biggest lie most people tell themselves is ignoring the number of calories within a simple snack. A piece of chocolate cookie might contain as many calories as a regular sandwich. If you want to train your body to wake up naturally without an alarm clock refrain from any type of food consumption four to five hours before bedtime.

Let Alcohol and other Intoxicants be Done With

All types of intoxicants including alcohol are formulated to mess your body up in the long run. Any sleep you get after getting high or drunk is usually not a pleasant one, which is why most people wake up annoyed or irritated. It is your life and you can consume as much poison as you wish, but to train your body to start waking up naturally, the intake of intoxicants need to be limited four to five hours before bedtime.

Ways to Train Your Body to Start Waking Up Without An Alarm Clock

Any type of alarm clock will disrupt the natural setting of your body’s internal clock. Yes, there is an internal clock within us that can be trained to wake us up at the right time, every day. I am sure most of you have experienced the joy of waking up before the alarm clock goes off. Not only is the body in synch with its internal clock when that occurs, usually it helps to usher in a productive day.

The following steps can help anyone regain the right to sleep peacefully and wake up on time, without the need for any type of an alarm clock:

Maintain a Clean Bedroom

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned inside your bedroom? Proper cleaning involves moving the bed and getting all the dust underneath. The accumulation of indoor dirt is one of the main reasons why people get sick or fail to maintain a good sleep routine.

Clean inside your bedroom, clean the windows, clean the curtains or blinds, buff the hard floor or shampoo the rug. The key is to remove as many contaminants as possible from your sleeping area. Let’s not forget the need to wash the sheets and comforters often.

Get Rid of the Electronics Inside Your Bedroom

All digital devices emit some form of radiation, which is invisible and always present. Your bedroom should be a place to rest comfortably. It should not be used as a place to eat snacks or watch television shows.

If your bedroom is without any electronics, it will be far easier to fall asleep and wake up well-rested in the morning. Again it is your body, but you can reach your goal to start waking up without an alarm clock if your sleeping room is not clustered with electronics.

Sleep in Total Darkness

Sleeping in total darkness is a good way to train your body to start waking up naturally. Darkness without any lights usually relaxes the body, which is the prelude to a good night’s rest. If you work at night and sleep during the day, get very dark blinds or curtains to block out any type of lighting or sunlight. Sleeping in total darkness is a good way to return the body to its default position of waking up early in the morning.

Take a lukewarm or cold Shower Before Bedtime

Taking a shower before bedtime does something to the body that’s hard to explain. The shower will relax the individual, which is a good thing because falling asleep will occur naturally. I find that cold or lukewarm water does a better job of relaxing all the muscles in the body. Hot water might create the opposite effect of exciting the muscles rather than relaxing them down.

Learn to Give Your Body Commands

It is far easier to command your body to relax as you lay down on your bed. Simply command each body part to relax. I find it is far more effective to start from your toes and walk you way upwards to the top of your head. The commands should be spoken quietly and firmly, with your arms at your sides.

Just before falling asleep tell your body what your wake up time should be. From my experience, the wake-up time will usually be a few minutes before the time stated before falling asleep. You must develop the habit of giving your body commands before falling asleep, for it is the key to waking up its internal clock.


It is a known fact that alarm clocks can stress the body if used regularly. Also, kindly turn your smartphone off while you’re sleeping. Don’t worry, all your online friends will still be around once you wake up well-rested. Using your cellphone as an alarm clock can pose a double hazard.

To recap the main points of how to wake up without an alarm tomorrow, refrain from the consumption of intoxicants and calories a few hours before bedtime. Take a cold or lukewarm bath to get the body relaxed, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

Keep a very clean bedroom so that the contaminants do not bother your sleep or cause any health problems. Finally, give each of your body parts command to relax as you lay on your bed. Right before falling asleep, tell your body what time you need to be up. The more you do it, the easier and more effective it becomes to wake up naturally instead of waiting for an alarm clock to sound.

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