How to Make Your iPhone Battery Charge Last Longer – Tips to Extend the Lifespan of the Battery

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I have the latest iPhone and one thing that bugged me (until I found a suitable solution) was the fast depletion of battery power after a full charge. Most iPhone users want to know how to improve the battery life of the device. In this article, we explore the latest iPhone battery charging tips and ways to make the charged battery last longer.

Contrary to what some might think, each iPhone battery comes with a lifespan, which is heavily influenced by how the device is used and maintained. We reached out to Apple iPhone support team to find out how long an iPhone battery will last before it needs replacing, but the information provided did not fully clarify the issue. Towards the end of this article, we clarify some of the misunderstandings about iPhone battery lifespan.

Tips to Make Your iPhone Battery Charge Last Longer

A fully charged iPhone battery power will be depleted even if you’re not using it, as long as the screen display is on and notifications and text messages are coming in. The following tips can influence how long a fully charged iPhone will last:

Update the Operating System

You need to make time to update your iPhone iOS operating system to the latest version. The latest update is automatically downloaded into your iPhone, but it needs to be manually accepted before full installation occurs. This is the first step to ensure your device battery charge lasts for many hours.

For the installation to take place, you need to be around a reliable Wi-Fi connection. To find out if your iPhone needs to be updated to the latest operating system simply go to:

click on General
And click on software update. If you’re running the latest iOS your device will let you know.

Avoid Extreme Temperature

From years of using different iPhone models, I have gotten several extreme temperature warnings. Exposing your iPhone to hot temperatures above 95° F will impact its performance negatively. In extreme cases, the iPhone will simply shut down so that the internal components can take a break.

I use a smartphone holder inside my car, which makes it easier to direct the cool air condition flow to the device. If you’re outdoors in extreme heat you might have to come up with ways to protect your iPhone from the elements.

In extreme hot temperature, the iPhone battery will be compromised, which usually leads to the faster depletion of its power. Extreme cold temperatures might also impact the performance of any iPhone battery life negatively.

Take a Look at Your iPhone Case

Some of the widely sold iPhone protection covers can negatively impact the charging of the battery. If you find yourself constantly tweaking the charging cable to get the right connection, your iPhone case might be what’s causing the problem.

A poorly designed and installed iPhone cover will prevent the device from fully charging. A good workaround is to simply remove the cover before charging the iPhone and then put it back afterward. Or you can invest in an authentic iPhone case to ensure this is not an issue you have to constantly deal with.

Other Steps to Make a Fully Charged Battery Last Includes:

One of the most significant steps to make your iPhone battery charge last longer is to make few changes to some of its functionalities. Don’t worry, the simple changes recommended will not make your iPhone go nuts, but can make that fully charged battery last a few more hours than usual.

Adjust Your Screen Brightness

Leaving your iPhone to remain on full brightness is a sure way to deplete battery power. A good workaround is to set it to auto-brightness, which means the device will optimize the screen brightness to your environment.

If you’re in a dark room the brightness will be increased, while in a well-lit room it will be reduced. To initiate auto-brightness follow these simple steps:

Display Accommodations
Turn on auto-brightness

If you do not want auto-brightness you can go to settings, then display and brightness, to choose how bright you want the screen of your smartphone from Apple to be. The above steps are for the latest Apple smartphones, some of the older models auto-brightness initiation steps might vary slightly.

Turn on Low Power Mode

Turning on low power mode is a good way to preserve battery life, especially during heavy use. Your iPhone will warn you when the available battery power is at 20% and also at 10%. If you have low power mode turned on the device will implement several changes to increase the lasting power of the remaining battery juice.

To allow for low power mode just follow these simple directions:

Turn on Low Power Mode

The low power mode can also be enabled once the low battery power warning is displayed on your screen. The low power mode simply reduces certain non-crucial functionalities of your iPhone until it is plugged into a charger. The mode will be turn-off once the battery power rises above twenty percent.

Other Things You Can Do to Limit iPhone Battery Depletion

It is better to use a Wi-Fi connection rather than a cellular connection when accessing data. The former uses less battery power as compared to the latter. From the settings menu, you’ll find the button to turn on the iPhone Wi-Fi.

Analyze iPhone Battery Usage

1 – From the settings menu click on the battery icon to see usage stats. Most Apps are designed to refresh in the background, even the ones that are not used daily. To select which Apps you want constantly refreshed in the background go to:

Click on General
Next, Background App Refresh

2 – You’ll see all the apps installed on your iPhone and turn off the ones you do not want constantly refreshed in the background. Turning some of the apps off will certainly help preserve the battery juice of your device.

3 – If you do not want the Apps installed on your device following you around, go to settings and use location services to initiate which ones you want always-on, and how others should function. Location sharing is a form of tracking, which I am sure most of you dislike. Simply set each App to only know your location while it is being used.

4 – Another crucial step to preserving the battery life f a fully charged iPhone is to disable the notifications constantly displayed by the Apps on your iPhone. Notifications are another way apps use to send unwanted messages, which contributes to the faster depletion of the iPhone battery charge.

Choose which App notification to turn off with the following steps:


Then switch off the Apps you do not want to get notifications from regularly. This simple step will increase how long the battery will last after a full charge.

Switching the iPhone to airplane mode can also influence the rate of depletion of the battery power, especially in poor cell coverage areas. If you’re constantly looking for good cell reception, your iPhone battery will not last that long. Using airplane mode is one of the suggestions made by Apple support staff.

Direct Suggestion by Apple Staff on Preserving iPhone Battery Power

If you’re looking to store your iPhone for long periods, let it charge to fifty percent capacity before turning it off. It is not advisable to fully charged it if the device will be put away in storage for many days or weeks.

If using a laptop or desktop computer to charge your iPhone, ensure that it is plugged into a power source. If the power source of the laptop is poor, the USB charging of the iPhone might deplete rather than charge the device. Using the USB cable on a computer that is turned off or in sleep mode will also reduce the smartphone battery juice instead of increasing it.

How Long Will Your iPhone Battery Last?

Just to clarify, battery life refers to the length of time before the device will need recharging. Battery lifespan refers to how long the battery pack installed inside the iPhone will last before a complete replacement is required. The email inquiry we sent to the Apple iPhone support staff did not produce the answer we were looking for, but they did provide clarity on the subject.

The lifespan of the iPhone battery pack will be determined by usage and upkeep. During the initial stages of battery power loss, battery power will be depleted at a faster rate. You should expect the battery charge retention of your iPhone to start to diminish after 400 to 500 charges.

Diminish does not mean the device will not work, but you’ll notice the battery juice will be used up at a faster rate as compared to when it was new. Apple never answered the question if the battery will someday stop charging, but they did insinuate that faster depletion is a sign the battery pack might need changing.


Your iPhone battery will not last forever, but with the above-listed steps, the battery juice can be be made to last longer. It is not how to improve battery life on the iPhone that matters, but how it is utilized. Following the manufacturer’s iPhone battery charging tips will tremendously help prolong the lifespan of the battery pack.

Now that you know how to maximize the battery life of an iPhone, what are you going to do about it? Some will wait until the device develops major battery issues before taking action, while others will learn how to charge the iPhone correctly, which helps to extend the lifespan of the battery pack inside the device.

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