Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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Introduction to the Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth Earbuds Performance Results

I have had my fair share of Bluetooth earbuds that did not last or performed as advertised. Even some well-known branded wireless earbuds did not measure up to my rigorous high-quality standards, thus my skepticism when I saw the price of the Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth Earbuds on Amazon.

The earbuds looked good and the detailed description of some of its features proved too enticing to ignore. With my Amazon Prime membership I know returning the earbuds from Enacfire if it did not perform as advertised will not be a problem. I ordered it on the last day of the week (Sunday) and they delivered it on Tuesday.

Why spend a fortune on well known branded Bluetooth wireless earbuds, when there is an excellent product with low pricing? I have a bad habit of rationalizing my purchase decisions once the item is at hand, rather than before making the purchase.

Yes, we all have our shopping habits, but one thing I refuse to do is buy something that will not be used. I put this Bluetooth earbud through a rigorous testing period of over thirty days before this review.

To make this Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth Earbuds Review easy to read and digest, I will base it on the following format: First a curious look at the brand, next will be the features mixed in with my testing results. This means after stating what each feature does, I will let everyone know if it met the criteria or not.

The Enacfire E18 plus review format will also include the pros and cons, and answers to some commonly asked questions about this device. Last, in the conclusion phase, I will provide my opinion if this Bluetooth wireless earbuds from Enacfire is worth the asking price.


A Curious Look at the Enacfire Brand

I find it hard to believe that they established this company in 2016. The headquarters for this fast-growing company is in the Futian District (an industrial and financial hub) in Guangdong Province, of the Peoples Republic of China. I cannot determine the name of the founders, which is usually the case with Chinese tech startups.

It is a well-known secret that most of the higher-priced tech devices are manufactured in China, probably in the same factory where these earbuds are made. The Chinese are very good at high-quality manufacturing, but once they discover the insane price the manufactured product is selling for in America you can expect comparable items to appear in the online marketplace.

I know the Amazon ecosystem of private sellers very well, for it is one of the toughest online portals to make a profit and thrive. At present, the Enacfire brand has about a dozen or more tech products listed for sale. Based on my research, they’re growing in both the number of units sold and the profit margin.

A Detailed Look at the Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth Earbuds Features

The Design Style

If you’re looking for a good reason to invest in these earbuds, the design style should be one of them. While the brand is not a household name like JBL or Sennheiser, the design of the Enacfire E18 Bluetooth earbuds is pleasing to the eye.

The pictures showed online is not an exaggeration of the high-quality materials used to make this device. The compliments I got from buddies at the gym made me feel like I made the right buying decision. It is made to fit snuggly right into your eardrum and comes with three extra clips just in case yours is smaller or bigger.

Yes, I have spent over two hundred dollars in the past on earbuds and this one costing a fraction of that amount has the same look and feel. I give the product A+ for its excellent design elements.

All those brands with higher-priced wireless Bluetooth earbuds should be on the lookout, as this brand will soon make significant inroads. The design and packaging are comparable to what you get from Bose or other high-end earbuds.

What About the Audio Quality?

Any Bluetooth wireless earbud is only as good as the audio quality outputted. The main reason for getting wireless earbuds is to listen to music the way they intended it and hear conversations without the other party knowing you’re using a wireless device to communicate.

The audio and call quality was good, except for one lacking feature, which I listed in the cons of this product. I am a jazz and classical music fan, which means these earbuds made by Enacfire delivered incredible bass and vocals for me to keep it as my favorite workout buddy.

The manufacturer claims it used the latest in apt-X audio technology to enable an incredible audiophile experience. I can testify to the claim that these earbuds will deliver high-quality stereo sound for both music and conversation. The grade for both the audio and conversation quality is an A.

Does it Have Noise Cancellation?

The inclusion of the Clear Voice Capture Noise Cancellation technology into these earbuds surprised me. It uses the latest CVC noise reduction technology to deliver incredible sound quality with both music and personal conversations.

The calls I made and received while wearing these wireless Bluetooth earbuds were crystal clear with absolutely no distortions. It isolates the surrounding sounds to create the impression one is in a quiet indoor space. Kudos to the noise cancellation feature found in the Enacfire E18 Plus, thus eliciting an A+ grade.

How is the Battery Life After Charging?

Another important aspect of any wireless earbuds is the longevity of the battery life after a full charge. The longevity of the battery in these earbuds is made possible by the use of QCC 3020 technology, which is a low power consumption architecture recently introduced into wireless devices.

There are two important components of the charging mechanism to keep in mind. One is the wireless charging case and the battery inside the Enacfire E18 Plus earbuds. These earbuds run using Lithium-ion batteries, which are factory pre-installed.

The case needs charging, while the earbuds can be recharged by placing them inside the charging case. To charge the case, use a wireless charger or the included USB cable.

On a full charge, the case keeps about 48-hours of battery juice, while the earbuds will last about 8-hours after a full charge. In simple terms, you charge the case and the case will charge the earbuds. Keep in mind that battery longevity might vary based on usage.

Are the Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth Earbuds Waterproof?

These earbuds come with IPX 7 Waterproof rating qualities. Meaning, the device can survive in water with a depth of about 3ft for 30-minutes or less, with no discernible damage to the core components. The waterproofing is more designed to offer protection from regular sweat during intense workouts or water splashing on the earbuds.

Wearing these earbuds while it is raining heavily might not be the wisest thing to do if you want them to last. So, from my experience using different earbuds, keep them away from contact with any liquid substance.

How Did the One-Step-Pairing Perform?

The most annoying aspect of any Bluetooth headphone is the paring technology used. I seek not the technology behind it, but seamless pairing always impresses me. It took just a few seconds for my iPhone to recognize the request for Bluetooth connection made by the Enacfire E18 Plus earbuds.

Position the earbuds next to the digital device as you power it up. The Bluetooth request and connection should occur seamlessly. Most devices will require the user to accept the request before completing the pairing.


Authentic wireless functionality
Bluetooth connectivity is as simple as can be
Aesthetically pleasing design
High-quality sound in both music and conversation
Comes with the latest in noise cancellation technology
Excellent price point


The biggest con is the absence of a volume control mechanism
The paucity of information about the brand needs to be fixed

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth Earbuds

The Enacfire E18 charging lights will alert the user when it is fully charged. Below are common questions with the relevant answers. These answers should not override the Enacfire wireless earbuds troubleshooting tips offered by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual.

Do the Enacfire E18 earbuds come with a manual?

Yes! Setting these earbuds up is very easy, and the manufacturer did a great job providing the right guidance for both newbie’s and pros alike inside the user’s manual.

Are Enacfire E18 Plus Earbuds waterproof?

The answer to this question is a qualified yes. The device comes with a Waterproof rating of IPX 7, which offers some protection against sweat or water splashing on the earbuds.

What’s the Bluetooth range for these earbuds?

I tested mine up to at least 100 feet. I did not need to be far away from my device, but your situation might be different. The Bluetooth connection is solid but keep in mind the distance is influenced by the user’s environment.

How long will it take to charge the Enacfire E18 Bluetooth earbuds?

It took about two hours for the charging case to be fully charged, while the earbuds took less than twenty minutes to fully charge once it was placed inside the charging case.

How Long is the Warranty?

The warranty is not the best I have seen, but it is within industry standards. There is a ninety-day full refund, no questions asked warranty. Afterward, the eighteen months standard product warranty comes into play.


Some might want to know what are the best true wireless earbuds? With no hesitation, I highly recommend you put the Enacfire E18 plus earbuds on your shopping list.

The design and packaging quality is comparable to earbuds costing three times as much. Do not let the paucity of information about the brand deter you from checking out the amazing features offered by these earbuds from Enacfire.

The sound quality and paring are as good as it gets. The CVC noise cancellation feature performed better than I expected while using the earbuds in different types of environments. The budget-friendly price of the Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth Earbuds is the number one reason to choose it over brands costing much more.

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