Cowin SE7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

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November 8, 2019
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November 13, 2019

The Cowin SE7 is a new line of mixed-use closed-back headphones that replaces the older Cowin E7 and the E7 Pro. Although the headsets are rated average overall, they still have an array of exciting features including a new sleek design.

The headsets are also relatively more comfortable compared to their predecessors. You will be able to get a favorable wireless range and low latency as well. Despite this, the Cowin SE7 has shortcomings of its own. The sound quality, in particular, is very disappointing. The sound feels a little cluttered and boomy at times.

But in case you don’t mind playing bass-heavy genres on the commute, then these headsets would be right up your alley. In this Cowin SE7 review, we give you all the information you need about these headsets including its design and sound features.


The Cowin SE7 is designed for comfort. It features memory protein foam padding on the ear cups to ensure comfortable protracted wear. The headphones also have a lightweight design even though they are relatively large compared to most brands out there.

The adjustable headband is also a great feature. It allows users to customize the headphones to fit different head sizes and shapes. The padding on the headband is quite plush too.

However, even though these features are going to work very well in enhancing the comfort and usability of the Cowin SE7, we don’t recommend them for intense workouts. First, the padding on the ear cups may produce and retain heat during a workout, leading to unnecessary sweating.

Nonetheless, the Cowin SE7 is a great choice for the casual user and its upmarket vibe should be another huge selling point. Made using durable plastic, the headphones are available in black and gold.

All the controls are neatly placed around the rim for easy access. Portability is also outstanding. The headphones can be folded to a compact size and slipped inside a durable carrying bag provided by the manufacturer for easy travel.



The Cowin SE7 is a very comfortable headphone set, especially when compared to the E7 and the E7 Pro, two of its predecessors. First, the headsets feature a lightweight design that makes them comfortable to wear even for longer periods.

There is extra padding on the headband and the ear cups as well. We also loved that the headband can be adjusted to meet the head shapes and sizes of different people. One of the main downsides though is the fact that the headphones are not breathable.

However, this issue is very common with most closed-back headphones. Nonetheless, the Cowin SE7 will trap a lot of heat under the ear cups. This may feel a little uncomfortable for most people.

According to Cowin SE7 reviews, the headphones are not suitable for hot climates. The manufacturer even tells you in the packaging that the headphones can only be worn for between 1 and 2 hours during normal summer temperatures. This is quite limiting.


For all the great features in design and comfort, the Cowin SE7 fails when it comes to sound. The bass lacks thump and rumble. The mid-range is not good either. It sounds very cluttered and thick and this makes it so hard for the vocals and lead instruments to come out clearly.

The Cowin SE7 also lacks detail and presence on the treble. However, even with these sound shortcomings, you can still be able to use the headphones with bass-heavy music. You will love it. But there is one important concern you need to know.

When we were writing this Cowin SE7 review, we noticed that the noise cancellation feature tends to affect the bass quality. The quality of the bass output drops noticeably every time the noise cancelation feature is on.

Since the Cowin SE7 seems to produce better sound with bass-heavy music, a lot of people may prefer to turn off noise cancelation completely just to maintain good sound quality.

The following is a full break down of the sound qualities of the Cowin SE7 headphones:


The bass performance is better than most headphones in this category. This makes the Cowin SE7 a good choice for bass-heavy genres including hip hop. But as we have indicated above, the bass is affected when the noise cancelation feature is on.


The mid-range of the Cowin SE7 is not that bad but it’s still not as good as we hoped. The mid-range seems to be significantly overemphasized. This makes vocals and lead instruments sound cluttered and thicker than normal. This issue has been reported in most Cowin SE7 reviews too.


The Cowin SE7 comes with an underemphasized treble which is average, to be honest. This affects the detail and sibilance brightness, which in turn affects the sound quality of lead instruments, vocals, and even cymbals.

Frequency Response Consistency

The Cowin SE7 has a pretty consistent frequency response. According to Cowin SE7 reviews, the highest deviation on the bass range was slightly at 3 decibels. Although this is a very small deviation, it is noticeable. The deviation on the mid-range and treble is also not that high.


The Cowin SE7 does very well when it comes to imaging. Our research shows that the weighted delay stands at 0.21. This is very low. The headphones, as a result, can produce tight bass reproduction and a very transparent treble.



As a budget noise-cancellation headphone set, the Cowin SE7 offers average isolation. The set will not cancel enough ambient noise on the commute, which to be honest is quite a drawback.

The Cowin SE7 however does quite well to prevent any noise leakage. This means that you can listen to music on higher volumes without worrying about disturbing anyone.


The most important selling point for the Cowin SE7 is its comfort. The sleek design is also a huge plus which makes it portable and if you don’t mind bass-heavy music, you will get very good sounds too. But overall the sound quality could be better.

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