Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review

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November 6, 2019
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The Cowin E7s are popular noise-cancellation headphones. They are relatively affordable and feature a moderately comfortable design. The headphones can block a good amount of noise and they offer excellent battery life.

But there is just one simple problem – the sound quality is relatively poor compared too many of the other models on the market. In this Cowin E7 review, we give you more information about these headphones including their features.


The overall design of the Cowin E7 headphones is quite good. However, there are still a few issues to keep in mind. For instance, the headband does not extend long enough to cater for different head sizes or shapes.

Besides, some people may also feel that the build quality of the Cowin E7 is a little cheap. We also noted that the headphones can feel bulky. This may affect comfort levels. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The tight fit can be a blessing in disguise since it makes it easier for the headphones to stay in place even when you are on the move. The control scheme is also very good.



The Cowin E7 is a decent set of headphones that will be comfortable for a lot of people. The padded and lightweight design makes the pair easy to wear. The headband, however, does not extend enough.

As a result, the headphones may feel tight on some people. The Cowin E7 is also breathable. Despite this, it may not be the ideal choice for protracted use, especially during a workout.

In such situations, it is often advisable to consider open-back headphones or in-ear brands. But for casual listening, the Cowin E7 would definitely be an ideal pick.


For all its great features, the Cowin E7 fails when it comes to sound quality. Although the pair comes with a deep extended bass cable designed to produce thumps and kicks, the bass quality is very poor. It sounds boomy at times but that’s not all. Even the mid-range sound is a little cloudy and intense for the ear.

You will not be able to get any clarity with the treble. The sound distortion performance of the Cowin E7 is also very average. Overall, the product is not known for its sound quality. It’s a set that sounds cluttered and lacks clarity.

Here is a further breakdown of sound quality:


The bass performance of the Cowin E7 may not be stellar but it’s not that bad either. Low bass and mid-bass are relatively flat compared to other headphones out there.

The Cowin E7 also features a low-frequency extension rated at 10 Hz. This means that the set can easily deliver deep bass. Nonetheless, some people feel that the bass on these headphones is too boomy.


Unlike the relatively good bass performance, the mid-range performance of the Cowin E7 is simply mediocre. Vocals and lead instruments on the mid-range tend to sound muddy. Besides, we noticed as we were doing this Cowin E7 review that the headphones emphasize more on vocals than on lead instruments.

Most high-end brands focus on achieving the perfect balance. Overall, the mid-range tone lacks enough presence. It sounds cluttered and this is one area the headphones could have done better.


The treble range on the Cowin E7 is also not that good. It is uneven and inconsistent. This affects the articulation of vocals and lead instruments. It also impacts the sound presence negatively as well.

Frequency Response Consistency

The frequency response consistency on the Cowin E7 is outstanding. This simply means that the headphones are easily able to deliver consistent bass and treble.

The excellent performance on frequency response consistency is largely associated with the high-quality sound cancelation system that comes with these headsets.


The imaging on these headphones is not one of the best on the market but it is definitely well above average. During our research, we noticed that the weighted group delay for these headphones stands at just 0.21. For a standard noise cancellation headphone, it’s a very good rating.

We also found that the unit matches quite decently with L/R drivers. This is extremely important because it helps to enhance placement and localization of different sounds including footsteps or voice instruments within the stereo image.


When you read most Cowin E7 reviews, you will notice that the headphones get outstanding ratings when it comes to noise cancellation. The set does well to cancel most of the ambient noise.

This makes them a perfect choice for people on commutes or those who work in places with lots of noise. The Cowin E7 also has an effective seal around your ears so that the sound does not disturb the people around you. This makes them a little discreet.

However, the headphones may be audible when playing at full volume. In addition to this, some noisy environments may be too intense for these headphones.

Generally, the Cowin E7 is recommended for casual noise cancellation. But in unique cases where the ambient noise levels are more than average, then you may need to invest in a higher-end brand.


Although the Cowin E7 has a few shortcomings, it’s a great choice for casual usage. The headphones have a pretty solid noise cancellation rating in many reviews out there.

For people on the commute, you can listen to all your favorite songs without having to deal with the disturbing noise on the subway or the streets.

The Cowin E7 will also be great for people in a quiet office or workplace. They don’t leak too much sound. This ensures you can enjoy your music without disturbing the people around you.

One of the biggest downsides with the Cowin E7 is the fact that the sound quality is relatively poor compared to other brands in its category. Other than that, it’s a headphone set that features a comfortable design and is very affordable.

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