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November 10, 2019
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If you consider yourself an audiophile, then you may have heard about the Cowin E7. They’re a type of mixed-use headphones which have been upgraded into the Cowin E7 Pro. This latest version offers better sound quality but they’ve sacrificed the massive bass that users had become used to with the previous version.

However, Cowin E7 Pro reviews show a lot of positive feedback for the sleeker and more sophisticated design which gives these headphones a premium look.

While most people don’t mind the cosmetic updates, some are wondering why this doesn’t coincide with internal upgrades. Still, the Cowin E7 Pro headphones offer a lot of value for money considering how lightweight and affordable they are.


We’re going to start our Cowin E7 Pro review with an overview of the design. The exterior features chic metallic ear-cups with compact dimensions of only 6.5 x 3.6 x 7.1-inches.

Almost weighing one pound, these headphones are perfect for listening to your favorite tunes on the bus or train, and they won’t take up much space in your gym bag either. These headphones also come with massive 45mm drivers which is an improvement from the 40mm drivers of the E7.

You can get the Cowin E7 Pro in different colors such as white, red and black. The white is very similar to a light shade of silver while the black is both regal and sophisticated. If you’re bold; go for the red.



The Cowin E7 Pro offers improved comfort with thick ear cushions and ear pads that swivel for up to 90 degrees to provide a customized fit, regardless of your head size.

We’ve also noticed, along with other users, the smooth velour surface which makes it easier to clean the pads and keep moisture off. They’re definitely comfortable enough to wear all day long.

It’s important to note that these are minor differences that you’ll hardly notice unless you hold both the E7 and E7 Pro next to each other. The extra padding does mean that the E7 Pro is less susceptible to wear and tear which means it’s most likely to last longer.


Our Cowin E7 Pro review continues with a look at the sound quality. Users can expect a more balanced treble, good bass that’s consistent and balanced, as well as impeccable imaging. Of course, you won’t get the same rumble provided by other models due to the lack of sub-bass and the mid-ranges can use some improvement too.

You may also notice a sharp incline on Ts and S notes too and you shouldn’t expect these to sound like a sound stage speaker. With that said, the E7 Pro sounds really balanced with decent treble and mid-ranges, especially when compared to headphones of the same price range. The overall sound is impressive too, despite the lack of sub-bass.


The Cowen E7 Pro comes with a decent bass that has 37Hz low-frequency extension (LFE). This is quite impressive on its own but when taken with the measly 6dB low bass, these headphones miss the mark when it comes to properly articulate bass-heavy music.

The mid-bass is at 2dB and this is the part of the headphones that’s responsible for articulating kick drums and bass guitars. High-bass is at 1dB which when taken together with other factors gives us a consistent, warm, balanced and punchy sound.


Next in our Cowin E7 Pro review; the mid. It’s average, to say the least with an uneven response that’s characterized by a mid-mid recess of 1.5dB that noticeably affects the vocals and the 5dB dip when you hit 400Hz is also worth noting.

High-bass is marked by a 6dB overemphasis which means you might experience intense upper harmonic vocal projection and honky instrumentals at some point.


The Cowin E7Pro headphones offer an uneven mid-treble range that tends to accentuate the T and S sounds. This leads to a piercing and rather uncomfortable sound that’s often accompanied by a far-reaching low-treble dip that can make it difficult to hear lead instruments and vocals sometimes. You’ll mostly notice these features when playing music with cymbals and vocals.

Frequency Response Consistency

When it comes to frequency response consistency, the E7 Pro is pretty commendable. When we tested it, we found that it has a maximum bass range deviation of less than 2bB.

This is quite good and it’s accompanied by a balanced treble range and a consistent response that stays the same through different positions and re-seats.


The E7 Pro has incredible imaging performance. This includes a weighted group delay of 0.61 that can actually cross an 80Hz audibility threshold. Basically, this means that you might experience slow bass response but you probably won’t notice it because these headphones don’t create a lot of bass below 40Hz.

We also found these headphones to be extremely balanced on both the left and right drivers. This plays a huge role in object localization and placement, especially when you’re listening to video game effects, instruments and vocals.



From the beginning of this Cowin E7 Pro review, we mentioned that these are noise-canceling headphones. However, their isolation performance could use some improvement. As they are, they can only eliminate ambient noise while playing audio at a medium to loud volume.

These headphones don’t really leak that much, so they work really well in quieter conditions. Once you increase the volume to its highest level, other people around you will most likely hear what you’re listening to as well, especially if you’re in a quiet place.

The Cowen E7 Pro has a sensitive ANC system which means that the slightest head movement can interrupt the sound after some time. This might be a problem for someone who wants to listen to these headphones at the gym or while doing any other physical activity.


So, we’ve come to the end of our Cowin E7 Pro review. What’s the verdict? In our opinion, these Cowin noise-canceling headphones offer great value for money with decent sound quality, strong battery life and it’s compatible with most mobile devices. They’re actually better than some Bose earbuds and they’re the best budget option around.

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