Best Wireless Gaming Mouse for the Money – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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What Makes the Best Gaming Mouse?

Gamers have turned their hobby into a multi-million dollar business. Naturally, games became better, harder, more expensive and more competitive. That’s why they require a good keyboard and a good mouse. But what is the best gaming mouse out there?

We’ve compiled a list of top 10 best wireless gaming mice of early 2019. While doing research for it, we looked at many different features. We also took into account everything that a gamer needs to enjoy their experience. So if you’re hunting for a new gaming mouse and want the best that’s out there, this list is just what you need.

Wireless vs. Wired – What Are the Pros & Cons?

Before we delve any deeper into what the best wireless gaming mouse is for you, we should discuss what the main difference is between a wireless mouse and its wired counterpart.

Wired, in Brief

Wired mice have been around since the early 1960s, when they were invented by Douglas Engelbart. Since then, their basic design hasn’t changed much. A typical wired mouse would have the two basic keys, a scrolling wheel, a bottom with a ball for movement, and a cable. What has changed, however, is the port. The old PS/2 port mice haven’t been in production for years. These days, most wired mice have a USB port instead.

So what makes wired mice reliable? Well, several things. First off, they’re cheaper. Sometimes a mouse can cost as much as a used computer, especially when it comes to branded merchandise. But wired mice usually cost about half as much as wireless mice.

If you’re looking to save a buck, wired is the way to go. Next, the wired mouse will always be more reliable. Bluetooth is nice and all, but once your mouse is directly linked to the computer, it doesn’t lag or freeze as much as a wireless one. Finally, wired mice are more responsive and move more fluidly. All of these features seem to be what the best gaming mouse should have.

But what are the flaws of wired mice? In a word – the cable. Not only will it get tangled if it’s too long, but you’ll also have trouble moving it if it’s too short. Not to mention that modern mice take up a single USB space on your computer.

Usually, if we have issues with USB port shortage, we just buy a hub. However, mice, both wired and wireless, don’t work properly if connected to a hub. They lose connection and lag as if they were ten years out of date.

Wireless, in Brief

Back in the early nineties, Logitech came up with the Cordless MouseMan. It was the first ever mouse to use radio frequency instead of a standard cable connection. Half a decade later, wireless mice became commercially available to everyone.

Wireless mice have a lot of interesting perks as opposed to wired mice. For example, you can literally use them anywhere in your room. All you need is a flat surface and a lot of laziness. And since most of them use Bluetooth connectivity, you don’t have to worry about the distance. In addition, wireless mice are easy to store away.

With a wired mouse, you have to untangle the cord, move it about so that it doesn’t snag on corners and so on. In short, wireless mice are very practical. But that’s not all! As a cherry on top, they have far more design choices than wired mice. Since there are no cables bothering them, designers can get experimental. And the best gaming mouse ought to look the part, of course.

But wireless mice have their flaws as well. For example, the Bluetooth connection isn’t as secure as a cable. Because of that, wireless mice are more prone to lags and connectivity problems. Also, a wireless mouse works on battery power.

There is nothing more annoying than the mouse dying on you, and you have to get up, find a battery or two and replace them. Lastly, wireless mice cost a lot more than wired ones. If you don’t care about money, this won’t be an issue, but users with tight finances might want to stick with regular mice.



Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Good for Both Left-Handed and Right-Handed Users

ONIKUMA Wireless Gaming Mouse

Most Affordable & Accurate Optical Gaming Sensor

CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

Best FPS Gaming Mouse With An Adjustable DPI Sniper Button

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Easy Customization For Beginners & Comfortable To Use

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Budget-Friendly & Perfect Features For Beginners

Computer Mouse Features Most Important To Serious Gamers

Every gamer worth their salt knows that a top rated gaming mouse doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t suit them personally. After all, different games will require different features. Keyboards are the same, as are screens, coolers, pads, and other gaming (and non-gaming) accessories.

Here’s a list of Dos and Don’t’s for serious gamers when it comes to shopping for the best gaming mouse out there.

Don’t Buy an Everyday Mouse

Regular, everyday mice are good enough for standard work on your computer. But if you’re going to clock in hours of serious gameplay, you’ll need a good mouse. Most average mice aren’t too durable, too precise, too reliable, nor do they fit every hand size or have too many extra features. The best gaming mouse is the mouse that feels natural when you grip it.

Do Look for Good DPI

This piece of advice isn’t meant just for gamers. Any good mouse must have decent DPI. The only reason we’re listing it here is that it’s a commonsense decision to make when buying a mouse, yet a lot of gamers fail to do so. If its DPI is low, your device is far from the best gaming mouse on the market.

Don’t Get Optical, Get Laser

Optical mice are good, but laser mice can work on multiple different surfaces with fewer issues. In short, the best wireless gaming mouse will use lasers.

Do Get a Mouse With Added Buttons

Some mice have a crosshairs button for FPS players. Others have the forward-and-back buttons. Some even have over ten different buttons doing ten different things. However, don’t just automatically get a ten-button mouse. Always look for a mouse that’s a good fit.

On that note…

Do Always Look For a Mouse That’s a Good Fit

If the mouse is too small or too big for your hand, don’t waste your money. The same goes if the mouse is too wide or narrow. If you can, try out the scroll wheel and the buttons. If they make your hand feel uncomfortable, pick a different mouse.

Of course, it’s also important to get a mouse that can play the type of game you like. There are multi-purpose gaming mice out there, and they can work for you. However, if you fit in any of the following three categories, you might need a specialized mouse.

Should the DPI of the Mouse Matter?

Well, yes and no. Of course, ‘yes’ is the preferred answer in about 80% of the cases when shopping for the best wireless gaming mouse.

Let’s list the reasons why. First, high DPI allows you to maneuver your mouse more quickly. In a game where you have to sweep across the map or move fluidly, high DPI is a must-have.

And it’s not just the speed. High DPI also gives you better acceleration. In other words, you’ll react more quickly to an opposing attack.

If you can, get a mouse where you can set your DPI as it suits you. We have to stress that high DPI isn’t always the best thing for a mouse. Sometimes the device will have sensors that just can’t register high DPI during gameplay.

Wireless Gaming Mouse Brands That Rock

Over the years, many companies began making durable, high-quality computer peripherals. When gaming grew from a niche market to a multi-million dollar industry, manufacturers looked to gamers, and we got plenty of keyboards, mice, headphones, mats and even gaming chairs that went far and beyond to provide us with hours of quality gaming. Here are just a few of the manufacturers that make amazing wireless gaming mice.


Logitech really needs no introduction. Founded in 1981 in Switzerland, it’s now a giant in the world of computer peripherals. They regularly produce high-quality mice and keyboards, among other hardware.

But their business ventures don’t stop there. Logitech also makes security cameras, tablet accessories, speakers and webcams. Each new product offers innovation in shape, design, size, and ergonomics. However, they also specialize in making more ‘everyday’ hardware, for the regular user. Whatever your needs may be, Logitech delivers.


Finding a gamer who hasn’t heard of Razer is impossible. That’s because this company has been making top-of-the-line products for almost a decade and a half. Since its early days in San Francisco and Singapore, Razer has dedicated their work to making the best gaming accessories on the market.

One look at a Razer mouse will make you want to buy it. Just one look. The amazing blue and green lights on a dark background make them look futuristic, almost otherworldly. The same can be said about their keyboards, laptops, headphones, ultrabooks and other products. A gaming rig just doesn’t feel complete without a Razer mouse next to it.


Denmark makes it to the list of top mouse manufacturers, with SteelSeries as the best all around. Their ‘For Glory’ tagline really tells you all you need to know about them. SteelSeries are going for the top, and nothing will stop them.

Aside from mice, SteelSeries also make amazing audio accessories for other gaming systems, such as the PlayStation. Not to mention that their gamepads look amazing and their mouse pads fit every gamer’s need.


Germans don’t fall far behind the Danish, and if you look at the Roccat Vulcan keyboard, you’ll see why. But working on keyboards alone doesn’t make a company the best. That’s why Roccat also makes high-tier mice, precision mouse pads and powerful headsets. If you want an awesome gaming experience with style and power, Roccat is for you.

Top Rated Gaming Mouse Models – Our List

Now that we know what makes the best wireless gaming mouse, let’s take a look at the top 10 mice of early 2019. We should note that this isn’t a “worst-to-best” list. These are just our top picks for different gaming experiences. You can, of course, pick any one of these as the best gaming mouse option for your computer. We can guarantee that you won’t regret your choice.

1 – Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – Good for Both Left-Handed and Right-Handed Users

You should not be surprised to see several Logitech products on this list. As stated, they have been making high-quality mice for decades now. Therefore, some of the best wireless gaming mice will likely come from them.

Let’s focus on Logitech G900. At first glance, it looks odd. The design is really cool, with smooth, yet firm edges and a sleek body. You can’t help but love how beautiful it looks. But looks aren’t everything. A gaming mouse must perform well. This mouse, in particular, performs so well that both right and left-handed users can enjoy it.

Good Features

Since we mentioned both hands, let’s elaborate. The mouse is symmetrical, which would, of course, fit any hand. But you can also customize the buttons. If you’re left-handed, simply move the buttons you need from one side to the next, and you’re good to go.

Being used in either hand is a useful feature for the best gaming mouse. But it also has to endure a lot of hours of gameplay. G900 is a rechargeable mouse. You don’t have to worry about it freezing since it has Clock Turning Technology that saves you battery power. If you were to use it non-stop without recharging, it could go up to 30 hours before dying out. That’s a lot of time for a rechargeable mouse.

In terms of DPI, the G900 clocks out at 12,000. That gives you amazing maneuvering and makes sure you have precision. It can work with any Microsoft operating system from Windows 7 onwards. On top of that, it also has matching RGB lights which you can adjust how you like. The mouse offers you over 16 million colors, breathing light patterns and brightness.

The best feature, however, is that the mouse can be both wireless AND wired. Simply attach the USB cable to the front of the mouse, and you can play without being afraid it will lag.

Potential Flaws

The Logitech G900 has very high scores among gamers. Most of those would consider it the best gaming mouse on the market. But it’s not perfect. For example, players often noticed that the quality of some buttons isn’t the best.

In other words, some buttons worked well while others felt cheap and flimsy. In addition, the mouse had odd skates that didn’t respond well. A few even reported slower responses because of the skates.


2 – ONIKUMA Wireless Gaming Mouse – Most Affordable & Accurate Optical Gaming Sensor

Let’s face facts. The best cheap gaming mouse isn’t going to come from Logitech or Razer. As awesome as these two brands are, they are sometimes a bit expensive. But if you need a decent, cheap mouse, look no further than ONIKUMA.

ONIKUMA isn’t a popular brand. They won’t be on any top lists of mouse manufacturers this year or the year after that. But when they make an affordable gaming mouse that actually makes a top 10 list, we pay attention. So let’s pay some more attention to ONIKUMA and see what it has to offer.

Good Features

ONIKUMA, much like Logitech G900, offers you both the wired and the wireless experience. If you’re planning on annihilating someone in CS:GO, you can hook up the USB cable to this mouse and enjoy hours of fun.

The cable also charges the mouse automatically while you use it. But if you want to do some office work or file taxes, you can remove the cable and use ONIKUMA as a wireless mouse. The battery can handle an amazing 720 hours until the next charge!

Then there’s the ergonomics. This mouse looks and feels amazing. Not only is the design creative, but it feels good to the grip and doesn’t make your hand hurt. People often forget that the best gaming mouse has to be safe for the user.

But that’s not why people buy ONIKUMA. People want this mouse because it’s under $20. For a regular wireless mouse that you might use to rearrange your folders, that’s expensive. But for a gaming mouse that can handle hours of gameplay, you won’t feel sorry for those $20. In fact, you might just wish to buy two ONIKUMAS, just in case.

ONIKUMA’s additional features include adjustable DPI, Windows and Linux compatibility, adjustable RGB lights and a durable exterior.

Potential Flaws

Sometimes paying less is great. However, some products come with a low price for a reason. Users of ONIKUMA complained about the bottom. Namely, it isn’t flat, so it rocks back and forth when you use it. Not to mention that when you click the mouse, it rocks forward and it feels odd.

The mouse also comes with a thumb grip, but gamers found it to be a problem. It has a rough exterior, so if you play for long hours, you might scrape the skin off your thumb. This mouse might not be the best choice if you have sensitive skin on your fingers.


3 – CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB – Best FPS Gaming Mouse With An Adjustable DPI Sniper Button

All of you FPS fans out there, take notice. If you want the best gaming mouse to shoot those noobs in the face, CORSAIR M65 Pro might help you with it. The very name ‘CORSAIR’ invokes a sense of adventure and fun. And lots and lots of shooting.

So what does M65 Pro offer? How does it fare better than its predecessor, also called CORSAIR M65? Let’s jump in and find out.

Good Features

First, we’ll cover the design. CORSAIR M65 Pro feels amazing to the touch. The good people at CORSAIR decided to give this bad boy an aircraft-grade aluminum body. It’s firm, yet light; strong, yet graceful. In other words, you won’t have to worry about it breaking or cracking, but the material doesn’t make it harder to maneuver. It’s the best of both worlds for the best gaming mouse.

However, the M65 Pro is classified as an FPS mouse. So what does it offer to the potential FPS player? Well, the scroll wheel is heavy-duty, with a metal core. It doesn’t move any more or less than you want it to. In addition, you have that epic ‘sniper’ button on the side. Feel free to use it on your next run of Call of Duty.

But there’s more! If ONIKUMA didn’t thrill you with its bottom, M65 Pro definitely will. You can adjust the sensors to make the M65 Pro work on any flat surface. In addition, you have an advanced weight tuning system. Just unscrew the weights at the bottom and rearrange them to fit your needs. And if even that wasn’t enough, you can adjust the RGB lights to your liking.

Two types of CORSAIR M65 Pro exist when it comes to DPI. You can get either the 12,000 DPI variant or the 18,000 one. Both will serve you well during gameplay.

Potential Flaws

We’re sure you’ve noticed the glaring flaw when it comes to this mouse. Namely, it’s not wireless. That in and of itself wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s marketed as wireless. This is a top list for mice that don’t use cables. Or rather, that can use them, but don’t have to.

One more flaw that makes the M65 Pro a mouse you should skip includes the wheel. Sure, it has the hard metal core, but the mechanism that holds it is made of plastic. If you’re rougher on it than usual, it will break, and the wheel will get stuck. A lot of customers complained about this issue, especially since CORSAIR themselves couldn’t seem to solve their problems.


4 – Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED – Easy Customization For Beginners & Comfortable To Use

One more Logitech product on the list, and this time it’s the G305. And when you compare it with the previous Logitech mouse on this list, you’ll be a bit baffled. After all, the G900 looked like a gaming mouse. It felt like a gaming mouse. It even worked as a gaming mouse, for both right-handed and left-handed people. But G305? G305 doesn’t ‘look’ the part. It just looks like an ordinary mouse.

But that’s the secret of Logitech. When they feel like it, they can offer you the most elaborate mouse design out there. It can have multiple lights, a track wheel, a sniper button, everything. And then you look at G305 and think ‘how can such a regular-looking mouse be good for gamers?’ The answer follows down below.

Good Features

Fully wireless, the G305 features a neat design. Nothing too fancy, nothing too intrusive. It’s a single-color mouse with the basic buttons, a wheel, a DPI button, and two side-buttons. So nothing revolutionary, really.

However, looks are one thing; performance is another. The Logitech G305 has a 1 ms response time. One millisecond! That’s faster than nearly all wired mice out there. We don’t have to mention DPI at this point, but you’ll be happy to know that it’s 12,000. In other words, it will perform well during FPS games or MMOs.

It can work well on every commercial operating system out there, from Windows to Linux and Mac. Its design makes it comfortable and durable, especially if you want to play long sessions and need a mouse that won’t tire your hand out. Moreover, it’s lightweight, which helps get you even more comfort.

Potential Flaws

There’s a reason we paid so much attention to Logitech G305’s design. It just doesn’t look interesting. Yes, it works if you’re using it to calculate your monthly expenses, but in a gamers’ setting, it stands out. Of course, the design isn’t everything, but if you’re buying a powerful PC rig with cool mouse pads and headsets, you don’t want a boring-looking mouse. The best gaming mouse must have some personality to it, not just functionality.

Moreover, some people reported that the sensors didn’t work and that the double-click function was slow. In everyday use, that wouldn’t be too big of a problem. However, it’s not something anyone wants to experience in the middle of a game.


5 – VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse – Budget-Friendly & Perfect Features For Beginners

A good cheap gaming mouse is not easy to find these days. What’s even harder to find is a mouse that can help beginner gamers. Something that can run well has okay DPI, has buttons that don’t break, and a neat design. Sadly, cheap wireless mice for gamers aren’t particularly good.

They often lag, their sensors break down, or you crack them easily when you get upset. So it seems like an impossible task to find a mouse that is both functional, cheap and good-looking as well as beginner-friendly. Well, VicTsing has the answer that might just be your best gaming mouse option. And their answer works like a charm.

VicTsing sounds like a company based in the Far East. However, they operate from the United States, and they specialize in a variety of products. Sometimes it’s FM radios for cars, other times its oil diffusers and humidifiers. But most of the time, they make computer components such as keyboards and mice. So, if that’s their preference, let’s take a look at what they have to offer with this mouse.

Good Features

VicTsing offers seven buttons to the user. The ones at the top and at the side actually make little to no noise. This feature is perfect if you want to play on the down-low, so nobody can hear you. Most mice have side buttons that click so loud you’d think they’re drilling next to your window. But not VicTsing.

Still, having silent buttons isn’t what makes the best gaming mouse stand out. So let’s take a look at the other features of VicTsing. With this mouse, you have five-level DPI settings that go up to 2,400. That’s not as much as other mice on this list, but it’s still pretty good. In addition, the material covering the top of the mouse is smooth and anti-slip. Your sweat will not stay on this mouse and mess it up, that’s for sure!

Potential Flaws

One look at VicTsing and you might be disappointed. After all, it just reminds you of a cheap Razer knockoff. It’s never a good idea to look like something better on the market. Mice like this one perform well on their own. But when they look like Razers, they will definitely be compared to them. After that, nobody is going to want to buy them.

Another common complaint people had with this mouse was the USB port. It would break when they used it, and it happened with brand new mice. That’s an issue that VicTsing really needs to look into, and soon. After all, the best gaming mouse can’t have USB ports that break, now can it?


6 – Logitech G Pro – Best High-End Gaming Mouse in the World

More of Logitech goodness. Or rather, Logitech G-Pro-oddness. As you saw earlier, Logitech will either give you a stunning gaming mouse with some flaws or a plain-looking one that performs well. And either of the two can end up on the best gaming mouse list. Is there any way that you can get a mouse that combines simple design and powerful gaming performance? Of course, and G-Pro is that mouse.

But how can you be sure that it’s good for you? You’re a gamer, after all, and you know your mice like the back of your hand. And that’s the best part! Gamers actually helped make this mouse. Logitech reached out to different Esports venues and people associated with gaming.

They worked for two years to develop an all-purpose mouse. One that can work at high speeds with demanding games, but can also work in a chill setting. A mouse that businesspeople and gamers can use and love. We should also mention that it’s wireless. All in all, it sounds like a recipe for the best gaming mouse money can buy. Let’s check out if the two years of work paid off.

Good Features

Logitech G Pro’s chassis is 1 mm thick. Most of its other components are also very light and durable. If there’s one thing that would make your gameplay quick and fluid, it’s a lightweight mouse. G Pro also has removable side buttons, which you can customize to your liking. And of course, when you move it, it has a response time of 1 millisecond. G305 already has that, but the difference between the two is that G Pro looks very stylish.

Now that we’re on the subject, let’s talk about the design. G Pro is also very simple, but the shape and size of the mouse make it unique when you compare it to others on the market. Its DPI button is on the bottom, across the on-off switch. Usually, mice opt to put this button on the top, under the wheel. But Logitech thinks ahead, and this move was brilliant.

Potential Flaws

Logitech mice rarely have the same problem. Usually, every other mouse has something unique that ticks off the user. With G Pro, the issue is that the buttons tangle if you click them at the same time. Of course, you won’t be clicking two mouse buttons at once on purpose, but if you do it by accident, they get stuck. This issue can really harm your gameplay. Luckily, there aren’t too many reports of this issue, so you probably won’t have to worry about it.


7 – PICTEK – Simple Beginner Friendly Wireless Gaming Mouse for Under 20 Bucks

Once again, we have a nice, cheap mouse on our hands. If ONIKUMA and VicTsing didn’t do it for you, then PICTEK surely will. We agree that the design needs a little work, but for sixteen whole dollars, we can overlook it. Or at least save it for the ‘Potential Flaws’ section. For now, let’s focus on why this might be the best cheap gaming mouse, or just the best gaming mouse overall.

The great thing about buying a cheap wireless mouse is that you won’t regret it when it breaks. Or even when it begins to lag. After all, it’s not like you paid a small fortune to use it. On the other hand, if a Razer or a Logitech mouse were to do that, we would lose our minds. So there is an economic element to buying PICTEK. But we’re not here to look for the cheapest mouse. We need a mouse that can also perform. So can PICTEK perform?

Good Features

The chassis is sweat and slip-resistant. Like most mice, it has a nice, firm grip that anyone can use. The red and black color also prevent your hands from leaving fingerprints. If anything, you won’t have a messy mouse after you’ve done playing.

On the top of the PICTEK, you have the basic mouse buttons, with two separate buttons that help you change your DPI. The top DPI that PICTEK can reach is 2,400, which is pretty good. Because this mouse has a solid grip and decent DPI rate, it’s perfect for beginners. You won’t have to struggle with accidentally pressing a button and messing up the game like you might with more complex mice.

The PICTEK is compatible with most operating systems on the market. It uses a single AA battery which does not come included with the purchase. Last, but not least, it has silent buttons. You can click away into the night, and nobody will be able to hear you.

Potential Flaws

Since this is a mouse for beginners, we can forgive the basic design. However, professional gamers will not see the PICTEK as the best gaming mouse on the market. It just doesn’t perform as well as others. When you take a look at some of the Logitech examples here, their DPI alone blows this mouse out of the water. However, if you don’t mind a simple, basic mouse, by all means, buy the PICTEK.


8 – VEGCOO C10 – Ultimate Budget Friendly Wireless Mouse for New Gamers

One thing that makes the VEGCOO C10 similar to the last mouse on this list is that their price is the same. It’s the best gaming mouse for gamers that want to save some money, but still, want to play for several hours a day. With that in mind, we can look at the C10 as a good mouse to hold you over until you order a more expensive one with more DPI and more button options.

But there are more things that make the C10 different from other cheap mouse options we’ve mentioned earlier. In fact, it has features that might just make it the best gaming mouse on the list. Let’s explore what kind of a mouse the VEGCOO C10 is and if it can satisfy our needs.

Good Features

The first stand-out feature is that this mouse is yet another wired-wireless hybrid. When you buy it, you get a USB cable that you can hook up to it. That way you can play your favorite games and not worry about a break in the connection. In addition, if you don’t feel like playing, just use the USB wireless option. You can just chill on your bed, watch some YouTube videos and, when you feel like it, click lazily on the next one.

Still, we do need this mouse to perform well in games. So how does it hold up?

First of all, its DPI is probably the lowest of all the mice on this list. It only goes up to 800, which isn’t too bad, but you’ll want something with more power for gaming.

Then there’s the button placement. Once again, new gamers will like this mouse. It has the basic two-button-wheel setup on the top. Under the wheel is the DPI button and on the side are two additional, smaller buttons. That’s it. New gamers usually get intimidated when they see a ton of buttons on one mouse, so they avoid buying them. But the C10 can ‘ease them into’ more complex mice along the line.

Finally, there’s the color scheme. VEGCOO C10 offers users seven different light and color choices. Set them up any way you want and enjoy your gaming.

Of course, we don’t have to mention the price. $16 will not get you a luxury mouse, but they will get you one that works.

Potential Flaws

The biggest flaw, by far, is the design. Normally, mice that look like this don’t use a lot of transparent plastic for their lights. But the VEGCOO C10 does, and it does NOT look good. In fact, it can look really nauseating while you play. The glare from the lights of the chassis doesn’t help your gameplay in any way, shape or form. A mouse that interferes with your gameplay is not the best gaming mouse, after all.

Another, more disturbing detail is that we couldn’t find VEGCOO’s official website anywhere. That can be dangerous, as the C10 might just be a Chinese knockoff product that somehow made it onto the market. It’s dangerous because you can’t call them in case you have a technical issue. You’ll be buying a product that has no company attached to it. We’re not saying that VEGCOO is that kind of a company, but it’s really weird that there is no company website.


9 – Redragon M601-WL-BA – Most Popular Contender for Cheapest Gaming Mouse

The number nine spot on our top 10 list is also the last mouse here to be in the ‘cheap’ category. However, unlike the previous entries, the Redragon actually has a pleasant design.

Now, obviously, this is a mouse for beginners. With mice like these, it’s always hard to talk about their looks. They all more or less look the same. However, a smart manufacturer will know how to use simple designs to their advantage. Sometimes, it’s the little details that make the product. Even a mouse can look neat if you move its buttons a little to the left, or up. Or maybe you can incorporate a part of its design into the mechanism. The possibilities are endless.

M601 doesn’t feature anything that interesting. But it does have a neat design that makes it look appealing and that gives it the look of the best cheap gaming mouse. Can it perform well, though?

Good Features

The Redragon M601 looks good but feels durable. And it only feels durable because it very much is. Red-and-black chassis are common with mice which is why this mouse will fit well with any rig. But the durable plastic exterior will make sure that you don’t break it easily when you lose that important game.

Unlike previous cheap mice on this list, the M601 was actually tested by professional gamers. The results came in, and it performed well. Of course, its DPI is a bit average, at 2,400, but mice have been known to perform well even with less.

Now, the M601 comes with its own mouse pad. You’d think it’s not a big deal, but you can get both for $18. Not only will you buy them for a small amount of money, but you’ll also get a mouse pad that’s directly made for that mouse. In other words, the mouse will perform better on that pad than on any other surface. Sometimes it’s the pad that makes the best gaming mouse.

Potential Flaws

While the Redragon M601 does look neat, it’s still a beginners’ mouse. Some of its parts look a bit too flimsy, especially the wheel. Moreover, serious gamers won’t get much out of it. Though it was tested by professional gamers, they will probably just pick a Logitech instead.


10 – Razer Mamba – Fastest Programmable Buttons for Right-Handed Players

And here we all are. No top list of gaming mice would be complete without a Razer in it. After all, Razers are synonymous with high quality, high prices, and awesome gaming experiences. But even if Razer Mamba isn’t the best Razer mouse on the market, it definitely belongs on the best gaming mouse list of early 2019.

There’s almost no need to even continue this review. Everything you can expect from a Razer is right here. Powerful DPI, cool design, durable exterior… But we will take a look at it anyway. Razers do deserve a gamer’s full attention, and that includes the Mamba.

Good Features

When the description of your mouse states that it has a 99.4% resolution accuracy, you start taking notes. Razer Mamba has 16,000 DPI. That’s not the biggest number we’ve seen on this list, but it’s far from the smallest.

The reaction time of this mouse can also be measured in milliseconds. Any FPS player will get a kick out of using the Mamba. However, it will also work well with MMO and RTS players, because it’s light, moves fast and doesn’t weigh the wrist too much.

We obviously don’t need to talk about the color scheme. It’s Razer! Green on black is the classic look, and fans of the brand wouldn’t have it any other way. It also comes with the basic seven buttons, but there’s a twist.

The Razor Mamba uses onboard memory and cloud storage to store up to five different button configurations. That’s right, you can have different button bindings and when you’re tired of one, upload another. This feature is perfect for gamers who like to play more than one genre.

Finally, there’s the fact that this Razer, unlike others, is wireless. With that comes the issue of the battery life. In Mamba’s case, you can play up to 50 hours non-stop. In a word, Mamba is a beast. A beast that just might be the best gaming mouse of early 2019.

Potential Flaws

While Razor Mamba does belong on this top list as a potential best gaming mouse, it isn’t perfect. However, the reason it isn’t perfect is that wired Razers perform a lot better. It might sound weird, but any gamer who saves up money to buy a Razer will get a mouse that performs the best.

Mamba just isn’t as good as a different, wired Razer product. It lacks the speed and precision that they have, so professional gamers might skip it. But when it comes to its competition, i.e., other wireless gaming mice, the Mamba is as awesome as they come.


Different Types of Gaming

Real-Time Strategies (RTS)

Real-time strategies have been a mainstay of gaming since the late 80s. When you play an RTS, you usually have to build up a base, construct buildings, train units and defeat the opposing player in what is essentially top-down digital warfare.

We’ve seen plenty of amazing titles of different genres when it comes to RTSs. Warcraft 1 through 3, Command & Conquer series, Tropico, Stronghold, Age of Empires – these are just some of the games that RTS fans know and love.

Naturally, RTS players need the best gaming mouse if they want to win. With that in mind, a good RTS mouse will look like a regular, everyday mouse, but with lighter button controls. This feature makes it more effective during unit building or calling to arms, as well as commanding multiple units at once.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs)

MMOs are all the rage today. Whether you prefer World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars, Age of Conan, Blade & Soul or really any other game like that, you’ll need a good gaming mouse to go with it.

MMOs need a lot of commands. You will assign some on your keyboard, but if you have a specialized mouse with multiple buttons, you can save yourself the trouble. These buttons will help you with casting, communication, and defense.

In addition, this type of mice is harder than regular ones, so you won’t break it once you get angry at dying in the middle of a quest. The best MMO gaming mouse must be functional AND durable, after all.

First Person Shooter Games (FPS)

These games are the ones people will use as ‘arguments’ when they argue that games are either violent or sexist or both. But if you’ve played Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty or any other game in the genre, you know that it’s nothing but harmless, awesome fun. You play these games from a first-person perspective, and the objective is simple – shoot before you get shot.

Any FPS gamer needs to have the best FPS mouse. These come with added buttons, better DPI, and even an extra ‘sniper’ crosshairs button. They are very durable and very precise, which is exactly what you need when you want to shoot a digital model in the face.



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