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We all know that the only way to enjoy summer is to have some sort of cooling system in your house. Air conditioners are a common and convenient solution, but they’ll also escalate your energy bill. A great way to keep your house cool without breaking the bank is to invest in a window fan. These devices are capable of providing constant air circulation throughout the home to keep you and your family comfortable through the summer.

But finding the right window fans is not easy. It typically starts with figuring out which features to look out for. You can base your decision on features such as air flow, speed range, size and ease of control. The most important thing is to buy a model that works well and is sturdy enough to withstand constant use because you’re going to be cranking it up all summer long.

This article is all about helping you find the best window fan for your needs in the shortest amount of time possible. We’ve done all the research and legwork to bring you a comprehensive guide that includes our pick of the top window fans available right now.

What is a Window Fan?

As the name implies, a window fan is designed to be placed inside of a window frame. As such, it usually comes with adjustable side panels that allow you to customize its size to fit any window. The goal is to ensure that the fan covers the window completely.

Window fans perform double duty by not only cooling the room but purifying the air as well. However, what really makes them popular is their accessible price tag. It’s much cheaper to buy a window fan once than to run an air conditioning unit all summer.

Central to the design of a window fan are two internal window fans that are placed side by side, or one larger fan that sits at the center. Either way, most window fans offer two to three speed settings, as well as electrical reversibility which means you can switch between exhaust and intake modes according to your needs.



Holmes HAWF2043

A Great Window Fan With One Touch Thermostat

Lasko 2138 Window Fan

Good Fan With A Remarkable Intake & Exhaust Air Mechanism

Genesis Twin Window Fan

Bionaire 2300-N Fan

Modern Design & Easy to Use Remote Control

Air King 9166F Window Fan 

Pricey, But Best Whole House Window Fan

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Window Fan

Make sure to consider the following when looking for a window fan:

Window Fan Size

The size of your window fan is of utmost importance and must be at the forefront of your mind when you’re looking for a new unit. Ideally, you want a window fan that’s large enough to cover the window opening. So if you have small windows then you’ll be fine with a single fan model, whereas large windows typically require a twin window fan.

The last thing you need is a fan that leaves gaps in between as that will give insects like mosquitoes an opportunity to get into your house. Even criminals might see the gaps as a chance to sneak into your home when you’re not around and go to town with your possessions.

Both are undesirable outcomes and can be avoided by getting a window fan that completely covers the window frame. This will make it more effective at filtering out hot and stale air while welcoming a refreshing breeze into the room.

The size of the window and the room for which you’re purchasing the fan are also essential. For instance, if you’re buying the window fan to cool down a big room, you’ll want a large model that can circulate air across long distances. The same goes for a smaller space. You can get away with buying a smaller window fan for it.

What does this tell us? That the first thing you should do when shopping for a window fan is to measure the size and dimensions of your window frame. That way, it’ll be easier for you to find a window fan that matches the dimensions of your window.

Don’t forget to check the fan’s installation requirements. Trust us, the last thing you want is a model that’s difficult to install while the sun is beating down on you. The window fan should be easy to remove and clean as well.

Window Fan Type

There are currently two types of window fans available for consumers to choose from. There’s the intake window fan and the exhaust window fan. The intake window fan attracts air from the outside, whereas the exhaust fan sucks out all the stale air from the room.

Both of these functions are distinct and equally important, which is why it’s recommended to purchase one of each. You’ll place the exhaust fan on the sunny side of your house so it can ward off all the hot air and humidity. The intake fan belongs on the shady side of your home so that it can automatically attract cool air during the night.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy one window fan, make sure that you place it in the right direction according to its intended function.

The good news is that some window fans can perform both functions to seamlessly pull hot air out and attract cool air in. If you prefer this versatile option, look for the “reverse function” feature because that indicates the ability to perform both functions.

Window Fan Durability

Like most people, you probably want to get more bang for your buck when buying a fan, and for most of us, this means the product you buy must have a long lifespan. That’s why it’s always best to purchase a window fan that’s made from durable materials and by a reliable manufacturer.

Safety is a must if you have children or pets in the house, so look out for the fan’s safety features as well. The blades say a lot about the safety of a fan and the best models usually keep them hidden safely behind an outer grill.

Window Fan Benefits


Window fans spend less energy and it costs less to use them compared to running an AC unit.

Great Supplement to Your AC Unit

Window fans are a great compliment to a good air conditioning unit. That’s because the window fan will purify the air in addition to cooling down the space.

Lower AC Operation Costs

A window fan will help you reap massive savings in your energy bill without sacrificing the use of your AC unit. That’s what happens when you use both to steadily decrease reliance on the AC unit while regulating cool air circulation.

Fresh Air

The exhaust function of a window fan works wonders to eliminate pesky odors. You can use it to get rid of stubborn smells such as burnt food in your kitchen or pet dander on your living room couch.

Can Fit Most Windows

As mentioned above, it’s important to look for a window fan that comes with adjustable panels so that there are no gaps between the window frame and the unit itself. Adjustable panels will also make it easier for you to install the fan so that you can start using it as soon as it gets to your doorstep!

Top 10 Window Fans in 2019

A window fan is a terrific idea for anyone who wants to keep their home cool and comfortable during the summer. Not only will it circulate cool air throughout the room, but it will purify it to help minimize allergies.
Now that you know what to look for in a window fan, here are a few viable options to consider.

1 – Holmes HAWF2043 – A Great Window Fan With One Touch Thermostat

The Holmes HAWF2043 model has been touted as one of the best window fans available on the market to date. That’s because it comes with features such as the dual blade window fan to accommodate double hung windows and a thermal regulated design that allows you to change the settings at one touch.

It’s super easy to install this fan because it comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is slip it on and you’re ready to go! Like most people, you’ll probably appreciate this fan’s ability to cool your house down automatically by sensing the temperature.

The HAWF2043 also comes with reversible motors which make this a triple-threat device that has intake, exhaust, and air exchange functions. This means it will purify the air in your space to get rid of allergens and any odors that may be in the room. This is a very important feature considering that summer is usually a difficult time for allergy-prone individuals.

We’d be remiss not to mention how powerful the motors on this window fan are. They allow it to circulate a continuous stream of cooling air without overheating.

This fan also comes with two adjustable speed settings that are completely distinct from one another. The unit can be controlled through the electronic mechanism which enables you to customize the performance of the fan.

Generally speaking, this is a solid and well-made unit that offers great value for money. Buying the HAWF2043 will definitely work out cheaper than running your AC all summer long and you’ll still feel cool and relaxed overall.


Suitable for different window sizes
Features a thermal-regulated system
Dual blade system
Reversible motors are quite impressive
Comes with two adjustable speed settings


The base is not stable and the unit tends to wobble sometimes


2 – Lasko 2138 – Good Fan With A Remarkable Intake & Exhaust Air Mechanism

Lasko is a renowned fan manufacturer that has been around for some time. They’re known for producing commercial-grade fans that are tough, easy on the eye and easy on your pocket too. The 2138 model is a popular option among homeowners because it comes with all the advantages of a good quality Lasko unit.

First of all, it’s made from durable plastic that rarely stains and won’t rust over time. You can place this fan in any room or area of the house thanks to its stylish and compact design. It also comes with two internal fans that work quietly, which means you can keep it on during the night without getting irritated by the noise.

Other notable features on this fan include the E-Z-Click expander panels that are malleable enough to fit on windows of all shapes and sizes. Then there’s the no-slip snap feature which helps to keep the fan sturdy on its feet so that it doesn’t slip or get wobbly.

Did we mention that the Lasko 2188 is an electronically reversible model? Yep! This means it can perform both intake and exhaust functions. The 8-inch twin fans are small but very powerful and thanks to their fast-spinning blades you’ll find that they’re energy efficient as well. With this unit, you don’t have to worry about dealing with humidity, allergies or stale air at all.


You can place it anywhere and it will remain sturdy
Made with durable and stylish plastic case
Features a reversible airflow system
Comes with independent motor controls


There have been complaints about this unit overheating


3 – Genesis Twin – Adjustable Thermostat & Max Cool Capable

If you want to enjoy the summer without worrying about sky-high energy bills or hot air blowing into your house, you should invest in a high quality window fan like the Genesis Twin Window Fan. This unit will circulate cool and clean air that has been filtered of all impurities while keeping your home cool.

This fan comes with high-velocity twin reversible fans that work great in large spaces. They derive their power from a customizable three-speed motor to help optimize the level of cooling comfort that you get to experience.

This window fan also features advanced max cool technology which works to automatically keep your temperature at your preferred level. What we’re trying to say is that you’ll always be comfortable with this fan around no matter how high the temperatures get outside.

This feature also makes it possible for this fan to respond accurately to any room regardless of its size or type. You could place it in a small room cluttered with furniture and it will cool it down in no time! This is truly one of the best window fans out there as it does so much more than just keeping your house cool.

The best part is that it comes with reversible airflow technology which means it offers both exhaust and intake functions so you won’t have to purchase two separate window fans.

It’s also worth noting here that this fan comes with expandable side panels that allow it to fit any type of window, regardless of its size or shape.


Comes with two high-velocity fans
Powerful dual motors
Performance backed by max cool technology
Adjustable side panels


The thermostat can be challenging to configure


4 – Bionaire 2300-N – Modern Design & Easy to Use Remote Control

There’s been a lot of hype over the performance and design of Bionaire’s latest window fan model; the BW2300-N. According to window fan reviews in popular online forums, this model is very efficient and easy to use both indoors and outdoors.

This versatile fan comes with a twin reversible blade system that will suck out all the stale and hot air so that it can purify and replace it with fresh and cool air from outside. We have to note also that this fan is significantly more efficient at using up energy when compared to traditional fans.

Bionaire designed this fan so that you can customize its performance to suit your needs. It has a three-speed system that enables you to experience optimal air extractions. Then there’s the programmable thermostat which allows you to pre-set the fan to turn on and off automatically at predetermined times. That way, you’ll always experience perfect temperature control even if you’re asleep.

Although it comes with remote control, you can use the electronic panel to augment temperature preferences among other settings.

This fan is suitable to use on all types of windows due to its expandable panels and it’s made from heavy-duty plastic so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up regularly. It’s a well-made model with all the features you need to keep your home cool during the summer and it will most probably last you for decades.


Dual setting control through the remote control or on-board control panel
Made from heavy-duty plastic
Programmable thermostat
Twin reversible system
Suitable for all types of windows (no exceptions!)


It doesn’t run quietly


5 – Air King 9166F – Pricey, But Best Whole House Window Fan

Turn your house into a delight with cool breezes and none of the scorching heat of summer with this heavy-duty window fan from Air King. This brand has proven time and again that they are the best in the industry and this fan only serves to cement their reputation.

Some of the notable features on this fan include a 1.6HP three-speed motor for an exceptional indoor cooling experience, a permanently lubricated design to extend its lifespan and avoid overheating; and a versatile design that makes it suitable for windows of all types and sizes.

It also comes with a rotary switch on the front which you can use to modify its RPM according to your preferences. If you set it on full blast, this unit will crank out 1600RPM to instantly drop the temperature of even the largest rooms. Alternatively, you can keep it at lower RPMs for a steady stream of cool and soothing air.

You’ll be glad to know that this fan is OSHA approved which means it’s safe to use on a daily basis without posing a threat to your children or your pets. It has a high-efficiency rating as well and its attractive design means it can fit in any environment.


Powerful three-speed motor
OSHA-certified for safety
Made from hard-wearing plastic housing
Fits into small and big windows alike
Comes with powder coated blades and grill housing


We have nothing bad to say about this window fan


6 – Optimus F-5280 – The Cheapest 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan

The Optimus F-5280 has been rated as one of the best window fans for cooling, especially for household use! It comes with unique two-speed motors that run quietly without overheating. The casing is so durable that it can withstand the elements without rusting and it’s guaranteed to last for several years without breaking down.

This model can circulate vast amounts of air at a time while purifying the space and eliminating odors thanks to its manually reversible design. It repels the hot and stale air out while attracting fresh and cool air in throughout the day.

The Optimus F-5280 also features an adjustable side screen that allows you to place it on any window regardless of its size or type. Alternatively, you can take advantage of its non-slip feet to place it on the window pane. It’s perfect for use in enclosed spaces because it works fast to transform the air from warm and stuffy to a bracing breeze.


Consistent two-speed motors
Manually reversible system
Dual fan design
Built-in adjustable slide screen


It makes a rattling noise


7 – Lasko Window Fan – Top Reversible Energy Efficient & Storm Guard Features

If you’re looking for a versatile window fan that you can use at home or at the office, look no further. This reversible window fan from Lasko is a marvelous device that can significantly improve your quality of life over the summer.

It’s made from sturdy plastic casing with a reversible motor that can transform the air in any room. This fan also comes with the ability to circulate large volumes of air, making it one of the most efficient models on the market.

It also has 16-inch paddle blades that help increase its efficiency because we all know that the larger the blades and the faster they work, the less energy they need to get the job done.

Despite its intricate and durable design, this window fan is super easy to install and lightweight enough for anyone to carry. Plus, it comes with an adjustable mount that enables it to fit inside most windows, from 26.5 to 34.5 inches high.

You don’t have to worry about keeping this fan going because it’s electrically powered with ETL and ETL listed design that can fit with most of the existing electrical outlets.


Runs quietly
Three-speed settings are impressive
ETL listed design
Can fit into almost any size window
The 16-inch paddle blades are very efficient
Easy to install and use


No complaints here!


8 – Holmes Window Fan – Powerful Reversible Airflow Blades For Maximum Cooling Comfort

With its eye-catching design and powerful air moving system, this fan stands out from the rest. It’s suitable for cooling down large rooms and/or areas, and the dual-blade system comes with two-speed settings that are literally like night and day.

If you’re worried about your house getting stuffy, you can rest assured that the reverse airflow control will take care of that and leave your home smelling fresh and inviting always.

This unit has a unique slender design that allows you to slip it into slider windows effortlessly. This also makes it perfect for large double-hung windows. So no matter how big your house is, there’s a cooling solution for you.

The quality of this window fan is admirable. It features electrical motors to move air with the durable spin blades, and it runs so quietly that you’ll forget that it’s even there. The motors are waterproof while the fan itself can withstand all kinds of different weather conditions.


Beautifully designed with white-themed casing
Features a powerful two-speed fan
Reverse airflow control
Fits into most windows
Water resistant motors


Unfortunately, this fan isn’t reversible when installed on screened windows


9 – Bionaire BWF0502M-WM – 3 Uniquely Controlled Comfort Settings Plus An Adjustable Thermostat

Are you looking for a window fan that looks good while providing efficient performance? The Bionaire BWF0502M-WM might be just what you’re looking for. It’s usually thin for a window fan and yet it comes with impressive features that enable it to deliver exceptional results.

Take the three comfort settings, for example. This feature enables you to regulate room temperature by controlling the speed at which the fan circulates air. This is not one of those fans that blow cold air when you really want cool air. The settings are independently controlled so your room can feel as comfortable and cool as you like it.

Another notable feature of the BWF0502M-WM unit is the reversible airflow technology which moves air according to a two-step system. It starts by manually reversing the blades to move refreshing air throughout the room, while the exhaust helps to remove all the hot air so that your space is always nice and comfortable to be in.

This model can be fitted into horizontal and vertical windows regardless of their size. It’s also easy to install and maintain thanks to its low profile design, and with the Firm Fit Locking system, you’ll never have to worry about its performance.


Made from heavy-duty plastic that doesn’t rust
Comes with three adjustable comfort settings
Firm Fit locking system guarantees safety and performance
Reversible airflow technology for versatility
Backed by a 5-year limited warranty
Suitable for vertical and horizontal windows
Slim form-fitting design makes it easy to install and keep it in place


It’s rather small for a window fan


10 – Holmes HAWF-2041 – Best Twin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

Twin window fans are a preferable option for homeowners because of their durability and excellent performance. But you need to purchase your fan from a reputable brand such as Holmes, a household name that’s known for quality and reliability.

Their HAWF2041-N Twin Window Fan works on most types of windows and it runs quietly without any humming sound in the background. It’s ideal for slider windows as well as double hung windows, and thanks to the adjustable extender screen, you can easily install it without any help. You’ll simply plug it in and start using it immediately. All you need is a 120 AC outlet and you’re good to go!

Most users will appreciate the manual thermostat as it allows you to set your preferred temperature according to your ideal comfort level. This setting will switch the fan on and off according to your setting so it’s perfect for use at night before you go to sleep.

The three speed settings are powered by dual blades that run quickly and efficiently. You can also use them to customize the fan’s cooling power further based on the size of your room. This is in addition to the independently reversible design which supports air exchange and allows you to switch from intake and exhaust air at the touch of a button.

This unit is fully water resistant and it won’t rust or break down when exposed to the elements.


Suitable for most windows
Comes with water resistant and reversible motors
Features a manual thermostat with comfort control setting
Powered through regular power outlets


This unit is not the quietest model in its category


Conclusion – What is the Best Window Fan?



Air King 9166F

Pricey, But Best Whole House Window Fan

Bionaire 2300-N

Modern Design & Easy to Use Remote Control

Genesis Twin

Adjustable Thermostat & Max Cool Capable

Lasko 2138

Good Fan With Remarkable Intake & Exhaust Air Mechanism

Holmes HAWF2043


A Great Window Fan With One Touch Thermostat

In this article, we’ve taken you on a journey to help you find the best window fan for your home this summer. We looked at the different features to keep in mind, as well as the types of window fans available on the market. At this point, you have enough information to go out there and make an informed purchasing decision.

But if you’re still undecided about which model to go with, consider the Bionaire BW2300. We picked this model above all the others because of its versatile and durable design.

As mentioned, this fan is made from heavy-duty plastic and comes with impressive features such as the adjustable three-speed system, a programmable thermostat, remote control accessibility, and expandable panels. It’s suitable for all types of windows and has a very efficient motor.

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