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Our lives have become much more convenient with the arrival of the Internet. We can now make purchases without having to leave our home and check-in for our flight without the need to go to the airport. Unfortunately, criminals have taken advantage of the digital advancements that we’re enjoying and have found ways to steal valuable information from unsuspecting people. It’s for this very reason why you should consider getting the best RFID blocking wallet.

Since more and more people are finding the need to get an RFID blocking wallet, several companies have introduced different types of these products in the market that it can be difficult to choose the best RFID wallet from a wide range of options. To help you make the right decision, we will talk more about this device below and have also included some RFID wallet reviews to guide you into choosing the best one.

What is an RFID Wallet?

As digital technology continues to evolve, criminals have also been looking for ways to victimize people. Lately, incidences of debit and credit card information getting stolen have become common. No matter how careful you are in keeping your information secure, these criminals will always find ways to steal. If you like online shopping and have used your credit card for all your purchases, then you are at high risk of becoming a victim.

One of the best ways to keep your information protected from these ruthless criminals is to get an RFID wallet. This wallet is lined with certain types of materials that are guaranteed to repel or render an incoming RFID signal ineffective.

You might ask what RFID is? RFID means Radio Frequency Identification. It makes use of an electromagnetic field to read objects in a system through tags that contain digital information. If you have an RFID wallet, it will back the signal that the RFID produces so your digital information is kept protected.

How Does It Work?

RFID chips are used in many ways these days and not only in credit cards. All passports issued after 2006 in the United States are now equipped with RFID chips that are capable of tracking your information and digital photos. Even metro cards now come with RFID chips that allow you to swipe fast in the metro. Also, there are some pets that have RFID chips to track their whereabouts.

RFID chips use radio waves to communicate or send out information. For instance, credit cards are equipped with RFID tags that contain valuable information. To read the information, an RFID reader relies on radio waves. RFID chips are equipped with tiny electromagnetic fields that help to make it possible to read information without the need to initiate communications. Once the RFID reader is close enough in that field, it will be easy for the device to capture information.

This is why anyone can simply scan through your credit card using an RFID reader. Once they have gathered information from your card, they will use that to make purchases online, which is why you might be surprised upon seeing purchases made on your card that you didn’t make. To avoid these situations, consider getting an RFID blocking wallet.

Radio waves are easy to block and interrupt and that’s exactly what the RFID blocking wallet will do. It will keep the information in your cards protected using a particular material that’s capable of interfering with the radio waves. The wallet can block all electromagnetic fields in order to block communication between the RFID scanner and your card.

Obviously, the RFID blocking wallet will only work on cards that have RFID chips. If yours don’t have a chip, then the wallet will be ineffective.

RFID Wallet Advantages

The main purpose of the RFID wallet is to block RFID frequencies that can steal information from your card. Criminals have their own RFID readers and once they get close to your card, they can easily steal information from that card. But if you have a RFID blocking wallet, they won’t be able to steal and copy your card’s details.

But it’s not only people with credit cards that are falling victim. Hotels and companies that use keycards and security badges to secure their premises are also at high risk to this form of theft. Criminals can also capture sensitive and valuable information using RFID readers and sell this information to some organizations in exchange for a good amount of money.

Although the biggest benefit of the RFID blocking wallet is to keep your information safe, the wallet can also be used in several other ways. In fact, some companies that manufacture wallets are now integrating the RFID blocking device into these products to keep the cards stored in there safe. Furthermore, more and more designers are optimizing the designs of their wallet in a way that it can deflect frequencies.

RFID Security

Immediately after the RFID technology was introduced to the public, hackers started attacking them. RFID skimming has become hugely popular. This act refers to the use of a RFID reader in stealing valuable information. It’s usually fitted with a strong directional antenna that’s capable of reading other devices that are RFID enabled.

RFID skimmers will not only intercept and read RFID data streams. They are capable of doing it even if they are far away. There have now been several incidences of RFID skimming done by criminals even if they are dozens of yards away from your card. Others are even more innovative that they could carry out skimming attacks even if they are a long distance away from you.

RFID-enabled credit cards have soared in popularity recently. Yet, several experts have been demonstrating how easy it is for scammers to intercept these cards.

In fact, the local authorities have been educating the public on how they can protect themselves from these RFID skimmers. There are videos online that demonstrate how easy it is for criminals to intercept RFID-enabled cards.

Aside from targeting cards, skimmers also target passports in order to steal a person’s identity. In fact, there are now premium passport folders that are equipped with an RFID blocking technology that’s capable of intercepting RFID waves.

The RFID Blocking Technology

There’s a wide range of materials that are capable of blocking RFID waves. In fact, sheets of thick aluminum foil can also do the trick. When looking for the best RFID wallet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many specifications and technical terms, coming from the manufacturers themselves.

But take note that not all of these devices may actually be effective in blocking RFID waves. While others really work, there are some that don’t, so it’s important to do your research well.

And although RFID blocking products are truly effective at protecting people from falling a victim of identity theft, there’s not a single crime reported concerning RFID skimming.

Things to Consider When Shopping for an RFID Blocking Wallet


Just because you’re buying an RFID blocking wallet doesn’t mean you just have to settle with a plain looking wallet. There are lots of stylish wallets that are capable of blocking RFID waves so you better check them out.

If you’re a man, the best men’s RFID wallet is one that has a minimalist and slim design. You can also opt for wallets that are capable of keeping a lot of your valuables, including credit cards, passports, and cash.

In this case, a pouch style wallet might be a great choice. Given the wide variety of styles available, it has now become so much easier to find the type of RFID wallet that is in accordance with the design that you might prefer.

Carrying Capacity

Aside from the design and style, the carrying capacity is another important factor to keep in mind. If you carry a lot of cards, then you definitely need something with much bigger carrying capacity. The bi-fold or tri-fold design might be your best bet. But for those who only need to carry a few cards on their trip, a slim “front-pocket” style might be a much better choice.

Blocking Technology

Reading RFID blocking wallet review is the best way to get started when shopping for an RFID wallet. When you read reviews, one of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration is the effectiveness of the RFID blocking technology that was used for that particular product.

It’s important to choose a model that incorporates metallic mesh on the wallet as it can effectively prevent theft and interference. Although most of the RFID wallets that you’ll find in the market offer this technology, others are way more effective. So take the time to read reviews and do a comparison before you make a purchase.

Content Access

You definitely want to have easy access to your cards so this is something to consider when looking for an RFID blocking wallet to buy. It should be something that allows you to easily insert and remove your cards and other valuables.

Although you need a wallet that can secure your things, you also want to have easy access to your stuff when the time comes that you need them. For people that have to show their IDs often, a wallet that comes with a separate ID window might be a better choice.

How Much Do RFID Blocking Wallets Cost?

The cost of RFID blocking wallets varies greatly. And since they are becoming more and more popular now, the price has significantly gone down ever since the RFID blocking wallets were first released into the market.

In fact, you can now easily find something that costs less than $10, although others may cost around $15 to as much as $25. If you don’t mind paying more than $25 for this type of wallet, you’ll find models that are made from high-quality materials and can handle the daily wear and tear.

RFID travel pouches are more expensive than wallets since they are much larger and are capable of carrying passports, on top of the numerous cards. Nevertheless, the pouch is definitely worth buying, especially for frequent travelers who want to have easy access to their valuables during their trip.

Popular Products with RFID Blocking Technology


The best RFID men’s wallet is one that’s made of a high-quality RFID blocking material with a slim and simple design. It shouldn’t be too bulky since most men would prefer to place their wallet on their pocket.

This also allows them to easily pull the wallets out during airport security checks. But remember that if you’re going to place the wallet in your back pocket, make sure that it’s not too tight. Otherwise, the RFID blocker might get damaged, especially if you sit on it most of the time.

Passport Holders

For travelers who want to protect themselves against identity theft, an RFID passport holder is definitely a great investment. With this accessory, no one would be able to gain access to your valuable personal information since it blocks the RFID reader. Some of these passport holders also come with slots that can be used for storing credit cards, money, boarding passes, and other small items.


Those carry a small bag instead of a wallet might prefer to use an RFID shoulder bag or purse that they can hang to their shoulder. These purses can protect all your RFID chipped cards from getting intercepted by scammers.

Furthermore, the purse offers several other excellent security features, such as cable cores that cannot be slashed. With this purse, not only will your cards be protected from skimming, but your gadgets will be protected from potential theft as well.

Credit Card Sleeves

There are RFID credit card sleeves that are primarily designed to keep your cards protected. These sleeves are very roomy so it makes looking for your personal stuff easy. The sleeves are available in different patterns, colors, and prints, and you can choose something that matches your bag.


If you don’t want to purchase an RFID bag, you can just settle with inserts in order to keep your valuable items protected against RFID skimmers. These come in the form of sleeves that you can simply attach to your bag or pouch in order to keep your valuables protected.

Why Hacks Don’t Work in This Case?

In an effort to educate the public against RFID skimming, some experts came up with life hacks to protect people from these criminals. But will these hacks really work? Here’s why they might not.

Tin Foil

Some people claim that wrapping your cards with aluminum foil should be enough to block RFID readers. While it may be able to protect you, it is not as effective as using a proper RFID blocking wallet.

Also, this could put your cards at high risk of getting scraped, which could make the chip less effective or useless. The last thing you want is to find out that you can’t pay for your bill at a restaurant since your card’s chip is no longer working. And, you may have to wait several weeks for your replacement card, which is really a hassle.

Origami Duct Tape Aluminum Foil Wallet

Others have gone as far as making origami out of duct tape and foil, which is also ridiculous. You have to spend a lot of time cutting out templates to create a wallet out of some foil and tape, only to end up with a trashy looking wallet. So spare yourself the trouble by investing in the best RFID travel wallet. This type of wallet is very reliable, effective, and definitely more stylish than a cheap looking DIY wallet.

Duct Tape Wallet

Using duct tape to keep your cards protected is definitely ridiculous. This hack requires wrapping aluminum foil on your card with the help of duct tape and then putting it in your wallet.

While this hack may not scrape your card, unlike the previous hack, having a duct tape in your wallet is just so off. Imagine taking a beautiful girl out on a date and when it’s time to pay the bill, you’ll have to remove some duct tape off! That will surely make your date think you are strange.

Best RFID Blocking Wallet in the Marketplace

So now that you know about the importance of having an RFID blocking wallet and some tips on how to choose the best one, check out these RFID wallet reviews so you will have an idea on the best RFID blocking wallet to buy.

1 – Daisy Rose Women’s Checkered Zip Around Wallet

If you’re looking for the best RFID wallet for women, the Daisy Rose Women’s Checkered Wallet is a great wallet to check out. This classic style wallet for women offers good value for your money. Although it looks very stylish and elegant, you’d be surprised that this wallet is extremely affordable.

Measuring 7.7 x 4 x 1 inches, this wallet fits well in any medium-sized purse or clutch. Offering plenty of room inside along with card slots and compartments, this wallet also comes with a zippered pocket where you can keep your coins.

Unlike other leather wallets that are too difficult to zip, the zipper of this wallet is very smooth. The overall construction is hard wearing and can hold up with constant use. If you’re looking for a stylish looking RFID wallet that’s similar to the signature brands but doesn’t cost as much, this wallet would be the perfect choice.


Can be used for holding smartphones
Convenient zip
Made from high-quality leather materials
Features a privacy protector


The zipper has the tendency to get broken easily


2 – Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Hank RFID Wallet

Herschel is known for offering premium quality accessories and this RFID wallet is one of them. This trendy Canadian company is highly recommended when it comes to bags and wallets, because of their stylish designs and durability. Therefore, you can rest assured that this Men’s Hank RFID Wallet is definitely reliable and something that will last for a long time.

Despite it looking very polished and well made, you’ll love the fact that the wallet can be hand washed. So if you’re very particular with cleanliness and would prefer your things to be neat and tidy at all times, this is the wallet that you need!

This wallet from Herschel is definitely one of the best men’s RFID wallets out there. Its slim and sleek design means you can easily stash it in your back pocket. And although it’s slim, it’s very functional as it comes with two slips, three card slots, ID interior window, and more. The only thing is that it doesn’t come with a compartment to hold coins so this might be a problem for others who don’t want to carry a separate coin purse.


Comes with multiple storage options
Includes mesh ID window
Bi-fold design


Stitching is cheap looking


3 – Mundi Big Fat Wallet Women’s RFID Blocking Wallet

This RFID blocking wallet from Mundi is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, giving customers lots of options depending on the style and look of the wallet that they want.

Aside from looking very stylish, this wallet is highly functional too as it comes with several cardholders. Furthermore, it has picture holders and two ID windows as well. So aside from using this wallet to keep your money, you can also use it to keep IDs, photos, and of course, credit cards.

Equipped with RFID technology that keeps your cards protected from skimming, this wallet is definitely a great investment. As a matter of fact, it can also be used to store bulky items, such as passports, phones, and checkbooks.


Equipped with RFID protection
Features synthetic lining
Ideal for traveling
Includes eight credit card holders


The zipper is of bad quality


4 – Itslife RFID-Blocking Leather Wallet

Available in 33 different colors, this RFID blocking wallet from Itslife is a great wallet to use every day, for work, school etc. Made from real leather and equipped with a reliable RFID blocking technology, this wallet will keep your cards and other valuables fully protected.

This RFID blocking wallet has 21 slots that can be used for cards, including the driver’s license, ID cards, credit cards, ATM cards etc. Furthermore, it has three full compartments for the bill, as well as a large zip pocket that you can use for coins. But what makes this wallet stand out from the others is its quick-access snap pocket that you can use to keep your phone, while still being able to get access to it on the go.


Covered with a one-year money back guarantee
Very functional and effective.
Keeps your things well organized
Snap closure design


Not too durable


5 – Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover Wallet

The Visconti soft leather passport wallet is equipped with an RFID blocking technology that prevents skimmers from being able to read your passport and steal your personal details. Furthermore, it has a sleek and slim profile, making it a great choice for those who are looking for the best RFID blocking travel wallet.

On top of the passport holder, this wallet has four slots that can be used to store credit cards, driver’s licenses, ID cards, and even hotel keys. Furthermore, there’s a section where you can keep your important documents, such as boarding passes, hotel reservation vouchers, etc.

You’ll love the stylish design of this wallet, which is available in brown and black color. It’s well constructed and can be used every day or for traveling purposes. Perhaps, the only drawback is that it doesn’t have any pocket for coins.


Features four slots for credit cards.
Excellent RFID blocking technology
Ideal wallet for travel
One side pocket


Some customers complained they got the wrong color


6 – Serman Brands RFID-Blocking Sim Bi-fold

If you need a sleek looking wallet, which you can use to keep credit cards, this Serman Brands RFID blocking wallet would be a great product to check out. You’ll appreciate the stylish Bi-fold design of this wallet, which you can use every day and when traveling too. The RFID technology is capable of blocking up to 13.56 MHz of RFID scanners, which makes it really effective in protecting your valuable items.

Men will also love the slim design of this wallet since it can be easily kept in their pockets. Its pull-tab design also cuts the bulk down, so you can conveniently stash it on your back pocket anytime. Capable of holding up to 15 pieces of bills, this wallet also comes with 10 slots for holding credit cards and ID cards. You can choose from eight different leather finishes that are all stylish and elegant.


Quality leather
Safe and private
Slim and stylish


A bit expensive compared to other RFID wallets


7 – HIMI RFID Blocking Wallet

This RFID blocking wallet from HMI looks just like your traditional bi-fold wallet and comes with a foldout flap that you can use to keep ID cards and credit cards. There’s also enough space to stash some cash and other small items. This wallet is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Its RFID technology is very effective at blocking skimming devices.

Customers are pleased with the effectiveness of the wallet’s RFID blocking feature and they agree that it truly exceeds their expectations. Another highlight of this wallet is that it has a large carrying capacity. Aside from having several pockets for bills, this wallet features 10 card slots, on top of a foldout slot that can be used for keeping ID cards.


Compact and stylish design
Effective RFID blocking security
Equipped with two ID card windows
Made from premium quality materials


Could tear very easily


8 – iPulse Minimalist Slim Wallet

This minimalist slim wallet from iPulse is ideal for those who want a compact wallet that they can carry for everyday use. You’ll appreciate the fact that this wallet is slim enough to fit inside a pocket, both front and back. Plus, it includes a smart elastic closure with a pull-tab mechanism allowing you to easily get access to your cards.

But the problem with this wallet is that its RFID blocking feature won’t be able to protect keycards and ID badges. Therefore, this wallet is not highly recommended for keeping keycards and badges. Nevertheless, if you want a simple wallet that can protect your cards from skimmers, this wallet would be a good choice.


1-year warranty
Made from premium materials
Minimalist compact design


The strap won’t last for a very long time


9 – Tonly Monders Minimalist Genuine Leather

For users that are in need of a minimalist wallet with a slim design, this RFID blocking wallet from Tonly Monders would be a great purchase. Although its carrying capacity is somewhat limited since it can only hold a few cards, it’s one of the best RFID blocking wallets for budget customers who would prefer a reliable wallet that doesn’t cost a lot.

A lot of customers are pleased with the effectiveness of this wallet’s RFID blocking technology as it’s capable of blocking some of the most commonly used products that work with RFID frequencies. Furthermore, it allows users to easily and quickly access their credit cards even when they’re on the go.


100% refund guarantee
Effective RFID blocking technology
High-quality design
Ultra minimalist and compact


Somewhat difficult to access the cards


10 – Dante Women’s RFID Blocking Compact Leather Wallet

This compact leather wallet is the best RFID blocking wallet for women who prefer a stylish and spacious wallet that they can use to store cards, bills, and coins. The wallet features a folding design that offers enough space for valuable items and it’s lined with RFID blocking material.

While some might find this wallet to be a bit bulky to fit in the back, it’s still a perfect choice for ladies who want a wallet that they can stash in their clutch or bag while still offering extra space for other items.


Compact design
Fully functional design
Made from 100% premium leather
Provides privacy and safety


Produces a strong odor



Of all the products in this list, it’s the Daisy Rose Women’s Checkered Zip Around Wallet that really stands out. Thus, when it comes to the best RFID blocking wallet, this is the product that we would highly recommend. Featuring a classic design that looks very stylish and elegant, this wallet is very affordable and it’s a great choice for budget shoppers.

Furthermore, it offers plenty of storage space, including compartments and card slots. Above all, it has an efficient RFID blocking technology, which prevents RFID scanners from accessing information from your credit cards, passport etc.

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