Top 10 Best Printers for Home Use with Cheap Ink

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Choosing the best printer for home use with cheap ink – An Introduction

Whether you’re putting together your home office or you just want to update your study room, it’s always a good idea to invest in a printer that uses cheap ink. The last thing you want is a printer that’s going to make it difficult for you to find and buy the ink you need.

With the right home printer, your kids can print out their homework and assignments with ease and you won’t have to think twice before you print out any documents or photos.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what it takes to make the best printer for home use with cheap ink. This includes the speed, functionality, features and print quality offered by the printer. After all, buying a printer is an investment and we know you want to find a good quality printer that will last you for a long time.

It’s also important to consider the size of the printer that you’re going to buy. A home printer should be small enough to fit into your home office inconspicuously. But it should also come with all the features that you and your family need, including a scanner and photocopier.



HP Officejet 3830 Wireless Color Printer

It won't take up a lot of space

Good price

Wireless connectivity

Uses Less Ink & One year warranty

Epson Expression ET-3700 Printer

HD printing

Wi-Fi connectivity

12-month warranty

Fast printing speeds

Also Suitable for scanning & copying

Brother MFC-J895DW Inkjet Printer

Easy to use and manage

Compact design

Offers wireless cloud connectivity

Comes at an affordable price

Hewlett Packard Tango Smart Home Printer


Provides fast printouts

Voice activation

Built-in ink tracker

A Decent warranty

Brother INKvestmentTank Inkjet Printer

Beautifully designed

Fast printing speeds

Comes with new ink cartridges

wireless connectivity for remote printing

What to Look for When Shopping for a New Printer for Home Use

The following is a list of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a new printer:


When it comes to home printers, small is usually best and modern-day manufacturers design home printers to be smaller than business printers. At the end of the day, your home printer will be used by one person at a time so there’s no need to go big on size. As long as the printer has everything you need to print, scan and copy documents and photos, you’re good to go.

Print Quality

Print quality is another important consideration that you need to make if you’re going to buy a home printer. Most printers nowadays come with HD and even 3D printing capabilities so there’s no need to purchase a sub-par printer when you have all these options available to you. Remember that you might want to print out posters or personal photos with your home printer, so it should offer high-quality printing.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity is a standard feature in most printers nowadays but there are also a few models out there that don’t have it. Wireless connectivity allows you to wirelessly print out documents and photos from a nearby electronic or mobile device. There’s even a special type of home printer that comes with cloud connectivity, which means you can connect it to your home cloud and print documents effortlessly from there.

Ink Price

To the inexperienced buyer, ink prices are usually the last thing on their mind when looking for a printer. The truth is that the ink used by some printers can be so expensive that you end up paying more for the ink than the printer itself.

Plus, it’s never a good idea to deviate from the ink recommended by the printer’s manufacturer just because you can’t afford it. For the best results, opt for a printer that’s able to use different types of ink so that you’re not forced to use expensive ink if you don’t want to.

Print Speed

Make sure to buy a printer that can put out massive amounts of paper in a short amount of time. That way, your kids won’t be late for school just because the printer took too long to print out their homework. Trust us, having a fast printer will make all the difference when you’re in a rush to print out documents.


There are lots of different printer manufacturers and brands out there that offer all types of printer models. As with any purchase, it’s best to go for a reliable and well-known printer manufacturer instead of a new printing company that doesn’t have a reputation yet.

Plus, reputable brands almost always offer the best warranties on their printers, not to mention top quality customer service.

Inkjet vs. Laser

As a consumer looking for a home printer, your options are split further into two main categories; inkjet and laser printers. As you’ll see below, each option offers a unique combination of advantages and disadvantages.


Inkjet is an ideal option for anyone that often prints out documents with photos and graphics. That’s because inkjet printers can print almost anything, and they’re unbeatable when it comes to printing photos.

With that said, inkjet printers usually have lower satisfaction ratings and are considered less than reliable. Most users complain that they’re slow at printing color images, but they still provide better printing quality.

For instance, certain inkjet printer models can put out borderless prints for less than a minute. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. For the best results, look for an inkjet printer that has a 4×6 printing tray or a separate paper tray that’s dedicated to this particular paper size.


A laser printer is designed for people who only print out text documents. That’s because these printers excel at producing crisp black-and-white text that’s crystal clear. While some laser printers will put out a decent photo or color type, this isn’t exactly their strong point.

The photo quality produced by laser printers is usually quite poor, and they don’t work well with specialty papers like glossy photo stock either. Furthermore, laser printers don’t usually offer space for printing 4×6 greeting cards

But laser printers really shine when it comes to speed and reliability, because they can produce up to 25 pages per minute consistently.

Photo Printers

If your goal is to print out photos and high-quality color documents, then you should definitely opt for a single-function photo printer. They don’t offer a whole lot of features outside of printing high-quality photos, but they do provide superior quality prints.

In fact, the photo quality produced by these printers has been known to rival that of Shutterfly, a legendary mail-order service.

The only downside to buying a dedicated photo printer is that most of these models can only print out 4 x 6 inch sized photos or 24-inch wide media. This significantly limits the scope and variability of what you can print.

Also, getting supplies for this printer typically costs much more than maintaining a regular printer that can print both documents and photos.

Luckily, both Epson and Canon sell printers that have the ability to produce various ink color print-outs with sizes of up to 8.5 x 11 inches. Plus, most printers offer the same color accuracy and size specs, granted that you put in the right paper.

Multifunction/All-in-One Printers

Multifunction printers (MFP) are also referred to as all-in-ones (AIO) and they offer a wide range of capabilities. From scanning to copying, printing and faxing, these printers have it all. That’s why they’re the preferred option for people that are running small home businesses because they provide all the features you need.

The best part is that MFPs are available in both inkjet and laser models, so you’re covered whether you want to produce colorful photos or quick-printing documents.

Some of the best ones around come with features like:

Auto-duplexers which allow for double-sided printing
PictBridge-compatible USB ports
Flatbed scanners
Memory card bays
Auto document feeders so you can copy, fax and print multiple documents at once

The starting price for a basic MFP is about $100 and it depends on the types of features and technology that the printer has.

Portable Printers

Portable printers are lightweight time-savers that weight just 2 to 5 pounds on average. They have a limit of 8.5 inches when it comes to the paper width that they can handle, and they normally use color-inkjet printing technology.

Don’t let the tiny size of portable printers fool you though; they offer superb image quality and lightning fast printing speeds. They’re perfect for digital nomads or anyone that needs high-quality documents on the go.
A good quality portable printer will set you back $100, while models with additional features might cost more.


Automatic duplexing is a great feature to have because it allows you to print on both sides of the paper. This will save you the time it takes to flip paper and money because you will be buying less paper. The printer automatically flips the paper for you in order to print on both sides.

The duplexing feature is quite common in printers that have the automatic feeder (ADF) scanner because they’re geared toward making the user’s life easier. Plus, an MFP without an ADF will require you to turn the page manually before the device can print on the other side.

So if you want to get the most out of the duplexing feature then you should definitely look into a model that does both.

How to Judge Print Quality

As any veteran will tell you, the best way to gauge printer quality is to test before you buy. Without that, you can’t really be sure that the images and text will come out as promised. Fortunately, most retail stores are more than happy to demonstrate the printer’s abilities to you, and they usually have a demo model dedicated to doing just that.

But these demo units go through a lot of abuse and are poorly maintained so they’re often not the best representation of the printer’s true capabilities. Nevertheless, it’s better to see something than nothing at all.
For instance, if you’re looking for a printer with USB and memory card slots, then you should bring a memory card and USB with you to test how it works.

Most retailers will let you print out a demonstration page with several rows of text, with each showing a different type of font and text size. For the best results, go for a printer that outputs fully legible letters with no breaks, and of course, the ink shouldn’t bleed out just because you’re reading small letters.

Medium sized and large fonts should also be clear with no muddy edges. If the text is written in black, there should be no brownish or bluish tones visible.

Also, look out for jagged outlines as this means that the printer is having trouble registering the printhead. To ensure that the printer is using the right amount of ink, make sure that there are clear, well-defined openings in all the letter-forms.

Lastly, check if there’s any ink spray or wicking onto parts of the page that should be blank.

Best Ink Saving Printers for Home Use in 2019

Modern day home printers are convenient electronics that can help you bring the office home or make the most marvelous family scrapbook with high-quality photos. Thus far, we’ve shared with you the different elements that you should consider when looking for a home printer.

Now, we’re going to take a look at the best printer for home use with cheap ink. Just make sure to keep all the information we shared with you above so that it’s easier for you to find a home printer that meets your needs.

1 – HP Officejet 3830 Wireless Color Photo Printer Review

Like most people, you probably associate the HP brand name with reliability and quality. HP Officejet 3830 Wireless Color Photo Printer lives up to this brand’s reputation by offering a unique set of features that are suited to turning your study room into a proper home office.

It has a modern and compact design that will perfectly complement your home decor style and its HP 63 cartridges can print out twice as many pages as a basic cartridge. That’s why many consider it to be the best color printer with cheap ink cartridges.

It comes with wireless connectivity so that you can print straight from your mobile device, and it’s super affordable.

You’ll be glad to know that this home printer is backed by a 1-year limited warranty, and it’s portable enough to move around if you’re not happy with your initial placement.


It won’t take up a lot of space
Good price
Wireless connectivity
Backed by a limited 1-year warranty
Doesn’t require a lot of ink


The printer’s software tends to malfunction sometimes


2 – Epson Expression ET-3700 EcoTank Wireless Color All-in-One Printer Review

If you’re searching for the best printer for ink cost, look no further than the Epson Expression ET-3700 EcoTank Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank. It comes with features like HD printing properties, WiFi connectivity, and a 12-month warranty for every 50,000 pages you print.

This is a small printer that will fit right into your home study and it has a very stylish design. The Expression ET-3700 is also a sustainable model that requires very little ink to function. It even comes with ink that you can use regularly for up to two years.

Another great feature of this printer is that it can automatically print on both sides, and you can use it to scan and copy as well. It’s a versatile unit with all the features you and your family will need. Your kids will definitely love how simple and easy it is to use.

To top it off, this printer comes with a 12-month warranty which you can extend if you’re someone who doesn’t use it often. The only “downside” with this printer is that it’s on the pricey side but it’s totally worth it when you consider all the fantastic features that it comes with.


HD printing
Wi-Fi connectivity
12-month warranty
Comes with ink that can last for up to 2 years
Fast printing speeds
Suitable for printing, scanning, and copying


It’s on the pricey side


3 – Brother MFC-J895DW Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer Review

This Brother printer is an All-in-One model that’s easy to store thanks to its small and compact size. Of course, it’s made with good quality materials since it comes from the trusted Brother brand and it’s a versatile unit that will take care of all your printing needs.

You can easily store it in a cabinet next to your laptop or computer and it’s ideal for small spaces like apartments or tiny homes. Many have called it the best home printer with cheap ink and for a good reason.

This printer is one of the few that feature wireless cloud connectivity, allowing you to print from anywhere in your house as long as the device you’re printing from is also connected to the cloud. Another notable feature of this printer is its exceptional design and the fact that it accepts different types of ink. That means you won’t have to settle for expensive ink if you don’t want to.

It has a small 2.7-inch display that’s easy to manage, even for kids and technologically challenged spouses. Plus, it comes at a crazy affordable price considering the features it comes with.

Also, you can print up to 150 sheets of paper on this printer – that’s enough to print out a whole book. Needless to say, this printer is perfect for anyone in the law, literature or banking professions because you’ll never run out of paper to print out lengthy documents.


Easy to use and manage
Compatible with different types of ink
Compact design
Offers wireless cloud connectivity
Comes at an affordable price


There have been some complaints of regular paper jams


4 – Hewlett Packard Tango Smart Home Printer Review

The HP Tango Smart Home Printer is ideal for anyone that’s looking for a model with cutting-edge features. This printer was made to produce high-quality documents and images, with the right level of functionality for home use. In fact, HP specifically manufactures this printer exclusively for home use.

As such, it features a nice stylish design that won’t look out of place in the modern home.

Now, this printer comes with a lot of awesome features but some of the most notable ones include voice recognition functionality which allows for hands-free printing. There’s also a smart tracking device within the printer so that you’re able to see how much ink you have left. That way you can order another ink batch before the current one runs out so that you’re never left without ink.

With that said, this printer doesn’t come cheap but its price tag makes sense when you consider all of the features that they crammed into it. Plus, it offers reliable and consistent quality performance as well. You can use it to print out documents from different devices that are connected to your cloud, and it comes with a decent warranty from HP. What more could you ask for?


Well-designed and well-made
Provides fast printouts
Voice activation
Built-in ink tracker
Comes with a decent warranty


It’s a bit expensive


5 – Brother INKvestmentTank MFC-J995DW XL Inkjet Printer Review

This is another high-quality unit from the Brother brand. This one is called the INKvestmentTank Inkjet Printer and it’s designed to cater to large scale home printing. It’s a bit larger than the other models, but that’s because it offers a wider range of functionality that makes it perfect for anyone that runs a small business from home.

Brother has made some improvements on the ink cartridges of this printer so that they can last longer. They’ll also give you complimentary ink that will last for up to two years after your purchase, and that’s with regular use!

This printer has a chic design with wireless connectivity function so you can make printouts from any device you like. Although Brother is known for selling budget-friendly printers, this particular model is quite pricey.

But it makes up for that by offering massive long-term value and it’ll never give you maintenance issues either. Plus, this is one of the best ink saving printers that money can buy.


Beautifully designed
Fast printing speeds
Comes with new ink cartridges
Features wireless connectivity for remote printing


Takes up a lot of space


6 – HP Envy 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer Review

With its tasteful design and well-placed controls, the HP Envy 5055 is definitely an elite home printer to be reckoned with. It’s small enough to fit in anywhere without looking out of place, and its LCD display makes it easy to use.

Of course, HP never disappoints when it comes to printer quality and features, as evidenced by the amazing array of qualities it offers. You won’t have to worry about ink supply for the first two months thanks to the free ink that this printer comes with. Plus, wireless printing ensures that you’re able to print out documents and photos from anywhere in the house.

The HP Envy is a useful small home printer that comes with the right combination of features to take care of all your family’s printing needs. It’s also ideal for small home business owners who need something compact that can fit into a modest home office.

The best part is that this printer has a very affordable price tag and even comes with its own printing app that’s compatible with almost all mobile devices. It’s definitely one of the best color printers with cheap ink in the market.


Sophisticated design
Consistent performance
Comes with two months worth of free ink
Available at an affordable price


This printer limits the types of ink that you can use to a particular HP ink


7 – Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer Review

The Brother HL-L2300D promises to offer super-fast printing speeds and superior quality results. It has 8MB on-board RAM, 26ppm print speeds and a resolution of up to 2,400 x 600 DPI – now that’s impressive!

The main paper tray of this printer has a 250 sheet paper capacity and it’s supported by a second tray that you can use to store envelopes and labels while enabling automatic double-sided printing.

By any standards, this is a rather simple printer not just in appearance but in the number of features it comes with too. Unlike other printers from Brother, this model doesn’t come with AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, both of which usually come standard as part of the wireless feature.

It also has USB ports but there’s no Ethernet port.

Other than that, this printer really shines when it comes to performance. Not only can you get double-sided pages out of it in seconds, but the text quality is rich and sharp as well. Plus, it’s so fast that it delivers speeds of up to 25ppm on each print run. It’s definitely the best printer with low cost ink that you can find.


Comes at an amazingly affordable price
Offers efficient everyday printing
Super-fast printing speeds
Easy to use


The toner count might malfunction sometimes


8 – Hewlett Packard HP4650-RB-AMZ Wireless All-in-One Printer Review

The HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer is the perfect addition to any home office or study that has to cater to students and avid crafters. First of all, it offers mobile printing support which means you can print straight from your smartphone.

It has a two-sided duplex printing feature that enables you to print on both sides of the page without manually turning it, and since it’s a laser printer you can expect superb quality graphics and text.

This printer also accepts different paper sizes, from 3×5 to 8.5×14, and you’ll have access to its black, color and dual printing capabilities. Other features to look forward to include Wi-Fi connectivity and high-volume printing at fast speeds.

To top it off, this printer supports both pigment-based or black and dye-based or color printing, plus all of this is available to you for a very reasonable price.


Offers mobile printing
Automatic two-sided printing
Laser quality text and graphics
Supports different paper sizes
Versatile functions include copying, scanning and faxing
Quick and easy setup


Long Queue for Support


9 – Brother MFC-J480DW Wireless Inkjet Color Printer Review

The MFC-J480DW model from Brother is a versatile printer with the ability to print, scan, copy and fax from the same machine. It also allows for a wide range of paper sizes and it has an automatic document feeder that will effortlessly feed up to 100 pages into the printer for you.

This printer also comes with wireless connectivity, while the Brother Web Connect feature enables you to print from cloud services such as OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive.

Brother supports this printer with a 1-year limited warranty and free phone support for as long as you own and use it.


Performs really well
Comes at a good price
Offers cheap replacement ink
Double-sided printing


No complaints here!


10 – Dell E310DW Wireless Monochrome Printer Review

Lastly, we have the Dell E310DW Wireless Monochrome Printer. Dell is another well-known name in the electronics industry and luckily their printers are affordable as well. As you may have noticed, this is the only monochrome printer that we have reviewed and that’s because Dell has kept its design very simple.

While this printer claims to produce 27 pages per minute, it doesn’t come with an LCD control panel. But it makes up for that with its automatic double-sided printing and USB connectivity features. It also comes with Ethernet and wireless connectivity which really opens up your printing options.

Thanks to the Dell Document Hub cloud service, you may print documents and pictures from OneDrive, Google Drive and even DropBox if you like.


Simple and straightforward design
Great price
Offers duplex printing
Super-fast printing speeds


Wireless can be difficult to configure


How To Care For A Modern Printer

Printers are just like other digital devices and they do require basic maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation. While it’s common for users to clean and update computers, the printer is often neglected until it starts acting up.

That best all in one printer with cheap ink that you own or considering buying requires upkeep to ensure high-quality photos or documents all the time.

Regardless of the brand, here are timely tips you can use to prolong the lifespan of your home/office printer:

Safety First

Most modern printers require electricity to function and it is prudent on your part to turn it off before opening or accessing the internal component area. This ensures you do not get electric shock, but most importantly, the internal parts of the printer will not be damaged.

Location – Location

Where you place your cheap ink printer will influence how long it will last. Better to place it on an even surface with room for adequate ventilation. Avoid putting the printer in areas of your home that is prone to accumulating dust. Dust is probably one of the most deadly elements, as it can cause damage to the printer rollers and head.

Clean Your Printer Regularly

Even the best modern printer is still a machine that requires regular cleaning to ensure topnotch performance. You’ll be asking for trouble if you allow dust or other debris to build up outside/inside your printer.

Use a clean damp cloth to wipe off excess dust at the end of the day. To keep the inside of any printer clean deploy the help of a lint free cloth to get the job done right. Do not use any type of liquid on the internal parts of your printer as that can affect performance and print quality.

Use The Right Ink Cartridge

Since you have the best printer for home use with cheap ink you should only use original cartridges recommended by the manufacturer. Most of the off-market ink cartridges are poorly made and can cause the nozzles to clog over time. If using compatible ink cartridges only purchase from a reputable brand with a long list of satisfied customers.

Use The Right Type of Paper

Contrary to what some might think, printer papers are not created equally. Some are friendly to printers while others would cause jamming issues over time. Printer manufacturers have recommended paper types and it would behoove you to adhere to it.

Read The Owner/User Manual

I am sure you’re excited to get your new cheap ink printer delivered and put to work, but take a few minutes to read the operating manual. Pay close attention to the regular maintenance section, that is if you want your printer to last for many years.

Make a list of the required maintenance steps and follow it religiously. The above Maintenance Tips For A Modern Printer can only be effective if it is adhered to!



HP Envy 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

Sophisticated design

Consistent performance

Comes with two months worth of free ink

Available at an affordable price

Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

Affordable price

Offers efficient everyday printing

Super-fast printing speeds

Easy to use

Good Duplex Printing

Hewlett Packard HP4650-RB-AMZ Printer

Fast and easy setup

Wi-Fi Compatible

Offers mobile printing

Automatic two-sided printing

Laser quality text and graphics

Brother MFC-J480DW Wireless Inkjet Color Printer

Best Brother All in One Color Laser Printer


Easy Connectivity

Print, Scan, Copy & Fax

Automatic 2-Sided Printing

Dell E310DW Wireless Monochrome Printer

Easy setup

Hassle-free paper handling


Built-in WiFi connectivity

Automatic two-sided printing


Being able to print files, documents and pictures from home is a convenience that cannot be underestimated, especially if you work in a demanding industry, or run a small business. It’s even beneficial for the kids and anyone that enjoys creating scrapbook art.

We hope our guide has made it easier for you to find the best printer for your needs because we’ve given you all the information needed to make a quality purchase.

However, if you’re looking for a recommendation on the best all in one printer with cheap ink, then we highly recommend the Brother MFC-J480DW. This multifunction printer comes with features like wireless connectivity, duplex printing, and a 1-year warranty.

You can print different sized papers on this printer and it comes with a 100-page capacity automatic document feeder. Also, it’s the best printer with cheap ink cartridges and an all-around great deal.

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