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If you’re looking for workout equipment that can help build your upper body and abdominal muscle strength, then you should consider getting the best power tower. This workout equipment is all the rage in the fitness industry right now as it’s been found to be effective in toning your body and making you fit.

Power towers are a versatile piece of workout equipment that allows users to perform a wide range of toning exercises. But unlike those bulky workout machines, the power tower is very compact and won’t take up lots of space in your home.

Thus, it’s ideal for those who live in small apartments. In addition, the power tower is perfect for those who love to perform bodyweight exercises but will find it difficult to maintain proper posture.

If you’re really serious about keeping your body toned while also losing a few pounds, then here’s our guide to help you find the best power tower machine to invest in.

We’ll also reveal the best ones in the market and include a short review for each of them to help you make the best buying decision.

Power Tower Exercises

one of the best power towers to buy online

First, let’s find out what is a power tower and what it can do for you. As a versatile piece of exercise equipment, the power tower will allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises.

It lets you do pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, knee raises, sit-ups, dips, and more. Plus, you can perform each exercise movement in various ways with the help of the machine. It’s also safer compared to other machines, especially for your joints.

You might think that performing exercises using a power tower is just too easy. If you’re in good shape and want to add variety to your exercise, you could alter your exercise movements further by adding weights on your legs, arms, torso, etc.

This can make your exercise movements even more challenging. Indeed, the power tower is a great workout machine that will allow you to come up with custom exercises according to your fitness level.

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Power Tower

Since the power tower is now becoming one of the most in-demand exercise machines in the market, you’ll find different models of these machines being sold online.

So how do you choose the right one to buy? Refer below for some of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best power tower.

Frame Material

Regardless of the material used for the power tower, it’s very important that you choose something durable and sturdy. Like any workout machine, the power tower will be taking your entire body weight so make sure it can handle your weight.

Most companies that are behind the best power towers in the market have used steel, which is pretty durable. However, the thickness varies greatly.

When it comes to this, it’s worth noting that the higher the gauge, the stronger the tower’s frame will turn out. When deciding on the material, you must also consider where you intend to keep the machine.

If you’re going to place it outside where it’s exposed to outdoor elements all the time, then you better choose something that’s coated with rust-resistant paint.


When it comes to home equipment and machines, the dimensions and weight are two factors that you should consider. If you’ve got limited space in your home, then you definitely should go for something with a relatively smaller and compact size.

But as mentioned above, if you’re someone who is a little bit on the heavy side, you should choose a bigger model that can safely handle your weight.

Although power towers are very versatile and are truly well made, they are not too heavy, allowing you to easily move them from one place to another. If you want to fold your machine and keep it away whenever you’re done using it, you should opt for a lighter model.

Weight Capacity

The power tower is capable of handling a varying amount of weight depending on the type of steel it is made from. For instance, those that are made from smaller gauge steel may not be able to handle too much weight compared to the thicker steel material.

While this will not be an issue if you have a smaller body frame and lighter weight, you may need to be careful if you’re a little on the heavier side.

Other Features

Although any type or model of power tower can give you a good workout, even the most basic models, it would be a good idea to choose something that comes with extra features to make your workout even more comfortable and effective.

If you need a machine that can help improve the level of comfort you’ll feel when working out, then choose a power tower that comes with lots of padding and offers good grips on its handles. That way, you can protect your arms, hands, and back from aching after you’re done with your workout.

To ensure that you’re getting the most from your every workout, look for the type of power tower that will allow you to adjust the machine according to your height or weight. This will make it easier for you to use the machine, which can also help you effectively achieve your fitness goals.


When buying any workout machine, including the power tower, you should also take into consideration the warranty. Of course, you definitely want something that will last for a very long time.

But what happens if the machine gets broken? Can you get it replaced? Is it covered by a warranty? It is not enough to choose a model that’s covered with a warranty.

You should also know what the warranty coverage is and for how many years or months, it is covered. Of course, you must also find out how to go about getting it repaired or replaced in case it breaks.


As with any workout machine, the cost of power towers will vary greatly depending on the brand and model. You’ll find models that are fairly cheap and those that are super expensive. Cheaper ones will cost around $100 to $150 and the most expensive models could cost you more than $350.

Remember that you’ll always get whatever you pay for. So, if you pay more for expensive models, you will get a high-quality machine, but if you go for cheap models, then you get something that’s cheaply made.

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Best Power Tower Reviews

The power tower is certainly a good investment if you want to tone your body, build muscle, mass, and shed some pounds off.

But given the many options available for a power tower, deciding what to buy can be confusing. So, refer to our power tower reviews below before making your decision.

1 – Stamina Power Towers


If you prefer a power tower that’s compact and lightweight, the Stamina Power Tower is highly recommended. This machine might be among the cheapest from this list, but it’s definitely not cheaply made.

It’s decent enough to be used for your daily workout session at home and you won’t have any trouble moving it from one place to another since it’s very lightweight.

But for those who are a bit heavy and have bigger built, this machine might not be the best choice for you. Nevertheless, this is good enough for medium-sized individuals.

To improve the machine’s stability, it’s recommended adding some weight, such as a sandbag at the bottom. Doing so can help keep the tower grounded, allowing you to better enjoy your workout.

Overall, this is a good choice for a power tower to buy. It’s versatile and affordable and allows you to carry out different exercise movements.

With this machine, you can do leg raises, dips, push-ups, sit-ups, and more. You also won’t have a hard time assembling this machine and it’s very easy to use even for first-timers.


Lightweight design
Provides comfortable grips
Covered with a long warranty


Has the tendency to wobble when performing dips

2 – Citybirds Power Tower


The Citybirds Power Tower is another excellent choice of a workout machine that can help you perform a wide range of exercises. It comes with a dip station where you can do push-ups, abdominal workouts, as well as a wide range of muscle exercises.

Made from a 14-gauge steel frame with scratch-resistant coating, this machine is pretty durable and long-lasting. It can also support heavyweight users, up to a maximum weight of 400 pounds!

The base is H-shaped and offers more support and loading points. This helps improve the contact area while providing more stability and support when working out.

The tower’s ergonomic design means using this machine is comfortable enough for anyone. Its elbow protection has leather pads and the machine comes with a comfy backrest as well.

You’ll definitely feel very comfortable sitting on this workout equipment. And in order to further improve the level of comfort, the pad of this machine is inclined slightly.

This also helps prevent slippage when performing dips. What’s great about this machine is that everyone can use the pull-up station since it can easily be adjusted to accommodate the varying height of the users.

You can adjust the height between 64.56 and 88.18 inches, so the majority of the people can use this power tower machine.


Comes with a multi-functional dip station
Ergonomic design
Great customer support
7 adjustable holes to accommodate different heights
Sturdy and durable construction


The base might become unstable if too much weight is put on it

3 – Zenova Power Tower – Multi-Function Home Strength Training Tower


If you’ve read the best power tower reviews online, you may have come across the Zenova Power Tower Multi-Function Home Workout Station. That’s because this model is one of the best-rated tower powers online.

A lot of customers are truly pleased with this workout machine and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable power tower to buy.

First of all, this machine is equipped with a U-style base that comes with non-slip foot sets. It can handle heavyweight individuals and offers unparalleled safety and stability to the user.

Furthermore, this machine is multi-functional. You can use it to perform various exercises, including push-ups, dips, knee raises, chin-ups, and more. With its ergonomic design, using this tower power is definitely a breeze.

It comes with elbow pads and an adjustable backrest, which allows you to exercise in comfort. This machine comes with assembly tools and easy to follow instructions.


U-style base with non-slip foot set
Can handle a heavyweight
Multi-function design
Easy to assemble


Not too sturdy

4 – Magic Fit Tower Power Tower


If you’re looking for the best power tower for calisthenics, the Magic Fit Tower Power Tower is what we would recommend. This machine lets you perform the calisthenics and other exercise movements in a safe and comfortable manner.

With this power tower, you can do push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, knee raise, and other exercises to train your abs, arms, chest, shoulders, back, and leg muscles.

Customers love the fact that this machine’s height is easily adjustable. The height can be adjusted to 8 different levels, which means anyone in the family will be able to use it regardless of their height.

The Magic Fit Tower Power is a type of multi-function equipment that has an ergonomic design. It’s fitted with a soft backrest made of leather so you can perform different exercises in comfort.

The machine also comes with elbow pads so using gloves is no longer necessary with this exercise machine. Perhaps one of the best things about this model is that it is pretty compact.

It won’t take up lots of space in your home. Above all, it has a sturdy construction so you can be sure that it will last for long despite repeated use.


It comes with eight different levels of height adjustment
Sturdy construction
Ergonomic design
Covered with a 1-year warranty



5 – Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower


We love the Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower and believe that it’s the best at-home power tower to invest in. This machine is specifically designed for home use and allows you to perform different types of exercises from the comfort of your house.

It comes with a freestanding pull-up bar that can serve as a dip station. This also doubles as an abdominal exercise station, pus-up machine, and standalone pull-up bar.

The Relife Power Tower is the best machine to work your arms, shoulders, chest, abs, leg muscles, using a single piece of equipment. When it comes to durability, this unit will definitely not disappoint.

It’s made from high-quality steel and can support a maximum weight of 330 lbs. This model features an updated design that provides added stability and support to the user.

It also comes with a suction cup attached at the bottom of the dip stand that gives more support to the user. There’s also a safety lock nut that can help keep the stand fitted tightly together.


Backrest adjustment can be adjusted to four different levels
Equipped with safety locknut
1-year warranty
Made from high quality and durable steel construction


Requires more care steps to make it last

6 – Onetwofit Multifunctional Power Tower


The ONETWOFIT Multifunctional Power Tower functions as a pull-up bar that can be easily mounted on the wall. It also comes with an eyelet where you can hang a punching bar.

Made from high-grade steel, this power tower has enough power and durability. Furthermore, the unit can hold a maximum weight of 330-lbs so heavyweight individuals can use it. It’s also possible to attach the bar on a brick, cinder block, or concrete walls.

The machine’s padded grips provide more comfort to the user. With this machine, you will be able to perform your exercises in different positions, from parallel, narrow, wide, etc. It also comes with a non-slip rubber that provides you with a comfortable and more stable grip.


Allows you to perform several exercise movements
Can be attached on brick or concrete walls
Fitted with rubber handles that are slip-resistant



7 – Fitness Reality X-Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower


The fitness Reality X-Class Multi-Function Power Tower is another heavy-duty workout machine that we would be happy to recommend. In fact, it’s the best at-home power tower to invest in since it’s ergonomically designed to be used by anyone.

The machine’s dip station is equipped with high-quality bars that can be adjusted to three different positions. The pull up and chin-up station of this power tower has six usable grips allowing you to perform different exercise movements.

Plus, it has adjustable handlebars and foam rollers mounted at the base, which you can mount to 7 different positions. The manufacturer of this workout machine covers the parts for a 3-year warranty while the frame is covered for 10 years! Indeed, the frame is heavy-duty.

Unlike the other power towers of the same caliber, it will not wobble no matter how much you work out. Even though this model is not the cheapest in this list, paying extra is definitely worth it!

But you should know that this model is angled and could take up lots of space in your home. However, this configuration also makes the unit more stable. You can choose to mount it on the floor, but since it’s already stable enough, doing so is no longer necessary.


Built to last
Comes with six pull-up and chin-up grips
High-quality cushions
Made from a heavy-duty steel frame
Sturdy and durable construction


Heavyweight and can be a challenge to move

8 – HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower


Developed by a fitness company that has been in the business for many years, the HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower is a high-quality power tower machine that can help you get a good exercise session.

This model comes with an affordable price tag and appeals to budget shoppers. Many customers are pleased with the sturdy construction and excellent functionality of this machine. This multi-function equipment is made of a steel frame and can handle a maximum weight of 550 lbs.

This machine has four anti-sleep feet and the different styles of bases can provide more stability and safety during your workout routines. It measures 30.7L x 42.5W x 84.7H inches and has a back and arm cushion that further improves the level of comfort.

What’s great about this power tower is that you will be able to adjust it easily from 64.6 to 84.7 inches in order to accommodate the height of different users. You can perform different exercises using this machine, from push-ups, knee raises, pull-ups, and many more.


Allows you to perform a wide range of exercises
Comes with assembling tools
Durable and stable
Keeps your elbow and spine protected
Supports weight of up to 110 pounds


Bent hooks

9 – Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor Fitness Power Tower


If you are looking for a Power Tower Exercise Machine that you can use to exercise outdoors, go check out this Stamina 65-14600 Outdoor Fitness Power Tower.

This machine features a special coating that’s UV-resistant and weather-resistant as well. Of course, you can use this machine anywhere you want to and not only outdoors.

But the best thing about this is that it will not rust even if it’s exposed to liquid and moisture. But since this machine is designed for outdoor use, it does not have any padding and grips and this could affect your level of comfort.

Nevertheless, this is a great workout machine to have in your home especially if you’re just starting in your journey to fitness.

Eventually, you will get used to using it without grips and you can focus more on what’s important and that is to tone your body by performing different exercises.

Assembling this unit is also pretty easy. The instructions are easy for anyone to follow. This workout machine is also pretty stable, which is important, especially since you’re going to be exercising in it outdoors. The outside surfaces are not usually leveled well and this could affect the machine’s level of stability.


Allows you to perform a variety of exercises
Comes with a weather-resistant coating, great for outdoor use
Easy to assemble
High weight capacity


No padding

10 – HYD-Parts Power Tower


This next machine is made by HYD-PARTS, a company that’s known for producing different types of fitness equipment. They have also made a name in producing LED lights, general hardware, safe boxes, cutting machines, and more.

Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, you can really trust this company when it comes to providing you with high-quality workout equipment.

This Power Tower is made with a reinforced steel frame, which is very heavy-duty. The overall construction is pretty stylish and modern. Furthermore, this machine can also handle heavyweight individuals, up to a maximum weight of 550 lbs.

With its excellent construction and stability, this machine will let you perform a wide range of exercises, including muscle ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, and more. Its height is adjustable so any user can rely on this machine for their workout routines.

We love that the pull-up bar of this workout machine is sturdy. It allows you to perform chin-ups and pull-ups. But this model doesn’t come with narrow grips. Instead, it has length wide grips. For most users, however, this should be enough.

As for the dip bars, you would be happy to know that you will get four bars in your disposal – two horizontal and two vertical bars. The vertical ones are mainly for abdominal exercises, such as knee raises.

In addition, the dip bars of the machine are easily adjustable so you can use it regardless of your height. This power tower comes at the right size – not too big or too small. It’s big enough to accommodate any body size.


Adjustable height for the chin-up bar and dip bars
Big cushioned back-pad
Easy to assemble
Durable and well-reinforced steel frame


Doesn’t come with push-up bars or sit-up bars at the bottom

Body Parts You Can Train Using Any of the Best Power Towers

A power tower is a workout machine that focuses on working your core, back, and upper body. So, if these are the parts of your body that you want to work on, then the power tower is the right workout machine for you to buy.

But remember that the power tower doesn’t come with added weight so you need to think about how you can get the added resistance when using the equipment for your workout.

In this case, you may want to also purchase separate accessories like weight plates, dumbbells, weight vests, etc.

These things will help add resistance to your workout, which helps to make your muscles grow bigger and stronger.


Power towers will usually come with a triceps dip station, pull-up bar, and a push-up station. These are all effective in building and toning your muscles. Usually, the biggest difference between the different models of power towers is the handle grips for pull-ups.

So how are you going to choose the right model? According to a study, performing pull-ups with different grips can have minimal effects on the overall musculature of the upper body. It’s important to note that different grips can provide varying stimulus to your muscles.

If you keep on performing the same exercises over and over again every day, your muscles will get more complacent and that’s when you’ll start experiencing plateaus.


The power tower also comes with an abdominal leg raise station. With these stations, you’ll be able to perform straight leg raises, knee raises, and you may be able to customize your movement to include the conditioning of your oblique.

Research shows that performing abdominal exercises regularly may help treat your lower back pain.


Another significant feature of the power tower is that it allows you to perform back exercises. With the most basic models, you’ll get a machine that comes with the triceps drip stations but for the more complex models, you’ll also get other attachments including pull up bars for stimulating the back, as well as resistance bands.

In addition, since some of these models are equipped with weight benches, you’ll be able to carry out back exercises with the use of dumbbells.

Aside from helping you to build good muscles, the power tower can also help you with restorative training. Those who perform triceps dips as part of a back workout are able to minimize back pain.

Another advantage of using a machine that can help you perform push and pull movements is that you’ll be able to achieve better muscular balance.

This will not only improve your overall physique, but it will also help you achieve proper balance and posture.

If you’re going to perform dips and pushing exercises several times without enough back exercises, you could suffer from poor symmetry and muscular imbalance.


Given the list of the best power towers above, you might find it difficult to choose what to buy since all of them are truly great.

But what we would highly recommend is the Stamina Power Tower. It may not be the best choice for heavy individuals, but to us, it is the best power tower out there.

This machine comes with all the features that can help you get a good body workout. Plus, it’s very compact and lightweight, so it’s perfect for those who live in small apartments and need to move the machine after every workout session.

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