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Tired of buying a new fan every year during summer? Perhaps it’s time to consider a different criterion to guide your shopping process. Like most people, you probably buy the first fan you come across or make comparisons of fans in the same outlet.

This seems to not have worked for you so why continue using the same method? The good news is we’re here to help you find the best pedestal fan that money can buy.

Now, we can appreciate that the benefits of purchasing a pedestal fan are numerous, the main one being the fact that it’ll help you lower your energy bills at the end of the summer. So why not invest in a good quality model that will last you for more than one season this time?

When you purchase a pedestal fan with the right features, you’ll be able to keep your house cool and comfortable throughout the day and night without worrying about the cost. However, it’s safe to say that buying a pedestal fan nowadays is a daunting prospect with all the available options out there.

To help you along, we’ve put together a helpful guide that we hope will make it easier for you to find the best pedestal fan for your needs. This includes tips on what to look for in an ideal fan, as well as a list of the top rated pedestal fans on the market right now.



Vornado 683

Top Budget-Friendly Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Lasko 2535

Best Space-Saving Pedestal Fan For Any Room

Rowenta VU5551

Adjustable Height & Awesome Powerful Quiet Blades

Lasko 2526

Powerful Blades, Easy to Assemble & Height is Adjustable

Vornado VFAN Sr.

Best Classic Pedestal Air Fan With A Generous Warranty

Things to Look for in a Pedestal Fan

At first glance, most pedestal fans look the same and you may be forgiven for assuming that they work the same as well. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Each pedestal fans offers a different level of performance and functionality that will affect how comfortable you are when using it.

However, there are a few common features that make the best pedestal fans stand out from the rest.

Air Movement

The measurement of a pedestal fan’s air movement is rated according to cubic feet per minute aka CFM. This rating will give you an idea of how much air the fan can circulate at any given time. The higher a fan’s CFM, the better its ability to move air.

Of course, blade size and the type of casing they’re in contributes to the equation so you’ll want to look at those features in conjunction with CFM as well. But overall, CFM will help you understand what the pedestal fan is capable of performance wise.

Blade Size

Blade size will also play a role in how your pedestal fan works. Obviously, larger blades can move a significant amount of air quicker than small or average sized blades. But you must also consider the size of the room that you’re trying to keep cool because the larger the blades the larger the fan size as well.

For the best results, get a fan that has the capacity to cool a room without taking up too much space. The last thing you want is to struggle with placing your fan once you’ve bought it.

Enclosure Type

Most pedestal fans have a very straightforward design, and they’re easy to use. But thanks to technological advancement, these devices now come with extra features.

While regular pedestal fans are simple contraptions with fan blades enclosed in a durable casing and an affordable price tag, they don’t perform well.

On the other hand, well-made pedestal tower fans provide you with the benefits offered by both pedestal fans and tower fans. Placement is important though and will determine how much you can get out of your fan regardless of its design. By putting your pedestal fan on a higher vantage point, you’ll get elevated air circulation coupled with the efficiency and filtering prowess of a tower fan.

An enclosed fan is able to move a lot of air compared to models with smaller blades. Plus, enclosed fans typically feature “accelerators” that are designed to move vast amounts of air, and pitch blades that make it space efficient as well.


Oscillation is another important feature to look out for because it’s responsible for your pedestal fan’s ability to sweep air from side to side. But, for the fan to make the most of this design feature, it needs to have a closed design as keeping it open will significantly reduce its cooling performance.

Most pedestal fans have an enclosed design that allows you to maximize their performance without worrying about placement.

Multiple Speeds

A fan that gives you the option of multiple speeds is more than just a convenience – it can be a lifesaver. At the minimum, your fan should have 2 or 3 speeds for you to choose from. Of course, if you want something a little more customizable, then you should purchase a fan with an even more refined speed control feature with several options.

Who Needs a Pedestal Fan?

Although most pedestal fans are lightweight and fully portable, they have a higher height than other fans in the same category. This makes them the perfect addition to a cramped bedroom, living room or patio.

They have an adjustable head that you can move around to either direct the air away from you or point it right on your face depending on your preferences.

Because they’re taller, pedestal fans can circulate air more efficiently even in large spaces.

But it’s important to keep in mind that a pedestal fan won’t put out enough air to cool an extremely hot space like a kitchen. You’ll have to opt for something more effective for such areas, such as a box fan or a window fan.

Pedestal Fans Benefits

Before you start shopping for a pedestal fan, consider how you want to use it and where you want to place it.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy from a well-placed pedestal fan:

Easy to Move

Unlike stationary units such as ceiling fans and window fans, pedestal fans are usually lightweight and easy to move around. This means you can place them anywhere you like in your house or at the office while installing them will be a breeze.

All you have to do is plug the unit in and start using it right out of the box – no assembly needed. They’re also perfect to take with on the road because you can plug and use them anywhere.


Thanks to the invention of Air Conditioning units, it has never been easier to keep indoor spaces cool when its hot outside. But AC units are also quite expensive to use and maintain, especially since they contribute a great deal to increasing your energy bill at the end of the month. Pedestal fans, on the other hand, use very little energy compared to AC units, and they’re portable and easy to maintain as well.


Unlike earlier models, modern pedestal fans come with a ton of convenient features like remote control access that allows you to set the speed without getting up from your chair. Now you can even adjust the fan’s height to make sure that it delivers air throughout the whole room. Other notable features to look forward to include multiple speed settings, adjustable and tilting heads, as well as different designs that make it easier to assemble.

Where to Place the Pedestal Fan



Costway 18-Inch

Cheapest Pedestal Fan With Adjustable Features

Lorell LLR49251

Another Cheap Brand That's Perfect For A Dorm Room


Heavy Duty Metal Stand Fan Good For Office Or Home Use

Lasko 1843

Best Remote Control Pedestal Fan with A Built-in Timer


Most Popular 

Double Blade Fan & Affordable Pricing

Ideally, you shouldn’t put too much thought into the placement of your pedestal fan but if you’re working with a smaller and cheaper model, then you’ll want to maximize its performance by placing it in the right location.

The key is to make sure there are no obstructions in front of the fan as that may affect its performance. What you want is to take advantage of the crosswind and let it help your fan circulate fresher air. Of course, this won’t happen if you’re in a cramped and small room. Your best bet in that situation is to adjust the fan’s head so that it’s facing directly at you.

If you’re using it in a sealed room, then your pedestal fan should also be complemented by a ceiling fan. Together, the fans will work to push out the hot air while cooling things down.

If that doesn’t work then get a bowl of ice and place it behind the fan to help eliminate the heat wave that you’re experiencing. This trick emulates the same effect you’d get from an AC unit and it’s one of the best ways to cool your space without using up too much energy or breaking the bank.

Top Pedestal Fans in 2019

Pedestal fans are convenient and useful during the summer because they’re lightweight, portable and capable of completely transforming the temperature in a room from scorching hot to an oasis of cool.

With a good pedestal fan, you won’t have to worry about your energy bills at the end of the summer because it’s an energy efficient and eco-friendly solution. So far, we’ve covered all our bases in terms of what you should look for in a pedestal fan and how to properly use it.

Now we’re going to share with you our top 10 list of the best rated pedestal fans of 2019.

1 – Vornado 683 – Top Budget-Friendly Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Vornado is a trusted name in the fan manufacturing industry and you can always count on this brand to deliver top quality products. The 683 model can sure move a lot of air and yet it’s so small that it’ll fit right into any space, no matter how tiny.

This is a well-designed unit with deep pitch blades, an accelerating inlet, and an enclosed air duct. When taken together, these features help maximize air circulation. This isn’t an oscillation fan but it’s designed to direct air in a predetermined position. As such, it’s perfect to use for when you want to cool down an excessively hot environment. But an oscillation feature would’ve been nice.

On a more positive note, the Vornado 683 also comes with three speed settings to help you customize the level of airflow and the cooling effect that you get from it. The highest setting can easily cool off an entire room with no problem.

This fan is easy on the eye as well and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket either. It looks good no matter where you place it and thanks to its small size and quietness; you’ll forget that it’s even there.

This is the perfect fan to have running while you sleep or work because it’ll keep you cool without breaking your concentration.


You can tilt it to direct airflow
Comes with three speed settings
Powerful performer
Has a small head and lightweight body


No oscillation
This fan can be quite loud for some users


2 – Lasko 2535 – Best Space-Saving Pedestal Fan For Any Room

The Lasko 2535 offers the best of both worlds because it’s a tower fan that’s attached to a pedestal. This means you can place the fan in the smallest space and it’ll push enough air to cool down the room in moments.

It comes with three speed settings, including a sleep mode that keeps the fan on until you fall asleep only to switch it off during the night. This makes it one of the best pedestal fan for bedroom.

The different speed modes also allow you to regulate the amount of air coming out of the fan so that the room is never too cold or too hot.

Thanks to the remote control feature, you can operate this pedestal fan from the comfort of your chair or bed, which can come in handy when you’re feeling tired from all the heat. It’s quite commendable how Lasko managed to keep this fan so quiet with all the features it comes with.

You’ll also be glad to know that this is an oscillating fan and it comes with a blue plug that helps to prevent the fuse from blowing up and endangering your family. This one feature alone should be enough to convince parents and pet owners of the safety of this fan, which is an important consideration to make when buying a fan.

This unique fan works great for small and narrow spaces because it has a slender design, but it’s definitely not designed for larger spaces because it won’t be able to circulate the massive amounts of air needed.


Slender design
Runs quietly
Remote control accessibility
Three-speed settings
Adjustable height
Best standing fan


The base can get a little wobbly sometimes
It’s not the most powerful fan around


3 – Rowenta VU5551 Fan – Adjustable Height & Awesome Powerful Quiet Blades

The Rowena VU5551 is the type of fan that’s liked by people who prefer a no-frills approach to life. Aside from the oscillation, the design of this fan is pretty straightforward and they’ve kept features to a minimum. But the features that are available make it a serious contender against its competitors.

For example, this well-made fan comes with four different speed settings so you can really customize airflow, powerful propellers that can circulate air for up to 1,700 CPUs, and an adjustable head that allows for flexible placement.

Yes, this fan is on the pricier side but it’s also well-built from durable materials and it runs quietly despite its powerful motor. It comes with remote control, so the choice is yours if you want to control it through the on-board panel or through the remote. Plus, we’re confident to say that this is one of the best standing oscillating fans.


Comes with four different speed settings
Runs quiet as a whisper
Powerful air propellers
Adjustable head
Comes with remote control


It’s quite pricey
May rust over time due to the metal construction


4 – Lasko 2526 Performance Pedestal Fan – Easy to Assemble & Height Can Be Adjusted

If you’re looking for an affordable fan that will keep your energy bills low, the Lasko 2526 model might be the answer. This oscillating pedestal fan features 16-inch blades that can quickly turn a scorching hot room into a cool and comfortable space.

It also comes with three different speed settings and a head that you can adjust to suit your unique placement needs. Although this is an affordable option, it’s just as powerful as other models in its category.

The only downside to this fan is that it doesn’t come with a remote and getting up every time you need to change the settings or switch it off can be inconvenient. The build quality could use some improvement as well.

Nevertheless, this is a solid option that can even cool down a large room when placed right. And yet it costs a fraction of what you’d pay for an AC unit or other pedestal fans on the market.


Available at an affordable price range
Powerful blades
Adjustable height and tilting head
Best outdoor pedestal fan


The plastic grill is a bit flimsy
It’s quite noisy


5 – Vornado VFAN Sr. – Best Classic Pedestal Air Fan With A Generous Warranty

The Vornado VFAN Sr. fan has a unique vintage design that makes it the perfect addition to a beautifully designed space. Being a Vornado fan, it comes with all the tech features you’d expect and it’s well-made from heavy-duty metal.

The great thing about this fan is that its fancy design doesn’t retract from its performance because it can move a lot of air. You can easily place it in an average sized room and get desirable results. You can adjust the head according to increments of 42 to 54 inches to direct the air in your preferred direction.

This fan stands on a stable base so there’s no chance of it wobbling about and falling, which means it’s safe enough to operate in a house with children and pets around. The only downside is that it doesn’t have oscillation.

Otherwise, this is a stylish and powerful fan that will last you for years to come. Plus, it comes with a 5-year warranty as well. What more could you want?


Beautiful vintage design
Runs quietly
Adjustable height enables optimal air circulation
Pivoting head


It’s only available in the vintage green color
A bit pricey


6 – Costway 18-Inch – Cheapest Pedestal Fan With Adjustable Features

This Costway fan comes with all the features that make a great pedestal fan. This includes remote control functionality, a timer, oscillation, and a tilting head. All of these features allow you to customize air circulation to the tee while the two contrasting blades deliver a powerful gust of air within moments of switching it on.

It’s worth noting here that Costway has gone for something different with their three speed modes, as they include Nature, Normal, and Sleep.

The Sleep mode allows the fan to automatically stop at the set time so that it won’t crank up your energy bill at night, while the Nature mode emulates the gradual onset of a forest breeze to give you the feeling of taking a brisk morning walk. You can use the remote control to adjust the different modes or set the oscillation.

The construction of this fan is quite impressive as well since it’s made from heavy duty plastic and the base is sturdy enough to keep it in place. But due to its lightweight construction, there’s a chance of tipping it over if something bumps against it. Otherwise, this is the type of fan that will stand the test of time.

The blades are encased inside a durable metal cage which has been designed to keep little fingers from fitting through and reaching them. You’ll be glad to know that this fan has an elegant design with powerful performance and it comes in beautiful, contrasting colors.

But you’ll have to deal with the 5 ft. cord which will limit your ability to place the fan. Thankfully, it’s hooked up to an LED illuminated panel that makes it easy to see at night, so that sort of makes up for it. In a nutshell, this is one of the best floor standing fans on the market today.


Remote control accessibility
Offers different modes and settings
Nice and elegant design


The LED light can be too bright
A bit difficult to install
The instruction manual could be clearer


7 – Lorell LLR49251 Floor Fan – Another Cheap Brand That’s Perfect For A Dorm Room

The Lorell LLR49251 model has a simple design. It has essential features like a 4-hour timer, an infrared remote control and three speed settings. But it delivers all of this while keeping the noise level at a low 50 decibels.

With this fan in your house, you’ll never feel too hot no matter how much the summer temperatures increase. Keep in mind that this fan doesn’t come with advanced features or the dual blade design but it’ll still get the job done. Plus, it’s accessible as well.


Easy to install
Features 4-hour timer
Remote control


It’s quite stocky
It doesn’t run quietly


8 – Hurricane – Heavy Duty Metal Stand Fan Suitable For Industrial Or Home Use

The Hurricane Stand Fan is perfect for cooling down large spaces like a sprawling living room. This high-velocity fan delivers powerful air circulation and it’s effective enough for use in industrial cooling.

It’s completely made from metal with a frame that’s easy to install. Although it’s not totally silent, it produces a calming and soothing sound that can put the fussiest baby to sleep. You’ll also enjoy the white noise if you’re someone that likes to focus on work!

Other features in this unit include three different speed settings, a high torque motor, 20-inch blades that are made from aluminum and adjustable height. You can pivot the blades from side to side for up to 180 degrees, and even at its lowest mode, this model can blast out lots of cooling air.


Powerful fan with a high torque motor
Made from heavy-duty metal with aluminum blades
Energy efficient
Adjustable height
Best standing fan for bedroom


A bit large and heavy


9 – Lasko 1843 – Best Remote Control Pedestal Fan with A Built-in Timer

This is yet another top class unit from the well-known Lasko brand. It’s a well-built fan with remote control accessibility, a 54-inch adjustable height and three speed settings. Although powerful, this fan runs quietly while providing you with a steady stream of cool air circulation.

It also comes with an oscillating head that you can tilt back so that it covers the whole room. It has a very up-front design without any complicated odds and ends, which makes it super easy to clean and maintain. The programmable feature allows you to switch it on and off automatically which is a major convenience for anyone.

The most popular feature of this fan has to be the powerful air circulation. In fact, this fan can move so much air that one reviewer even reported that she was able to use the fan to dry her hair. This fan also comes with a programmable timer which you can control using the remote control.


Easy to assemble and can be installed in minutes
Remote control accessibility
Can move a lot of air even on the lowest setting


This fan is noisy


10 – Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan – Most Popular Brand & Affordable Pricing

The Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal fan is as strong as it is powerful. It’s the perfect fan to buy for anyone that wants to keep cool during the summer, especially due to the 16-inch blades which can move a considerable volume of air in a short amount of time.

Some of the most notable features of this unit include three different speed levels and a 1 to 8-hour auto shutoff that makes it perfect for use during the night. It’s not an exceptionally noisy fan and you’ll find that it’s quite easy to install and operate.

It also comes with a blue-light front panel that illuminates at night and you can adjust the height to suit your preferences. To top it off, this fan is beautifully designed from the most durable materials available and thanks to the remote control; you can easily switch between the 4 timer settings and three speed settings.


Comes with three speed levels
Comes with a quiet mode
Adjustable height


Not the easiest to assemble



A pedestal fan is a worthy investment for any homeowner because it offers better lifetime value than other types of cooling devices. Pedestal fans are energy efficient, they offer versatile placement options and they come with features like oscillation, different speed settings, and adjustability.

Through this review, we’ve virtually taken you by the hand to show you what you need to consider if you want to buy a pedestal fan. We even gave you a few pointers on how to operate your fan if you want to get the most out of it. Lastly, we gave you some in-depth reviews of the best pedestal fans on the market right now based on durability, performance, design, and features.

Out of all the options featured in our top 10 list, the Vornado VFAN Sr. stands head and shoulders above the rest. What makes this pedestal fan so unique is the classic vintage design that stands out from the moment you set eyes on it. It’s a heavy-duty model with features like an adjustable head, a stable base that can handle its durable construction, as well as a 5-year warranty to show that Vornado really stands behind this product.

The only negative thing about this fan is that it doesn’t come with oscillation, but it makes up for that by providing powerful and customized air circulation. It’s a sturdy model to be sure and it’s safe enough to use both indoors and outdoors without worrying about how your kids or pets will be affected. All in all, this is the best pedestal fan in its category and we’d recommend it in a heartbeat.

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