Review of the Best Ninja Blenders: A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Savvy Consumers

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Because of the blender’s affordability, more and more people are now in the hunt for the best Ninja blender to buy. Despite it being affordable, this machine performs really well and is truly reliable. In fact, Ninja blenders are being marketed as having a total crushing technology.

This means that all the ingredients that you put in it are going to be crushed well, resulting in a smoother and creamier texture. Another good thing about Ninja blenders is the compact design. This is because of its small motor base.

Because of this feature, these blenders won’t occupy a lot of space in your cabinet or countertop. Because of the Ninja blender’s popularity, you’ll now find many of them in the market.

Several manufacturers have produced their own version of this amazing machine, which is why it can be difficult to decide which brand or model to go for. So, to help you with this, let’s take a look at the different types of Ninja blenders on the market to give you an idea of which of them is right for your kitchen.

Why Are Ninja Blenders So Popular?

Given the various options available for blenders, you might ask why people should choose a Ninja blender?

If you need a reliable but affordable blender to help you prepare delicious smoothies in your kitchen, a Ninja blender is highly recommended. Ninja blenders are surprisingly powerful and are guaranteed to provide you with the results that you would expect for your smoothies.

They can be used to blend different kinds of fruits and veggies, including the frozen ones. Ninja blenders have a strength of 1,500 W. With this much power, it can compete with professional and excessively powered blending machines. Indeed, this affordable machine is a great investment for your kitchen.

Their strength is perfect for pureeing, ice crushing, mixing, and processing ingredients for meal preparation. Some of the Ninja blenders are equipped with high-tech features that make them even more reliable in your kitchen. One of these is the Nutri Ninja that comes complete with IQ technology.

Meanwhile, the Ninja Mega Kitchen comes with a food processor bowl, which means you don’t have to purchase a separate bowl. In addition, the blender comes with a standard pitcher that can be used to process smoothies and make frozen beverages.

The price of Ninja blenders varies greatly depending on the model and some other factors. But it’s definitely not as expensive as the other blenders of the same caliber.

Things to Look for When Shopping for the Best Ninja Blender

When deciding which Ninja blender is the best, there are lots of important things that you need to think of. Below are some of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best Ninja blender to buy.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a Ninja blender is the motor. The power rating of the motor is usually proportionate to its power output. So, the higher this is, the more power the blender will have.

Although blenders with powerful motors tend to consume more electricity, this will give the machine more torque, making it powerful enough to crush even the toughest ingredients. This will result in creamy smoothies with a nice texture.

Remember that blenders with less than 500 W of rating are not that capable of processing hard ingredients. They are only suitable for soft fruits and veggies. These models are usually cheaper.

If your budget is limited, you can settle with a model that’s less powerful. But if you don’t mind spending more and you want to get the most out of your blender, then look for blenders that have a rating of at least 1,000 Watts.

Blending Cup

The size of the cup or jar of the blender is another important factor to think of. Those that come with more than 64 oz. of capacity should be enough to prepare smoothies for the entire family.

Pitchers that are medium-sized having a capacity of around 40 to 50 ounces will work best for small families. For personal use, the 16-24 ounces should suffice. It’s important to think of the number of people in your household when deciding on the size of the cup or jar for your blender.


The speed is another important factor to think of when it comes to buying a blender. It’s worth noting that the texture of the smoothies or juice that you’ll produce will mainly depend on the speed of the machine.

The more speed the machine has, the more variety of drinks you’re able to produce. Most of the Ninja blenders have three different speeds – high, medium, and low. There’s also a pulse as well as a few presets that can automate the blending process.

Some of the standard units come with only a single pulse speed, which some users might find inconvenient, especially if you plan on preparing a wide variety of smoothies, purees, and juices.

If you find that the single-speed blender is able to produce the texture that you want, then you can settle with the single-speed. Otherwise, the multiple-speed would be a much better choice.

Ease of Use

You definitely don’t want a blender that’s very complicated to operate. Therefore, consider the machine’s ease of use before buying. Although most of the Ninja blenders feature a simple button interface, those that come with high-tech features like the Auto-IQ are much easier to operate since they will do most of the tasks for you.


While the standard blenders are able to blend sauces and smoothies, Ninja blenders are able to handle everything. They can crush ice, fruits, vegetables, and even knead dough!

A lot of users are extremely satisfied with the Ninja blenders due to their versatility. Regardless of the type of food that you will process on the blender, you can be certain that the machine will be able to handle it.


Buying additional accessories for your blender is a good idea. These accessories will make it easier and more convenient for you to prepare your blended juices or smoothies.

As for the Ninja blenders, you can purchase blending cups in different capacities. That way, you will be able to blend your drinks in the capacity that you want and perhaps carry it with you wherever you may go.

But if you feel like the accessories are not necessary and that they can only increase the overall cost of your blender, then it might just not be worth it.


For most people, the budget is often an important consideration when buying kitchen appliances like blenders. Besides, we all want something that can give us our money’s worth.

Therefore, we should always choose a Ninja blender that’s right for us. Even though these blenders are affordable, it just makes sense to buy something that we can really use in order for our money not to go to waste.

The Best Ninja Blender to Buy on Amazon

So, what is the best Ninja blender to buy? To help you with this, we’ve rounded up some of the best models available. These blenders have earned good ratings online because a lot of customers are pleased with the way they work. Thus, you can be sure that these products will not disappoint.

1 – Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending QB3001SS


First on the list is the Ninja QB3001SS personal blender. According to those who have tried it, this blender is truly impressive. And we couldn’t agree more. Given its 700-W motor, this machine is well capable of preparing your favorite smoothies in the best way possible.

Plus, it’s very portable weighing only about 7 pounds. Therefore, you can bring this with you anywhere you want to. As the name suggests, this blender is intended for personal use. But despite its small build, this blender is very powerful.

Plus, it comes with Ninja cups that you can easily store and pack along whenever you need to travel. The machine’s 700-watt motor should be powerful enough to handle all kinds of blending tasks.

This portable machine can be used for preparing smoothies, milkshakes, and some of your favorite drinks. In fact, we believe it’s the best Ninja blender for smoothies. It includes two 16-ounce cups that can help you conveniently prepare your favorite beverages. The Ninja cups are durable and BPA-free.


Portable blender
The machine is capable of carrying out all kinds of tasks
The blender doesn’t use a lot of power
All the parts and components are dishwasher safe


The nooks of the cups are hard to reach during cleaning

2 – Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender BL610


The BL610 is a smaller model, which is somewhat similar to the BL660, especially in terms of functionality and design. It comes with a 72-ounce jar for blending, which is ideal for preparing a large number of drinks for the entire family to enjoy.

This blender is also equipped with the 6-blade assembly that makes it capable of crushing frozen fruits and ice at a fast speed. In addition, this blender has a 1000 W motor, which is powerful enough to crush ice and harder fruits and veggies.

As for the speed, the output of the motor can be set to high, medium, and low, where low is suitable for processing soft fruits like strawberries and bananas.

For harder fruits like apples, the high setting should work. Aside from the three settings, this blender has a pulse setting that’s intended for crushing harder things like ice.

As for the cleaning and maintenance, you’ll be glad to know that the pitcher of the blender is safe for dishwashing. Therefore, cleaning should be a breeze. The jar is also BPA-free so you can use it to safely prepare foods and drinks.


3-speed setting plus pulse
Large capacity of 72-ounce
The pitcher is BPA-free and safe for dishwasher
A powerful motor of 1,000-watt
The 6-blade assembly allows for superior crushing


Doesn’t have any presets
Doesn’t come with cup accessories

3 – Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770


The Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 is one of those Ninja blenders that are sturdy and well built. It’s easy to clean and can be used for almost all of your blending needs.

Aside from being a blender and a food processor, this machine can also double as a professional mixer, which is very useful for producing cake butter, cookie dough, and more.

As a Ninja blender, you can expect unbeatable performance from this machine. Its powerful blades are capable of pulverizing, slicing, dicing, and blending at a fast speed!

You can also rely on this blender when making hot soups. But for safety purposes, users are advised against blending anything beyond the 180°F temperature. As for the warranty, this unit is covered with a limited warranty along with the accessories.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 is a great machine to invest in but the only problem with this unit is that it does make some noise when operating. This is probably something you don’t want if you have a baby at home who will be disturbed by the noise.


Blades are very sharp
Comes with accessories and a retractable cord
Large cutting capacity
Powerful motor
Built-in dust blower


Produces loud noises when operating
Doesn’t come with an entry hole at the top

4 – Ninja Digital Electric Kitchen Countertop Blender NCBL1700


The NutriChef Home Kitchen Blender is known for its versatility. It’s equipped with three preset modes for blending allowing you to prepare a smoothie, soup, veggies, and more. Of course, this device is also very useful for preparing smoothies and fruit shakes.

With a powerful speed of 1,700 W, this blender is truly reliable. In addition, the unit comes with a no-frill electric plug-in design, which makes it safe to place in your counter, kitchen table, etc. This professional classic designed blender can process frozen items and ice. It has a capacity of 1.7 liters and has an easy pour spout.

Furthermore, the pitcher is made from food-grade plastic and is BPA-free. It’s easy to clean and is resistant to staining. This model of a Ninja blender comes with a digital LCD screen that will show the time status and speed.

It also has an easy to control button that you can use to adjust the time and speed settings. There are also preset modes as well as a button-activated pulse. The NutriChef Home Kitchen Blender features durable blades made from stainless steel, making it the perfect blender for preparing delicious smoothies.

With its powerful 360-degree cylindrical impact, this blender offers instant nutrition extraction. Aside from the base, this blending machine comes with a container jar with lid, plunger, recipe book, and blade.


Adjustable speed and time features
Comes with 3 preset modes
Durable blades made of stainless steel
Equipped with digital LCD display
Generous capacity of 1.7 liters



5 – Ninja Ultra Prep Food Processor and Blender PS101


Coming at an affordable price, the Ninja Blender PS101 is highly recommended for those who are looking for the best budget blender on the market. With this machine, you’ll get a small 2-cup container, a medium 5-cup container, as well as a large 6-cup container.

All these containers will help you blend your food and smoothies evenly. In addition, the blades of this Ninja blender rotate the food all over the container as it works.

Each of the blending containers has a blade that blends the food well. Many users are pleased with how easy it is to use this blender. There’s only one button to press and each container is equipped with a non-skid rubber at the bottom.

In addition, the two containers come with easy-pour spouts so you can immediately serve your smoothies or fruit shakes after blending. The blender cleans itself well after rinsing with a small amount of soap and water. Just be careful with handling the blades since they are extremely sharp!


Cleaning is very easy
Comes with containers and lids of different sizes
Multi-level blade assemblies
Powerful and efficient
Works quietly


Plastic containers

6 – Ninja BL456 Blender With 900 Watts of Professional Power


The Ninja BL456 Blender is another machine that we would recommend for those who are looking for the best Ninja blender for smoothies.

It works so much better compared to the other bigger blenders out there when it comes to pulverizing vegetables and fruits. The only downside is that this machine tends to leave chunks of ingredients, especially the tough ones.

But overall, this machine is decent enough to perform all sorts of blending jobs. What’s great about this blender is that it’s not too heavy to handle and is such a breeze to clean. Yet, you might find it difficult to take the gasket out for cleaning.

But it’s very important to clean this component. Otherwise, it will start producing a terrible smell that could get into the food or beverage that you are preparing. Since this little machine doesn’t come with the standard control panel, on and off button, as well as speed choice, the top cup must be pressed against the base to operate.

This is such a great feature as it’s safer and gives you control over the action of the blade. But it’s worth noting that this Ninja blender works very loudly that it could mimic the sound of your vacuum cleaner when operating.


Fast speed
Easy to clean
Durable blender cups with generous sizes
Comes with sip-and-seal lids for portability


It comes with only 1 year of warranty coverage

7 – Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender BL642


If you’re in need of a powerful blender that’s capable of crushing frozen fruits and ice, the Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender BL642 is another powerful machine to consider. This blender is equipped with a 1,200-W motor that’s powerful enough and has enough torque to crush hard ingredients including ice and frozen stuff.

With its 6-blade assembly, this amazing machine can pulverize ice at a fast speed, providing you with creamy and delicious smoothies in seconds! The machine can also blend fruits, seeds, veggies, and all other ingredients resulting in nutritious and other vitamin-rich drinks.

The BL642’s main jar has a capacity of 72 ounces, which is pretty generous. It also comes with the 24-ounce, 20-ounce, and 16-ounce Ninja cups. Plus, there are sip and seal lids that are perfect for when you need to make purees and smoothies while on the go.

The Ninja blender also comes with a built-in pulse setting that can be controlled through Auto IQ. However, the 3-speed settings of the low, medium, and high must be manually set. Therefore, you need to manually press the buttons to operate the blender.


Features a powerful 1200-watt motor
Has a couple of presets that are operated through Auto-IQ technology
3-speed settings of low, medium and high speeds
Equipped with a 72-ounce pitcher plus 16, 20 and 24-ounce cups


Its powerful motor has a tendency to consume a lot of power

8 – Ninja Duo With Micro-Juice Technology IV701


This Ninja blender reviews won’t be complete without mentioning the Ninja Duo IV701, definitely one of the best Ninja blenders out there. Its 1,400-peak watt motor is capable of crushing even the toughest ingredients out there. Thus, it can help you produce the tastiest smoothies and fruit shakes in minutes!

This blender comes with a removable micro-juice filter that fits well into the pitcher and comes with an integrated vacuum capable of removing air as well as filtering pulps, resulting in light and truly refreshing juices and shakes.

Furthermore, the blender’s Total Crushing & Extraction Blades can help speed up the process of preparing your delicious beverages. The Ninja Duo IV701 features 7 Auto-IQ Smart Programs allows you to produce a wide variety of food and beverages.


The suction cups work very well in keeping the blender in place
Lid locks well in place
Features 7 Auto IQ smart programs
Powerful 1,400-peak watt motor with an integrated vacuum


The juicer function isn’t that efficient

9 – Ninja Smart Screen Blender CT650


Another powerful blender that’s capable of crushing ice very efficiently is the Ninja Smart Screen Blender CT650. This 1,000-W blender packs plenty of power and can produce a delicious meal and smoothie in only a few minutes.

What’s great about this Ninja blender is that it won’t start working if its jar is not put in place or the lid is not properly attached or locked on. It comes with a top track on its lid, which keeps it from going out of balance.

Cleaning this blender is super easy. You can place the jar in the dishwasher while putting the lid and blade to the top racks. After use, you can just clean the machine with clean water and that should be enough.


Equipped with a seal that will prevent the blender from leaking
Ergonomic handle
Lightweight design
Pre-programmed sets
Touch screen


The powerful motor is a bit loud

What Are the Uses of a Ninja Blender?

Looking for the best Ninja blenders to buy would require spending some time on the Internet to do your research. But what you actually need to do first is to ask yourself how you want to use the blender. Do you need it to prepare protein shakes or smoothies or do you need it to prepare delicious meals?

But regardless of how you want to use the Ninja blender, you can be guaranteed that it’s capable of performing several different functions. You can use it to mix warm ingredients, make a puree, and of course, make the most delicious smoothies.

Ninja blenders are also available in different styles. You can choose something that’s intended for the countertop or perhaps settle with the hand blender, which is capable of blending open bowls.

If you’re in need of a blender to use in preparing delicious meals, you might as well choose the countertop model. This allows you to easily whip up meals in your countertop.

So, before you start shopping for the best Ninja blender on the market, you better come up with a list of things that you need from the blender.

Bonus Alternative Blender With the Blending Power of a Ninja

10 – Nutrichef Personal Electric Single Serve Blender


If you’re wondering what is the best Ninja blender for smoothies, the Nutrichef Personal Electric Single Serve Blender is what we would strongly recommend. This machine has everything you need to prepare smoothies and all kinds of protein shakes.

It features a simple plug-in design and with its 1000-Watt power, there’s no doubt that this is one of the fastest blenders available. This personal blender has a lid cover so you can prepare protein shakes to take with you to the gym.

Its compact size makes it easy and convenient to stash in your countertop or kitchen table. These blenders come with blending cups in different sizes. There’s one 24-oz cup, one 20-oz cup, as well as an easy-pour container.

You don’t have to worry about consuming your beverage from these cups since they are BPA-free and made from food-grade containers. Plus, they are stain-resistant and, therefore, you won’t have a hard time cleaning it after use.

If you’re looking for a no-frill easy-to-use blender, look no further. The Nutrichef Personal Electric Single Serve Blender comes equipped with hassle-free button controls that are easy to turn on and off. Plus, this machine features a unique ability to pulse blend.

This countertop blender comes with durable stainless-steel blades as well as powerful 360-degree cylindrical impact, which allows for instant extraction of nutrients from the fruits or vegetables that you are bending. With this unit, you’ll also get the blender base, 24 and 20 oz. bend cup with lid, and a recipe book.


Comes complete with hassle-free button controls to switch the machine on or off
Features durable blades made from stainless steel with 360° cylindrical impact
Simple electric plug-in design
The cup’s lid cover is very convenient



Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best Ninja blender to use for preparing smoothies?

If you base it on our Ninja blender reviews, it’s safe to conclude that the Ninja Personal Blender QB300 ISS is truly the best when it comes to preparing smoothies.

With a motor of 700 W, pulse function, as well as two 16-ounce cups for juice storage, not to mention the sip and seal lids, it seems that this model has been specifically designed for producing smoothies.

How long can Ninja blenders last?

Most of the Ninja blenders are covered with a one-year warranty, which justifies the product’s durability and efficiency. The blender’s longevity will also depend upon the quality of the materials used for a particular model.

Can I use a Ninja blender to grind coffee?

Yes, the blender is also useful for grinding coffee. It’s well capable of pulverizing coffee beans. You just need to make sure that you diligently use the pulse function within minutes or seconds of grinding coffee. Some pulses tend to break the beans, providing you with fresh coffee powder.

Do Ninja blenders work quietly?

Just like with most of the blenders that work very fast, Ninja blenders produce noise when operating. The level of noise that they make will vary according to the model. If you prefer something quieter, the 72-ounce professional countertop blender would be perfect.

Can I prepare smoothies using a food processor?

Ninja blenders are capable of crushing even hard ingredients and other ice-based ingredients, thanks to its excellent speed and power, as well as sharpened blades.

Therefore, these blenders are more ideal for making smoothies. On the other hand, food processors are only intended for processing foods and may not be that effective when used for smoothies.

How to clean a Ninja blender?

It’s important that you keep your Ninja blender clean at all times. This is to maintain hygiene and to ensure that the machine will last for a long time. Ninja blenders have several different parts and components.

These include the cups, blades, pitches, and lid, and they can all go to the dishwasher. The blender is dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Choose Which Ninja Blender is the Best From This Comparison Table


Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base

Ninja Mega System Blender/Food Processor with 1500W Auto-iQ Base

Ninja Digital Electric Kitchen Countertop Blender NCBL1700

Ninja Ultra Prep Food Processor and Blender PS101


So which Ninja blender is the best from the list above? For us, it’s the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770. This blender offers superb performance and power. It’s capable of doing a wide variety of things, from food processing to frozen blending.

Its Total Crushing Technology can deliver unbeatable professional power, which causes its blades to crush ice, fruits, and veggies in just a few seconds!

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