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Mpow offers a wide range of headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and earbuds. It’s a great brand for anyone looking for headphones that produce decent sound quality without the hefty price tag. The headphones are of excellent build quality and have a long battery life.

In this MPOW headphones review, we’ll take a closer look at the different models of MPOW headphones available to help you decide on the best Mpow headphone to buy.

What You Should Know About Mpow Headphones

First, let’s find out more about the Mpow headphones and why they are so popular. Mpow, the company behind these headphones, claims to have use both art and technology in delivering revolutionary designed audio products.

By applying their growing knowledge of creativity and innovation, they have helped to fast track the evolution of the audio industry in order to satisfy the needs of their customers. The company believes that people will be able to easily achieve their goals in life if they are having a great time.

Thus, they hope that the products they make can help empower people to accomplish their dreams and ambitions in life. Mpow headphones are indeed very popular. On Amazon, 1/3 of headphone buyers choose to go with the Mpow brand.

That’s because the company is also dedicated to providing excellent service to its customers around the world. They strongly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the finest audio experience without breaking the bank. Mpow gets inspiration from art designs and advanced technology, which is why their products truly stand out.

What Are the Types of Headphones?

When doing a search for Mpow headphones online, you’ll come across several different types of them. It’s important that you get to know each type so you will know what to buy. In this Mpow headphones review, we’ll include the pros and cons of each so you will know which of these types will suit you best.

In-Ear Headphones

Of all the Mpow headphones, the in-ear headphones are the smallest. This is also the first model that the company released. Also known as earbuds or in-ears, these are similar to headphones that come with the MP3 player or mobile device that you buy.

There are many reasons why a lot of people prefer this model over other types of headphones. The biggest reason is portability. Compared to bulky headphones, the in-ear headphones are definitely more convenient to carry.

On-Ear Headphones

Another type of MPOW headphone that you’ll come across is the on-ear headphone. Unlike the in-ear headphones, these types of headphones are not inserted into your ear canal.

Instead, they remain above your outer ear area. They come with a band that will go over or behind your head when worn. However, the drivers are usually attached right into your ears.

Over-Ear Headphones

Of the three main types of Mpow headphones, the over-ear headphones are the largest. This is also the most popular of all the different types of Mpow headphones.

Noise Isolation vs Active Noise Cancellation

Two of the features that you’ll encounter when searching for best Mpow headphones are the noise isolation feature and the active noise cancellation feature. They might sound similar, but they are actually two different things.

Noise isolation simply means the headphone is just sitting physically between the outside sound and your ear. As a result, the outside noise won’t enter into your ear.

On the other hand, the active noise cancellation works differently. Although it has the same goal as noise isolation, it’s not the same. Headphones with this feature are equipped with tiny microphones that can pick up sounds coming from the outside.

The device will then produce an opposite sound wave to cancel out any of the unwanted noises. If a particular brand or model of headphone comes with the noise-canceling feature, it’s important to remember that their ability to block noise varies from one product to another.

Open vs Closed Back

Another thing to consider when buying headphones is whether you will get the open back or closed back. It’s the closed-back version that’s more popular between the two.

With this model, the drivers are sheltered in an ear cup except for the component that’s facing the ear. This way, the sound will bounce around and will eventually go towards your ear.

The closed-back headphones are a great choice for those who don’t want the outside noise to get into the ear cup. Also, if you don’t want the person beside you to hear the music you’re listening to, then this type would be an ideal choice. Commuters who want to use headphones without disturbing others should go for closed-back headphones.

Open-back headphones, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. The drivers of these units are not enclosed in the ear cups. They are left exposed, and therefore, any outside noise will be able to freely get inside the ear cup. This isn’t a suitable option if you’re commuting and listening to music in public areas where there’s plenty of noise in the background.

The open back models are recommended for use in your home or studio. Since they let the sound get into the ear cups, the sound produced will be of excellent quality. However, this also means that if you’re going to use them in public, you could be disturbed by the noises around you.

Best Mpow Headphones Reviews

Now that you know more about the Mpow headphones, it’s time to start shopping for the best one to buy. Given the various options available, which of these headphones should you choose?

To help you make the best decision, check out this Mpow Bluetooth headphones review.

1 – Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review


We love the straightforward and decent looking design of the Mpow H5 headphones, which is why it’s the first model on this list. Equipped with uniquely designed ear cup back plates, this headphone is great for those who need a headphone that can make them stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to the overall build quality, this pair of headphones is pretty average, although it seems to be more durable than some of the other Mpow headphone models. It also features a comfortable over-ear design, although some users find it to be somewhat tight, which could bring discomfort, especially when worn for a long time.

But the good thing about these headphones is that they are foldable and compact. They also come with a stylish carrying case, which is certainly a nice addition. This closed-back headphone is decent sounding. It produces consistent and heavy sound, with somewhat punchy bass.

However, the bass tends to get “boomy” sometimes and the mid-range is strikingly recessed and muddy. As for the treble, it is somewhat uneven, especially when producing S or T sounds. Overall, this Mpow is a good choice for those who want to listen to heavy bass, although we don’t recommend it to vocal-centric listeners.


10 to 12-hour battery life
Comfortable to wear
Produces excellent sound quality
Superior bass in the beat


Don’t offer enough breathability on the ears

2 – Mpow H19 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones Review


If you would prefer a pair of Mpow headphones that come with the noise-canceling feature, the Mpow H19 Hybrid Headphones is what we would recommend.

Unlike the other noise-canceling headphones, this model is capable of effectively eradicating low-frequency noise in the background, including car engines and airplanes.

This way, you’ll be able to focus more on the music that you’re listening without any distraction. The Mpow H19 noise-cancelling headphones are equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows for easy connectivity and seamless audio experience.

With this pair of headphones, you’ll be able to stay connected to your music while switching in between Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, these Bluetooth headphones have a built-in microphone that offers crisp and clear sound quality with no ambient noise.

Mpow has updated this headphone’s noise-canceling feature so you can enjoy up to 30 hours of audio listening experience without noise when it’s fully charged for two hours. With this device, you’ll experience authentic, forceful, and crystal-clear sound.


30 hours of playing time in Bluetooth mode
Comfortable to use
Dual large-aperture 40mm drivers
Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology
Noise-canceling headphones



3 – Mpow Flame2 Bluetooth Headphones Sport Review


Flame 2 is the updated version of the Flame series of Mpow Headphones. If you take the time to read the Mpow wireless headphones review, you’ll know that this model is very popular. Indeed, there are so many things to love about this pair of headphones, thanks to the many improvements that the manufacturer has come up with.

For instance, this model has Bluetooth connectivity that’s twice as fast as the one on the previous model. Also, it has a whopping 13-hour battery life, which is truly impressive since the previous model was only 9 hours.

A lot of customers are happy with the fact that these headphones are very stable when worn on the ears. They are equipped with durable plastic hooks that will comfortably loop behind your ears. There’s also a silicone made wings that will brace inside your ears, improving stability.

As for the sound quality, the drum kits and bass guitars that these headphones produce are punchy and huge. When listening to heavy music, you can enjoy excellent sound quality, especially when listening to hip-hop. Overall, Flame 2 is a great choice of headphones compared to other models in this price range.


25-degree slanting ergonomic design
Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5. 0 technology
High Fidelity and HD Stereo Sound
IPX7 Sweat-proof design
Up to 12 hours of listening to music


Tends to have problems when paired with smartphones

4 – Mpow HC5 V5.0 Bluetooth Headset with Microphone Review


When it comes to acoustic sounds, the Mpow HC5 V5.0 Bluetooth Headset is worth checking out. This Bluetooth headset features an advanced noise-canceling technology that’s ideal for busy spaces that are exposed to plenty of noise.

What’s great about it is that you can connect this pair of headphones simultaneously to your computer and mobile device. It’s perfect for listening to music and talking to someone on the phone too. Featuring a headband that’s made from leather, these headphones are one of the most stylish looking models from Mpow.

Furthermore, they are equipped with soft earpads that are very comfortable on the ear, thanks to the breathable and cushioned texture. In addition, the earmuffs of these headphones can be adjusted to 8 degrees so you can comfortably wear them in your ears. What’s more, this unit is available in 6 different sizes so it’s perfect for all head sizes.

Ideal for those working in an office setting, the HC5 Mpow Headphones can be used with any Bluetooth enabled device, including smartphones, laptops, and computer devices. Given this great feature, it’s not surprising to see that this product is so popular online.


24-month guarantee
Capable of supporting up to 22 hours of talking when charged for 2 hours.
Bluetooth 5.0 technology
Flexible design.
Can be used up to 50ft/15m away from the device



5 – Mpow Jaws Upgraded Gen5 Bluetooth Headphones Review


When reading the Mpow Bluetooth in-ear headphones review, you’ll find that the Mpow Jaws Gen 5 Bluetooth Headphones are getting lots of positive feedback from customers. That’s because wearing this pair of headphones is very comfortable.

Weighing only 1.2 ounces, you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything when you put this device around your neck. Aside from being comfortable, these headphones are loaded with great features. The talking and playing time is a whopping 18 hours long, which is truly impressive compared to other headphones of the same caliber.

When its put on standby mode, they could last for as much as 450 hours. That’s 100 hours more compared to previous versions. This headphone is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, which is an upgraded version of the previous model. It also features an 8-mm speaker with bass technology.


2 years warranty
45 days money-back guarantee
8mm dynamic speaker system
Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology
Comes with a rechargeable 220mAh battery that’s very powerful
Features a bass technology


After-sale support needs improvement

6 – Mpow H16 Dual-Mic Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review


Another great option for a noise-canceling headphone is the Mpow H16 Dual Mic Bluetooth Headphone. We love how versatile this device is, which is why this Mpow Headphones review wouldn’t be complete without including this model.

With this pair of headphones, you’ll be able to enjoy listening to music at work, home, and when studying! Its advanced noise reduction feature is well capable of reducing low-frequency noise in just a second! Thus, you can enjoy listening to music even in the midst of busy traffic with noisy cars running on the background.

The Mpow H16 features an upgraded noise-canceling feature. These Bluetooth-enabled headphones are built with the dual 40-mm drivers capable of delivering deep, crisp, and powerful bass resulting in truly immersive sound quality.

These Mpow Bluetooth headphones are equipped with a CVC 6.0 microphone with noise-canceling feature, which is perfect for hands-free calls. With this feature, you’ll be able to talk on your phone clearly and easily. Even if you charge these headphones for only 10 minutes, you’ll still be able to use them for up to two hours, which is definitely impressive.


Comes with built-in microphone for hands-free use
Customizable comfort and foldable design
New HyperSpeed charge
Sound drivers are professionally tuned
Upgraded active noise-canceling feature


A bit difficult to pair with other devices

7 – Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphones Sport Review


The Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphones is known for its waterproofing features. Mpow advertises this feature as a way to protect the headphones from sweat. Nevertheless, this feature is also effective at keeping the device protected against mild water submersion.

Therefore, this is one of the best Mpow Bluetooth headphones for yoga, hiking, jogging, kayaking, and other sports that require water exposure. One thing that you’ll easily notice in this pair of headphones is that the wire that connects between the earbuds is somewhat short.

Furthermore, it’s flat, which is a great thing since it minimizes any incidence of tangling. Featuring a combination of modern Bluetooth, CSR chip, and some of Mpow’s engineering capabilities, the D7 Bluetooth headphone is definitely one of the best headphones.

Even though Mpow is not getting as much attention as other big brands of headphones out there, such as Bose, the company has the potential to provide decent quality headphones, such as the D7.


250 hours of standby time
45 days money-back guarantee
Capable of providing 10 hours of music and talking time
Comes with ear hooks that attach securely
Equipped with CVC6.0 noise-cancellation microphone
Waterproof Nano-coating technology


Audio quality could be better

8 – Mpow Flame IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Earphones Sport W/Mic review


The Mpow Flame IPX7 is one of the best Mpow headphones with rubber tips and they are available in different sizes – large, medium, and small. With these headphones, you’ll also get a pair of ear tips made from memory foam, which we believe is truly phenomenal.

Customers absolutely love the snug fit of the earbud, which doesn’t only secure the earbuds but also helps the headphones produce excellent audio quality. Both the rubber and memory foam ear tips are comfortable on the ears, although the memory foam is definitely a much better choice.

When it comes to the sound quality, the Mpow flame buds produce a somewhat decent sound, thanks to its tuned driver. These headphones are also equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which delivers snappy highs, deep bass, and rich mids.

A lot of customers are impressed with the clarity of the sound that these earbuds produce. They love the fact that this model doesn’t have those tinny sounds that you’ll usually hear from headphones of cheaper quality. These headphones have excellent balance and clarity, yet they don’t come with a hefty price tag.


Available in 6 different colors
Comfortable and easy to wear
Enhanced circuit board
Produces rich bass stereo sound


Issues with battery longevity

9 – Mpow Focus Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review


If you have taken the time to read the Mpow Headphones review online, you have probably come across the Mpow Focus Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. This product is one of Mpow’s most popular headphones that come with the active noise canceling feature.

With this feature, these headphones are capable of effectively reducing background noise in order to enhance sound quality. Furthermore, the 10-mm dynamic drivers are able to provide you with a high-definition stereo sound quality and powerful bass. You simply have to tap on the ANC button if you want to fade all those noises away!

These headphones offer up to 16 hours of continuous playtime, both in listening and talking. It offers crystal clear sound quality even when using the hands-free feature. To fully charge the battery, you just need to charge these headphones for two hours straight!

In fact, a 10-minute charge will already allow you to listen to music for up to 2 hours! Equipped with the high-tech Bluetooth 5.0 technology that offers fast pairing with other Bluetooth devices, you can certainly rely on these headphones when listening to your favorite music from a smartphone.

When buying the Mpow Focus headphones, you’ll also get four different sizes of ear tips and three different sizes of ear wings that are all comfortable to the ears. Furthermore, these ergonomically designed in-ear earphones will stay secure on your ears for the entire day.


Advanced Bluetooth 5.0
Call vibration technology
Equipped with active noise canceling features (ANC)
Very comfortable to wear
Will only require a charging time of two hours to fully charge


Low volume

10 – Mpow H20 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Review


The Mpow H20 Bluetooth over-ear headphones are equipped with the latest chipset, the QCC3024. Furthermore, it has Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which allows for easy connectivity. It also has the exclusive 40 mm large-aperture drivers capable of delivering powerful and crisp sound quality with accurate and deep bass response.

The 500 mAh rechargeable battery offers 30-hour playing time. Furthermore, the headphones provide an extended listening time and are capable of operating for up to 30 hours when fully charged. If you want to keep the music going, simply use it in wired mode.

You can enjoy crisp and clear quality on your calls even when the environment is noisy and windy. You’ll be able to hear the voice sound clear and you can speak clearly as well in order for the person on the other line to hear you. Also, these headphones are very durable and you can choose to wear ear pads made from soft memory foams or you can use ear cushions.


Foldable and portable
Produces premium sound quality
Unmatched wearing comfort
Up to 30 hours of playing time
24-month warranty


Big size

11 – Mpow CH8 Kids Headphones (2-Pack) Review


Designed for kids as young as three years old, the Mpow CH8 Kids Headphones are definitely worth mentioning in this Mpow Bluetooth headphones review. These wired headphones can go up to more than 47-inches.

The nylon wires are durable and tangle-free and made from premium quality ABS material. Thus, you can be sure that they won’t get damaged even when your little ones use them roughly. There’s a volume limit level, which is set at 91 decibels.

Thus, it’s a great choice for when you want to listen to your favorite sounds as you drive along the highway. Offering an excellent audio performance with its rich bass, this is the perfect choice for those who need a headphone to listen to music and audiobooks.

These headphones weigh only 140 grams, which makes them suitable for your kids to wear and carry around their necks. The headsets are suitable for kids and teens of different ages, and of course, adults can wear them too!

These headphones are available in a set of two and include sharing splitter, which allows the kids to share the headphones with their friends and siblings! Its foldable design means these headphones are portable and compact, which means carrying these headphones would be a breeze!


The 2-pack easy sharing feature
Comes with hearing protection suitable for the kids’ ears
Ideal for kids
Offers a comfortable listening experience
Volume limitation level is set at 91dB



How to Connect Mpow Headphones to Bluetooth

Mpow is known for producing headphones that come with Bluetooth connectivity. Their headphones, earbuds, and speakers can be used with Bluetooth-enabled devices. The best Mpow Bluetooth headphones allow you to easily connect to a Bluetooth device where you can listen to your favorite music.

Just in case you’re wondering how to connect these devices to Bluetooth, here are the steps you should follow:

A – Turn On Pairing Mode

Mpow headphones and earbuds rely on a shared “Multi-function Button” also known as MFB to activate or deactivate the Bluetooth functionality. This is usually labeled as “MPOW”.

To activate Bluetooth, simply press the MPow for up to five seconds until the LED lights start flashing red and blue color. Most of the Mpow speakers and headsets will automatically get into pairing mode when you turn them on.

B – Search for Your Mpow Device

Here are the steps for different devices:


If you’re using an iPhone, simply go to settings and then choose “Bluetooth”. This will turn the Bluetooth on. Search for the Mpow headphones from the list of “other devices” and connect. Again, if you’re required to enter a code, enter “0000”.


When using an Android phone, simply go to Settings and look for Bluetooth. When you click Bluetooth, choose “Pair New Device.” You will then see the Mpow headphones on the list. Choose it and you can start pairing the headphone with your Android phone. If your phone asks for a code, type in “0000”.

Windows 10

If you’re trying to connect your headphones to a Windows laptop, open the “Bluetooth and other devices” option that’s on the System Settings. It’s also possible to click on the Bluetooth button at the toolbar and then click “Show Bluetooth devices”.

A window that says, “Add a device” will show up. Choose “Bluetooth” and look for the Mpow headphones on the list. Click on it to connect. Another option is to simply open the search box and type in “Bluetooth” Once the Bluetooth window shows up, turn the Bluetooth on and click “add Bluetooth”. Then look for the Mpow headphones.

Mac OS

When using a Mac computer, simply go to the Apple Menu and choose System Preferences. Click Bluetooth and look for the Mpow headphones to connect. Then click “Accept.”

C – Confirm Pairing

After you have successfully paired the Mpow headphones to your laptop or mobile phone, you’ll notice that the LED on your Mpow headphones will no longer blink.

How to Troubleshoot the Bluetooth Connection

The best Mpow Bluetooth headphones shouldn’t be hard to pair to your device. But if the headphones are still not pairing despite following the steps above, the best thing to do is to clear out the existing device and then pair it again.

To do this, long-press the MFB button until the blue light flashes three times. Another option is to hold the MFP button down while also tapping on the Volume + for up to four seconds.


As stated from the start, this Mpow headphones review is meant to help beginners and pros find the best Mpow headphones. Therefore, as we come to the end of the article, we will share our recommendation, which is the Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

With an excellent rating score online, we’re certain that a lot of customers will agree with us when we say that this is the best pair of Mpow headphones to buy.

They feature active noise canceling technology, upgraded ear cushions, superior deep bass, and 30-hour ultra-long battery life. Given these excellent features, what more can you ask for?

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