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Many people love their coffee with that foamy milk on top. Whether you are a latte or a cappuccino lover, there is always a level of excitement when your barista serves the ordered cup with foamy milk at the top. Well, it doesn’t take a lot to actually do this. In fact, you can have this exciting coffee experience at home with the help of a milk frother. The great thing is that most of the best milk frothers are not as expensive as you’d think.

In this article, we will be looking at what a milk frother can do. We will also give you a short guide on how to find the best frother in the market and finish it off with a list of the top ten milk frothers available. All the information is based on extensive research. It is designed to help you make an informed choice as you start shopping for a milk frother of your choice.

Things to Look for When Shopping for the Best Milk Frother

Some people have a general idea about how to choose a working milk frother. But there are a number of subtle factors that you should always be looking out for. These attributes are essential in any frother and will differentiate one model from another. High-quality frothers are not just going to get the job done fast but will also be easy to clean. They will last a lifetime due to the durability in their construction.


Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

Secura 4 in 1 Electric Automatic Milk Frother

Keenstone Electric Milk Frother & Milk Steamer

iTeknic Electric Milk Steamer & Milk Frother

VIVREAL 3-in-1 Electric Milk Frother

Here are a few factors to keep in mind as you go shopping.


There are two major types of milk frothers. You can either choose a manual or an electric option. Frothers are also available in both tabletop and handheld versions. The rule of thumb is to pick a type that helps you to froth as quickly as possible.

If speed is the most important thing to you, then you’d be better off using an electric frother as opposed to a manual one. However, an electric frother can only be used at home. People who prefer something more portable that they can use even on the road should consider a handheld frother. Handheld frothers are relatively more affordable.


It’s also important to consider the total amount of milk that the frother is able to process at any given time. Electric frothers on average will be able to process two or three cups of milk in an instant. Handheld versions, on the other hand, are not that good.

They can only do one cup at a time. Don’t also forget that, while there are some manual frothers that can process more than one cup at a time, they will take longer to do so compared to an electric one. In that case, if you don’t want to take too much time to frother the milk, using an electric model would be the best way to go. Electric models are often rated among the best milk frother too.


Portable frothers can be a great way to enjoy foamy milk on the road. This, however, doesn’t apply to tabletop designs in the market. Only handheld brands are able to offer the portability feature. A portable frother has many advantages but most of all, it allows you to carry it wherever you go. This would be perfect for people who love to drink coffee on the go.


The performance of the milk frother also matters. A good product should be able to easily process more than one type of froth. For example, there are some people who would prefer to have specific types of frosting on the froth.

It’s also common to use nondairy milk for the froth. For example, soy, cashew, and almond milk are very common these days. It is therefore important to make sure that the frother you have can process all these types of milk with ease.

Sadly, not all frothers can do that, especially if you go for the lower end and cheaper options. If you want something versatile enough to meet various needs, you will have to pay a little extra. But the best milk frother models are always worth it.

Ease of Use

A lot of frother brands in the market are designed to be user-friendly. They are therefore very easy to use. Despite this, there are a few brands in the market that are actually easier to use than others.

One way to find out which brands are easy to use is to pay close attention to the controls of each model. Milk frothers that offer a simple one-touch operation are highly recommended. Those that have the simplest controls should also come handy. The last thing you want is a milk frother that takes days to learn how to use.

Types of Milk Frothers

Most milk frothers will measure the same in terms of size. What really distinguishes one brand from the next are the technical characteristics that each comes with. Frothers may also differ in terms of portability features, construction type, capabilities amongst a host of other attributes.

Here are some of the common types of milk frothers:

Electric Milk Frother

Electric frothing machines are indeed some of the most popular products in the market and it’s not hard to see why. The best electric milk frother brands offer great benefits. Frothers are normally shaped like carafes or wands for easy maneuverability.

They can froth two or three cups of milk in an instant. This high performance, however, comes at a price. Electric frothers will cost relatively more compared to other types. But with the features they offer, it shouldn’t be a problem paying the price.

Handheld Milk Frothers

Handheld milk frothers are some of the simplest models you will find. They are designed to resemble traditional blenders and are quite easy to use. Most handheld frothers are also battery operated and this is actually done on purpose because these products are meant to be portable.

You can move with them anywhere you want and froth milk even when you don’t have an electrical connection. The only downside with handheld frothers is the fact that their performance is relatively low compared to electric models. But based on milk frother reviews, they are a good option.

Stainless Steel Press

The great thing about the stainless steel press is its ability to froth more than one cup of milk at the same time. They are cylindrical in shape and also feature a pot and a cap as well as an inbuilt pump.

The pump can be operated using one single button at the top making this product very easy to use. Stainless steel presses are also referred to as stove top milk frothers. This is because they can be placed on top of your stove while operating them. The stainless steel built makes the design very durable too.

How Much Do Milk Frothers Cost?

The cost of milk frothers will vary based on the features they have to offer. The cost will also vary based on whether you are buying the best handheld milk frother or an electric one. Handheld frothers tend to be relatively cheaper though.

In fact, you can get brands selling for as low as $6. Automatic electric milk frothers will, however, cost more. On average, they will range between $30 and $120 based on the specific features of each product. It is also important to note that cost shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing a frother.

Even though a lot of people want a budget-friendly option, cheaper frothers tend to be quite limited in terms of features. In that case, analyze each product based on the features that it has and then buy the one that delivers the best value for money.

Manual vs. Electric

Simple and less costly frothers in the market tend to be manual. They will need some pumping by hand in order to get that foamy texture that you are looking for. Manual milk frothers tend to look more like the traditional French press.

You will just need to thrust the pump up and down inside a glass beaker to get the foam. Although this looks like something hard to do, it’s actually very easy and it takes very little effort.

But in case this looks like too much trouble for a cup of froth, you should consider electric models. These frothers are automatic or semi-automatic. Electric designs have a whisk at the end of the shaft that does pretty much everything for you.

The only thing you need to do is turn the frother on and you are done. Fully automatic frothers, in particular, are very easy to use. Just open the top of the frother, pour down the milk, close the lid, and hit the power button.

In just a matter of 60 seconds, the froth will be ready. Although electric frothers are relatively more expensive, they are the best milk frother for latte, especially for people who don’t want to take too much time or effort frothing milk.

Milk Frother Cleaning and Maintenance

Most milk frothers are nonstick. They will also have very easy-to-clean parts. You won’t need to do a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the dried milk. We have also seen that a lot of models these days are dishwasher friendly.

The rule of thumb is to always make sure you’ve cleaned up the frother immediately after use. This prevents the buildup of dried up milk and keeps the appliance at peak performance for a long time.

Best Milk Frother in the Marketplace

Well, now that we have given you a simple guide on what to look for when buying the best milk frother, it’s time to look at some of the major brands out there. As you can imagine, the market is flooded with many different products and each of these options offers certain specific features. Knowing what to choose can be a tough decision.

Our team has looked at all of these models, their features, and overall value. Based on our analysis, we have come up with ten of the best milk frothers that we believe could be ideal for anyone.

1 – Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

The Breville BMF600XL is one of the best automatic milk frothers in the market right now. It comes packed with many features compared to many other brands in our list. First, the frother allows you to choose the exact milk temperature you want. You can choose from cold to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and even more if you want.

This gives you more versatility and control over the milk that you are frothing. The Breville BMF600XL comes with a stainless steel milk jug that has measurement markings on the inside. It also offers amazing capacity. The frother can do up to 750 ml in hot milk and 500 ml in frothed milk.

The appliance uses an induction system to heat up the milk making sure that there’s even heat distribution. It also has a detachable base that allows you to move it once the froth has been created. You will get two frothing discs with this product. One of the discs is used for latte and the other should be used for cappuccino.

In case you want a thick and creamy froth, use the cappuccino disk. The latte disc is great for smooth and silky milk. The Breville BMF600XL also allows you to add additional ingredients to the milk once the frothing has started. This can help you test out various recipes including a hot chocolate drink.


Offers both latte and cappuccino frothing discs for great versatility
Uses induction heating for even heat distribution
Can be used to incorporate other ingredients into the froth
Very good capacity of up 750 ml for heating milk and 500 ml for frothing


Can turn into a fire hazard if not cared for properly


2 – Secura 4 in 1 Electric Automatic Milk Frother

The Secura 4 in 1 Electric Automatic Milk Frother is designed for milk frothing and making hot chocolate. It makes such a creamy froth for coffee. The product also has a very good capacity at 250 ml. This is twice the capacity of your average milk frother in the market.

The heating whisks on this model are also high performance. It essentially creates the froth in a few minutes. The Secura 4 in 1 Electric Automatic Milk Frother features a proper jug spout that ensures you are able to pour the froth without splashing.

We also loved that the frother is easy to clean. As a matter of fact, the removable milk jug at the top can be cleaned in a normal dishwasher. Based on the electric milk frother reviews out there, this is one product worth having.


Easy to clean with dishwasher safe jug and lid
High-performance heating whisk that works in a matter of minutes
Easy to use
Offers relatively good capacity at 250 ml


Some users have complained that the frother makes a high pitched squeal when in use


3 – Keenstone Electric Milk Frother & Milk Steamer

One thing that makes the Keenstone Milk Frother such a great option is the versatility it offers. The frother comes with four different modes to suit your different needs. You can either go for hot dense foam, hot airy foam, hot milk, and hot chocolate.

The frother also features an automatic turn off system. Once the milk temperature hits about 65 degrees Celsius, the frother will automatically turn off. This feature is great because it prevents the milk from overheating.

A lot of users also love that the Keenstone Milk Frother makes very little noise. In fact, the manufacturer says that they have used magnetic stirring technology which ensures that frother produces less than 55 decibels of noise.

This is very low compared to other frothers in the market. Finally, the Keenstone Milk Frother is also so easy to clean since it’s coated with a non-stick material. The whisk and the base are also detachable to ensure that everything can be cleaned separately. You will also get a propriety brush from the manufacturer to clean up the product.


Features an ergonomic and fashionable design
Offers four modes for extra versatility
Makes very little noise compared to some other frothers in the market
Easy to clean and maintain


The frother only uses whole milk for frothing and nothing else


4 – iTeknic Electric Milk Steamer & Milk Frother

The iTeknic Milk Frother is also a multifunctional product that offers you four different settings. You can go for the cold froth feature, the hot dense foam, the hot airy foam, and the hot milk one. The frother also offers a streamlined silhouette designed making it easier to grab and grip. This makes it easy and convenient to use.

The iTeknic Milk Frother features a scratch-resistant brushed stainless steel design on the outside. The interior, on the other hand, comes with a nonstick coating for easy cleaning. The frother can hold up to 240 ml, enough for everyone in the family.

There is also an automatic switch-off system that will turn off the frother as soon as the milk is ready. This ensures that your milk doesn’t overheat. The iTeknic Milk Frother is designed for customers looking for the best automatic milk frother that’s also easy to use.


Non-stick interior
Scratch-resistant steel exterior
You choose between four different modes for great versatility
Relatively better capacity at 240 ml


Some users complained that the performance tends to go down after using it for some time


5 – VIVREAL 3-in-1 Electric Milk Frother

The VIVREAL Milk Frother is designed to give you creamy foam for your coffee in a matter of seconds. With just the touch of a button, this frother will deliver the froth almost in an instant.

The frother can heat up milk up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit very fast. The product is also versatile. You can use it to make hot milk foams, cold milk foam, as well as heat up milk. The VIVREAL Milk Frother also offers hands free frothing.

Once you pour in the milk and hit the power button, you can sit back and relax. In about 60 seconds, the frother will automatically turn off once the milk reaches the desired temperature. You also get ultra-quiet operation with this frother.

The angled ergonomic spout will help to minimize spillages. You will also get an auto shut-off and boil-dry protection features to enhance the safety of this product and the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the VIVREAL Milk Frother. The frother is also easy to clean and will offer great value for money.


Works really fast to create that creamy froth for your coffee
There is a 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer
Ultra quiet operation when in use
Offers a number of safety features


Some users have complained that the automatic shut off does not work properly sometimes


6 – Zeppoli Milk Frother and Warmer

The Zeppoli Milk Frother and Warmer is designed to give you the chance to enjoy hot foamy milk, heated milk, and cold foamy milk. The frother comes with two whisks options designed to control the texture of the milk.

The frother also features a unique and classic design. The interior features a nonstick coating to ensure cleaning is easy. While the outer layer, on the other hand, comes with durable stainless steel. It can heat up to 240 ml of milk as well as 115 ml of cold and hot milk foam. However, it takes longer for the frother to hit the desired temperature.

While some brands out there take less than 60 seconds to reach temperatures of between 120 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the Zeppoli Milk Frother and Warmer takes about 170 seconds to do so. You will also get an automatic shut off feature just to make sure the milk does not end up overheating.


Has three modes that allow you to enjoy foamy milk
Easy to operate on all three modes
Durable stainless steel exterior with an easy-to-clean nonstick interior


Takes a little bit longer to heat up the milk compared to other models in the market


7 – Huogary Electric Milk Frother & Milk Steamer

The Huogary Milk Frother is perfect for making creamy foam in a matter of seconds. The frother delivers excellent texture on the foam which is quiet delicious. The capacity is pretty standard though. The frother offers 115 ml in capacity for foaming as well as 140 ml for milk heating. Although you can still use other nondairy types of milk with this model, it works better when you use whole milk.

The Huogary Milk Frother features a number of safety features. First, it’s an FDA-approved milk frother. It comes with vacuum insulation systems to maintain internal milk temperature. You will also get a tight cover with silicone rings that prevent the milk from overflowing during stirring.

The temperature controls on the frother are designed to meet international best practices. The manufacturer of this product will offer you a 1-year warranty. The Huogary Milk Frother is designed for buyers who don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for extra quality. It is definitely one of the best rated milk frother out there.


Comes with an array of amazing safety features
It has FDA approval
Offers great foamy texture on the milk
Innovative vacuum insulation temperature control system


Works best when you use only whole milk


8 – NAUTOR Electric Milk Frother

The NAUTOR Milk Frother is designed to deliver a perfectly textured foam with extra small bubbles at the top for a great taste. The frother reaches the desired temperature in seconds and offers multifunctional capabilities to meet the needs of different people.

It can easily make hot or cold milk froth for cappuccino or any other iced drink. You will also get an automatic switch off feature for safety purposes too. Once the milk hits the desired temperature the frother will simply turn off on its own.

The NAUTOR Milk Frother comes in a fashionable design. The glossy stainless steel exterior is easy on the eye. The frother is easy to clean and easy to use. Also, the manufacturer offers 24/7 customer service in case you run into difficulty setting it up.


Delivers well-textured and tasty foam in a few seconds
Fashionable and stylish exterior design
Easy to clean and maintain
You get 24/7 customer service from the manufacturer


The cleaning brush provided is not effective


9 – HadinEEon Electric Milk Frother & Steamer

The HadinEEon Milk Frother is the epitome of great performance. First of all, the frother will easily heat up the milk to 150 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds. The usability is also commendable. With just a single button, you can create foamy and tasty milk with this product.

The frother also features a simple jug spout that ensures you are able to pour in the milk easily without any possible risk of spillages. Its stylish and premium design makes it the perfect modern appliance for the modern kitchen.

The non-stick interior coating which is easier to clean is complemented by a perfectly glossy stainless steel exterior that will last a lifetime. The jug has a heat-resistant plastic coating to add extra protection.

The frother will also offer you two different whisks for multiple functions. One of the whisks is perfect for frothing while the other can be used for heating up milk. The manufacturer offers a 1-year money-back guarantee for the product. It’s one of the best milk frothers in the market.


Can heat up milk and froth in a matter of seconds
Stylish and sleek design for your modern kitchen
1-year money-back guarantee from the manufacturer


There have been complaints about the heat distribution in the milk


10 – PowerLix Handheld Electric Milk Frother

The PowerLix Milk Frother is a perfectly built handheld frother. It comes with an easy to grip black handle too. The exterior is made using durable stainless steel for long-lasting service. The sleek stainless steel design is stylish and will add great appeal to your kitchen. The frother also comes with a very high-performance motor powered by two AA batteries.

This kind of performance ensures the frother can easily be able to froth your milk in about 15 seconds. What makes the PowerLix Milk Frother a great option is the fact that you can use non-dairy milk too including soy and almond and it’s a portable option.


A portable frother that you can use on the road
Powerful performance that gets the froth done in less than 15 seconds
Sleek and stylish stainless steel exterior
Can be used for other non-dairy milks including almond and soy


You need to hold the power down for the frother to work




Zeppoli Milk Frother and Warmer

Huogary Electric Milk Frother & Steamer

NAUTOR Electric Milk Frother

HadinEEon Electric Milk Frother & Steamer

PowerLix Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Getting the best milk frother that truly meets your needs shouldn’t be a hard thing. With the massive variety of models out there, there is definitely something for everybody. But despite this, there are a few brands that stand out more than others.

The Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother, in particular, is definitely a cut above the rest. The frother offers great performance with the ability to hit the desired milk temperatures in seconds. The stainless steel jug also features inner markings to ensure you can measure up the milk you need with ease.

The frother uses induction heating to ensure proper heat distribution. You will also get one of the biggest capacities at 500 ml for frothing and 750 ml for hot milk. It is definitely one of the best frothers out there.

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