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Laptops are overshadowing PCs lately. However, the more you use a laptop, the more it overheats, so you need a good stand for it. In fact, you need the best laptop stand money can buy.

You’re in luck, though, since we have an entire list of the best laptop stands on the market in early 2019. These ten stands performed the best and had the most options to offer. Whether you want a stand that can carry a lot of weight or a stylish tray for your lap, we have them here.

Some of these will wow you with their design, while others will have you nod in approval at just how simple, yet how functional they are.

But before we dig into the list itself, we should talk about stands in general. We need to know what they are, how they work, what styles they come in, and which brands stand out. Stick around, and you might just have your next big purchase on your hands.

What is a Laptop Stand?

A laptop stand is exactly what its name says it is — a stand for a laptop. Of course, there’s a little more to it than that. Normally, our laptops either rest on our lap or on our desks. That’s okay to some degree, but in time you start to both see and feel problems.

For example, whenever you use a laptop, your wrists are at an odd angle. This fact is also true about regular, PC keyboards. If it’s too high or too low, it will put strain on your wrists and you can’t have that. The same goes for the position of the laptop itself.

If you place it too low, you’ll bend your back too far forward. If it’s too high, you might strain your neck or worse. It’s also not a good idea to keep it on your lap for too long because it might overheat.

However, the problems are also noticeable with the laptop itself. If you use it too much on one surface without anything in between, the laptops begin to heat up. Once a laptop heats up too much, it begins to malfunction. The last thing you need is your laptop going dead because of a hot underside, especially if you’re using it for business.



Neetto TB101

It is designed to be Versatile

Enables healthier working habits

This table is lightweight & portable

Sturdy, easy to set up & Use

Desk York

Comes with A Cooling fan

Enables proper user spine alignment

Durable & Lightweight

Has 360 degrees rotation & Versatile Uses

Smonet Desk

Made from Industrial Compressed Wood

Has Exceptional Stability & Functionality

Good Heavy Duty Gas Spring Frame

Able to Support Dual Monitor Set Ups

Kantek Stand

Best Adjustable Monitor & Laptop Stand

Allows for Easy Cable Management

Made From durable sturdy black plastic

Can Hold Several digital machines


Best Standing/Sitting Folding Laptop Cart

Portable to a higher degree

Height & Desk Top Adjustable

Heavy Duty Design Featuring an All-Steel frame

So What Can Laptop Stands Do? What Are the Benefits?

The best laptop stands out there don’t really have to offer much. They have to perform a few basic ‘tasks,’ and you won’t have to worry about any hand, back or neck pain anymore. In addition, your laptop won’t break down because of heat.

Anyone can tell you that the best laptop stand must allow your laptop to ‘breathe.’ It’s important for hot air to circulate and for the laptop to adjust to the temperature of the room.

The cooler it is, the better it’ll perform. Laptop stands that provide this usually have a lot of slits and holes for decent air flow. Sometimes they’re just a thick mesh of metal coated in a lighter material.

The next thing that the best laptop stand ought to have is the ability to get the laptop to be at your eye level. You won’t have to strain your eyes from a distance, nor will you have to bend over just to see what’s on the screen.

Finally, you can even adjust the angle with some laptops. If you tilt the keyboard at an angle, you can reduce the strain on your wrists and actually perform better. And if that position starts to strain, change it up again.

Of course, not all the best laptop stands on the market will be the same. There are some that don’t have all of these options. There are others, however, that even have a few additional options. Let’s see what designs the best laptop stands come in.

Different Design Styles of Laptop Stands

Sometimes what you think might be the best laptop stand is better described as the best laptop table, or the best laptop bed tray, or even the best laptop arm. The market has a lot of different options for laptop users, and we will address some of the more popular designs.

1 – The Angled Design

These laptop stands are by far the most common. They look like a triangular construction with a slight tilt. Usually, they have a few points on the top which will keep your laptop high enough to let air go through. These points are made of non-stick material such as rubber.

You would often find some of these stands fully made of metal and rubber mesh. Such a construction helps with the airflow even more, but it also has another purpose. Namely, it makes the stand lighter and easier to carry than a regular, non-mesh stand. That makes them perfect for a laptop user who likes to travel.

2 – The Big Tray

A tray without an angle will probably be the best laptop holder for beds. After all, it’s difficult to put an angled stand onto anything soft and curvy. Whether it’s your lap or your bed, you’ll need a flat board.

With a flat tray, all you need to get an angle is to adjust your own lap. But if you’re using it on a more ‘level’ surface like the bed, they also need to stay cool. That’s why a lot of these trays are made of porous materials that reduce the heat.

In addition to flatness, these trays offer more space. You can easily use your mouse on some of these trays since they actually come with their own pads.

3 – Arms

Not a lot of lists of best laptop stands mention stands with arms. That’s because they happen to be rare. Most people will go for a tilted stand or a flat tray. But stands with arms can help you quite a bit.

For instance, you can rotate the arm in any direction and move it up or down as it suits you. The laptop itself will feel like it’s airborne even though it’s sitting on the tray that’s welded to the arm.

Naturally, there are many other designs, but you normally see the laptop stands fall under these three categories. Sometimes they even combine a few at once, and their size makes them appear more like computer desks than laptop stands.

Do-It-Yourself Stands For the Laptop User on the Budget

Why buy it if you can make it? That’s the idea if you want to save money, anyway. So let’s focus on how you can make the best laptop stands out of household items.

1 – Simple Elevation

These ‘stands’ are not really stands. They’re just different ways to get your laptop elevated so air can go through. For example, you can cut four pieces of wood and place them at each corner under the laptop. If you want an angle, get two smaller and two bigger pieces, four in total, and use the bigger ones for the backside.

You can achieve the same effect by using corks, halved rubber balls, magnets and rubber door stops or really anything that can raise the laptop but not let it slip.

2 – Entire Stands

Making a tilted stand might just be easier than you thought. For example, you can use a simple binder, puncture a few holes, and have your laptop secured on it. Naturally, you’ll need to glue some rubber bits so that the laptop doesn’t slip.

Some people made their stands out of PVC pipes. This option is an excellent way to do it since they don’t stick or slip and they give the laptop a lot of room to breathe. A GDT inbox is also the perfect shape to make a stand out of. You just need a few minor door stops glued on top and your laptop won’t budge.

3 – Elaborate Designs

Some people go a step further when it comes to DIY best laptop stands. They utilize elements such as towel racks, wire shelves, wood, metal construction material, and even Legos. All you need is a bit of ingenuity, and you can craft the perfect stand.

There are numerous videos online detailing how to approach this topic. If you’re interested in any computer DIY, you can check them out and make not one, but several different stands from different materials.

Leading Brands of the Best Laptop Stands

Normally, the best laptop stands would come from brands that don’t have a lot to do with computers in general. Don’t be surprised if your own pick for the best laptop stand comes from a company you’ve never heard of or from a brand which produces items for a completely different industry.


Since their first products came about in 1982, Kantek has made it their mission to provide customers with one thing: convenience.

One look at the Kantek product line and you’ll see quite a few things. You’ll see a lot of pencil and stationery holders with plenty of different compartments. Then you’ll pay attention to their PC desks. Next, you’ll see how good their computer screen filters are, and after buying one, you can say goodbye to eyesores.

But Kantek also makes stands. A lot of different stands, in fact. Some of them are for your laptop, but others can safely hold your tablet or your smartphone. Innovation does not end at Kantek, and their product line keeps growing.

Desk York

Desk York from Texas, USA is a small company. So small that you’d be forgiven if you skipped it while looking for a laptop stand or a computer table. However, size doesn’t matter; quality does. And Desk York does deliver when it comes to quality.

Clicking through their list of products, you can see that Desk York really loves making different types of desks. Some are PC-only, which is fine. Others are just for laptops, which is fine as well. But then you have products that combine the two.

Yes, Desk York’s laptop stands can also serve as PC tables. If there was ever a recipe for the best laptop stand, it definitely included this option.

Desk York also makes other products, such as portable laptop coolers. If you’re interested, you can give your laptop a full Desk York makeover with an awesome stand and an awesome cooler to help it out.


Here’s one you might have heard of. Mount-It!, true to their name, make and sell mounts for TVs and other devices. It’s another American original, hailing from San Diego, CA, and it has been in business since 2006. Almost fifteen years of quality work is a good sign, and the best laptop stands might just come from Mount-It.

Naturally, Mount-It!’s focus isn’t on laptops and computers. They make stands for all kinds of television sets, monitors, video and audio accessories and tablets. On their official website, you can check out the sheer number of different stands, mounts, and tables that you can get. In other words, your laptop might not be the only thing in the house getting a stand or a mount.


Here’s an odd entry. Pyle is known for making mainly audio products. They have existed since the 60s, but since then they had diversified their production. Now they make gadgets and tools for music, fitness and exercise, home and office work, boating and, of course, computers. So don’t let it surprise you to see a Pyle product on a list of the best laptop stands.

Best Laptop Stands — Our Top Ten

We’ve discussed the shapes and sizes of laptop stands. We’ve also talked about some of the major products and even touched upon the DIY option. Now we’ll dive into what we think are the best laptop stands of early 2019.

They are divided into several categories based on what they can do, where you can use them and what you can use them for. What we offer isn’t a worst-to-best list, however. We think that all of these products are the best laptop stands on the market, so whichever one of these works for you is your choice.

Best Adjustable Laptop Stand

1 – Neetto TB101 — Highly Portable & Versatile Use

Having an adjustable stand is a dream come true. Imagine that you have several people living in your house and that you’re all sharing the same laptop. However, you prefer to keep it on your lap, your sister wants to lay it on the bed next to her, your mother wants to put it on the floor for some reason, and your father prefers the classic ‘put it on the table’ method.

Naturally, they will need to put the laptop on a stand, but most stands can only work on one surface. That’s where the adjustable stands like Neetto come in. They can literally work anywhere, and all you need to do is adjust a few details here and there. Let’s see how Neetto does this.


When you take one look at it, you’ll think that Neetto is a breakfast tray. That’s because it is often described as a breakfast tray by the retailer. With its two light, but durable legs, you can absolutely use it as a breakfast table when you don’t feel like going to the kitchen or the dining room. Of course, it would be a shame to use such a good table just for eating, especially since it can do a lot.

The very legs are the secret. You can fold them on the inside of the table’s lower side. When you do it, you get a nice little tray that you can use on your lap. All of you laptop users that take the term ‘laptop’ literally will love that Neetto can do that.

The legs won’t bother you when they’re tucked in and the table itself will be light, so you can carry it anywhere. These are awesome features for the best laptop stand to have.

But it doesn’t end there. In case you need more height, simply adjust the legs. They are retractable and you can move them up or down. In addition, you can also tilt the whole stand at an angle. That way your wrists will work without the tension and the pain of a normal hand position during typing.

Potential Flaws

The vast majority of users didn’t like how the screws were used with Neetto. They were either too small, not screwed in properly, or a combination of both. If there’s one thing the best laptop stand cannot have, it’s loose or faulty screws.


2 – Desk York — Easy Adjustments to Match Your Seating Style

As stated earlier, Desk York really has an interesting series of products, despite being a small manufacturer. And the absolute best example is their Desk York foldable laptop stand. Even from the very first look, you can tell that there’s something different with this one. It’s very stylish, of course.

The slick black design and the strong, but soft edges make it a wonder to look at. Even the way it changes shape is spectacular. We won’t waste any more of your time — let’s take a look at it.


This particular laptop stand doesn’t have any legs. It’s not like a typical desk or table; however, that works to its advantage. It’s also not like a typical laptop stand because it doesn’t have an angle.

In fact, when you take it out of the box, it looks like a regular tray. But the secret is in the aluminum alloy brackets. You can bend and adjust the stand at three separate joints, both front and back. Right there you get a stand for your bed, for your table, for your desk or even for your TV mount.

But that’s not all. It also comes with open clamps which you can use to attach other gadgets. So, you won’t just have a stand for your laptop. You’ll also use it with your tablets and smartphones. Once you clamp them on, they will stay securely fastened.

And that’s still not all! Unlike most stands in retail, Desk York comes with its own cooling fan. Usually, this is reserved for coolers, but it’s still a neat little addition. Of course, you’ll be able to cool your laptop with the stand alone. But an extra option for a cooler laptop is never a bad thing.

Potential Flaws

A few customers shared how their particular models couldn’t adjust well. This problem wasn’t the case with other Desk York tables, but it’s still a notable flaw that you might want to take into account. In addition, Desk York might not safely hold all the laptop sizes. Some have known to either slip or not fit, which can be frustrating.


3 – SMONET Desk Riser — Wide Surface & Retractable Tray Design

SMONET is another one of those firms that don’t really get a lot of spotlight on the market. However, one look at their products at any store will catch your eye for sure. Desk Riser is the perfect example, and it might just be your choice for the best adjustable laptop stand, or even the best laptop stand altogether.

While Desk York and Neetto both have their benefits and flaws, they don’t really feel all-encompassing. Desk Riser, on the other hand, just screams ‘full package.’ It’s stacked, and it knows it. But is all that stacking really helping this stand? And what are some of its other features and quirks?


SMONET Desk Riser is rather bulky. But that’s to be expected since it has so much to offer. It has a nice, large, flat surface for your keyboard if you’re using a desktop computer.

Naturally, it’s not as big as the main flat surface, where your laptop will sit neatly. Not to mention that you will also fit your tablet, your cell phone, your smartphone, your monitor and even a notepad or two. It’s that wide.

The Desk Riser can support 60 pounds of weight. More importantly, it won’t wobble under that weight, as it is incredibly stable. If you want to tilt it at an angle, all you have to do is press the simple levers on its sides. The dual gas springs system will get the stand both up and down at any angle that works for you.

The design itself is also very cool-looking. With a mixture of grey and black, the Desk Riser fits any modern urban environment. You can use it in your room, your office or the pub and it won’t stand out. Sometimes a good design separates the best laptop table from the average ones.

Potential Flaws

As we said earlier, the SMONET Desk Riser is big. In fact, it’s bigger than most laptop stands on the market. The size of Desk Riser can be a problem if you travel a lot with your laptop. After all, you have to pack the stand with you. This stand, however, will take up a lot of room in your luggage.

In addition, a few people complained about how difficult it was to actually adjust the height. An adjustable laptop stand that’s hard to adjust can be a problem. However, as we stated, SMONET products don’t get a lot of attention, so these complaints are few and far between. You’re more than likely to buy a Desk Riser that works just fine.


Best Heavy Duty Laptop Stands

4 – Kantek — Sturdy With a Removable Organizing Drawer

Here we go, the first Kantek on this list. And judging by the looks of it, this bad boy can be the best laptop desk for bed AND table ‘users’ because of how simple it seems to be. But it’s the simplicity of Kantek that makes it stand out.

A neat black design and an all-plastic body give Kantek a nice, modern look. It won’t look out of place in any environment. Feel free to take it with you on business trips, at your office job, at your friend’s house for a night of movies and junk food—anywhere at any time, really.

However, we all know that design isn’t the only thing that puts Kantek among the best laptop stands. After all, it has to have other features as well. Features we’re about to explore.


This subsection is for heavy-duty laptop stands. In other words, the stand has to withstand a heavy laptop to even be on this list. Of course, Kantek has no problems in this area.

The plastic is very durable, and the design itself allows it to distribute weight evenly. We should note that both the top and the bottom platform have the same durability. If you want to, you can put anything on the lower platform, from books to additional laptops, and it won’t budge.

Kantek’s dual-layer stand comes with a drawer, too. This drawer is perfect for your notes, stationery, cables and other parts your laptop might need. And speaking of cables, the rear edge of the Kantek stand has two notches. They are perfect for cable management, and you won’t worry about tangling ever again.

Any candidate for the best laptop stand needs to have adjustable height. Of course, Kantek delivers this as well. All you need is to adjust the height of the legs to your liking, and you’re good to go. You can even buy additional legs for more height.

Potential Flaws

While the plastic might be sturdy and nice, it does give off a bit of a cheap vibe. After all, even the best laptop stands made of plastic can’t compete with those made of metal. In addition, the plastic was known to crumble from time to time.

Another potential issue is that Kantek isn’t a big stand. If you have a large laptop, it might not fit properly. In case you do, Kantek might not be the best option for you.


5 – Mount-It! — All-Steel Frame With Pedal Height Adjustment

Just look at this masterpiece! We have to say ‘masterpiece’ because when you use the Mount-It! stand, you feel like you’re painting on canvas or conducting a concert. It’s one of the most beautiful stands on the market right now, and it’s no wonder it would wind up on the best laptop stands list.


The Mount-It! stand doesn’t look like an average laptop stand might. Yes, it does have a tray where you can put your laptop or any other device, but the rest of its steel construction would have you think this is anything BUT a laptop stand. But it’s the steel frame that makes it unique.

A lever under the tray helps you tilt it any way you want to. In addition, at the base of the stand, you have a small pedal. All you need to do is press it, and you can adjust the height. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, the Mount-It! stand will be a good fit for you.

So how does this stand, erm, stand? Well, the V-shaped base has two adjustable feet made of rubber. They can fit any surface, and your stand will not slip. However, the base also contains two wheels. It doesn’t matter if you fold the stand or push it around while it’s completely open, the wheels will help you transport it anywhere.

Of course, we do have to talk about folding now that we’ve mentioned it. The entire stand can fold into itself, which makes it easier to push, carry or pack up when you don’t use it. That way it will take up less room than most other bulky laptop stands.

Finally, there’s the tray itself. It comes with a padded wrist rest, positioned so that your laptop doesn’t slip and fall. The tray is also large enough to hold laptops of any size.

Potential Flaws

Possibly the most glaring flaw of the Mount-It! stand is that you can’t use it on your lap or on your desk. Sure, the base itself is there, but sometimes people want to use their laptops on their laps. Sadly, the Mount-It! stand just can’t do that. It might be the best laptop stand for people who like their laptops to be ‘airborne,’ but it’s not for everyone.


Best DJ Laptop Stand

6 – Hola! Music HPS-300B — Ultimate Streamlined Laptop Holder for Professional Music Makers

Laptop stand manufacturers know that most modern DJs use laptops and software to play and mix their music. If you’re a DJ yourself, or even if you’re training to become one, you’ll need a proper stand for your laptop.

Of course, you can always mix music with your laptop on top of a flat surface, like a table. However, that might hurt your hands, which need to be active during the entire evening.

With that in mind, you have to get a stand that will make your laptop level with your chest, at the very least. Luckily, most DJ laptop stands come with an adjustable base. But what is the best DJ laptop stand? Also, can they work for you when it comes to everyday laptop use?

Well, Hola! Music HPS-300B might be the solution for you. It’s sturdy, stylish and sound will soar from it. So let’s take a look at what might be the best DJ laptop stand of early 2019.


HPS-300B is not really that complicated, and it doesn’t have to be. It’s a modest stand with a tripod base that you can extend and retract. Just like with the Mount-It! stand, you don’t have to worry about your own height. Simply adjust the stand to your liking and use it.

The tripod base gives HPS-300B stability. The last thing you need is for your laptop stand to tumble and fall during a performance. You might just end up with an angry mob of dancers and, even worse, a broken laptop. Nobody needs that.

Under the tray, you’ll find a knob. You will use this knob to adjust the tilt angle of the tray above. Adjust it so it fits your wrists well and doesn’t put any strain on them as you play your tunes.

Then there’s the tray itself. It has two stops on each long side, while the short sides are open. You can slip any piece of equipment in, and it won’t fall down. Naturally, it can fit more than just laptops. If you have a DJ console, a DJ mixer or a film projector, you can use this stand to mount them. It’s almost a multipurpose tool, in some sense.

Potential Flaws

The base is 15 inches long, so people with large laptops won’t be able to use the stand. That can be frustrating because the Hola! Music HPS-300B only comes in that one size. Not to mention that its options are limited if you just want a regular laptop stand.

For example, you cannot remove the tray from the base and use it on your lap. Non-DJ readers among you might not think this product is the best laptop stand for them.


7 – Starument Laptop DJ Mixer Tripod Stand — Lightweight & Sturdy

Tripod stands are popular for a reason. You can distribute weight evenly and save a lot of space. Not to mention that it works well with smaller objects, such as cameras and video equipment. It’s not all that surprising that manufacturers like Starument would use that design and make the best laptop stands with it.

If the name ‘Starument’ sounds familiar to you, congratulations, you really are on your way to becoming a good DJ. Starument has been making music mixing gear for years now. Or, to be precise, they have been making a lot of different stands for music equipment in general.

They offer microphone stands, speaker stands, DJ mixer stands like the one we’re about to delve into, and even bags for stands. Yes, Starument has dedicated their time and effort to making your experience with music as stable as possible. Let’s check out how stable it really is.


Starument DJ Mixer stand is, of course, a tripod one. The three legs are made of non-slip material so your laptop will stay on the ground while you’re mixing music. Moreover, you can adjust the angle of the legs for a better approach.

Of course, you can adjust far more than the legs. The whole body of DJ mixer can go up or down, so you can adjust the height as you see fit. You do this by using the knob below the tray. There is also a safety pin. Once you’ve chosen the best height, insert the pin and it will stay secure until you’re finished.

The DJ Mixer is tough. It’s made of steel and coated in black. After all, a proper laptop stand ought to be tough, especially if it helps electrify the dance floor. It also needs to be tough to hold other devices besides laptop. That’s why customers use the DJ mixer for projectors, notes, tablets, and other things.

Possibly the best feature of this laptop stand is that you can fold it away easily. The whole process takes maybe a couple of seconds. Moreover, it’s very light, so you can carry it with you anywhere. The best laptop stands are portable, and this one is no exception.

Potential Flaws

Just like the stand before it, the Starument DJ Mixer is not meant for people who put laptops on their laps. While you can fold the metal base, you can’t remove it from the tray. That is a shame, since this stand has all the durability you’ll need.


Best Laptop Desk for Beds

8 – Neetto Adjustable Laptop Bed Table — Functional & Elegant

Neetto is back, and this time we’re taking a look at one of their laptop desks for beds. The need for laptop stands that you can put on your lap has grown over the years. Of course, this isn’t that surprising. After all, you can pick up your laptop and put it anywhere.

In today’s ‘Netflix and chill’ world, people will prefer to lie in their bed and use their laptop rather than to sit upright and use a desktop computer. With so many people choosing laps over desktops, the need for laptop stands grows.

However, laptops overheat, and the heat doesn’t feel good on your legs. That’s why a decent laptop stand is a good option. Neetto decided to make an adjustable table just for that purpose. It was so good that it got onto the best laptop stands list, and there are valid reasons why it’s here.


First, let’s look at the design. That wooden finish on the tray looks beautiful. If you want a stand that would give you that ‘I feel at home’ vibe while you use it, Neetto is definitely your choice.

Of course, beauty isn’t the only thing about its design that stands out. Just like the earlier Neetto product, this stand has foldable legs that you can adjust. They’re in a perfect position, too.

You can use the stand as a breakfast tray, in your bed, on your lap or on your desk. You can even sit on the floor and type away. Neetto tries to make stands that fit every corner of the house, and you can tell that just by looking at it.

The size of Neetto is what separates it from most of the stands on this list. Namely, you can fit a 17” laptop on it and still have room for a mouse. Customers usually have an issue with stands that are too small or too narrow.

But Neetto is a great solution for laptops of any size. The wrist rests will prevent the laptop from sliding off, so you won’t have to worry about any accidental drops and breaks. There’s also a wrist rest for the mouse.

Potential Flaws

While the Neetto stand looks good and works well, it’s not as sturdy as some of the other options on this list. In addition, because of how big the tray is, it can be a bit difficult to put away. Sure, it gives you more space to work on, but it also takes up space if you want to store it somewhere.


9 – TaoTronics Laptop Table for Bed

TaoTronics is another one of those brands that not too many people know of, which is really a shame since they have a wide range of products. Not only do they make awesome audio equipment like soundbars and headphones, but they also make LED lamps, air humidifiers, barcode scanners, pet merchandise, and other products. In other words, laptop stands are just one segment of what TaoTronics cover.

So what made one of their products the best laptop desk for beds? Why would a company that focuses on audio products and LED lamps have any idea about what makes the best laptop stand? That’s what we’re here to find out.


Like Neetto before it, the TaoTronics laptop table has a nice, simple design that gets the job done. It has a large tray that can hold a 17” laptop and a mouse. Anything that can work with laptops of various sizes is okay in our book, and if you have a big laptop, you’ll want to get a TaoTronics table.

Like any other tables, this one can hold more than a laptop. You can use it as a breakfast tray, picnic tray, TV stand or tablet stand. With its foldable legs and adjustable tray, you can set it up and use it however you want. What’s more, it’s perfect if you like to chill on the floor or on your bed with your laptop in front of you.

Did we say it can hold more than laptops? Because that is literally what we meant — hold them. Near the wrist rest, the TaoTronics table has two fix clips. The rest would be enough, but the good people at TaoTronics wanted this product to secure your laptop in place. You will never worry about it slipping again as long as you use these clips.

Of course, we don’t have to mention that the legs are made of non-slip material and that leg extension is so easy that anyone can do it. High quality is par for the course with TaoTronics.

Potential Flaws

Most of the customer complaints were about the legs themselves. Either they would bend under a lot of weight or not lock in evenly. Both of these can be the reason not to get the TaoTronics laptop stand.

After all, if you have a sturdy, heavy laptop, bent legs can make the whole stand tumble. You can always fold the legs and use it on your table, but if you can’t use the legs themselves, there’s really no point in having them.


Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand

10 – Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand

Sometimes, absolute simplicity is key. Stands can be elaborate, they can look stylish or elegant, or they can look plain but endure a lot of weight. However, when you’re talking about getting the best laptop stand, you want something that takes up little room but does a lot of work.

The manufacturer knows this, and so they made a portable, adjustable laptop stand that can literally fit almost anyone. Laptop size won’t matter. Where you use it also won’t be relevant. This little stand can do a whole lot, which is why it has a place among our ten best laptop stands in early 2019.


Pyle laptop stand features almost nothing. And we don’t mean that in a derogatory way. It quite literally features almost nothing. When you look at it, it’s just a series of four line-it-up bars connected with more bars. It’s almost ridiculous how simple it looks. But if you recall our DIY section, you’ll notice that the simplest solutions can often be the best.

The legs look more like feet, and they feature non-slip technology to keep the stand secure on the surface. The body itself can be adjusted manually, so you can make the stand higher or lower depending on where you use it. And speaking of security, the whole body is made from durable materials such as aluminum, and it can withstand 44 pounds without bending.

Since the whole stand is just a series of bars, it’s perfect for distributing heat from the laptop. In other words, you’ll be surprised if you even feel any heat while using this stand since there isn’t any surface that the laptop’s underside can heat up.

Possibly the most interesting feature about the Pyle laptop stand is that you can literally disassemble it and carry it with you. Once you get to your destination, reassemble it, and you’re good to go. It’s a fun little assembly kit that happens to be the best laptop stand $20 can buy. Yes, it’s that cheap!

Potential Flaws

Pyle might be a good candidate for the best laptop stand, but it isn’t perfect. After all, it literally has nothing to offer other than being a stand. You don’t get a mouse portion or a tray, just the bars that hold your laptop. But if that’s what you think the best laptop stands need, then Pyle is the perfect choice for you.




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Pyle Portable Laptop Stand

The legs feature non-slip technology

The body can be adjusted manually

Made From Durable Materials Like aluminum

You Can Literally Disassemble it & Carry it With You

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