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Getting the Best Laptop Cooling Pad – an Introduction

We’ve all been there. Every time we use our laptops for a long time, they become piping hot. Of course, this feels off-putting, but it can also be dangerous for our health. Not only that, but it also damages the laptop itself.

Its circuitry can malfunction, its graphics card can go dead, and its CPU can work so hard that it just shuts down by itself. Therefore, if you’re having the same problem, we suggest buying a cooling pad for your laptop.

But What is the Best Laptop Cooling Pad Out There?

There are different ways to classify laptop cooling pads. Some perform well, but can’t work with 17” laptops. Others are big, but their fans rotate slowly. Then there’s the question of gaming. Every gamer out there knows that they need a good cooler if they want to play the game safely. Not only will it keep the laptop running better, but they won’t have to worry about it shutting down mid-game.

So which laptop cooler should you choose? How will you know which one works for your laptop right now? To answer that, we have provided you with a handy list of seven products. These are the best laptop cooling pads that early 2019 has to offer. We will address all of their features, point out potential flaws and at the end let you know what we think is the best laptop cooler out there.

Addressing Some Issues

But before we move to the list itself, we have to note a few important points. First, we have to know why a laptop might overheat. If you know the cause, maybe you can save money and buy a cheaper pad, or even make one.

Speaking of making pads, we will also cover a few DIY options for coolers in case you feel crafty. Finally, we will list all of the features that the best laptop coolers must have, as well as all of the top brands in the industry right now.

Why Do Laptops Overheat?

There are many different reasons why a laptop might overheat. In fact, not having a cooling pad is a reason enough in and of itself. You can place your laptop onto any surface, but sooner or later it will begin to get hot. There always needs to be a decent airflow beneath the device. That way you can greatly reduce overheating, but we’ll get to that later.

But not having a cooling pad is far from the only reason why a laptop might overheat. Let’s list a few others right now.

Hardware Issues

As strange as this may sound, both old and new laptops overheat. Old laptops can get overused. As a result, their internal cooling systems might begin to fail. For example, an internal fan might be broken.

A dislodged heat sink is also a possible reason. When it comes to the fan, it’s probably a good idea to reboot the laptop first. After all, it happens very often that the cooler just didn’t start up with the system itself. If that doesn’t help, you might want to get a cooling pad.

But what about new laptops? Well, it isn’t really a new laptop that’s the problem, but rather new hardware that you add to it. If you upgrade it with state-of-the-art components, they might begin to use more resources. And if your old components (CPU, graphics card, etc.) try to keep up with the new hardware, they overheat.

Software Issues

Of course, it’s not always hardware that gives us a hard time. For example, installing a new operating system on an old laptop can also force the components to work faster and harder. This action will naturally raise their temperature, and you’ll have issues.

Speaking of temperature…

Room Temperature

Room temperature plays a vital role in the computer’s performance. In fact, we’ll use an illustrative example to show you just how important it is for your laptop to be in a room with a decent temperature.

Roughly six years ago, a group of college students attempted to play the then-current game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a computer which had the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system installed. They managed to pull it off by placing the whole computer in the back of a working refrigerated van. They felt cold, but the game worked fine.

High-temperature rooms also affect the performance of your laptop. A hot or even a warm room can cause your hardware to overheat.

Clogging and Blockage

Dust, dirt and other things can get stuck in your laptop, either in its fans or in other hardware parts. As they accumulate, your laptop gets hotter and hotter. It might even suffer actual physical damage. Therefore, make sure your laptop is always dust-free.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions To Reduce Laptop Overheating

Of course, the best laptop cooling pad will cost money. Sure, not all of them are too expensive, but there are users out there who don’t have the $20 or more to get one. However, the internet is an inventive place, and luckily there are different ways of keeping the laptop cool.

Build a Simple Hollow Cooling Pad

As weird as it sounds, you can build your own cooling pad with low effort. All you really need is a base made of different materials. Plastic or wood would be good because of how hard they are. However, both of them also get hot quickly. Another option is cardboard, which is also the cheapest variant. Still, cardboard can be flimsy and unreliable, and it can even bend under the weight of the laptop.

Constructing these pads isn’t difficult. All instructions can be found online, which is also true for the pads that follow.

Build a Working Electric or Water-and-Electric Cooling Pad

This option requires a bit more effort than the last. In other words, you’ll need a laptop base, a couple of PC coolers, some LED lights, screws, etc. Naturally, each cooling pad will look different based on who makes it and for which type of laptop, but the instructions will nonetheless be online. You can even find them in How-To videos on YouTube and similar platforms.

Naturally, the better option is to go full electric. Water cooling is good and all, but water can damage the laptop. It’s really only a matter of time before some of the water spills onto the computer’s lower side or keyboard. You ought to approach this step with lots of caution.

Simplicity is Key

Upon buying a laptop, one man from Serbia decided to use nothing but four equal pieces of wood. He placed each of them along a lower edge of the laptop’s underside. That way he had a miniature “stand” for his laptop.

Of course, you can go one step further. You can use plastic and some glue. Four small plastic “corks” can elevate your laptop and allow the air to pass under it. The heat will get distributed evenly, and your laptop will be cooler. That is the magic of using simple, everyday objects instead of buying a cooling pad or building one from scratch.

How to Determine if You Need A Cooling Pad

Not all laptops would require a cooling pad. In fact, a lot of them will work just fine. In some cases, the pad just won’t make any noticeable difference. But not all laptops are the same and, more importantly, neither are all coolers.

Therefore, these are the situations when you might need a cooling pad.

Running Old Laptops

Yes, laptops are very expensive and very difficult to repair or replace. That’s why, on average, people use laptops that are up to three years out of date. Normally they just buy a new processor, a new graphics card (if possible) or even new internal coolers. But when it comes to users who can’t afford a new laptop but desperately need the old one to work, they might benefit from a $20 cooling pad.

Old laptops can turn themselves off when overheated. Or even worse, they can malfunction beyond repair. For these laptops, you’ll definitely need a cooling pad.

Old Software

Much like with old hardware, you’ll need a cooler to make your computer run smoothly and without overheating. Older operating systems can eat up CPU performance if you push them to their upper limits. That’s when the whole laptop crashes, and you lose potential data. As such, getting a cooling pad will help you out greatly.

Personal Comfort

Some people choose to sit at their desks. Others prefer their laptops on their beds, chairs, the floor, and yes – even the lap. But these surfaces heat up faster than a tabletop or a desktop. Not to mention that you might even risk starting a fire using them. With that in mind, you’ll more than likely need a cooling pad when you’re not at your desk or table.

Key Features for Top Laptop Cooling Pads

There are more than a few useful features that the best laptop cooler on the market must have. They include everything from size to performance, from connectivity to noise. As such, we will list some of these features right here.


Price is by no means the most important feature, but you’ll want to save as much money as possible. However, you don’t want to buy something that’s cheap, but useless. That would be wasteful, and you’d end up spending more on a new laptop cooling pad anyway.

The best laptop cooling pad costs somewhere between $20 and $30. Anything below that is sub-par, and anything above is an expense you don’t really need.

Active or Passive Cooling

Active cooling involves fans. If you’re a gamer, you’ll need a pad that has fans, and the best laptop cooler for gaming usually has at least three. More on that later.

If you’re using your laptop more casually, any of the DIY options we listed above will work for you. Alternatively, you can buy a simple laptop stand with some holes punctured into its surface. That will allow the room temperature to slowly absorb the heat from your laptop.

Cooling Fans

Most of the online best laptop cooling pad reviews will claim that it’s better to have fewer fans because they make less noise. That can be true, but if you’re using your laptop non-stop, having more fans will be better.

The best thing to do is to buy a decent pad with more than two fans, but one that makes less noise. Our list contains a few pads that have more than two fans, and all of them are silent when they perform.

Size and Weight

Again, this depends on what you plan to use your laptop for. If you want to carry it around with you, make sure the cooling pad is smaller and lightweight. For gamers that prefer to use their laptop at home, a sturdier, bigger laptop cooling pad is the way to go.

Fan Power

This term usually refers to the rotations per minute, or RPM, that the fans make. The best laptop cooling pad has very fast fans as they produce more cool air and reduce the heat quicker than others. If you can get a pad where you can adjust the fan speed, that’s even better.

Noise Level

Fans usually produce noise, at least when it comes to desktop computer coolers. What you need is a cooler that makes little to no noise. The best laptop cooler will have lots of fans, they will have lots of RPM, but none of them will make any noise.

Extra Features

Usually, a laptop cooling pad has only one major feature. You guessed it; it’s “cool my overheated laptop.” However, plenty of products out there now offer special features. If you’re getting a regular cooling pad, make sure it has extra USB slots for more connectivity.

Also, if you prefer lap desks, there are those that come with mouse pads, wrist rests, smartphone sockets and other interesting features. Getting a pad with these options is a dream come true for a tech enthusiast.

Laptop Cooling Pads – List of The Top Brands that Dominate

While they aren’t as high-profile as other major computer component manufacturers (like nVidia, Epson, Razer, etc.), there are more than a few cooling pad brands that dominate the market. Naturally, not all of those brands will be on this list, but a few will make an appearance.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master (CM) needs no introduction. Since the early 90s, this brand has been making high-quality cooling products and other components for desktop computers. They’re pioneers in innovation and keep going strong in 2019 as well. A list of their top-selling products would be too long to be included in this text. They’re extremely popular, and with good reason.


Based in Shenzhen, TopMate (TM) is a booming giant that manufactures computer peripherals. Visiting their official website, you’ll see high-quality keyboards and mice, power banks and laptop coolers, but you’ll also see other technology that involves scooters, motorcycles and other vehicles. TopMate is constantly expanding, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.


High-end keyboards, headphones, mice, chargers, USB hubs, coolers – all of this and more earns Havit the spot on this list. They were founded in 1998 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Since then, they’ve expanded all over mainland China and began dominating the local tech world. In 2017, they went global, and their products became a household name worldwide.


Based in Liverpool, UK, TeckNet has provided Europe and the world with amazing tech since 2005. Their focus is on desktop computers; they produce high-quality keyboards and mice, webcams, USB hubs, gaming gear, and cooling pads. However, they also expanded into other venues. You can easily get a TeckNet smartphone case, speakers, smart doorbells or different types of chargers.

KLIM Technologies

KLIM is a fairly young company currently based in Hong Kong with a mostly European development team. They began humbly by wanting to make cheap cooling products for gaming laptops. Since then, they have expanded. They now offer a wide range of gaming products, such as pads, mice, keyboards, headsets, and others.


Based in Taiwan, Thermaltake is now exactly 20 years old. Their original mission was to create the best gaming products out there, and 20 years later they’re still a top brand on the market. Aside from coolers, they also produce keyboards, mice, headphones and headsets, power banks, PC tower chassis, memory cards, and even gaming chairs.

Very recently they launched a new accessory brand called Luxa2. This brand focuses more on audio and mobile equipment. If you visit their website, you can purchase headphones, earphones, wireless speakers, car and bike mounts, and charging equipment.


LapGear is not exactly a tech company. Rather, they focus on your comfort while you’re using your equipment. As such, they have a wide range of lap desks, tablet pillows, trays, and tables. They even have tablet equipment for children.

Basically, LapGear‘s entire business model is to make the laptop and tablet users feel comfortable in any position. Whether you’re standing, sitting, lying, kneeling or squatting, you’ll get a kick out of a LapGear product.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads – the List

So, we went over what makes our laptops overheat. We then counted all the features that the best laptop cooling pad needs to have. It’s about time we got to discuss the actual products themselves.

Naturally, we took all the key features listed above into consideration when making this list. All of these products have at least several of these features, each. But they’re not all the same, of course.

Every laptop is different. That means that every laptop deserves a different type of cooling pad. We’ve chosen three different categories based on size, preference, and purpose of your laptop. In other words, we will be listing what the best laptop cooling pad for your lap is, the best pads for 17” laptops, and finally the best pads for gamers.

At the end of the list, we will declare what we think is the best cooling pad for laptop users in 2019. Naturally, if any of these other pads work for you, feel free to visit your local retailer and buy one.

With that in mind, let’s dig into the list.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad for Your Lap

1 – TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad – Excellent Air Flow Technology

TeckNet has provided its customers with several interesting cooling pad products in the past. This particular pad, the N5, has proven itself to be an excellent way to keep the laptop cool for users who prefer laps to desktops or other surfaces. It’s lightweight, has a simple design and gets the job done perfectly. Not to mention that it offers a few other key options you’d want from a cooling pad.


TeckNet N5 has two coolers that provide it with a dual air intake. These two will vent the hot air coming from the laptop and get rid of it, allowing your laptop to work properly. But it’s not just about the fans. The pad also has a porous metal mesh that allows for more air flow.

TeckNet designers decided to give the N5 a gentle slope. That way your laptop will be in an optimal position every time you use it. The underside has an anti-skid base, so your pad won’t move around on a smooth surface. You can place it on a table or a desk, and it won’t slide away. Aside from this, the pad can support any laptop size up to and including 16”. You won’t have to worry about the weight; the metal mesh will handle it.

Like all other cooling pads worth their salt, the N5 has USB connectivity. You can connect it to your laptop without the need to use the power cord. This feature makes it perfect if you want to lie down and type from your bed since you won’t have a cord in your way. The pad itself offers two additional USB ports as well as an on-off switch.

But what about performance? How does it work and does it make a difference? Well, the fans of the TeckNet N5 perform very silently. Nothing but a pleasant hum of the air flow. That way you won’t have to worry about noise. Enjoy your movies, games, and music while your laptop cools in the background.

Finally, the TeckNet N5 is lightweight. You can take it anywhere with you around the house, and it won’t feel like you’re dragging a pad alongside your laptop.


TeckNet N5 cooling pad obviously isn’t for larger laptops. If you’re using a larger rig, you might want to take a look at the other products on this list. In addition, it’s not powerful enough to support a serious gaming computer. Naturally, you can use it for playing games, but it doesn’t have the capacity to work for tens of hours non-stop. You’ll need a more powerful cooling pad for that.

As far as performance is concerned, a few customers complained about it vibrating. If that happens, contact customer support to see what’s going on.


2 – AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk – Incredible Features & Retractable Mouse Pad

Now, this is innovation! Just one look at this product lets you know you’re not getting an average cooling pad. But then again, innovation is nothing new with AboveTEK. They’ve been making decent tech products for years now, and the Portable laptop lap desk is merely one more in the long line of laptop coolers.

But what makes it stand out? After all, there are clearly other laptop lap desks out there from other manufacturers. Why would you want to buy an AboveTEK product in the first place?


One feature that immediately stands out is the retractable mouse pad. While it’s not really a cooling feature, we will look at it anyway. Most of the time, people will shop for clunky lap desks that are made of wood, metal or plastic.

They get the job done, but they can feel uncomfortable and don’t allow your body to shift positions. You have to be constantly sitting on your bed to do any work. But not with this lap desk. You can literally put it anywhere and use it.

So what does the mouse pad have to do with this? The answer is simple. Even with a solid wooden lap desk, you’d need a flat surface for your mouse. Sure, you can buy a mouse pad and put it on your bed next to you, but that still doesn’t solve the problem.

Having a mouse pad built directly into the lap desk is more convenient and allows you more mobility. Of course, if you don’t use the mouse, just retract the pad back in.

And you’re probably thinking “that’s nice and all, but how does this cool my laptop?” The surface of the lap desk is made from durable, thick material. It allows heat to redistribute so that your laptop doesn’t suffer from overheating. It also protects your lap from the heat going through. As AboveTEK themselves state, user safety is their first priority with this lap desk.

AboveTEK lap desk offers a few other features as well. For example, the retractable mouse pad can go either way, so both right-handed and left-handed people can use it. In addition, it has USB connectivity and can work with any laptop up to 15.7” large. Moreover, you can also use it on whatever surface you want, as it has a textured, anti-skid surface.


AboveTEK Portable lap desk does have a few shortcomings. For example, the mouse pad itself is a bit small. Users complained about not having enough room to fit their mouse or move it around. In addition, some wear did occur with the rubber sections of the lap desk. They weren’t serious, but if that’s something that concerns you, you might want to pick a different product.


Best Laptop Cooling Pad For 17 Inch

The previous cooling pads work well for smaller laptops. However, there are users that prefer bigger laptops, and bigger laptops need bigger cooling pads. Here are a few that fit that criterion well.

3 – Havit HV-F2056 – It is Wear Resistant

Three fans, large surface, wear-resistant – all of these are the features you immediately think of when you look at Havit HV-F2056. Not only will it support bigger laptops with its sturdy design, but it will also work quietly and reduce any excess temperature.

On top of that, it looks nice and doesn’t weigh a lot. Right there you have a recipe for a good purchase. But does it perform that well? And more importantly, what else does it have to offer? We’re about to find out.


One thing you will immediately notice with HV-F2056 is that it has three large fans. Each of these fans is 110 mm or 4.3 inches in diameter. They work by blowing the cold air from the bottom of the pad to the bottom of the laptop.

The reason it’s so effective is because of that extra fan. Three is always better than two, and with this particular pad, you can rest assured there won’t be any heat problems. On top of that, the fans work quietly, so you won’t get distracted by noise when doing what you have to do on your laptop.

Another important feature is the sturdiness. The mesh of HV-F2056 is made of metal. This metal is rather hard and doesn’t wear down easily. Moreover, it doesn’t slide on flat surfaces. You can literally use the pad anywhere and not have to worry about it slipping or moving about. The entire surface of the pad is large enough to accommodate 17” laptops, but you can buy it even if you own a smaller laptop than that.

Speaking of the pad’s underside, it’s not just hard and friction-proof. It also contains two “feet” that you can use to adjust the height. This option is especially useful if you plan on keeping the pad on the desk.

Of course, being sturdy and light-weight isn’t the only thing that sets HV-F2056 apart from other cooling pads. Like others on this list, it comes with two USB ports. Just plug your laptop in, and the pad will do the rest.

We should mention that this pad, like those before it on this list, works just as well on your lap as it does on your desk.


Unlike other cooling pads on this list, the HV-F2056 seems to “quit” on its users often. They either report the fans slowing down or stopping altogether after a few months of use. That’s quite an issue, and it’s an issue that may make you consider buying a different cooling pad.

Other users reported that the grip didn’t work with their MacBook products. If you’re a Mac user, the HV-2056 might not be for you.


4 – LapGear Home Office Pro Lap Desk – Open Slot For Smartphone & Mouse

LapGear home appears a bit bulkier than our previous entries. However, don’t let the big size fool you. This lap desk is an excellent way to cool your laptop, not to mention that it offers plenty of other options.

Much like AboveTEK, LapGear also saw a great opportunity when they decided to invest in making light, ergonomic lap desks. However, as you will see shortly, they went one step further in terms of size and usage. In fact, you can say that this little lap desk is a millennial’s dream come true.


First, let’s talk size. LapGear Home Office Pro can easily be the best 14” laptop cooling pad, that’s for sure. But this section is about larger laptops. On that front, this pad allows us to use it with a laptop that’s 17.3” big. It’s a bit bigger than the Havit HV- F2056, but then again it is a lap desk, not just a cooling pad.

Now that we’re on the subject, let’s discuss how Home Office Pro can cool your laptop. Both the upper and lower side of this lap desk contain dual bolster cushions filled with microbeads. Not only will they make your lap feel comfortable, but they’ll also reduce any excess heat.

LapGear actually consulted multiple laptop manufacturers when it comes to this issue. That’s why they designed it to be perfectly safe and ergonomic for your convenience.

Then we get to that feature you immediately see when you click on an image of Home Office Pro. Yes, that’s a mouse pad right there, and yes, there is a smartphone socket above it. Home Office Pro takes into account that you have several devices.

As such, it provides you with enough space to use them at the same time. Unfortunately, the mouse pad is positioned on the right, so it’s not entirely suited for left-handed folks. However, you always have the option of not using the mouse at all.

Taking a second look at the Home Office Pro, you’ll notice that it has something else besides the mouse pad and the smartphone socket. It also comes with a handy wrist rest. You can use your laptop without having to worry about carpal tunnel and other related conditions.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that the fabric doesn’t slide. You can use this lap desk on any flat surface anywhere.


Possibly the biggest potential flaw of LapGear Home Office Pro is its price. After all, paying almost $60 for a laptop stand is rather steep. Not to mention that you can find cheaper options with more features anywhere online. However, you can always get this lap desk if you’re not concerned about money.

Another potential flaw is how firm and hard the wrist rest is. It will keep your hand in a good position, but after a while, it might begin to chafe.


Best Laptop Cooling Pad For Gaming

Are you an avid gamer? If so, you must know how frustrating it is when your laptop shuts down in the middle of the game. Sadly, this happens often when older laptops overheat. It’s no wonder, then, that gamers, in particular, can benefit a lot from buying a high-quality laptop cooling pad. So let’s take a look at what the best gaming laptop cooling pad in 2019 might be.

5 – Tree New Bee Cooling Pad – Four Fans & Almost Noise-Free

Gamers, rejoice! Tree New Bee offers a great set of options. And yes, one of those is the cool little pun in its name.

With Tree New Bee, you get a cooling pad with a sturdy build, four cooling fans, extra USB slots and plenty of other interesting features. And don’t worry about the size of your laptop. Tree New Bee can handle both the big boys and the smaller gadgets. Why is it so great? Let’s give it a once-over and find out.


As we mentioned, Tree New Bee comes with four cooling fans. Unlike regular laptops, gamers’ laptops need to work longer hours. Very often, that means putting a lot of pressure on the CPU and the graphics card.

That’s why gamers require good cooling, and pads like Tree New Bee help. The four fans cool the laptop’s underside without making any noise. But if you want more power with your fans, you have the option to do so.

Just turn the fans up using the two dials on each side of the cooler. It’s an amazing feature that lets you play even on extremely hot days. Not to mention that it will also cool your lap pretty well when you do this.

But the dials and the fans aren’t the only good features about Tree New Bee. Its size can fit both small and large laptops, going as far as 17” in size. Weight isn’t an issue either. The mesh on the upper side of the pad is made of metal. It’s sturdy, hard to wear down and doesn’t allow any sliding. Your laptop will stay safe and secure once you put it on.

The underside of the pad has two adjustable feet. You can have them in or out, depending on what angle works for you.

Of course, we can’t talk about cooling pads without mentioning USB connectivity. Like any similar high-quality product, the Tree New Bee provides a few extra USB slots. That way you don’t have to use the ones on your laptop for extra cables. If you want to charge your smartphone while you play games, simply plug it into the cooling pad and let it charge in the background.

Last, but not least, are the fanlights. The futuristic blue color gives them a proper gaming look that you’ll appreciate.


Tree New Bee’s fans are its top feature. However, when those fans break down frequently, it becomes a problem. Quite a few users reported one or two of their fans not working after as little as a week of usage. That never looks good for a product.

Moreover, the cooler doesn’t cool on the side. It merely cools upwards, so you might feel the heat on the side of your laptop. If that doesn’t work for your gaming rig, a different pad should work for you.

Finally, while the mesh itself is strong, the pressure of the laptop on it will press onto the fans themselves. That might cause some noise, and the last thing a good cooling pad needs is to make noise.


6 – KLIM Pro Laptop Cooling Pad – Rapid Cooling Action at Its Best

When you visit their website, you’ll find that KLIM claims to be the top manufacturer in the PC cooling industry. It might sound like a “weird flex,” but KLIM has a lot of amazing products to back up this claim. One of them is KLIM Pro Cooler.

Of course, one look at the pad will make you think it’s nothing special. But looks can be deceiving. Not only is KLIM Pro powerful, but it’s also durable, lightweight, silent and provides decent anti-slippage. Looks alone won’t get a cooler like KLIM on the list of best laptop cooling pads, so let’s see what makes it tick.


You’ve surely noticed the two massive fans under the durable metal mesh, right? Of course, any gamer would settle for no less than three fans. After all, the more fans a cooling pad has the more air flows.

As we’ve seen with the earlier pad, you need plenty of cool air during a long and rough gaming session. But even though KLIM Pro lacks quantity, it makes up for it in size. Each of these fans is 140 mm or 5.5 inches in size. Moreover, they both spin at 1200 RPM. That is incredibly fast, especially with a pad that’s this small and this light.

Speaking of light, the KLIM Pro only weighs 550 grams or 1.2 pounds. It’s very light, to say the least. You can carry it with you anywhere if you want to game outside of your house. It will also fit neatly in your laptop bag.

Of course, because of its size, it won’t fit laptops bigger than 15”. However, that won’t be a problem for you gamers out there with laptops smaller than that.

We’ve seen how big and heavy the KLIM Pro is. Now let’s focus on the fans a bit more. KLIM boast that this pad’s fans run at 26db. To put it simply, you won’t even hear the cooler when it’s on. Don’t forget; they spin at 1200 RPM. If a pad runs that fast and makes no noise, you won’t regret buying it.

Finally, there’s the USB issue. It won’t surprise you that it offers an extra slot. Every USB slot on a laptop is important, so KLIM Pro gives you another one in case you need to plug something else in.


The fans are large and work fast. However, they also tend to break down after a few months. However, most cooling pads on this list have similar issues, and the people who reported the issue are in the minority. Most people had no problem with KLIM Pro’s fans.

They did, however, have issues with the USB ports. After a while, they would stop working. If you cannot connect your cooler to your laptop via USB, it’s pretty much useless. Not to mention that you won’t be able to use any other USB device with the cooling pad itself.


Which Is The Best Laptop Cooler Pad to Buy?

We’ve seen several options so far. We talked about the best pads for your lap, the best pads for 17” laptops and the best gaming laptop pads. But what would be the best option for all three of these categories?

Of course, that’s very hard to answer because different users want different things. But there is one laptop cooling pad that often gets rated the best of 2019. A product that works well with both big and small laptops, for gamers and casual users alike. And, of course, you can use it in your lap and on your desk all the same.

7 – Tenswall Laptop Cooler – 5 Extremely Quiet Fans Plus USB Ports

It’s odd to see Tenswall on this list. After all, Tenswall isn’t known for its PC components. They make wireless doorbells and aromatherapy diffusers. We can all agree that those two have absolutely nothing to do with laptops.

However, they do dabble in technology from time to time. You will often see Tenswall headsets and headphones sold online. It wasn’t long before they made their first laptop cooler with four very quiet fans. This year, they decided to go one step further and offer five fans and plenty of other options. Let’s see what makes the Tenswall Laptop Cooler the best of this list.


Yes, we will repeat that one more time – five fans! Right there you can see that gamers will love this cooling pad. As we stated earlier, the more fans your pad has, the better. Five of them working at once will give your laptop all of the cooling it needs. Of course, it goes without saying that the fans don’t make any noise, which is impressive since there are so many of them cool at the same time.

The fans are under a strong, durable metal mesh. However, the frame is made from equally durable ABS material. It doesn’t slip, and it takes a while to show any signs of wearing off. In other words, your laptop won’t slip, nor will the pad itself slip once you put it on a flat surface.

Speaking of the pad and the frame, we have to mention the stand. You can set the cooling pad at any angle, and it will safely stay that way until you change it. This setup works perfectly for anyone who wants to, for example, watch a movie or a TV show and not have their laptop overheat. Just tilt the pad at an angle where you can see it, and you’ll enjoy your movie without worry.

Naturally, USB connectivity is important, and this pad has it. You can safely connect your laptop to it, and then use the extra slot on the pad itself to connect other devices. Next to the USB ports is the on and off switch. Once you feel like switching off your laptop, you can do the same with the cooler. It’s literally a matter of flicking a switch.

Last, but definitely not least, this cooling pad can support laptops as big as 17”.


Most flaws with the Tenswall cooler are minor. Usually, it’s about the middle fan working more slowly than usual or about the slight tilt when you set it up. However, the pad is still as durable and silent as the best pads out there.


Why Is It The Best?

Tenswall Laptop Cooler fulfills every requirement listed earlier in this text. It’s very durable, doesn’t slip and doesn’t wear off. However, it’s light enough for you to carry around anywhere. Since it can stand on any surface, you can use it in your lap.

Moreover, it has five separate fans, so if you’re an avid gamer, you’ll get a great kick out of it. Finally, it can support a laptop of any size up to 17”. Big and small laptops alike will work with this champ. At almost $30, it’s more than a bargain. And, more importantly, it’s the best laptop cooling pad in early 2019.

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