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Choosing the Best Laptop Backpack- An Introduction

Laptop users need a good case for their computers. However, it can’t just be any old bag. At the very least, it has to be durable, resistant to water, big enough to fit the laptop and, if possible, look nice. Luckily, there are many laptop backpacks sold online and in computer shops. Picking the best laptop backpack, however, is not easy.

If you’re looking for a good laptop bag, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared a list of 15 laptop backpacks that we think are the best on the market right now. 2019 has been a good year in terms of laptop cases, and from the looks of it, many more high-quality products are on the way. But you can’t wait that long. You need to get your hands on the most durable laptop backpack as soon as possible. So let’s not waste any more time and jump into it.

Different Laptop Backpack Styles

Before you pick the best laptop carrying bag, you need to know what types of backpacks exist out there. To be precise, we’re not just talking about actual backpacks. We’ll also cover bags, briefcases and sleeves, i.e., almost every type of laptop backpack out there. The cool thing about these products is how creative and interesting they can get. So who knows, maybe we’ll get an entirely different type of backpack for our laptops in the near future.

Business-Style Briefcases

You’ve definitely seen these bags being sold as the basic, go-to bags for any laptop. They are usually simple, bulky leather bags that businesspeople use. Usually, they’re black or brown, but you can get them in any other color.

What makes these bags unique is how durable they can be. Their handles and edges can be coated in plastic, or even completely made of it. Some even incorporate metal parts. There are even business-style briefcases for laptops that come with wheels and a telescoping handle. For those of you who don’t know the term, it’s the retractable handle that suitcases with wheels have. You pull it out, and you drag the suitcase around without having to carry it in your hand.

Whatever gender you might be and whatever job title you might have, these bags are amazing to look at. They are high-quality products with good durability and a neat design.

Backpacks and Messenger Bags

These are just as common as business-style briefcases. One key difference between them is the material they’re made from. Messenger bags are usually made from fabric and light leather. That way they won’t weigh your hand any more than they need to. In addition, they can be used in any situation. Even hardened business people sometimes choose to have a messenger bag rather than a briefcase.

One more important detail to note is that these bags are among the cheapest laptop backpacks out there. If you’re on a budget, getting one of these would be no problem. What would be a problem is the fact that they are the least water-resistant bags on the market. Their material will soak up rainwater or any other liquid quickly. That can damage your laptop, so if you like to carry it with you during rainy days, a stronger backpack might be a better option.

Laptop Totes and Handbags

Unlike the previous two backpack types, this one is largely for the ladies. Laptop handbags look exactly as their name suggests they would. They are simple handbags, but with plenty of room to fit a small laptop with enough space for other items a modern lady might need. Usually, they are made of leather, though they can combine other elements, such as different metals and fabric.

The leather itself makes these bags very durable. Not to mention that the designs can get very creative. After all, any woman worth her salt would want a nice-looking handbag. And that’s not a stereotype; the market speaks for itself and the handbag market, in particular, is rather big.

Of course, there are two issues with these types of backpacks. The first is that they are gender-specific. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can isolate an entire potential market. The other issue is the size. Most of these laptop handbags are designed only to fit smaller laptops and mini-PCs. If any of our female readers have a bigger laptop, maybe they’ll want to try buying a bigger type of backpack.

Laptop Sleeves and Laptop Covers

And here you have the absolute cheapest option for your laptop. Nearly every supermarket with an electronics section is selling these sleeves, either for laptops or tablet computers. Of course, it’s no wonder that they are. These bags sell really well. Not only are they less pricey than all three options listed above, but they’re also lightweight and easy to carry. In addition, you can get them in so many different, fun styles that just carrying it makes you feel younger.

But the sleeves and covers have a major issue. Namely, they aren’t made for long trips or long walks. The reason is that they’re simply not as tough or firm as the bags listed before them. Most of the material used in making these sleeves is soft fabric and, on occasion, rubber. Neither of the two can last long in the rain or harsh weather. Not to mention that they can get damaged easily. To sum up, yes, they are very cheap and pretty, but they won’t replace a proper laptop backpack.

Actual Backpacks

Yes, the best laptop backpack can indeed be an actual backpack. The only difference is that these backpacks get wider and slimmer than those you’d use to carry books or picnic lunches. Depending on who’s making them, these backpacks can be either strong and durable or light and easy to carry. The cool thing is that you get plenty of pockets and compartments for your laptop peripherals.

The Most Common Computer Backpacks Materials

Just like the style, the material is also important for the best laptop backpack. After all, you’ll be using this bag to carry your laptop around. That means it must be capable of not allowing any damage to the machine.

So let’s look at the materials most commonly used to manufacture best laptop backpacks.


We know the major flaws of plastic. It can break under pressure, bend or melt in the heat, scratch from friction…the list goes on. However, high-quality plastic will provide you with the rigidity any bag needs. Not to mention that you can get plastic in any color and that you can stylize it further.


Usually, when we say “metal in our bags,” we don’t mean that the entire bag should be metal. That would make it heavy and impractical. But a few key parts made of steel or copper can reinforce the bag properly. For instance, having metal zippers, metal corners and wheels will keep the shape of your bag as it is.


You will often see this material used in bag manufacturing. The reason behind this is that polyester is both soft and durable, both strong and smooth. Naturally, there are different types of polyester out there, so it’s entirely up to you what type of polyester laptop backpack you want.


Another classic when it comes to bags, nylon can withstand a lot of wear and tear, yet still maintain its stylish look. Usually, nylon backpacks come with tiny grids and small structure weaves.

Cotton Canvas and Fabric

While it isn’t as durable as the other materials on this list, cotton canvas is still pretty strong. More importantly, it feels good to the touch and can have wonderful designs.


Choosing a leather laptop backpack is something that wealthy customers usually do. They have a point, though. Leather just looks and feels splendid on any item of clothing or accessory. Therefore, owning a decent leather bag is a definite “yes” to any interested customer.

Other Common Materials

There are plenty of ways to make a laptop backpack and most of them work on a similar principle to the six listed above. A few that we left out of the list include polyurethane, microfiber, PVC, tarpaulin, neoprene, and so on. Most of these materials are synthetic. In other words, the manufacturers avoid using natural materials for one reason or another. However, some modern brands appeared that openly promote eco-friendly bags which don’t contain harmful environmental substances.

The Leading Laptop Backpack Brands

Making laptop backpacks is essentially just an extended business option of regular bag manufacturers. With that in mind, expect to see some very famous names on this list. One of these will have the best laptop backpack listed at the end.


No list would be complete without this giant’s name. Samsonite has been manufacturing high-quality products since its inception in 1910 in Denver, Colorado, USA. Naturally, the prices reflect the quality, as buying a simple Samsonite suitcase can cost you quite a bit.

But proud Samsonite owners know why they paid that extra money for their suitcase. It will always be durable, resistant to the elements and look amazingly stylish. There isn’t a gentleman or a lady of higher status out there that doesn’t own a product made by this company. So it was only natural that, after making suitcases, duffel bags, handbags, rucksacks, cosmetics cases, wallets, shopping bags and, of course, briefcases, Samsonite decided to delve into the laptop backpack market.

And delve they did. If you can afford a Samsonite, you can get any type of bag listed earlier in the text. They manufacture and sell sleeves, covers, laptop briefcases, messenger bags and regular backpacks for your laptop.


It is very difficult to beat Samsonite, but some brands can go toe to toe with them. SwissGear is one of those brands. A branch company of Wenger and based in the US, SwissGear produces quite a few things you’d associate with Switzerland.

And since their parent is the actual creator of the Swiss army knife, they naturally started off with knives, watches and other items. Soon enough, they branched into luggage manufacturing, and over the years they also began making laptop backpacks and other associated products.

Black Hill

Another European newcomer, Black Hill from Sweden offers a wide range of luggage options. They manufacture and sell handbags, shoulder bags, sports bags, backpacks, and laptop bags. In addition, they also sell different headwear like caps and beanies.

One detail that makes Black Hill stand out is their commitment to green manufacturing. On the about page of their website, you’ll be introduced to their Green Line of products. Each of them is made in an environmentally-friendly way, and they contain no harmful substances that can poison the soil or the air.


The motto of California-based Vaschy is “simple and neat.” That is exactly what they strive for, and when you look at their products, you can see the results of their decision. Each female handbag they make is charming and simple, without any pomp or glitz.

Their pencil cases, wallets, duffel bags, and even laptop backpacks are the same. You know what you’re getting with Vaschy, so it’s no wonder they climbed to the top ten lists of handbag sales in 2018.


Osprey is also fairly new. The owner and founder, Mike Pfotenhauer, started off small and humble in the world of business. However, right now Osprey manufactures high-quality bags of all types that have thousands of fans worldwide. Much like Black Hill, Osprey is also committed to the cause of keeping the environment clean, and each of their products reflects that.


Another in the line of top sellers of last year, Matein has a simple philosophy in life. High-quality backpacks, reasonable prices. That’s it. And it is that motto that has landed their products in the hands of thousands of satisfied consumers. Whether you need a hiking backpack, a strong briefcase or a laptop backpack, Matein’s got you covered.

Top Laptop Bags Reviews

Best Laptop Backpacks for Women

1 – Mancro Laptop Backpack – Budget-Friendly with In-Built Anti-Theft Features

What can the best laptop backpack for women have? How about plenty of room for a reasonable price and a decent design? That’s what Mancro laptop backpack is all about. Ladies, if you have a small laptop that needs a good, high-quality bag, you’ve come to the right place. Now let’s see what this backpack has to offer.


First of all, the backpack looks great. It comes in seven different colors, so if the typical grey isn’t for you, feel free to pick a different one. But it’s more than just the color. After all, the very design of the backpack is simple, yet effective.

The main compartment has a high-quality zipper with a security padlock. Inside you have the section for your laptop as well as a very large main pocket. The side pocket and the mini-side pocket are also spacious, and they’re at the front of the backpack.

Mancro laptop backpack is made of durable nylon that can withstand rough weather. Of course, we don’t recommend walking outside in bad weather with a laptop, but if you do, your computer will be safe. The padlock allows you to protect the inside of your backpack from thieves.

What actually makes this backpack awesome is the USB charging port on its side. That’s right – you can actually plug a cable into the USB port and charge your phone or tablet as you walk. How cool is that?! You don’t have to carry around a clunky power bank anymore. Your backpack will do the charging for you.

Potential Flaws

Like most laptop backpacks for women, the Mancro is made for laptops under 15” in size. Of course, not all women buy small laptops, though most do according to market research. Nevertheless, if you have a big laptop and need a bag for it, Mancro might not be for you.

Also, the material this backpack is made from is nylon. While that works great in bad weather, it doesn’t feel as good to the touch as actual leather. And we know how attractive a leather laptop backpack can be. So if your idea of the best laptop backpack includes an all-leather exterior, this bag isn’t going to work for you.


2 – Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack – Lightweight and Comfortable

Yes, ladies, even backpacks come in slim sizes! Introducing the new Kopack Slim business laptop backpack. And it definitely is what we would all call “slim” and even “stylish.”

Kopack didn’t want to go extravagant with this model. They wanted something simple, functional, but also beautiful. That’s why you get a slim bag with lots of compartments, lots of extra features and, of course, lots of room. For a slim laptop bag to have lots of room is rare and very welcome. But is it really as good as it looks? Let’s find out.


Unlike the previous entry on this list, the Kopack Slim doesn’t come with a padlock. This lack of a padlock can be a problem if you’re afraid someone might steal your computer. But do not fear. One look at the back of this bag reveals a slim, deep compartment.

That compartment is perfect for your laptop. It keeps it out of sight, and if someone wants to rob you, they won’t look in there. And let’s not forget that you have dual zippers for added protection. This compartment is also great because it’s outside of the main one. You’ll have more room for your other stuff as a result of that.

Speaking of compartments, this backpack has plenty. Two big ones and a smaller one are on the outside. Inside you’ll see a few more pockets for your wallets or loose change.

Once again, it’s the little things that make this bag stand out. Kopack also knows how much you love to use your smartphone. That’s why you get a USB port on the side of the backpack for charging. So next time you feel like leaving the house, don’t worry about the battery on your phone being low. Just plug it in and keep on walking.

Finally, let’s not forget the size. Kopack Slim can actually support 17” laptops. Size no longer matters with this bag. All of you ladies with larger laptops can finally buy a stylish backpack to match your tastes.

Potential Flaws

Looking at the Kopack Slim, you might think that it doesn’t offer a lot of design options. And you would be right. At the moment, it only comes in three colors. If that’s something that you care for when it comes to your backpack of choice, you can skip Kopack Slim entirely.

Another potential issue is that some users described the backpack as “plain-looking.” Of course, this isn’t really a problem if you want a simple, elegant bag. But if you prefer more luxury-looking bags, then this one isn’t for you.


Best Men’s Laptop Backpacks

3 – Tocode Fashion Backpack – Great Build Quality

Don’t worry, fellas, we didn’t forget about you. After all, a man needs a man’s backpack. And possibly one of the manliest out there is the Tocode Fashion Backpack. Just look at it! So many buckles, so many strong colors, such a strong, durable design.

This product is indeed a proper backpack that will house your laptop when you go about your business. But as we all know, it’s not all about the looks. It’s about the functions, the features, and the test runs. Let’s give this bad boy a once-over.


Elastic Velcro makes this Tocode backpack durable and sturdy. Rain will slide from it, and your laptop inside won’t feel a thing. Moreover, it comes with reinforced stitching. All of you guys who love to be a bit extreme with your backpacks will love this feature. It won’t tear, it won’t break and, most importantly, it won’t damage your laptop.

But there are briefcases out there that perform better, you say? Well, before you go shopping for the best men’s laptop briefcase, consider this. How many briefcases have as much room as this backpack? You get one massive main compartment and several small ones on the front. You can fit anything in there with your laptop.

Does safety worry you? It won’t if you get the Tocode Fashion. Each backpack comes with a security padlock. Just input your password, and you’re safe from thieves getting in.

Size-wise, you can fit any laptop under 17.3”. You can fit in smaller laptops too and won’t have to worry about friction. There’s plenty of padding in there to keep the laptop safe from scratches and cracks.

And of course, there’s the USB charging port. You’ll need your smartphone if you go hiking or traveling, so it’s always a good idea to have a charging port nearby. Your backpack seems like the best place to do it.

Potential Flaws

Naturally, some men prefer simple bags. If you look at Tocode Fashion, you’ll see that it’s a bit bulky. It will offer you lots of space, but having a backpack this big for your laptop isn’t too practical. In case you prefer smaller bags, feel free to skip Tocode.


4 – Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack – Modern Design & Affordable

Tzowla? What in the world is a Tzowla? People tend to ask that question a lot when they hear the name of this brand. And yes, it is a bit strange. However, that doesn’t stop them from making an amazing laptop backpack.

Modern businesspeople will get a lot from Tzowla Business. It has a lot of room, decent safety features and it’s very durable. The style is also simple and to-the-point. In other words, it’s everything a man would want. We ought to take a look at how well it performs.


Tzowla Business is a simple bag in the best way possible. It gives you a large main compartment and two decent smaller ones at the front. Both straps are wide and durable, so you won’t have to worry about them snapping or tearing. But an interesting feature is the built-in security lock.

Just like modern suitcases, all you need to do is get the double zippers to the lock itself. Then you put them in their slots, turn the knob, and the bag is locked. The only one who knows the combination is you, so you won’t have to worry about others stealing your stuff.

On the side of the bag are two slots. One is a USB port that you can use to charge your tablet or your phone. But the other port is for your USB headphones. You’ve read that correctly. With Tzowla, you can actually link your headphones and listen to music as you walk. If there was ever a feature that laptop backpacks needed, that would be the one.

Finally, we can talk about the space. The main compartment is big enough to fit your laptop as well as anything else you need. The larger side-compartment has sections for pens, notepads, phones and other items. But the hidden zipper pocket is where you’d want to keep your private stuff. You can’t see it with your naked eye, which makes it perfect if you have important papers on you that you need to carry.

Potential Flaws

Possibly the biggest flaw of the Tzowla Business backpack is that it’s small. In other words, the biggest laptop you can fit inside it is 15”. That’s not good for any users that prefer bigger laptops. As a user yourself, you can ignore Tzowla Business and find yourself a bigger backpack.


Best Leather Laptop Bags

5 – Vaschy Leather – Dual Padded & Yet Ergonomic

Leather looks amazing. When you compare a canvas bag to a leather bag, you immediately know which one you want to buy. After all, leather lasts longer, looks brighter, smells nicer, feels better and attracts more eyeballs.

That’s why people get all-leather wallets, all-leather purses, and all-leather belts. If you can afford to have the best leather laptop bag, consider Vaschy Leather. And, oh Lord, is there a lot to consider with Vaschy Leather. Read on, and you’ll find out what that is.


Again, let’s focus on the design itself. At first glance, you could never tell that this is a laptop backpack. It just doesn’t look like one. If anything, it looks like a Victorian bag that an explorer might take to Africa or the Middle East. Naturally, it’s not all-leather.

Most of the Vaschy Leather is actually made of cotton canvas. But knowing Vaschy, it’s the high-quality canvas that matches high-quality leather. And whichever color you choose, you’ll see how well these two materials fit together.

Now we take a look at the straps. On the front, you have regular buckles that close the top of the bag. This choice of buckles just adds to the retro nature of the backpack and makes it stand out more. Then there are metal pieces that seal the small pocket. Finally, there are padded shoulder straps. They are thick enough and firm enough that you don’t have to worry about them snapping.

But space is the best part. Opening the bag, you’ll see just how much room you really have. Laptops up to 15.6” will fit comfortably inside the main compartment. Moreover, the added pockets let you place any other item inside. You don’t have to worry about scratches. The backpack is padded on the inside to absorb any shocks.

Potential Flaws

Once again, it’s the size. Anything bigger than 15.6” laptops can’t fit inside the Vaschy Leather. This is a real shame, because a lot of people have 16” and 17” laptops. Therefore, only buy this backpack if your laptop is small enough to fit.

Another potential flaw of this backpack is that it just doesn’t have any extra features. This product is the first on our list without a USB port. Of course, backpacks don’t have to have it, but it’s cool when you buy a product and get something extra to go with it.


6 – Solo Vintage Colombian – Ample Storage & Stylish

Now, THIS is full leather! Look at this beast, dear reader. You can almost smell the rich leather exterior of the Solo Vintage Colombian. And “vintage” is the key word here. It just looks perfect. Everything from the front pockets to the all-leather straps will feel amazing in your hands. Moreover, it doesn’t mess around with the color choice. One solid color, the espresso brown, is all you get. And really, it’s all you need.


Durable leather is the best possible option for a stylish backpack. And the best laptop leather bag will probably look a little like Solo Vintage. Other than the buckles, the zippers, and the pins, everything on the outside is leather. It looks like it’s made from used vintage furniture. Imagine taking this backpack with you to a fancy coffee house! You’d be the envy of everyone around you, and for a good reason.

But is the leather strong enough? The short answer is yes. Solo Vintage has a five-year warranty. Five years is quite a long time for a laptop backpack to have. In other words, in the next half of a decade, you will have a backpack that will stand rain, snow, wind, and heat.

On the inside, we see one back compartment for the laptop. The main one is in the middle, and you can put anything you want in it. There’s plenty of space in there. The two front pockets will give you space for your cards, your phone or anything else that’s slim.

Of course, it goes without saying that the inside of the Solo Vintage has pads. You can rumble your laptop around, and it won’t get damaged. In addition, the Solo team chose blue as the internal color of the bag. You’ll have the feeling of holding an expensive briefcase on your back.

Potential Flaws

Yes, even backpacks that look this good have flaws. However, the only flaw we can see here is that it cannot hold large laptops. The biggest laptop it can support is 15.6”. That’s a real shame, considering how awesome the bag looks.

Another minor flaw is the price. Right now, you can get the Solo Vintage for $70, and that’s not even the full price. We have to admit that $70 is a little steep for a laptop backpack, even one that looks like this.


Best Laptop Backpacks For Travel

7 – Matein Travel Laptop Backpack – Slim, Durable, With USB Charging

What is the best laptop backpack for travel? Probably one where you can fit anything you need. It also depends on where you’re traveling. For example, long hikes will probably take bigger backpacks.

With air travel and road trips, a simple bag will be enough. It’s also important to have easy access to your laptop and other devices. After all, a five-hour flight can be boring. That’s why most people whip their laptops out and use them until they land.

Matein knows this, so they made a product that fits any traveler. Their Matein Travel backpack has plenty of room, is very durable and even has a few extra options.


Matein Travel is made of durable polyester. If you’re walking on foot, you’ll run into rain. That’s why you and your laptop need a water-resistant backpack like this one. Water will slide from its surface, and all you need to do is wipe it a bit later. Your computer will be safe inside.

But this backpack isn’t just strong. It’s also very comfy. The padding on the back will give your spine good support. Not to mention that you can adjust the straps any way you like. This padding also helps keep the laptop in place so it doesn’t bump into anything.

On the inside, you’ll see that Matein Travel offers a lot of room. Not only will you be able to fit your laptop, but you can put clothes, food and other gadgets in as well. As a traveler, you will love that option. The backpack offers one main compartment, one laptop space and two smaller pockets at the front.

Finally, like all other modern backpacks for laptops, this bag has a USB port. Just connect the power bank on the inside and your phone on the outside. Now you can charge your phone anywhere you go. However, you will need to buy the power bank separately.

Potential Flaws

Matein Travel is a decent travel backpack. However, you’ll notice a trend with these past few entries. The biggest laptop size that you can fit in Matein Travel is 15.6”. You might be better off with a bigger backpack, just in case.


8 – Yorepek Extra Large Backpack – Water-Resistant & TSA Friendly

Once again, we have an odd brand name. Yorepek isn’t that popular when it comes to laptop backpacks. Considering it has to compete with Samsonite, SwissGear, Vaschy, and others, it’s not that weird that you haven’t heard hear of it.

So when the name Yorepek Extra Large backpack comes up, you’ll probably shrug. But then you’ll take one look at it, and your jaw will drop. Yorepek Extra Large will make you want to buy it right then and there. It offers a lot of neat features for an unknown brand name.


Yorepek EL is a massive backpack. It can handle laptops up to 17” in size, and that’s just one of the things it can do. When you look inside, you see a lot of space for your travel needs. Clothing? No problem, it fits. Food and drink? There’s plenty of room, go right ahead. The Yorepek EL can even be a regular traveling backpack because of how big it is and how much space it has.

But it offers a lot more in terms of space. Other than the main compartment, you also have four smaller ones, with one of those being for your laptop. However, even that’s not the impressive part. The impressive part is that you can literally open the main compartment all the way to the bottom! That’s right; it’s a 180° open backpack! If you travel by air, simply open the bag, lay it flat onto the conveyor belt, and it will go through the scanner easily.

There are more features, of course. You have the standard headphone “hole” that old backpacks used to have. On top of that, you also have the USB port for charging. And even that’s not all! You even have a section to put your keys on. With a backpack this big, those tiny details are great to see.

Potential Flaws

The biggest plus of the Yorepek Extra Large is also its biggest flaw. The keyword here is “big.” Even for a travel bag, this backpack is clunky, and it can get pretty heavy. If you prefer to travel light, you might want to pick a smaller backpack just in case. But if you’re planning a longer trip, you’ll need all the space you can get. That’s where the Yorepek shines.


Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack

9 – Thule Pack-n-Pedal – Ultimate Commuter Bag & Good for all-weather conditions

Traveling with your laptop needs a good backpack, as we saw earlier. But sometimes you don’t travel far. Sometimes you just like to commute, and if you live in an area with a lot of rain, commuting can be a nightmare for your laptop. In that case, you need a backpack that is water-resistant. Of course, most of the bags on this list are water-resistant already. But in terms of the best laptop backpack that repels water, you can’t do better than Thule Pack-n-Pedal.


If you’re a cyclist, you’ll recognize the design. Pack-n-Pedal is almost perfect for laptop users that like to take their bicycle for a spin around the block. It’s very light and comes with good padding. You won’t feel any pressure on your back as you cycle around with this backpack.

But the main feature is water resistance. The surface of the backpack will keep your laptop dry. However, that’s not all you get with the Pack-n-Pedal. You also get a special sleeve for the laptop, which you can later put inside the main compartment. In other words, you get a laptop bag AND a laptop sleeve. In addition, the backpack provides room for your helmet and your bike lock.

Since this is a cycling backpack, you will also get 360° reflective elements and a built-in light. That way anyone can see you in crowded traffic during the night or foggy weather.

Even if you don’t plan on using this bag for your laptop or your bicycle elements, it still has plenty of room for other items. You can use it as a regular backpack and get the best protection from the rain on the market.

Potential Flaws

The Thule Pack-n-Pedal is a bit pricey. In fact, even with the discount prices, it can cost up to $120. That’s quite a lot of money for a water-resistant bag. So, unless you’re really into cycling, we suggest buying a different bag.

Another major flaw is, yet again, the size. Nothing beyond 15” can fit inside this backpack, so users with larger laptops will need to find other options.


Best Wheeled Laptop Backpacks

10 – Osprey Ozone Convertible – Large Compartments for Multiple Laptops & Other Gadgets

Sometimes you just want to have a good backpack that can carry a big laptop. If you do, the best laptop backpack would be one that can carry more than one. Of course, backpacks we presented in this list can carry a laptop and a tablet at once, but that’s not the same. No, you want a backpack that can carry two or more laptops at once. Well, those backpacks exist. In fact, the one you’re about to check out even has wheels. Osprey knows what you need, so they’re giving you the best wheeled laptop backpack they have – the Ozone Convertible.


This backpack is big. Really, really big. In fact, if it didn’t have the straps, it would just be a suitcase. Everything about it screams “suitcase.” It has the wheels in case your back begins to ache. Of course, it also has the telescoping handle. If you’re going to drag it around, you’ll need one of those. And as you can see, the design of the handle is just beautiful.

But it offers more than that. Once you take a good look at it, you’ll see that it’s not just one backpack. It’s actually two. Osprey actually designed these two backpacks to fit together perfectly, but you can separate them if you want to. But then again, you have two laptops and want to carry them both, right?

Combined, the two backpacks offer a lot of space. You can use the bigger backpack to store clothes, for example. The smaller one will be a good fit for your laptop, as well as other gadgets. If you feel like hiking, it’s a good idea to use them both. But if you’re traveling somewhere or just want to take a walk, just unfasten the two and pick up the smaller backpack. It’s a multipurpose product for any eager traveler.

Potential Flaws

Out of all the backpacks on this list, Osprey Ozone Convertible is probably the biggest. It has no problem fitting more than one large laptops inside. However, it can get very heavy. We cannot recommend this backpack to anyone with back problems. Unless you hike regularly or have a strong body, don’t buy this backpack.


11 – High Sierra AT7 – Multiple Compartments & Height Adjustment

Much like Osprey Ozone Convertible, the High Sierra AT7 is made for the travelers. It’s very large, very bulky and looks like a suitcase. But it is different in a few key areas. For example, it is smaller than the Osprey Ozone. Moreover, it’s made of denier ballistic nylon. That makes it a bit more durable than other entries on this list. But we don’t have to keep comparing it to the Ozone. Is it good by itself?


As stated above, the High Sierra AT7 is durable. You don’t have to be afraid to walk outside into the rain with this laptop backpack. Any laptop or gadget that you have inside will stay safe and secure from the rain.

Next, there’s the space. AT7 can fit more than one large laptop. In addition, you can also fit anything else, from food to clothing and even other gadgets. It offers multiple compartments, and you can expand the main one for some extra room. There are two side pockets, one front pocket and even a pocket for the telescoping handle. When you get tired of dragging the AT7 around, just retract the handle and zip it up.

Both the handle and the wheels are made from durable materials. That way the handle won’t bend when you extend it, and the wheels won’t tear or scratch on the ground. Even the wheel frame is made from durable plastic.

Finally, there are the straps. You can drag the AT7 on wheels, or you can strap it on your back and keep walking. The straps themselves are padded and highly durable.

Potential Flaws

Like the Ozone, the AT7 is very bulky. However, it doesn’t have the option of separating one backpack from the other. It’s just one big solid backpack. So again, we advise that you don’t buy it if you have back problems.

Another potential flaw is the design. Unlike other entries here, it looks plain. Nothing really makes it stand out among other backpacks. If you want a neat design with your laptop bag, don’t get this one.


Best 14-inch Laptop Backpack

12 – Kensington Triple Trek – Cool, Sleek & Adjustable Shoulder Straps

We talked about the size of laptops a lot on this list. That’s because it often happens that consumers buy a backpack because they like it only to find out that they can’t even fit their laptop inside. It’s very frustrating for both customers and retailers. That’s why we always stress that you should check how big your laptop is.

With that out of the way, let’s focus on the best laptop backpack for 14” computers, the Kensington Triple Trek.


This little backpack has everything that a 14” laptop user needs. It looks nice, it feels nice, and more importantly, it works. You have your main compartment where your mini-PC, EPC or tablet can fit comfortably. Then you have several smaller compartments that you can use for your phone, your pens, notepads, and other accessories. Finally, there is a hidden pocket for your valuables.

A very interesting feature with the Triple Trek is the water bottle holder. Now we know what you’re thinking. Yes, most backpacks have water bottle holders. In fact, most children’s backpacks have them.

So what makes this one so different? The answer is, you can literally store it away if you don’t use it. That’s right; the Triple Trek has a special compartment where you can take out the water bottle holder. On top of that, once you get the holder back in, you zip it up with its own zipper. Not too many laptop backpacks have that option.

Finally, there are the typical options a backpack might have. You can adjust the straps how you see fit. In addition, you get reflective zippers. They glow in the dark, so you can move around safely and not worry about getting hit by a car.

Potential Flaws

With these small backpacks, the only real flaw is that they’re only good for one type of laptop. You can only really buy the Triple Trek if you have a computer that’s 14” and smaller. If you do, then this is the obvious choice.


Best 15-inch Laptop Backpacks

13 – AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack – Cheap & Yet Functional Backpack From Amazon

Wait, that product name sounds familiar. Can it really be Amazon?

That’s right. AmazonBasics is a new venture of Amazon that focuses on making affordable consumer products. They focus on many different areas, so it’s no wonder that they also tried to make laptop backpacks. And it looks like one of their bags is the best for 15-inch laptops in 2019. So what makes it stand out? After all, it looks like a filler product and not something that experienced laptop users would buy.


With AmazonBasics laptop backpack, it’s not about the looks. It is about quality and convenience. If you have a 15” laptop, a lot of other backpacks on this list will do. So why would you choose this one? The first reason is the price. At $25, it’s one of the cheapest laptop backpacks on the market. So if you don’t have a lot of money and need a good laptop backpack, AmazonBasics has you covered.

Another reason to buy this product is that it’s simple. It’s basic, as its name suggests. You get a large main compartment, a large back compartment, and a small front pocket. The big two even have dual zippers. In addition, the backpack has water bottle holders and adjustable straps.

The small pocket itself has a lot of compartments. You can fit your cellphone in a few, as well as pens, pencils, and notepads. You can even fit entire books there. When it comes to the main compartment, you also get an organization panel. It will help you separate the different gadgets you have in the backpack.

Potential Flaws

Other than its size, another flaw that the AmazonBasics backpack has is that it looks basic. Out of all the backpacks we’ve listed, this one is the least fun to look at. But that’s because it’s meant to be basic. This backpack is literally one that you buy when you want the bare minimum. That works for some people, but if you want more flare, don’t get this backpack.


Best 17-inch Laptop Backpack

14 – SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart – Lightweight & Better Airflow Ventilation Technology

A lot of people know high-quality products when they see them. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that the Swiss make great things. They have the best watches, the best chocolate, the best bankers and the best knives. So when a company like SwissGear wants to make a good laptop backpack, we pay attention. You should do it too, because this backpack is great for your 17” laptop, and you’re about to find out why.


Like one other product on this list, SwissGear can open up fully for an easy airport scan. The rear compartment can hold your 17” laptop while the floating sleeve holds any tablets. In addition, you have pockets in the main compartment for cellphones and other gadgets. Of course, we don’t have to mention that there are pockets for your pens and pencils. Or a Swiss army knife, if you have one.

The front of the backpack has a carabiner shackle, in case you want to hook anything to it. There’s also a small quick-access zip pocket above it. Naturally, the water bottle mesh holders are a must.

What makes this backpack stand out is the air flow technology of the rear side. While you wear this backpack, the hot air flows out, and you can move around more freely. You’ll feel less sweat and more comfort. You only get the best from the Swiss.

When you take a good look at it, the SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 is like the backpack version of a Swiss army knife. It holds so much inside such a small area. It probably has more pockets and compartments than any other backpack on this list.

Potential Flaws

One common flaw that people cited after using this backpack is that the zipper isn’t that good. In fact, it would be the first part to break. That’s never a good sign, especially if you need a secure backpack for your laptop. There are plenty of other options on this list that are pretty safe, though. So if you’re afraid that SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 isn’t for you, go ahead and pick a different one.


List of Features Found In Modern Portable Computer Backpacks

Now, let’s get one thing clear. The features you’re about to read about will apply to all backpacks, not just laptop ones. However, you might also find a few features that can work well for sleeves, briefcases, messenger bags and other non-backpack types. For now, let’s see what features the best laptop backpack has in 2019.


It goes without saying that you need to have a durable backpack. What happens to your laptop if your shoulder strap snaps and the backpack falls on the ground? Yes, we all know the answer to that one.

But the backpack should be durable even if you’re using it for something else. In other words, it ought to be durable in and of itself. Nobody wants to buy a product that just tears apart after a week.


Proper laptop backpacks have one major compartment for the computer itself. But the more small compartments your new backpack has, the better. For example, if you’re an avid artist or gamer, you can use an extra pocket to fit a mouse or a digital tablet. Of course, you’ll also need some room for the cables. Not to mention that you can fit other items too, such as notebooks and pens, snacks, books, playing cards and so on.

Does it Zip Up or Buckle?

Believe it or not, this is also important. Zippers and buckles are both common with backpacks. When it comes to your laptop, you might want to pick a backpack that has both options. Zippers are good, but they can break down. On the other hand, buckles are a bit less safe than zippers. In terms of durability, however, buckles last longer.

Weather Conditions

This part ties into durability a bit. When you’re buying a laptop backpack, make sure it can protect your device from the elements. For instance, rain can damage the circuitry and wind can blow dust particles into the fans. Once again, the backpack has to be strong enough to withstand this by itself, even if you don’t plan on using it for your laptop.

Shapes and Sizes

Not every laptop is the same size. Of course, the obvious thing to say is “buy a big enough laptop backpack for a big laptop,” but people often overlook one more detail. You also don’t want your backpack to be too big. For example, if you have a 14” laptop and you put it in a bag designed for 17” and higher, it will rumble in there while you walk. More than likely, you’ll have other items in your backpack as well, not just your laptop. The friction can actually damage it inside the bag, and that’s not good at all.

The best thing to do is to measure your laptop. And don’t just measure the screen, but also the width and height of the device. That way you’ll have a better idea of the type of backpack you need.

Speaking of Features…


Businessfolk won’t carry Hello Kitty bags to work…unless they actually work for the Hello Kitty brand. Ladies don’t want a black business bag when they go out to have fun, nor do men want women’s bags for their laptops when they plan on gaming.

It all depends on what you need the backpack for. If it’s work, go for something simple and functional. Casual users can go for elegant bags, both male and female. Finally, gamers might want to choose a bag that they can customize later.

Now you know the ins and outs of what makes the best laptop backpack. It’s high time we checked them out. We’re about to give you a list of fifteen best laptop backpacks of 2019. They are ranked based on design, quality, durability, style, and other important features.

At the end of the review, you will see what we think is the absolute top laptop backpack on the market today. However, don’t let that stop you if you prefer any of the other fourteen on this list. We’ve also put these backpacks into several different categories for your convenience.

15 – The Best Laptop Backpack of 2019 – Our Choice

We looked over fourteen great backpacks for laptops. As you can see, we covered every important feature, from materials to durability, from size to the prices. After a lot of thinking, we came up with our own candidate for the best laptop backpack of 2019. If you disagree with our choice, you still have fourteen other options on this list. However, we feel that you might like this one a bit more.

The Winner – Incase Icon Pack – Ballistic Nylon Construction For All-Around Protection

Incase seems to have it all. Somehow they can make backpacks that look stylish and simple at the same time. Sure, there are other manufacturers that can do that, but Incase makes it look so easy. And it’s not only that they look good. From the material they’re made of to the price range, they offer a great selection of laptop backpacks. The one we like the most is the Incase Icon Pack. In fact, we liked it so much we put it at the top of our lengthy list.

So before we talk about what we loved about this backpack, we will address its flaws first. After all, even this backpack isn’t perfect. And if you take one brief look at its description, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Potential Flaws

Yes, like so many other laptop backpacks on this list, the Incase Icon Pack can only fit laptops that are 15” in size or smaller. Were it not not for this flaw, the Incase would probably be the only backpack we reviewed. Of course, a lot of laptop users have 15” laptops. But the issue is that Incase would have had so many more customers if they simply made the backpack a little bigger. Even 16” would have been better.

But as we said, that’s the biggest flaw this backpack has. What are its features?

Features that Make Incase Icon Pack the Best

Unlike most backpacks here, Incase Icon Pack offers not one, not two, but three large compartments. That’s right; even the usually small front pocket is larger. That means that we can technically fit more than two tablet computers in a single compartment.

But that’s not all. This backpack has three very creative side pockets. Two of them are on each side of the bag, but the third is on top of the backpack itself. That pocket is the perfect place for your phone or any other small gadget. And even that’s not the end of it. One of the side pockets has an integrated cable port. You can actually link an audio device to your backpack as you go about your business.

Then there’s the material. Nylon was the choice that Incase went with, and that made the Icon Pack really durable and waterproof. In addition, the internal padding makes it safe for all the gadgets inside.


So What Made It Better?

The reason that the Incase Icon Pack is the best laptop backpack is that it covers most of the features we listed. It’s stylish enough for both men and women, for example. Moreover, you can use it for business or pleasure, and the strong surface makes it water-resistant. Not to mention that you can fit multiple devices in it at once.

Sure, it may not be big enough to fit larger laptops, but it definitely works where it counts. If you have a 15” laptop that needs a high-quality backpack, don’t wait. Pick Incase Icon Pack.



High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Backpack

Multiple Compartments & Height Adjustment

Kensington Triple Trek Backpack

Cool, Sleek & Adjustable Shoulder Straps

AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack

Cheap & Yet Functional Backpack From Amazon

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart

Lightweight & Better Airflow Ventilation Technology

Incase Icon Pack Laptop Backpack

Ballistic Nylon Construction For All-Around Protection

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