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If you like doing DIY projects at home, then you definitely need the best jigsaw. This power tool can benefit you in many ways. It’s capable of cutting in curved and straight lines and can work well for a wide variety of materials.

Due to the efficiency of jigsaw, many people are interested in getting this tool. Thus, several manufacturers have created their own models and are now flooding the market. Whether you’re a professional handyman or a hobbyist, you can greatly benefit from the jigsaw.

But how do you choose the right model to buy?

To help you make the right decision, we’ve rounded up the best models on the market and included a short review of each. Reading these jigsaw reviews should help give you an idea if it’s the right one for your needs.

Who Should Buy a Jigsaw?

First, let’s talk more about the jigsaw. This tool is very useful for cutting a variety of materials, especially wood. The jigsaw is very useful for undertaking projects that require you to make cuts at an angle.

You can also use a jigsaw to cut straight lines. But the biggest benefit of this tool is its ability to cut at varying angles. Depending on the type of blade and power, the tool can help make cutting different materials so much easier.

Best Budget Jigsaw Comparison Guide


Makita XVJ03Z Cordless Jig Saw

METERK Upgraded 800W 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jig Saw

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw

DeWalt DW317K Jig Saw

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Jigsaw

When you do a search for jigsaws online, you’ll be presented with an overwhelming number of choices. So how do you choose the best among them?

Below are some of the most important factors to keep in mind:

Motor Speed

The speed of the motor is expressed in SPM, which means strokes per minute. Jigsaws with faster speeds are able to accomplish smoother cuts quicker. A jigsaw with more than 2,500 SPM is already powerful enough. There are though others that offer much faster speed.

Jigsaw Power

The jigsaw’s power is usually expressed in amps. For cordless jigsaws, they are usually expressed in volts since they work with batteries. The best jigsaws are those that have ample power, which is capable of making good quality cuts.

But it doesn’t really mean that a 7-amp jigsaw is more powerful than a 5-amp one. There are several other factors that could affect the tool’s efficiency. Also, the thickness of the material you are cutting can affect the tool’s performance.

Variable Speed

If you have more precise control over the blade’s speed, you’d be able to have full control over your cut. This will result in a cleaner, smoother, and more precise cut. While each of the saws that we will feature has varying speed, they work in different ways.

Some models come with a variable speed trigger. This allows the user to easily control the speed by simply changing how far you’re going to pull the trigger. Some models come with a speed select knob. This knob allows you to choose a specific speed that the trigger will engage in.

There are also some models that will combine the two approaches to achieve more flexible speed variability. They use the speed select knob to choose the maximum speed while the variable trigger controls the speed in a certain range.


All the jigsaws featured in this review come with orbital function although this is not a necessary feature and something that you won’t find in every saw model.

As the name suggests, the orbital saw is capable of cutting a material through an orbital motion. This particular model is definitely more efficient, especially in cutting thick pieces. Plus, it allows a much faster cut on any material.


The jigsaws that are included in this jigsaw review come with a tool-free blade. But not all jigsaws in the market are like this. The tool-free blade is a feature that allows you to change the blade quickly.

With this feature, there’s no longer a need for you to touch the hot surface that could burn your fingers in the process. This is more convenient and much quicker compared to other models that require using an Allen wrench to change the blade.


Another important thing to consider is the overall operation of the jigsaw. How does it feel as you operate it? The overall operation can make or break your experience of using the tool.

Using a jumpy jigsaw with a blade that has a tendency to bind often and will give you lots of difficulty in cutting a straight line will only lead to frustration and is definitely not worth it!

Certain models also come with a vibration-dampening feature, making it easier and more comfortable to use, and is especially ideal for those who need to spend a long time working on a project.


The weight is an important factor since you’ll be holding the tool as you cut through the different materials that you’re working on. If the tool is heavy, you will start feeling fatigued in your hands and this could affect your productivity.

You definitely don’t want to end up with sore shoulders and arms that could keep you from finishing your project. But there’s also a benefit that comes with choosing a heavier saw.

The problem with most of the lighter jigsaws is that they have the tendency to jump around as you cut through materials. But heavier saws will stay in place, allowing you to achieve a smoother cut. The jigsaws that you’ll find in the market have varying sizes, ranging from 1 lb. to a whopping 7.7 pounds.

Best Jigsaw Reviews

So how do you start your search of the best jigsaw on the market? Refer to our best jigsaw reviews below and focus your search on these products. We believe they are the best and are definitely worth looking into.

1 – Makita XVJ03Z Cordless Jig Saw


Makita is one of the brands that we would highly recommend for a jigsaw and one of their best products is this Makita XVJ03Z Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw. It features 3 orbital settings allowing you to use this tool for many materials.

The built-in LED light offers visibility to the work area, which improves precision as you undertake your project. Featuring a tool-less blade system, changing the blade is so easy. It also features a heavy-duty base to ensure precision and durability.

What makes this product stand out from the rest is its use of a battery. Although it requires you to purchase a charger and battery separately, the batteries of Makita usually last longer and charges pretty quickly.

Therefore, you won’t be interrupted by your work since you’ll get more power in every charge. Just like with the other Makita products, this product a little bit expensive. Yet, it’s definitely worth investing in, most especially if you need the best cordless jigsaw that’s capable of handling bigger projects.


The battery can hold power for a very long time
Battery charges very quickly
Comes equipped with LED light
Versatile and cordless


Your work will mainly depend on how long the battery will stay charged

2 – METERK Upgraded 800W 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jig Saw


The METERK Upgraded 800W 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jig Saw is another great product from this list. It comes equipped with an upgraded laser guide as well as a guide ruler that allows you to cut through thicker materials with excellent precision and finesse.

This jigsaw has an LED light, which makes it possible for you to work in the dark. It has an 800W cooper motor, a 3000 SPM and six speeds that you can easily adjust. With this tool, you’ll be able to accomplish a wide variety of applications and cut different materials, including the thick ones.

This jigsaw has a four-position orbital setting to help you to cut materials quickly, which saves you time and effort. The cutting angle is adjustable so you can handle even the most difficult projects. Equipped with double switch control, it minimizes careless touching, thus, ensuring your safety.

It’s equipped with a dust blower that helps maintain a smoother and cleaner cut while providing you a clearer line of sight as you accomplish your tasks.


4 orbital settings
Bevel cutting
Laser and precise cutting
Offers six variable speeds
Quick installation



3 – BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw


The Black & Decker BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw is one of the best budget jigsaws in this list. It’s very affordable yet powerful enough to help you carry out your tasks. Although its 5-amp motor is not really the best, it should be decent enough.

It has enough power to help you cut different materials with ease as it could go up to 3,000 SPM in a stroke length of around 0.75 inches. The result of the cut is clean, accurate and smooth. And although the trigger has variable speeds, it doesn’t come with a speed dial and you can’t lock the speed. Therefore, the only thing you can adjust is the trigger.

This jigsaw must not be used along with U-shank blades. Its blade and lock mechanism has the tendency to lose tension during the first few weeks of usage and can no longer hold the blades well. However, it can still hold the T shank blade just fine.

This is a manageable saw weighing only 4.6 lbs. Although it’s light, the vibration isn’t too excessive because the handle could dampen it while operating. Finally, this tool is covered with a 2-year warranty, which is great, given its affordable price tag.


3,000 SPM
Doesn’t produce that much vibration


Doesn’t come with a speed dial to lock variable trigger

4 – PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw


At only 6 lbs. in weight with a strength of 6 amps, the Porter-Cable Orbital Jigsaw is pretty strong. Its stroke length is 13/16″ and has a maximum speed of 3,200 PM. This jigsaw is among the fastest on this list. It comes with variable speed that can be controlled using a dial that’s built right into the trigger.

But the only prominent issue with this saw is that its blade is not square in shape, making it difficult to achieve a precise straight cut. In addition, the cut that this saw produces is very smooth and clean.

The only problem is that it will not stay straight. Another issue that this jigsaw has is that it doesn’t have enough dust port. So, you will feel the sawdust blowing right off your face, which could be a hazard.


Affordable price
Covered with a 3-year warranty
Powerful 6-amp motor
Very fast speed of 3,200 SPM


The blade isn’t square
Doesn’t have enough dust port

5 – DeWalt DW317K Jig Saw


The DEWALT 5.5 Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit is a great choice of a jigsaw that comes with a variable speed trigger. It comes equipped with a small knob at the trigger that allows for a more precise speed when cutting.

The speed ranges from 0 to a whopping 51.6 strokes per second or around 3100 strokes for every minute. This should be an ideal cutting speed to help you accomplish different tasks. This model is equipped with a keyless blade clamp that will allow for fast and easy installation and removal.

The Orbital action of this saw delivers a more aggressive motion for the blade, which is very useful when cutting materials with soft texture such as wood or plastic. When it comes to cutting hard stuff, however, the orbital setting is not recommended.


All-metal gear offering durable performance
Compact design
Equipped with a keyless blade for effortless installation and removal
Offers four different cutting options
Powerful motor
Variable speed trigger


The unit tends to vibrate when used on flexible boards

Types of Jigsaws

If you’ve been searching for the best jigsaw online, then you have surely come across two types of jigsaws.


The biggest advantage of using a corded jigsaw is its ability to deliver power. For this tool, you just need to plug it to a power outlet and you can start working on your project! There’s no longer a need to charge. This minimizes the risk of losing power over time as you work on your project.

But the biggest disadvantage of having a corded jigsaw is bulkiness. This means you’re not able to carry it anywhere you want to since you’ll be tied down to the power outlet. It’s also a bit of a hassle to have to plug and unplug the cord.


If you prefer a jigsaw that you can easily carry from one place to another, the cordless option is highly recommended. You just need to insert a battery pack into the tool and you can start working.

But you’ve got to fully charge the battery for longer usage. Otherwise, your work will be interrupted, which is the biggest disadvantage of using the cordless type.

Top Jigsaw Brands

To make it easier for you to search for the best jigsaws on the market, we’ll provide suggestions for some of the best brands of jigsaws on the market. Choosing the right one can certainly go a long way in finding the right tool for your needs.

Here are some of the best brands of jigsaws on the market:


DeWalt has been around for quite a while now, having been established in the 1920s. They are recognized for their black and yellow branding that has become synonymous with high-quality power tools.


This German-based brand is known for producing products with the highest quality possible. But their products come with a price. They are somewhat pricey yet investing in them is truly worth it. With a Bosch jigsaw, you’ll get a well-designed power tool that’s built to last.


Makita is much older than DeWalt and has also built a reputation for producing some of the best models of jigsaws on the market. They are still very popular today and one of the most recognized brands for professional-grade power tools.

Black & Decker

Finally, there’s the Black & Decker, which many are probably familiar with, especially for DIYers. Although you won’t find too many professionals who are using this particular brand of a power tool, it’s still the best in terms of quality and performance.

Additional Jigsaw Reviews

6 – TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw


When looking for the best budget jigsaw, the TACKLIFE Jigsaw Advanced 6.7 Amp is another great choice. It weighs 7.7 lbs. and is truly very powerful. At 6.7 amps, this tool can easily cut through a wide variety of materials, thanks to its speed of 3,000 SPM.

The cutting speed of this tool can be adjusted using a 6-position knob although its trigger isn’t variable. There are two features that make this jigsaw stand out. First, this tool is equipped with a built-in LED light allowing you to easily see through the material that you’re working on.

Another is that it comes equipped with a dust port and a connection that you can use to vacuum the sawdust so nothing obstructs your sight. But the downside is that its blades have the tendency to pop out, which could result in an uneven cut. Other than that, there are no issues that come with using this jigsaw.


Dust port comes with vacuum connect
Equipped with a built-in LED light
Powerful 6.7 amps speed


Base tend to scratch the surface you are cutting
Blades has the tendency to pop out

7 – Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws


When looking for professional-grade power tools, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across the Bosch brand. That’s because Bosch is one of the world’s leading brands of saws and other power tools. This particular model, the JS470E, is pretty smooth.

It will not jump around as you work on your stuff. In addition, the saw’s low-vibration design will not wear out your arms. Thus, using this tool for cutting will be a pleasant experience.

The Bosch JS470E Power Tools has a variable speed dial allowing you to easily set it to top speed or whatever it is that you prefer. It’s also possible to lock the trigger at the top range so you will not have the variability from its trigger.

The saw’s impressive 7-amp motor can produce up to 3,100 SPM, which is why we believe this is one of the best jigsaws out there. While it’s tough to beat the remarkable features of this tool, this jigsaw is not at all perfect.

First of all, it will not appeal to budget shoppers because it’s pretty expensive. Although it’s possible to lock the trigger on the top speed range, you can only choose from six different speeds. Therefore, you cannot lock the trigger during slower operation.


Low-vibration design
Offers smooth operation
Provides accurate and straight cut
Variable speed trigger and dial


Not possible to lock the trigger for slow speeds



Craftsman is a well-known brand for power tools and they have their own jigsaw models. Of all these, the CRAFTSMAN Jig Saw, 5.0-Amp (CMES610) is truly the best. It has a variable speed trigger that ranges from 3,000 SPM offering superb control resulting in cleaner and more accurate cuts.

It has 40 Orbital settings allowing you to adjust the aggressiveness of cut and is compatible with various applications and materials. This jigsaw tool can accept both T & U blades, offering versatility and availability. It has a contoured handle offering enhance comfort in every use.

With this tool, you won’t feel fatigued in your hand regardless of how long you’re going to use it. This jigsaw can work well with the versatile track wall organization system and you can purchase hooks and other accessories if you want to. This machine is covered by a 3-year limited warranty.


Variable speed trigger for 3,000 SPM
Comes with 40 orbital settings
Contoured handle for added comfort
Compatible with a track wall organization system
Covered with 3-year limited warranty


It doesn’t have enough features for professional use

9 – TECCPO Professional Jig Saw with Laser Guide


When looking for the best corded jigsaw, the TECCPO 6.5 Amp 3000SPM Jig Saw is definitely worth checking out. In fact, this product is one of our favorites from this list. It comes equipped with a 6.5-amp motor and can deliver at a speed of 3,000 SPM. As for the motor, it’s made from pure copper, which offers excellent conduction.

What made us appreciate this jigsaw, even more, is that it has a laser guide allowing you to easily keep track of your cutting line. Furthermore, it comes with several other important accessories, such as variable speed dial and large-scale rules helping you to accomplish your work in a much easier way.


Built for providing accurate and precise work using laser guide
Comes at a good price
Equipped with one blade that’s capable of accomplishing many tasks
Portable and durable machine


Doesn’t offer an ergonomic grip
A bit heavy

10 – SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw


The final product on this list is the SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw, which comes at a pretty modest price, yet it offers good performance. This jigsaw is capable of producing smooth cuts at a stroke length of 13/16″. Furthermore, it weighs 5 pounds and has a variable speed trigger.

Although this jigsaw comes with a laser to help you mark the materials you will cut, this thing seems like a mere gimmick because it’s not that useful. During the day, you’ll find it hard to see through the beam. It has the tendency to drift off from the proper path so you may end up with uneven cuts!

The biggest downside that comes with this tool is its tension knob that’s right at the base. It tends to get loose while in use, which can be a hazard. While this jigsaw does perform really well and comes with one-year warranty coverage, it’s not really at par with the other products on this list.


Five pounds in weight, which is pretty light
Powerful 6 amps motor
Variable speed trigger


The base tension knob tends to get loose

How to Maintain Your Jigsaw

Just like with any tool that you own, it’s important that you know how to care and maintain your jigsaw to ensure that it will last for a long time.

Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

(A) – Always use the right blade according to the material you’re working on.
(B) – Be very careful with swapping the blade, especially if you’re changing the blade you just finished using. The blade could get really hot and may burn your hand in the process.
(C) – Before you begin, set the jigsaw to the appropriate speed. Thicker materials require more SPM.
(D) – Clamp the material securely before you cut it and maintain a stable surface for cutting so it won’t keep on moving as you do your thing.
(E) – If you’re cutting materials on a certain angle, a thinner and more flexible blade should be used.
(F) – If you’re using a corded jigsaw, be very mindful of where the cord is as you cut. You definitely don’t want to hurt your fingers during the process.
(G) – Use a pencil to mark outlines on the material that you’ll be cutting.


Can I use my jigsaw on different materials?

Yes, it’s possible to use a jigsaw for different materials for as long as it has both the power and the speed needed to work on a particular material. For instance, if you’re going to cut plastics, you should be using a jigsaw that allows you to lower the speed to 1,000 or below since faster speeds could end up melting the material.

For harder and thicker materials such as metal, stone and tough woods, you need something with raw power. This means having a higher amp motor while producing a powerful speed of 3,000 and more.

Do I need to use a specific blade for specific cuts?

Yes, it’s definitely important to use the blade that’s appropriate to the kind of project that you’re undertaking. Remember that different materials would need a different blade as well.

Since jigsaw is also being used to cut curved lines, then you should choose a blade that’s flexible and has a thinner handle capable of tackling angled cuts.

Is it possible to sharpen the jigsaw blade?

Yes, you can sharpen the blade if you want to although there’s actually no point in doing so. These blades are usually fiddly and small because they have teeth and not the usual saw that has a straight edge. Thus, sharpening the jigsaw blade is not only time consuming, but difficult as well.

Is it difficult to swap blades?

If you’re using the quick release jigsaw, then it’s pretty easy to change blades. It should only take a few minutes of your time. On the other hand, jigsaws with a tooled blade can take a lot longer to swap.

What should be the size of the extension cord to use?

You should choose a size that’s capable of handling your jigsaw’s amp rating. The extension cord should be capable of handling more than the saw in order to have space capacity.

Best Jigsaws Buying Guide Table


TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw

Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws


TECCPO Professional Jig Saw with Laser Guide

SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw


If you need a jigsaw that you can depend on for heavy-duty work, then you better invest in the best. The Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw is truly the best jigsaw from this list and that’s for a good reason.

This tool is powerful enough to undertake different types of projects. It’s capable of cutting a wide range of materials and comes with excellent features that can help you accomplish your tasks in a more efficient manner.

Sure, it’s somewhat pricey, but given the excellent quality and superior durability, investing in this jigsaw is truly worth it!

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