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The invention of the computer mouse changed the way we use computers for the better. The first computers had no GUI, and we used them by typing out commands. It allowed us to control the cursor and it made using a computer incredibly easy and intuitive. In this article, we will help you find the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain.

Even though almost everyone in the world owns a computer of some sort, we often fail to appreciate the importance of peripheral devices. Without devices for input, modern computers would be useless.

One of the most annoying side effects of using a computer for work or as a fun pastime is wrist pain. The number one cause of wrist pain is bad hand posture that comes with bad computer mice. Most commercial computer mice are quite cheap, uncomfortable and unreliable.

Whether we like it or not, wrist pain is a really common issue. So, how can we avoid it, or at least minimize it? Well, our first step would be to get a comfortable and ergonomic mouse. Thankfully, some manufacturers are aware of this problem, and they set out to create the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain.

Ergonomic mice minimize hand fatigue and prevent wrist pain, without impairing our work. Although they sometimes come in really weird, counter-intuitive shapes, those designs are intentional, tested and efficient.

Moreover, while tackling the issue of ergonomics, mouse makers didn’t forget to improve the response times, tracking sensitivity and longevity of these devices.

In this article, we will take a look at the most important features that the best ergonomic mouse must have. We will also look at the health benefits of ergonomic mice, and the leading brands in the world. Moreover, we will include reviews and a buyer’s guide for the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain.

The Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mouse

We can all agree that using an ergonomic mouse is very comfortable. But, Ergonomic mice aren’t just designed for comfort, they also provide us with major health benefits, with some of the greatest benefits being:

Reduced Risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a health problem associated with bad hand posture. It occurs when the nerve running through our wrist gets damaged and worn out. This syndrome commonly presents in people who use computers for work, studying, playing games, etc. The most likely cause of CTS is a bad computer mouse.

RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury is also a common issue that affects people who own poorly designed computer mice, mainly because they put a lot of strain on their wrists during usage. Our wrist consists of 8 carpal bones, which can become worn out if we don’t take proper care, and if we strain our hands too much.

So, finding the best ergonomic mouse for our hand will greatly reduce the risk of CTS and RSI.

Easier Handling for People With Arthritis

People who have arthritis in their fingers, hands or wrists have a lot of trouble when trying to use a mouse. Moreover, arthritis greatly limits their finger movement and causes pain.

An ergonomic mouse is a great choice for those with arthritis as it makes clicking and moving the mouse way easier. Ergonomic mice minimize the strain on the hands and wrists while they’re being used.

Natural and Comfortable Fit for Our Hand Shape and Size

Choosing the right size of a mouse is incredibly important; we cannot stress this enough. Our first objective when buying a computer mouse would be to find the perfect fit for our hand size. So, if we have big hands, we need a big mouse.

Computer mice that are smaller than our hand cause our hands to contort into unnatural shapes. So, if the mouse doesn’t fit our hand, we put a lot of strain on our tendons and wrists. A well-designed ergonomic mouse works as a natural extension of our hands.



Lekvey Rechargeable

The Ultimate 2.4GHz Optical Vertical Mouse With 6-Button Functionality

VicTsing Ergonomic Mouse

Modern & the Best Ergonomic Mouse When it Comes to DPI Adjustability

SYYNN Ergonomic Mouse

Best Left-Handed Mouse That's Compatible With Laptops & Desktop PC's

J-Tech Digital V628

Good Mouse That Enables Smoother Movement with Little Effort

Logitech MX Ergo

Bluetooth Wireless Trackball Mouse & Multiple Devices Capability

Most Important Features To Consider

In order to design a good ergonomic mouse, companies had to invest a lot of time and money. As a result, there are many unique mice on the market, each with its own quirks and benefits. However, we will only take a look at the most important features to consider when choosing the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain.

Size, Shape, and Ergonomics

Size, shape, and ergonomics are pretty self-explanatory and are the most important factor to pay attention to when choosing the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain. We should always get a mouse that fits the size and shape of our hand. Ergonomic designs don’t matter if the mouse is smaller than our hand because we will have to strain our wrists to hold it.

Build Quality

The build quality of a mouse determines how long it lasts. The cheap and widely available computer mice have poor build quality. Being cheap as they are, they usually don’t last that long. Some of the things that break first are the mouse buttons. A faulty mouse button can be hard to press and can lead to additional strain. However, with a better build quality comes a higher price.

Button Positions and Programmability

Another important feature is the positioning of the mouse buttons. We should avoid all mice with buttons that force us to stretch our fingers in order to reach them.

Almost all mice have 3 buttons – two at the front, and the third “wheel” button between them. However, more and more computer mice are coming out with additional buttons on the sides. These extra buttons allow us to set our own commands and make using the computer even easier.

Response Time, Mouse Sensitivity

Response time and sensitivity are important features to look for when getting a computer mouse. Computer mice with fast response times give us a more natural feeling of the cursor movements. Moreover, when it comes to sensitivity, we should always look for mice that allow us to adjust them. With the ability to adjust sensitivity, we can optimize our mice to work perfectly with the size of our mousepad or monitor.

Both response time and mouse sensitivity are important features because they make moving the mouse more natural. As a result, the mouse causes less strain by requiring less movement.

Battery Life and Receivers

These two factors come into consideration if we opt for a wireless mouse. Even though the power supply isn’t related to ergonomics, we should always look for a mouse with better battery life and a good receiver.

When it comes to receivers, it’s important to check if the mouse has a wireless or a Bluetooth receiver. Mice that uses the 2,4GHz wireless technology won’t cause us any problems. However, some computers don’t come with an integrated Bluetooth chip, and that can be bad news.

Worthy Leading Brands

As in every other area of business, different brands compete for status and customers. In the following text, we will go over some of the leading brands that compete in making the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain.


Logitech is a company from Switzerland, founded in 1981. They entered the computer mouse market early on, which allowed them to become one of the world leaders with computer mice and other peripherals.

Logitech currently distributes their products to over 100 countries all over the world. From 1981 to the present day, Logitech has reinvented the computer mouse countless times, in order to better meet the needs of PC and laptop users.


Razer was founded in 2005 with roots in both San Francisco and Singapore. They are certainly one of the most recognized names in the gaming industry. They produce high-quality keyboards, mice, headphones, gaming laptops, etc.

Those who play video games for a living, or even just as a hobby, know how important it is to choose only the best ergonomic mouse. The gaming world certainly appreciates Razer and their top-notch hardware that is designed specifically for ultimate performance and comfort. Razer’s computer mice have won numerous awards for best gaming and wireless mice.


Anker is a brand of the Anker Innovations company, which manufactures computer and mobile peripherals. The company was founded in 2011 and it’s based in Shenzhen, China. More and more people agree that Shenzhen is the new tech capital of the world, and Anker is at its center.

Anker’s primary products are laptop and cellphone batteries and chargers. They also produce smart home appliances, portable speakers and video projectors. Although Anker isn’t particularly focused on computer mice, they boast a few incredibly well-designed vertical ergonomic mice which earned them a spot on this list.


Evoluent came to the world in 1994 with an innovative vertical mouse design. The inventor of this mouse, Jack Lo, got the idea of redesigning the classic computer mouse because of the discomfort he had experienced. Jack Lo came up with the first ever mouse design that allowed the hand to remain in a natural “handshake” position.

Despite this revolutionary mouse design, Evoluent had problems licensing the mouse with all big computer mice manufacturing companies. However, thanks to their firm belief in their invention and the outstanding public support they received, they decided not to give up and make the mouse themselves. We can safely say, it was worth it.

Ergonomic Mouse Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

So far, we talked about the basics surrounding ergonomic mice, wrist pain, and the brands that try to counter it with their products. However, in the further text, we will take a look at the specifics of the more popular ergonomic mice and pros and cons related to each product.

1 – Lekvey Rechargeable – The Ultimate 2.4GHz Optical Vertical Mouse With 6-Button Functionality

The Lekvey optical mouse is one of the few vertical computer mice that are rechargeable, which is an important feature according to many customers. It’s just great that we don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. Moreover, the mouse can be used even while it’s charging, and all we need to do is to connect it to our computer via a USB cable.

The mouse uses 2,4GHz wireless technology instead of Bluetooth that most computer mice use, which allows for a good response time. We won’t have to worry about experiencing lag or losing connection.

Furthermore, the mouse doesn’t require any special software in order to work; we only need to plug it in. It will install the necessary drivers on its own, and we can continue working instantly.

The build quality is great for only $19,90, and the mouse is sure to last a long time. It features a 6-button functionality, with 2 of those buttons being the forward and back buttons for easier web browsing, and a special DPI button to allow us to easily change the mouse sensitivity according to our needs.

While the vertical mouse design is scientifically proven to prevent injuries and wrist pain, the Lekvey mouse is also great for people with arthritis because the mouse buttons are incredibly easy to access and use. The Lekvey mouse is a perfect fit for people with medium to large hands.

The Lekvey mouse is widely compatible with all Windows and Linux operating systems, even with the earlier versions of Windows, like 2000 and XP. However, the mouse sadly isn’t compatible with MacOS and other Apple products. This compatibility issue might be the only downside to this amazing vertical mouse.

Finally, what sets this mouse apart the most is the incredible customer service that comes with it. Not only is the customer support available 24/7, but they also offer an unconditional 18-month warranty should we ever experience problems.

Lekvey Rechargeable Pros and Cons


Ergonomic vertical mouse design – proven to prevent injury and wrist pain
Good build quality – the mouse is sure to last for a long while
Rechargeable, with a built-in high-capacity battery
3 adjustable DPI levels: 800 / 1200 / 1600
Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Linux-based operating systems
18-month unconditional warranty for either refunds or replacing a faulty model
24/7 customer service
Affordable cost


Incompatible with MacOS and other Apple products


2 – VicTsing Ergonomic Mouse – Modern & the Best Ergonomic Mouse When it Comes to DPI Adjustability

The VicTsing Ergonomic Mouse is surely the best ergonomic mouse when it comes to DPI adjustability. The mouse allows us to closely match our mouse sensitivity with our monitor resolution. With four DPI levels ranging from 1000 to 2400, the mouse is sure to fit everyone’s needs. The VicTsing mouse also has “forward” and “back” buttons for a better web browsing experience.

The mouse has that modern vertical design that has proven to prevent wrist pain and other injuries that occur with prolonged usage, especially with horizontal mice.

Furthermore, the 2,4GHz wireless technology used by the VicTsing mouse, as well as a powerful receiver, allows it to work within 15m of the computer. This model sadly isn’t rechargeable, but it features an amazing power-saving mode that powers down the mouse after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The power-saving mode allows the batteries to last a long time before we even have to start thinking about replacing them. All we need to do is to make sure to get a pair of high-quality AAA batteries, and the mouse is sure to last us quite a bit. The company even claims that batteries can last up to 12 months at a time.

The VicTsing mouse is covered with a skin-like rubber coating in order to make it sweat-proof and to prevent slipping. The ergonomic design is improved with additional “bumps” to improve comfort and to allow our hands to rest while we’re using the mouse.

Furthermore, this mouse is compatible with all Windows, Linux, and even Apple operating systems. However, the “forward” and “back” buttons don’t work on Apple systems, mainly because of the closed-source nature of Apple.

Although the VicTsing mouse offers a lot of great features, a certain number of customers report the mouse as being unreliable. But, it costs only $12,99 which is even cheaper than the previous model we reviewed. So, we really can’t expect too much quality with such a low price.

VicTsing Ergonomic Mouse Pros and Cons


Ergonomic vertical design for maximum comfort, with a skin-like, sweat-proof, anti-slip coating
4 DPI levels: 1000 / 1600 / 2000 / 2200
A smart power-saving mode that greatly increases battery life by powering down the mouse after 10 minutes of idling
Long 15m range thanks to a powerful receiver and modern 2,4GHz wireless technology
Wide compatibility with all Windows, Linux and Apple operating systems
Extremely cheap at only $12,99


Forward / Back buttons don’t work on MacOS and other Apple systems


3 – SYYNN Ergonomic Mouse – Best Left-Handed Mouse That’s Compatible With Laptops & Desktop PC’s

We must recognize that the world can be unfair to people with different needs, and with only around 10% of the world’s population being left-handed, there aren’t many computer mice designed for them.

Well, the SYYNN Ergonomic Mouse comes with a twist, or rather an inversion, and it’s certainly the best ergonomic mouse for left-handed people.

More importantly, most left-handed people still use right-handed mice, which actually increases wrist pain and chances of getting CTS and RSI. For example, we can imagine how wearing shoes the opposite way can be very uncomfortable. Well, the SYYNN Ergonomic Mouse is here to change that.

This mouse is completely ergonomic and has all the same features that most computer mice have – it’s just designed for lefties. The mouse has “forward” and “back” buttons. It also has a DPI switch to allow us to change between three sensitivity modes and it even has a power-saving mode that turns off the mouse after 8 minutes of idling.

However, the mouse isn’t rechargeable and requires two AAA batteries that aren’t included in the original mouse package. If we get high-quality batteries, the mouse is going to last us a long time, so this isn’t a problem.

Moreover, this mouse is not only comfortable but it is also incredibly silent. Most computer mice actually make a loud clicking sound, which some users find to be very annoying. Whether we just want to work in complete silence, or we don’t want to wake anyone up if we’re working late at night, having a silent mouse is important.

Furthermore, the SYYNN ergonomic mouse is completely compatible with all modern operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, and MacOS. We don’t even have to install any special drivers – we just have to plug it in. The mouse uses 2,4GHz wireless technology and has a 10m range, which might be shorter than some other models, but it’s still pretty good.

SYYNN Ergonomic Mouse Pros and Cons


Ergonomic vertical mouse design for left-handed people
3 DPI levels: 800 / 1200 / 1600
A power-saving mode that turns off the mouse after 8 minutes of idling
10m range with 2,4GHz wireless technology
Wide compatibility with all modern operating systems, as well as old Windows versions.
An affordable price tag


A relatively dim LED, which might be unappealing to people that want a flashy device


4 – J-Tech Digital V628 – Good Mouse That Enables Smoother Movement with Little Effort

The V628 from J-Tech looks incredibly unique at first glance and somewhat resembles a joystick. This incredible ergonomic mouse comes with an interesting accessory – a removable palm rest. The palm rest attaches to the bottom of the mouse and it’s intended to further improve the natural “handshake” wrist and arm position.

The V628 comes in two variants: wired and wireless. Although the most obvious difference is the technology these two models use to connect to our computer, they are quite different in the visual department as well. The wireless V628 comes with horizontal ribs all across the mouse and it’s slightly smaller and lighter. The purpose of those ribs is to improve our grip on the mouse, making it even more stable and enjoyable.

However, some users aren’t comfortable with this, so they opt for the wired version. The wired V628 is taller and a bit heavier, allowing it to sit perfectly in our hands and thus eliminating any need for reinforcements.

The mouse looks amazingly sleek and flashy, with a bright blue LED outline. It just looks like a work of art while it’s resting on our desk. The V628 also comes in smaller models to accommodate people with smaller hands.

As with most computer mice, we can change the DPI to fit our preferences. The mouse also has “forward” and “back” buttons for easier web browsing, and it’s widely compatible with all modern operating systems.

The DPI changing button is located underneath the mouse which might be a bit annoying at first, but it makes sense if we assume that people don’t need to change DPI that often or rapidly. Thus, we can agree that it isn’t really necessary for the button to be visible.

The V628 is somewhat more expensive than the previous models we reviewed, with a price-tag of $28,99 for the wired and $35,95 for the wireless model. Moreover, the J-Tech Digital V628 comes with a one-year warranty and a free lifetime customer support from their team in Houston, Texas.

J-Tech V628 Pros and Cons


Ergonomic vertical design
Visually appealing with a sleek blue LED outline
High build quality
3 DPI levels: 600 / 1000 / 1600
Comes in both wired and wireless form with slight differences
Widely compatible with all operating systems
1-year warranty with lifetime customer support


Very sensitive scroll wheel and buttons which may lead to misclicks


5 – Logitech MX Ergo – Bluetooth Wireless Trackball Mouse & Multiple Devices Capability

This mouse from the widely recognized Logitech brand comes with a unique trackball ergonomic mouse design. These bizarre and unconventional computer mice were somewhat popular in the 90s and now Logitech is back with a design that features this old concept with new and improved technologies.

A trackball mouse certainly looks weird, and it isn’t designed to move on a surface. Instead of moving the mouse directly, we achieve cursor movement by moving the optically tracked ball with our thumb. The fact that we don’t even have to move our wrists at all, certainly makes us take the MX Ergo into consideration for the best mouse for wrist pain.

Although the MX Ergo might have been designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, some health issues still might occur due to repeated thumb movement. In order to scroll the entire screen, depending on the sensitivity, we might have to make either quite a few short thumb movements or move our entire hand. In both cases, this isn’t very practical.

The MX Ergo also features a unique hinge that allows us to modify the angle at which the mouse is reclining and this, in turn, gives us a similar effect that vertical mice provide.

Despite this slight downside, a trackball mouse is incredibly convenient for people that travel, when they don’t have a large surface to use a mouse on, or they just don’t want to move their arm at all. With a trackball mouse, we don’t need space for a mousepad because the mouse doesn’t have to be moved in order for it to work.

Furthermore, the MX Ergo brings modern innovations into the mix with wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. Yes, both of them, at the same time. The mouse features the Logitech Easy-Switch which allows us to switch between different devices. The mouse connects to one device via 2,4GHz wireless, and to the other via Bluetooth.

Another great modern feature is the “precision mode” which allows us to shift sensitivity in order to achieve precise cursor movement when, for example, editing documents or images.

The MX Ergo has a built-in Li-ion battery that lasts up to 70 days per charge, and we can easily connect it to a micro USB anytime.

Logitech MX Ergo Pros and Cons


Ergonomic design with a unique hinge that allows us to modify the angle at which the mouse sits
Easy-Switch allows us to use multiple devices by using both wireless and Bluetooth
Rechargeable, with a durable Li-ion battery
Precision mode for easier highlighting


Possible fatigue from repetitive thumb motion
Lack of a dedicated DPI switch
Somewhat expensive


6 – Logitech M330 – Best Right-Handed Mouse With Longer Lasting Battery Life

Once again, Logitech fails to disappoint us with their incredible designs and how they just know which problems need to be fixed. With this model, the M330, Logitech has created the best ergonomic mouse for people who like to work in silence.

The M330 is a wireless mouse that is designed to be as silent as possible. Logitech was the first mouse manufacturing company to receive the Quiet Mark certificate from the UK Noise Abatement Society, which is a pretty big deal.

We are often unaware of the role our hearing plays when we use a mouse, and the M330 might take some getting used to. The clicking noise on the M330 is 90% quieter in comparison to other computer mice, while preserving the tactile feedback we get from clicking.

The M330 is a right-handed mouse and it’s ergonomically designed to fit the shape of our hand, effectively allowing us to use it for hours without getting tired. Although the mouse might be a bit small for people with large hands, this makes it very easy to pack and transport.

The mouse also comes with the Logitech Unifying receiver which we can just plug in and forget about. The great thing about this receiver is that it also works with most Logitech products, which means that we can use it with other mouse or keyboard models.

One of the biggest downsides of the M330 is that we can’t change the DPI settings. The mouse is set to 1000 DPI by default, and this can be a major problem for people with high-resolution monitors.

However, the Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking technology helps to minimize this issue and make the mouse incredibly adaptive to various surfaces. Furthermore, another flaw of this mouse is the lack of “forward” and “back” buttons.

Similarly, to other Logitech wireless mice, this model comes with a high-capacity battery with a maximum lifespan of 24 months and a smart power-saving mode for further preserving battery life.

Logitech M330 Pros and Cons


Ultra muffled clicking sounds while preserving tactile feedback
Ergonomic horizontal mouse design
Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking for smooth mouse movement
Power saving and an incredibly durable battery with a 24-month lifespan
Very affordable


Lacks adjustable DPI software and button, making it a bad choice for people with large screens
Lacks “forward” and “back” buttons


7 – Jelly Comb – Cheapest 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse With Power Savings Feature

So far, all of the mice we reviewed came in a relatively weird shape and form. In contrast, the Jelly Comb mouse looks just like an ordinary mouse, with a lower and longer silhouette. With a height of only 1,4 inches and a ball-shaped scroll wheel, the Jelly Comb mouse takes up a sleek yet gentle look.

Although some people don’t believe that slim computer mice can be ergonomic, the Jelly Comb mouse is designed to fit the whole hand in a relaxed, flat position. The mouse also has a nice rubber finish, which makes it even more comfortable.

Furthermore, the mouse uses one AAA battery with an estimated lifespan of 18 months because it uses a power-saving system to power the mouse down after 8 minutes of idling. In order to resume work, we just have to click any button.

However, when it comes to buttons, the mouse lacks both the “forward” and “back” function buttons. Also, even though the mouse wheel looks like a ball, it only provides vertical scrolling. That feature might be confusing and it’s even considered a bad design by some people.

Moreover, with 2,4GHz wireless technology, the Jelly Comb mouse is very responsive and works within 15m of the receiver. The mouse also works on almost all modern operating systems and devices, with the exception of laptops that exclusively use a type C USB port.

Most importantly, we must note that this mouse is incredibly cheap at just $9, and we can’t really expect a high-quality product at such a low cost. With a relatively poor build quality, many customers reported the mouse breaking down after only a few months of repeated use. So, we can conclude that even though this mouse is ergonomic, good-looking and useful, it’s not designed to last for ages or to compete with high-end products like those coming from well-established brands.

However, even though the mouse might not be reliable, the manufacturer provides excellent customer support. Jelly Comb even offers full refunds for models that break down before the warranty expires.

Jelly Comb Slim Pros and Cons


Ergonomic, slim, and pretty design
Silent and easy clicking
Smart power saving and an 18-month battery lifespan with normal use
Wide compatibility with all modern operating systems and devices, excluding devices that only use type C USB connectors
Extremely cheap


Poor build quality
Lack of additional buttons
Misleading ball-shaped scroll button with only vertical scrolling


8 – Logitech M525 – Longer Battery Life & Perfect for an Ambidextrous User

Most of the models we previously reviewed were designed for right-handed users, with some exceptions. The Logitech M525 is the best ergonomic mouse that accommodates both ends of the spectrum with its ambidextrous design.

The M525 is rugged and simple, yet ergonomic and functional. The mouse is designed to fit the natural shape of the hand, whether it’s the left or right one. It is also relatively small, allowing us to easily transport it – the mouse even fits in our pockets.

With advanced optical tracking, the mouse is sure to grant users the ultimate precision when operating the cursor. Also, to satisfy control freaks even further, the mouse wheel was upgraded to allow for even more grooves per millimeter, for ultra-precise, sensitive scrolling action.

Furthermore, the M525 mouse is optimized for a very long, 3-year battery life, according to Logitech. Of course, it highly depends on how much we use the mouse every day, and what battery we put inside it.

Thankfully, the mouse has an LED to indicate when we should replace the battery. So, we won’t be surprised when the time comes. Similarly, to other higher quality wireless mice, M525 has an automatic power-saving mode to depower it while it’s not being used.

And as we mentioned in our previous reviews of other models of Logitech mice, the Unifying receiver makes them incredibly easy to install and use. Also, we can have multiple compatible products all linked to a single receiver.

However, a possible downside to this otherwise pretty good mouse is the lack of DPI changing options, as well as the lack of buttons for “forward” and “back” functions. Another possible flaw would be the very feature that Logitech tried to market with the M525 mouse, and that would be the incredibly sensitive scroll wheel. It just so happens that an overly sensitive scroll wheel can lead to misclicks whenever we’re trying to click it instead of scroll it.

Logitech M525 Pros and Cons


Ambidextrous ergonomic design for both left and right-handed people
Ultra-durable battery with a 3-year life span and a power-saving mode
Advanced optical tracking for smooth and accurate cursor movement
Smooth scrolling due to an improved scroll wheel
Wide compatibility with all Windows operating systems


Lack of DPI adjustability
Lack of extra buttons for “forward” and “back” browsing functions


9 – Evoluent Wired VM4S – Comfortable Revolutionary Design & Ideal for Small Hands

Evoluent, by Jack Lo, is the first company to come up with the vertical mouse and the “handshake” concept. The vertical mouse was a response to wrist pain and other injuries that occur with prolonged mouse usage.

Their revolutionary design was at first rejected by all major computer companies, even Microsoft. But, Evoluent decided to hold out and pursue their goal of spreading the vertical design concept. Thankfully, the vertical mouse design was scientifically affirmed and commercially proven. As a result, many companies now have their own versions of these highly ergonomic computer mice.

The VM4S is one of the flagships of the Evoluent fleet, and it’s specifically designed for people with small hands. This mouse model is wired and uses a USB/2 connector that is compatible with almost all modern devices. It also comes with those infamous “forward” and “back” function buttons that seem to heavily influence many opinions when it comes to rating the quality of a specific mouse.

Furthermore, the VM4S also has buttons we can use to adjust pointer speed (read: DPI). It even has a few LEDs that show us which DPI setting the mouse is currently at.

Although the Evoluent VM4S could be the best mouse for wrist pain and other health conditions, one of its flaws is the lack of visual appeal. We must admit, however, that the mouse is old and that it might even spark nostalgia with older people among us, mainly those that were in the middle of the technology boom of the 90s. The mouse just looks plain and ugly, with purple and silver colored buttons that just don’t appeal to the modern computer enthusiast.

But, what the VM4S lacks in visual appeal, it compensates with reliability and numerous health benefits. The mouse comes with powerful software that allows us to customize the function of each button. This feature is certainly important, as it allows users to use the mouse according to their preferences.

Evoluent VM4S Pros and Cons


Ergonomic and scientifically acclaimed design that prevents wrist pain and other injuries that result from constant use
Adjustable DPI and an LED indicator for current DPI level
Wide compatibility with most devices that use a USB/2 connection port
Adjustable button macros thanks to powerful software
Perfect fit for people with small hands


Old-school, visually unappealing design


10 – Delux Ergonomic Vertical 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse Review

Last but not least, we finish off our list of candidates for the best vertical ergonomic mouse with a model by Delux. This is a prime example of a mouse that combines the modern vertical concept, and beautiful design.

The ergonomic mouse from Delux greatly resembles the J-Tech V628, with the curvy bionic volute shape. It sort of looks like a joystick more than a computer mouse.
The Delux has a skin-line rubber finish on top for extra grip and it’s a great choice for people with carpal tunnel syndrome or similar injuries. The Delux also features a removable hand rest accessory, to further improve ergonomics and comfort.

Moreover, if we wish to further improve the flashiness and visual appeal of the Delux mouse, we can opt for the RGB or Blue Solid Color models which have an LED strip running across the entire outline of the mouse. However, we will only discuss the specifications of the wireless Delux variant, which doesn’t come with the RGB outline.

The wireless Delux uses the modern 2,4GHz wireless technology and comes with a nano receiver that goes in the USB slot. The Delux has a signal range of 10m, meaning we can comfortably move it around our home or office.

The Delux features a DPI switch button and we can change it between 3 different levels: 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI. Also, it has buttons for “forward” and “back” browsing functions on the thumb rest. Furthermore, the Delux is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating systems. It even comes with special software that allows us to adjust the functionality of all mouse buttons, which is a great plus for many people.

Furthermore, we must note that due to the design of the vertical mouse, it might be hard to use at first. Especially if we are transitioning from a horizontal mouse to a vertical one. A vertical mouse is vastly different from a horizontal mouse in the sense that we use different arm movement to control it.

Delux Vertical Mouse Pros and Cons


Ergonomic bionic design for correct arm posture
Adjustable DPI with 3 levels: 800 / 1200 / 1600
Wide compatibility with all versions of the Windows operating systems
Powerful software for adjusting button functions
Removable hand rest accessory


A counter-intuitive design we will have to get used to
Lack of RGB outline on the wireless model of Delux mice


How to Take Care of an Ergonomic Mouse

So, we just bought the best ergonomic mouse that fits our needs and all is fine and dandy. There is no more wrist pain, and we’re incredibly happy. However, our job doesn’t end here, we also have to ensure our mouse lasts for a while. We have to take care of our ergonomic mouse, and we will tell you how in the text below.

No matter what kind of mouse we use, it is going to get dirty over time. And dirty computer mice aren’t just ugly, they can stop working. Computer mice are actually mechanical masterpieces with many tiny parts inside, and dirt can clog up those mechanisms.

However, there is no reason to worry as computer mice are easy to take care of and clean. So, our first step towards proper mouse hygiene would be to keep food and liquids away. Mice usually aren’t water-resistant and greasy food and crumbs can build up on the mouse.

Depending on which type of mouse we use, cleaning would be done in the following way:

Mechanical mouse – open the cover and use compressed air or an alcohol wipe to keep the ball and its compartment clean.

Optical/laser mouse – Wipe the bottom of the mouse with an alcohol wipe to remove any grime from the sensor.

Trackball – Same cleaning process as with the mechanical mouse, except that we don’t have to open it up.

Furthermore, when it comes to wireless mice, we have to take care of their battery and receiver. Most wireless mice have an auto-sleep feature, but we recommend using their power switch to turn them off completely. When it comes to the receiver, our safest option would be to keep it plugged into the PC. Receivers are quite small and we can easily lose them, which can be a huge hassle.



Logitech M330

Best Right-Handed Mouse With Longer Lasting Battery Life

Jelly Comb

Cheapest 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse With Power Savings Feature

Logitech M525

Longer Battery Life & Perfect for an Ambidextrous User

Evoluent VM4S

Comfortable Revolutionary Design & Ideal for Small Hands


Delux Ergonomic Vertical 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse


Even though we mentioned many different models of computer mice, it’s not up to us to decide which one is the best ergonomic mouse, it’s up to you.

Ever since their first reveal, computer mice have become a fundamental part of our digital lives. And almost all modern computers require that we use a mouse in order to operate them properly. Furthermore, companies like Logitech and Evoluent are reinventing what a computer mouse should be with each revolutionary design.

While there are thousands of different mice models, not all of them are good for our health. And if we use a computer for work or as a pastime, we risk pain and even injury.

In conclusion, whether it’s an old-school trackball or a high-tech gaming mouse, ergonomics and comfort are important.

In this article, we mentioned the benefits and risks that come with bad computer mice. We also went over the leading mouse brands and a few reviews for the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain. Hopefully, we provided all of the necessary information to help you make the best choice.

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