Best Electric Wine Opener – Buying Guide & Reviews of the Top 10 Wine Bottle Openers

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Review of the Top 10 Best Electric Wine Bottle Openers

When it comes to the best electric wine opener, you should choose one that can remove corks efficiently without the usual twisting and straining that the traditional wine opener is known for. Of course, it must be of good quality as well so it will last for a long time.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the best electric wine openers. You just need to spend some time getting to know each one of them to figure out the type of wine opener that you need. If you’re not exactly sure how to look for the best electric wine opener, this buying guide will be helpful for you.

We’ve also included electric wine opener reviews at the end of this guide, so you’ll have an idea of which openers are worth your hard-earned money.


Secura SWO-3N Electrical Wine Bottle Opener

Ozeri OW02A-R Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener

BFULL K00001 Electric Wine Opener

Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener with Charger

Vomelon Electric Wine Opener with USB Charging Cable

Things to Look for When Shopping for the Best Electric Wine Opener

To make it easier for you to search for the best electric wine opener, think of the important factors that affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the device. Of course, you also need to think about your personal preferences and your needs.

Below are some of these things:

Type of Cork

Remember that wines have different types of corks. Therefore, when it comes to shopping for the best electric wine opener, you should opt for something that can open the type of cork that your wine has. For example, lever corkscrews might be difficult to use in opening synthetic corks.

On the other hand, winged corkscrews may not work well in opening aged wines. So, consider the type of cork when shopping for wine bottle openers.

Power Source

Some of the best electric wine bottle openers have rechargeable batteries that you can simply recharge in any electrical outlet. There are also those openers that use regular batteries.

Both of these models are great for as long as their power is strong enough to open the wine bottles that you want to drink. Although the rechargeable models are economical in the long run, you must think about those moments when you’re out on the beach or going on a picnic, and you forgot to charge the device.

If the device is not getting enough supply of electricity, you cannot expect it to continue operating. In this case, a standard model that’s battery-powered might be more suitable. With this option, you can be certain that the opener will be able to open wine bottles at any time you need to.


Some people might not consider the design a big deal, but it is an important thing when looking for the best electric wine opener. You definitely want an opener that will snugly fit in your hands and is not that hard to use. Of course, you also need something that’s designed efficiently and requires less effort when opening a wine bottle.

Those who need to follow certain color and design schemes for their kitchen appliances might need to choose a wine opener that comes in the right color, shape, finish, design, etc.


Electric wine openers are available in different sizes. If you’re going to place it in your kitchen counter where you have limited space, then size is an important factor to take into consideration. Also, if you plan on taking it with you during picnics and gatherings with friends, then you need to choose something with a compact size so it’s easy enough for you to carry from one place to another.

Ease of Use

The reason why you’re upgrading to electric wine openers is that you want something that will allow you to easily open your wine bottles. Therefore, choose a wine opener that’s easy enough for you to use with less effort and time.

Traditional corkscrews require a substantial amount of strength to open, which may not work for those with hand injuries or those suffering from arthritis. That’s why when it comes to ease of use, the electric wine opener is definitely the best.

Other Features

Some of the best electric wine openers in the market come with added features that can make opening your wine bottles easier and more efficient. Also, you need to think whether the stand-alone unit will work for you, or perhaps, the one with a base is more suitable. Some of the openers feature soft lights that light up whenever the opener is being charged or in use.

When it comes to the extra features, consider how often you plan on using the opener. Professional wine connoisseurs or those who are in the business of selling wine might prefer a wine opener that comes with several extra features.

But if you rarely use the opener, it can be impractical to purchase something with many features, as this will understandably be more expensive. Some of the most common features that an electric wine opener usually comes with are the foil cutter, pourer, and an additional wine opener that can open other types of corks.

How Do Wine Openers Work?

Wine openers work in various ways, depending on the type of wine opener that you have. The most popular method is with the use of a traditional corkscrew but it requires some strength to use.

For those who are suffering from arthritis and don’t have the strength to operate the corkscrew, an electric wine opener would be the best option. But regardless of the type of wine opener that you will choose, the principle behind this device is the same.

Below, we’ll take a look at the different types of wine openers.

Screwpull Corkscrews

The screwpull corkscrew is the most traditional method of opening wine bottles and the simplest of all of them. With this method, you’ll be using a curved metal rod that’s connected to the middle part of the handle. The curled metal rod is known as the worm.

To use, simply push the worm’s pointed end into the middle of the cork and turn the handle slowly in order to rotate the worm. In every turn, the worm will drill through the cork. Once the worm is secured, gently pull the handle until the cork is out.

Electric Wine Openers

The electric wine openers are much easier to operate compared to the other wine openers on this list. This device simplifies the process of removing corks from any wine bottle regardless of whether the wine has aged or not.

This device has a chamber that has a hidden motor powered by either a set of rechargeable batteries or electricity. When power is taken out from the source, it will move a mechanism that will drive the worm into the cork. This mechanism is triggered with just a push of a button that can be found at the chamber.

When the cork is fully secured, there’s another button that needs to be pressed in order to pull the cork off the bottle. This will all take place in only a few seconds, which is why electric wine openers are definitely very efficient. With this device, there’s no longer a need to exert some effort and strength.

Winged Corkscrews

You’ll commonly find winged corkscrews in bars. This type of wine bottle opener works in the same way as wine keys except that it comes with an additional lever that has the same shape of wings on both sides of the contraption.

Furthermore, this type of corkscrew doesn’t require precision placement of the worm. All you need to do is drive the worm directly towards the cork. That way the wings will be raised. After securing the worm, simply push the wings down and the cork will pop out.

Waiter’s Corkscrews

Also known as the waiter’s corkscrew, wine keys are designed in the same way as the traditional screwpull designed corkscrew, except for an added twist. Instead of the usual simple handle, the worm in the wine key connects to a mechanism that works like a lever.

Before you start pulling the cork, place the wine key on top of the bottle for more leverage. That way, pulling the cork out will be much easier.

Lever Corkscrews

The lever corkscrew can be compared to the winged corkscrew except that it has a somewhat shortcoming on its innovation. Furthermore, this device is more portable than the winged corkscrew and is easier to use.

Lever corkscrews have handles that help to keep the bottles in place as you try to remove the cork. When the bottle is secured, pull back the lever and the cork will immediately pop out.

Legacy Wine Openers

Legacy wine openers are perhaps the most sophisticated of all wine openers, which is why only true wine collectors have this kind of opener. It’s like a collector’s item that only a few people have. The device has a sturdy base that’s mounted into a table or wine counter. It’s like an upgraded version of the wine key.

List of the Best Electric Wine Openers Sold on Amazon

Now that you’ve learned some tips on how to choose the best electric wine opener, read on below for our electric wine opener reviews. These openers are some of the best-rated products online and are definitely worth checking out.

1 – Secura SWO-3N Electrical Wine Bottle Opener


First on this list is the Secura SWO-3N. We believe that this wine opener is the best due to various reasons. First, the main body is made from stainless steel that’s known for being tough and durable. With this wine opener, you can be sure that it will last for a long time despite regular use.

The stainless steel body of this wine opener makes it look very stylish, which helps to enhance the overall look of your countertop. Furthermore, the lower part of the opener has a transparent plastic which allows you to easily center the screw at the middle of the cork, which leads to more accurate results.

This can opener has a battery that’s rechargeable and can perform 30 openings in one charge. It has a charging base that will light up whenever you replace the opener. There’s also a foil cutter that you can stow easily at the base.

When it comes to the fastest wine bottle opener, this model definitely tops our list. However, you may need a little patience when returning this opener back to the base after every use. And although the blue charger light is one of the features that make this model stand out, it doesn’t really appeal to a lot of customers and there’s not even an option to switch it off.


Durable and stylish stainless-steel design
Performs fast when removing the cork
The foil cutter included can be stored at the base
The opener lights up when charging so you’ll know that it’s properly connected


The charger light can’t be switched off

2 – Ozeri OW02A-R Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener


If you need a wine opener that can open the cork with just a simple click of a button, the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener is a great choice. Unlike the typical corkscrew opener that requires manual twisting and could end up straining your hand, this wine opener does the job in seconds and with less effort.

You get to choose from three different colors with this wine opener, from silver, black, and red. It’s equipped with control buttons that you can simply click in order to pop the cork out. Featuring a European design, this wine opener looks very good and will surely stand out in your kitchen counter.

Another thing that you’ll easily notice in this can opener is its chrome top. It’s removable and can also double as a foil cutter. This is such a convenient feature because it makes removing the cork easier and faster. And since it’s attached to the opener, you can be sure that you won’t lose it.

Another impressive thing about this wine bottle opener is that it’s capable of opening up to 40 bottles in just a charge. The bottom is transparent and will light up when it is in use and when being charged. Its transparent design means you’ll have a lot more fun opening the bottle since you can see the complete process.


Easy to use
Modern design
Comes with free foil cutter
Can open up to 40 bottles in one charge


Makes noise when you use it

3 – BFULL K00001 Electric Wine Opener


Another great product that’s worth checking out when looking for the best electric wine bottle opener is the BFULL Electric Wine Opener. It’s a 6-piece set that comes with several accessories. Aside from the wine opener, you’ll also get two wine bottle stoppers, wine pouring spout, air pump bottle opener, and a foil cutter.

This battery-powered wine opener is non-rechargeable so you need to make sure you got some spare batteries on hand. Each set of the battery can open 80 bottles of wine, which makes it a great choice if you prefer a battery-powered corkscrew.

Offering the best value for the money, this set of electric wine opener is truly worth the money. Customers also love the transparent lower shelf design that allows the user to check if the worm has been aligned correctly before pressing. Although it’s a bit slow to operate sometimes, it’s still a great choice for any wine lover who needs a complete wine opener set.


Equipped with a wide range of accessories in one set
Lifetime warranty
Lower shelf is transparent
Opens 80 bottles in just a charge



4 – Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener


The Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener is something that will really be useful for any wine connoisseur. This wine opener is made by Uncle Viner and comes with all the essential tools that you’ll need in order to efficiently open a wine bottle. With this product, you’ll also get a foil cutter aside from the electric wine opener.

Capable of opening wine bottles in as fast as seven seconds, this device can open 80 bottles in a charge. Featuring a stylish black and silver design, you’ll surely love having this wine opener on your kitchen counter. 4 AA batteries are required in order to use this wine opener.

The batteries are included in the package so you can immediately start using it as soon as it arrives. Even if the batteries are removable, it’s possible to recharge them without taking them off the opener.


Smooth and easy to use
Great packaging
Convenient and stylish design
The batteries are removable and rechargeable


It doesn’t come with an indicator so you’ll not know if it’s already fully charged

5 – Vomelon Electric Wine Opener


Featuring a beautiful transparent body made of acrylic, this Vomelon Electric Wine Opener is one of the most stylish bottle openers in the market. And because of its transparent design, you’ll be able to watch the opener as it removes the cork off the wine bottle. Furthermore, this opener has an ergonomic design so you can open your wine bottles with less effort.

This device is powered by a rechargeable battery that’s capable of opening up to 60 bottles in one charge. If you run out of battery, simply connect the USB cable and plug it into the device using a USB port, USB outlet, power bank, etc. After charging for 2.5 hours, your wine opener will be ready again.

This electric wine opener works very fast when opening a bottle, which makes it truly efficient. It works by removing the cork very gently while making sure that it doesn’t get broken. Furthermore, this wine opener comes with a foil cutter that allows you to safely remove the wine bottle’s tin seal. Above all, the wine opener’s body is made of a stainless steel finish that looks sleek and elegant.


Capable of opening up to 60 bottles in one charge
Comes with a stand that also doubles as a tin foil cutter
Ergonomic design
Removes the cork gently without breaking
Stylish see-through design


Some customers complained that the cork tends to get stuck in the device.

6 – Chefman Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter


When it comes to convenience and efficiency, the Chefman Electric Wine Opener is truly worth giving a try. What’s unique about this wine opener is that it doesn’t have the usual curved design. Instead, it features a modern design that wine connoisseurs will surely love! The body is made of chrome and has a transparent bottom that lights up whenever you use it to open your favorite bottle of wine.

However, unlike other wine bottle openers, the foil cutter of this wine opener isn’t attached on its body so be careful not to lose it. This particular model of a wine opener is capable of opening 30 bottles of wine in one charge. Its body is made of stainless steel that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to clean and maintain.

The Chefman Electric Wine Opener takes up to 8 hours to be fully charged. And since this model has a worm screw, there’s no need to worry about cork residues getting into the wine bottle. It can gently remove the cork without making too much noise.

Since this electric opener works with a simple push of a button, even people that are suffering from hand injuries and arthritis will have no problems using this wine opener.


Easy to clean and maintain
Quick charging time
Includes a foil opener
Easy to use
Sleek and modern design


The foil cutter is not attached and could easily get lost.

7 – Componall Premium Stainless Steel Electric Corkscrew


When looking for the best electric corkscrew, you need to choose something that’s easy to use and works extremely well in opening your wine bottle, such as this COMPONALL electric wine opener. It effortlessly removes corks in just a few seconds.

All you need to do is to place the corkscrew at the middle of the cork, hold the button down, and when the cork starts coming out, press the up button, and the cork will immediately be taken off. This wine opener comes with a power indicator that will roughly indicate how much charge is left.

Your money will certainly go a long way with this wine opener. It has passed several certification tests, such as FDA, FCC, CE, etc. Plus, it has a free foil cutter that works very efficiently. Not only that but this unit can hold charges extremely well.

The COMPONALL electric wine opener is easy to use. First, use the foil cutter to remove the seal neatly. Then place the wine bottle opener above the bottle and make sure it stays upright. Next, switch the button on in order to activate the opener. Click the button again and this should automatically remove the cork off the bottle. When you’re done using the bottle opener, simply place it back into the base.


Comes with free foil cutter
Has a power indicator
Stainless-steel housing
Opens all kinds of wine bottles very easily



8 – GOSCIEN Electric Wine Bottle Opener


The GOSCIEN Electric Wine Bottle Opener is definitely one of the best electric wine bottle openers in the market today. Featuring a sleek handle that’s made of stainless steel plus a transparent outer casing, this wine opener is truly very stylish.

Since it has a transparent casing, you’ll be able to see the wine stopper detaching from the bottle so there’s no longer a need to play guessing games. It has a rechargeable battery that’s capable of opening up to 40 bottles in one charge!

Customers love the charming and elegant design of this wine opener. Plus, it has a comfortable handle and the aluminum casing gives this wine opener an elegant feel. What’s more, opening this bottle is transparent and visible, thanks to the transparent casing. It has an LED light that looks very good.

It’s easy to use this electric wine opener and anyone should be able to learn how to use it. You just have to place the opener above the bottle and ensure that it’s upright at all times. Then gently press the lower portion of the button in order to start the process of opening. During the process, the opener’s spiral helix is going to turn in a clockwise direction and get into the cork as it gradually takes the cork off the bottle.

As soon as the wine stopper is separated from the bottle’s mouth, simply lift the bottle opener gently. To take the cork off, press the upper portion of the switch.


Convenient charging
Long use time
Satisfaction guarantee
Works fast and easy



9 – Ivation Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener – The Best Electric Wine Opener Gift-Set


The Ivation Wine Gift Set is truly the best electric wine bottle opener that you can give to any wine lover out there. This set includes everything you need in order to easily open the wine bottle without any complications. Any wine lover will surely be delighted upon receiving this gift set.

For one, the electric wine opener that’s in this set is made of stainless steel that looks elegant. The opener is transparent at the bottom and has two buttons that allow the user to easily operate it when opening wine bottles. In fact, it can take the cork out in mere seconds! This device is also equipped with a light indicator.

With this gift set, the receiver will also get a wine pump on top of the opener itself. The electric wine pump helps to keep the wine fresh. It also has a stopper and an aerator that makes sure the wine you serve is flavorful.

When it comes to charging, a power station can be used to recharge the electric pump and the wine opener. The power station is included in the package so there’s no need to purchase it separately. In addition to this, the base can serve as an organizer for the accessories that are included in this set.


Comes with everything that a wine lover needs
A great gift idea
Stylish design
Works easily with a simple push of a button


A bit expensive

10 – Kinghouse KH00002 Electric Wine Opener – An Excellent Automatic Wine Bottle Opener Gift-Set For the Holidays


Another electric wine opener set that’s getting good praises from customers online is the Kinghouse Electric wine opener. With this set, you’ll get an air pressure pump, wine aerator, foil cutter, and vacuum stopper.

If you take time to read electric wine opener reviews, you’ll find that many customers love this wine opener set because of its simplicity. However, some users find that it’s a bit slow in opening bottles compared to other wine openers. Nevertheless, this wine opener is a decent device and worth checking out.

Capable of opening the cork in as fast as six seconds without breaking the bottle or the cork, wine lovers will surely love having this wine opener set. It’s designed to enhance a wine lover’s tasting experience and the foil cutter that it comes with works very efficiently in removing seals. The aerator pourer helps to make wine bottles breath, which enhances the taste of the wine.


100% satisfaction guarantee
All-in-one gift set
Capable of removing the cork in as little as six seconds
Stylish design





Chefman Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

Componall Premium Stainless Steel Electric Corkscrew

Goscien Electric Wine Bottle Opener with USB Charging

Ivation Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Kinghouse KH00002 Electric Wine Opener

Of all the wine openers in this list, we believe that the Secura SWO-3N is the best electric wine opener to buy. In fact, this product has gained more than 4,000 reviews online and customers have rated it very high! It’s easy to see why customers love this product.

For one, it’s capable of removing the cork in only a few seconds. Secondly, it has a sleek stainless-steel casing that looks very elegant. Furthermore, this wine opener operates at the push of a button and can open 30 bottles of wine in a single battery charge.

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