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The allure of hardwood flooring cannot be denied, but keeping it clean is just as challenging as carpeted areas. An upright vacuum is more suitable for carpeted floors. Some of the issues faced by the use of an upright vacuum on a hardwood floor can be a loud noise and poor cleaning power. The hard wheels that most upright units come with can leave scratches, scuff marks, or deep gouges in most hardwood floors. We’ve put together an impressive grouping of the best canister vacuums for hardwood floors.

During our selection process, we took into consideration how hardwood floors age and the type of suction power needed to keep it clean. The best canister vacuum is only as good as the manufacturer’s reputation, and what other users have to say about the product.

Some of the brands mentioned in this review have been around this niche business for over a century, which means higher quality canister vacuums and excellent warranty terms. Some of the units are budget-friendly, with all the required features and accessories to allow easy removal of pet hair.

What is a Canister Vacuum?

The design of a canister vacuum is what differentiates it from an upright vacuum. Most often, the nozzle that’s used to pick up all the dirt and grime is placed at the end of a wand with a hose providing the linking power to the vacuum unit. The length of the hose plays an integral part, which makes it most suitable for use on hard floors of all types, including wood.


Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum

Ovente ST2620O Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum

Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum

Oreck Venture Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Things to Look for When Shopping for the Best Canister Vacuum

As you should know, a good hardwood floor will outlast even the highest quality carpet. Just like other types of flooring, wood floors need to be cleaned regularly, especially if one owns cats and dogs. To get your hands on the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair, here are few things to keep in mind:

Versatile Canister Vacuums

Versatility is one of the prized feature found in a well-made canister vacuum, which is why we only choose units that embodied this feature.

It’s better to have a vacuum that comes with all the right accessories to make it possible to reach every nook and corner of your house. Canister vacuums with longer power cord should be preferred since it reduces the number of times the whole unit has to be moved around during use.

Adjustable Height Settings

It’s better to buy a canister vacuum with an adjustable height setting for several reasons. An adjustable cleaning nozzle hose means it can be utilized by different types of people. It will not matter if the user is tall or short.

Non-Marking Wheels

The last thing you want is a canister vacuum with wheels that leave marks as it is used. Wood floors is an investment and the last thing you want on them are scuff-marks.

Lately, some manufacturers have incorporated an enclosed wheel design in their canister vacuums. This unique feature will prevent things from getting caught in the wheels as you move the vacuum around during use.

Can it be Moved Around Easily

One of the biggest advantages offered by a canister vacuum over an upright model is the lightweight nature of the design. You want one that enables superior maneuverability.

Most of the products included in our top list of the best canister vacuums for hardwood floors have ergonomic handles and sturdy wands.

Variable Suction Power

The best canister vacuum is identifiable because of its suction power. A powerful motor translates into good suction power that can increase the chance of getting rid of pet hair and grime with just one pass.

You get more cleaning options from a canister vacuum with a custom suction speed switch than one without. An adjustable suction power setting means the user gets to decide the floor areas to apply full blast, which helps prolong the lifespan of the vacuum motor.

What About Accessories?

Unlike an upright vacuum with multiple accessories, canister vacuums can effectively clean without any additional accessories. Some do come with an extra pet brush, which makes it easier to suck pet hairs from both floor and upholstered items.

Unless you have the intention of using the best canister vacuum on household items, accessories are not required for the unit to get the cleaning job done right.

What is the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

To compile the list of the top canister vacuums one can use to keep hardwood floors clean it took multiple testings, emails to manufacturers, and going over the feedback provided by current users.

So, the units reviewed below are the ones we found to be well-designed with all the right features and capabilities. The best canister vacuum for hardwood floors to make this list includes:

1 – Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Review

The first item in our buying guide review is from a company that can be considered the best canister vacuum manufacturer based on industry reputation and longevity. The Miele Classic C1 canister vacuum is from a company that has been around since 1899. Miele is a German-based conglomerate with offices in over 47 countries and licensed importers in most countries. Is the Miele Classic C1 the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors? Let’s find out from its features and functionalities:

Miele Compact C1 Features

Those looking for a powerful canister vacuum will come to appreciate the way the Miele Compact C1 is designed to clean different types of floor surfaces in the most convenient manner. Some of its major features are:

Powerful Vortex Motor

The vortex motor found inside this Miele canister vacuum is capable of outputting 1,200 watts of raw power. The user has the option of deploying the highest power setting or lower it, based on the type of floor and dirtiness. There are six rotary dial settings the user can use to enable the most optimal cleaning outcome.

Versatile Floor-Head

While the Miele canister vacuum is well-known for cleaning wood floors, it can also be used effectively on low-pile carpeted floor areas. Simply tap on the footswitch to move the floor head from wood floor to carpeting.

Rubberized Wheels

The rubberized wheels on the vacuum glide effortlessly across hard floor types, and you do not have to worry about scuff-marks or grove stains, even on the most delicate hardwood floor.

Sealed Filter Cleaning System

Another excellent feature is the sealed air filtration system. There is a dust bag to protect the motor, while the other filters will remove the contaminants pulled into the vacuum before expelling it out.

The vacuum bag has a collar to seal in both dirt and dust, which ultimately leaves the vacuumed area dust free and smelling fresh. Allergy sufferers would come to love this feature.

Additional Accessories

The list of accessories that the Miele Classic C1 canister vacuum comes with is quite impressive. The additional accessories include a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. It is the accessories that allow for the easy cleaning of nooks and corners, including all the hard to reach floor areas.


Can be used to clean multiple floor types including wood and low pile carpet
Miele Classic C1 is lightweight, which makes it easier on the joints
The rubberized wheels are designed to roll smoothly without causing damage or leaving marks on hardwood floors
Each accessory connection is easy to initiate
The retractable cord feature can be deployed with just the push of a button


Some might find the Miele C1 canister vacuum to be too pricey
It uses disposable dirtbags, which is an on-going expense to contend with

Is the Miele Classic C1 Right for You?

Those with any type of hard flooring will find it to be one of the best canister vacuums to buy on Apart from the powerful suction motor, you get an impressive list of added accessories to make cleaning upholstery, fabrics, and other household items as easy as can be. The entire Miele canister vacuum unit is covered by a seven-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


2 – Ovente ST2620O Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum Review

The Ovente ST2620O bagless canister cyclonic vacuum is more of a budget-friendly unit. The company behind the product is fairly new (established in 1999), and its a subsidiary of TopNet Inc. The design elements are quite good and some of its features are similar to the ones present in the Miele C1.

Ovente ST2620O Features

Suction Power

It is the suction power of a vacuum that determines if dirt is removed with just one pass. This bagless vacuum from Ovente can remove dust mites found in rugs, pet hair on wood floors, and other invisible contaminants in just one single sweep.

This unit is capable of outputting 1,400 watts of raw power, which makes it possible not only to clean floors but the whole house. The suction power comes with variable settings, which means the user is in charge of when to deploy higher or lower settings.

Hepa Air Filtration System

The inclusion of a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) system is surprising due to its low pricing. Hepa filters can trap the tiniest of contaminants, thus improving the overall air quality of the vacuumed area.

The dust compartment has lighting that makes it easy for the vacuum user to see the level of the collected dirt and the condition of the filter. The Hepa filter is washable and reusable.

Good List of Accessories

While this canister bagless from Ovente is capable of removing debris from hard floors, it can also be used to vacuum rugs and other household items like furniture, blinds, curtains, etc.

The list of attachments included is a bristle brush, crevice tool, a two-settings floor nozzle, a nozzle specifically made to use on furniture, a sofa brush that can also be used on pets, and a multiple-angle brush.


Its lightweight design makes it easier to move the vacuum around the cleaning area
Comes with one-touch on/off button
A handy telescopic wand
The power cord is retractable for easy, no mess storage
One-year limited warranty coverage


Not the best vacuum to use on plush carpets
Warranty is a bit short by industry standards


3 – Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum Review

Rarely do you hear people talk about best canister vacuums for hardwood floors without the name Bissell being mentioned? The Bissell 1547 vacuum is just one of many different types of vacuum cleaners made by this great company.

The inspiration and roots of this company go back to 1876, and to the surprise of many pundits within the industry, it is still family-owned and operated to this day.

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Features

It is marketed as one of the best canister vacuums to use on hard surface floors, plus low-pile carpeting. From the list of features, Bissell multi-cyclonic can also be used to remove pet hairs from upholstery and sofas.


Bissell hard floor expert 1547 weighs less than 10-pounds, which makes it easier to move from room to room. The design itself is similar to other canister vacuums and can be purchased with two different add-ons.

Powerful Suction

The motor uses Multi-Cyclonic technology to increase suction power. The suction power is comparable to that of the Miele C1 but at a fraction of the cost.

Excellent Accessories

The two main accessories are a hard surface tool, which is good for picking up finer debris and polishing hardwood floors; a carpet cleaning head, which can be used on both hard and carpeted floors due to its adjustable features. Other notable attachments that come with the Bissell hard floor vacuum are a crevice tool and a dusting brush.

Other Notable Features of the Bissell 1547 Canister Vacuum

The retractable cord can extend up to 18-feet. The retraction is accomplished with just the push of a button. The hose itself is about 7-ft long, while the included steel telescopic wand can extend that length an extra four-feet.


It’s extremely quiet during use
Weighs less than ten pounds with an exciting modern design
An impressive list of accessories and attachments
Hose and steel telescopic wand combined reach is about 11-ft
Rubberized wheels that leave no marks on even the most delicate wood floors
Two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


Not the best at vacuuming stairs
Non-adjustable suction mode


4 – Oreck Venture Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

The name of this next canister vacuum might be familiar to some of you, which is not surprising since the company has been around since the year 1963. It was started by a gentleman named David Oreck. In this Oreck Venture review, we take a closer look at some of the features, the pros, and cons of using one, and if it is one of the best canister vacuums for hardwood floors.

Oreck Venture Pro Canister Vacuum Features

Amazing Suction Power

The Oreck Venture Canister Vac is made to output an amazing amount of suction power, which is enhanced by five unique speed settings.

The many speed settings give the user the ability to adjust the power to fit the mess to be cleaned up. There is a footrest that needs to be tapped to go from one suction level to another.

Multiple Use

The included accessories make the canister vacuum from Oreck suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces, plus all types of carpeted floors.

Good HEPA Filtration

This vacuum uses an inner bag to collect all the sucked up dirt and dust mites. The filtration system can collect and trap the smallest of contaminants. Allergy sufferers will enjoy the filtered air because this vacuum can capture smoke, allergens, mold spores, pollen, and dust.

Other Features

The motor inside the Oreck Venture Canister Vacuum is infused with a silence technology that keeps it very quiet during use. The accessories list include a combined floor and rug tool, a brush for hardwood and a long hose.


Variable suction power
Multiple accessories for different types of cleaning
Incredible quiet motor during use
A 22-feet power cord that’s easily retractable


Poor maneuverability as compared to other high-end units


How to Keep Clean the Best Budget Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Regardless of how much you paid for the canister vacuum, keeping it clean is key to prolonging its longevity. The following steps will help keep the best canister vacuum running smoothly, and trouble-free.

A – The first step is to unplug the canister vacuum from its power source.

B – Thoroughly wipe the inside of the canister with a micro-fiber cloth

C – Based on upkeep, the remaining attached dirt can be removed by soaking the canister in lukewarm water combined with mild soap. The plastic and metal parts can also be cleaned this way.

D – Completely rinse away all the soap suds and let all the parts dry before reassembling.

Warning: Never immerse in water any part containing electrical parts.



Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum

EUREKA Mighty Mite Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Sanitaire S3681D Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Which one of the units reviewed above will you consider to be the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors? The Miele Compact C1 should be looked at as the best canister vacuum of all time due to the many impressive features and accessories it comes with.

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