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A Bluetooth speaker should offer you good signal connectivity, good reception, and good audio. Our best Bluetooth speakers under $200 buyer’s guide and reviews should lead you in the right direction if you’re looking to purchase one.

Technology has advanced so much that we no longer need to have a connection to our radio using long winding cables to be able to enjoy the sound, good sound while at that. Gone are the days for dependence on speakers that would produce poor sound as if someone had torn the inside of the speaker because the resulting sound had a cracking sound that would be very annoying to the ears.

Bluetooth speakers have become a must-have if you want to enjoy good sound. The best thing about them is that you don’t even have to spend a huge amount of money to get the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. The size of the speakers is very compact while still delivering great sound.

Bluetooth speakers link to a smart device whether it is a phone or tablet, and do not need an intermediary to work; this makes them extremely convenient to use. They have very high audio quality and allow you to listen to music from wherever you are whether your home, your car, your alarm clock among others.

The fact that it links to the smart app wirelessly means that you do not need any cables running from one point to another to be able to enjoy the sound. You don’t even have to be tech savvy to use a Bluetooth speaker because most are connect and play.

This is a far cry from the days you had to have at least some level of knowledge to be able to hook up your speaker to the cables, and then hook up the cables to the sound system itself.

There are however certain factors you need to consider when you’re going to buy your Bluetooth speaker, and we will explore this further in our best Bluetooth speaker under $200 buyer’s guide and reviews.

As we stated earlier, you do not have to spend huge amounts of money to acquire a Bluetooth speaker and that is why we have decided to focus on the under $200 Bluetooth speaker range and the brands that offered the most value for the money.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

Before you go into the market to buy a Bluetooth speaker, you need to have a proper understanding of what you’re going to buy. Have a budget that you have put aside towards buying your new Bluetooth speaker if you are cash strapped then look for the best budget Bluetooth speaker.

You do not have to worry about running short of options, many audio makers are focusing on putting out some of the best features, and they come in an extensive price range giving you so many options.

Quality of the Audio

The most fundamental factor when buying your Bluetooth speaker is to check out how the sound is. If you like the sound then you’ll immediately have an interest in the speakers, however, if it has low, quality sound then it is not something you will consider.

There is no amount of internet research which will tell you how the Bluetooth speaker sounds. The only way to do it is to go to the store and have a demo done so that you can gauge whether you like it or not.

However, if you’re buying online, pay meticulous attention to what other customers are saying. Online platforms like Amazon do not hide any negative comments, and so if there is anything wrong with the speaker, you’ll be able to get this information from the customer reviews.

Check that the speaker is loud, a good frequency should be between 100 Hz – 20000 Hz. There should be no distortion whatsoever even at the highest volume. Those with separate radiators for bass will deliver better sound.

Range and Setup

If the Bluetooth speaker should give you a range of at least 30 feet, it should also allow you to have a daisy chaining/multi-unit pairing as well as stereo playback. If it has a good wireless range, this is a bonus because you can then use it both indoors and outdoors without any problems.

How Long it Keeps the Battery Charge

This speaks for itself, you do not want to be listening to some great music, and the battery runs out. See what the manufacturer says and opt for one that gives you the longest hours of playback without having to charge the battery, some can even be used as power banks giving additional functionality.

Portability and Durability

If you know you’ll be using their speakers in different places, get one that allows for easy portability. Also, look for a Bluetooth speaker that is made of good quality material, waterproof and rust resistant, only then can you get long term use out of them.

What are the advantages of having a Bluetooth speaker?

Have you ever tried to listen to your music from your phone or smart APP? No matter how good they are, the sound quality is never quite as crisp or enjoyable. They work better when you connect them to some type of speaker.

Nowadays, you no longer need to connect them using cables; you can use the Bluetooth speaker and enjoy your music. Depending on the type of Bluetooth speaker you have, the audio sound is simply amazing.

The other advantage of using Bluetooth speakers is that you do not need anyone else to connect it. For those who are less tech-savvy, this is a great feature because the plug and play functionality in most of them make them very simple to use.

Further, Bluetooth speakers work with a wide range of smart apps including your phone, your tablet or laptop. This means that you can have your playlist already saved in your phone and get to enjoy your favorite music on the go.

Even for a house with a toddler, you do not have to worry about cables running the length of the room thus posing a danger to the little one. Some Bluetooth speakers are very portable, and if you know that you’ll be using them outside of the house, then this is something you need to consider when you are going shopping.

Most Bluetooth speakers are very durable and can be used in a wide range of environments whether at the beach or near water amongst other places. You should, however, take good care of it no matter how durable the manufacturer says it is.

Bluetooth speakers are generally very friendly in terms of power usage because once you charge the battery, it can give you up to 12 hours of playback. Some also come with the power bank capability thus an added value for you.

Leading Bluetooth Speaker Brands

There are many Bluetooth speaker brands in the market, but some brands do stand out, in the audio marketplace. Some companies easily standout because of the years of experience they have in this niche market and some of this include;-


Sony is a company that has its fingers in almost every space in the market, whether consumer products, entertainment, technology amongst others. They spend a lot of money on research and development and have been able to tap into everyone’s daily living whether it is the children with their line of play stations or the adults with the televisions and sound systems. The brand is well known for the quality of its products, and it continues to be a leading contender in the audio market.


The strength of this company lies in the history it has, it is one of the oldest names in the sound system industry and have a wide range of audio equipment including headphones, car speakers, and sound systems, among others. The use of technology makes the products stand out, and they’re therefore a good name to consider if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker.


This is the company that is well known for the kind of sound that their products deliver. Some of the products like the speakers are very small, but the quality of sound that the speakers produce firmly establishes them in the market.

Ultimate Ears

This company does not have a long experience in the audio market, but it is getting quick recognition for the quality of its products. What it focuses on is the components of its products, for example, long battery life, water resistance, among other factors.

Which is the Best Bluetooth Speaker?

We will let you decide for yourself, but we will provide the information to help you decide the best Bluetooth speaker under $200.

1 – Bose SoundLink RevolveMost Famous Brand & Best Wireless Connectivity

If you’re looking for 360-degree coverage and a wireless range of up to 30 feet, then you should consider the Bose Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth speaker. The 360 coverage is something that you will not find in many speakers, and this truly makes the Bose Soundlink revolve standout. Most Bluetooth speakers are unidirectional and will only deliver sound around one spot.

You will get loud, immersive sound with this speaker and it also allows you to use the Bose connect App to link up to two Soundlink revolve speakers.

With a drag and drop interface, you can use the connect app to switch between the devices easily. Further, you can enjoy party mode or stereo playback by pairing with two speakers. The patented diffuser spreads the sound evenly in a 360-degree manner.

You’ll get a durable corrosion free Bluetooth speaker due to the aluminum material used on the body, and the best part about it is that you can use it at the beach or in the shower because it is water resistant. In as much as it is waterproof, it may not survive being submerged in water and you, therefore, need to be very careful about this.

It is a very compact Bluetooth speaker with a cylindrical shape, which makes it very easy to carry around with you wherever you’re going. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, which enables playback time of 12-hours or more. Also, it has a multi-function button that allows you to play, pause or skip through your music. You can use the app to download any updates as well as check the battery level.

These Bluetooth speakers allow for voice prompts so you can simply pair your voice with it and enjoy functionalities such as hands-free calls, access to Google, Siri amongst others. The microphone mounted at the top of the Bluetooth speaker makes it possible for you to speak from any part of the room because it picks sound from any direction.

If you’re looking for excellent sound, then this is the Bluetooth speaker to buy.


Excellent 360 degrees sound delivery with good bass response.

It is made of good quality material and is portable due to the compact design.

It allows up to 12 hours of playback time.

It allows for hands-free functions like taking of calls, use of the Google assistant and Siri.

Comes in at under $200 and is, therefore, a good buy.


Be careful about the waterproof claim because it is not fully waterproof or dustproof.

Complaints about Bluetooth connectivity in some of the speakers.

It is not a very rugged Bluetooth speaker, and the body can get scratched easily.

2 – Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4Built-in Microphone & Good Battery Life

If you want a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to connect to more than one hundred HK Connect+ speakers, then the Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers are for you. You get up to 8 hours of playtime from the rechargeable 3000mAH Lithium battery.

It gives great sound within a room, and you’re able to connect at least two smart apps at a time. It delivers well on bass and you get clear crisp treble and a range of sound with very good depth. However, when playing very high pitched notes, it may lose some of its clarity.

The speakers are very loud and retain good-quality sound even at high volumes. It can easily fill an average size house with good sound, and if you’re having guests over and would like to get your party on, then it is a speaker you can use.

Use the HK connect APP to take advantage of Google assistant or Siri.

If you are looking for something truly portable, then this may not be for you because it is heavy and is about the size of a basketball. While you can use it within the house and easily move it from room to room using the carrying handle, it may not be a Bluetooth speaker that you want to carry around if you’re traveling.

The Harman Kardon speaker is very attractive with a premium look to it. The fabric used on it is long lasting and will give you long term usage. It has a built-in microphone which has noise cancellation technology, echo, voice logic as well as the ability to deliver very clear audio over the speaker.


It has good sound and impressive volume.

It has good battery life with up to 8 hours playback capacity.

It has excellent wireless connectivity, and you can connect more than 100 Hk-connect enabled speakers.

You can access Google assistant, Siri, and make and answer phone calls.


It is not very portable due to its size.

Wi-Fi may randomly disconnect sometimes.

It does not have volume control on the unit.

3 – Fender Newport Portable Bluetooth SpeakerClassic Design plus Superior sound

The Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker is very portable, and it has a solid sound. Fender is known for guitars, but it is now taking steps into making audio speakers and headphones. The company has used metal for the grills as opposed to the fabric so that you can move around with it without fear of damaging it. At only 3.25 pounds, you can carry it around with you wherever you go without too much bother.

The Fender Bluetooth speakers are attractive, and look a lot like a guitar amplifier. It has 2 woofers, 1 tweeter and uses 30 watts for its powering. While compact, it is a bit heavy but feels very comfortable in the hands thus giving you a feeling that you are holding a very sturdy item.

Low-frequency sounds deliver well, and the two woofers allow you to differentiate the sounds giving you a lot of detail in the sound delivery. However, be careful with how loudly you play it because it may distort the sound.

Depending on your color preference, you can get it in red, blue, black, or silver. You also get a port for charging your smart apps.

It has 3 controls for treble, bass, and volume and you can, therefore, adjust the sound output to your liking. The switch button allows you to pair your speaker wirelessly and the top button allows you to pick up your calls.

It has an on and off switch mechanism which you use to put on the speaker. The old school look of the Fender Bluetooth speakers is a cool factor, something we do not find in many modern speakers. You, however, do not have the option to control playback directly from the speaker.


Three control buttons that allow you to adjust the sound as per your preference.

It is a portable, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing Bluetooth speaker.

Long battery life which can play up to 12 hours or recharge two smartphones fully.

It’ll play the music via Bluetooth or the auxiliary jack.

The range is up to 33 feet


You cannot control playback from the speaker.

Sound distortion at high volumes.

It is not a stereo unit so do not expect stereo sound.

4 – Jabra Speak 510Seamless Connectivity & Optimized for Clearer Sounds

These Bluetooth speakers can be considered business speakers and will give you very clear sound when in a meeting during conference calls. The UC experience is optimized and can be used with most UC platforms. The battery power is amazing and will give you up to 15 hours on a single charge.

It has an Omni-directional microphone that covers a 360-degree range and will, therefore, pick up sound very clearly from any angle. You get up to 100 meters of Bluetooth range. It is very simple to use because of the plug-and-play connectivity and you also enjoy hands-free phone usage with the speakers.

You control the speakers using touch-sensitive buttons for answering or ending calls, and checking the battery status. If you no longer want to be on the loudspeaker, you can use the headset to continue the call in private. It also has a USB cable which allows you to automatically install drivers if you’re using your PC.

Some models also come with a Jabra link 360 USB Bluetooth adaptor that you can use on machines that do not have Bluetooth.

At only 12 centimeters in diameter, it is very compact, making it very easy to travel with. The soft pouch it comes in is also great for use when traveling.


Despite its compact size, it produces very clear sound from whichever direction due to the Omni-directional mic.

You can use the USB cable or Bluetooth to connect the speakers, although, for the very discerning ears, there could be a slight difference in sound quality.

It comes in at an excellent price point.


Some users say that they have to be very close to the microphone for adequate reception.

It is not suitable for use in very large rooms.

5 – Ion Explorer Outback 2Water Resistant & Bass Boost

If you are looking for a true waterproof Bluetooth speaker, then the iron explorer Bluetooth system will do just fine. It has a 100-foot range thus giving you a lot of space to roam around whether in the house or outdoors.

Its power peaks at 100 watts and you will get clear sound due to the 8-inch woofer and 3-inch twitter that come in-built.

What makes this system stand out is that it has so many additional features, you have a battery with a 100 hours rechargeable capacity, cup holders, radio with AM/FM capability, a bottle opener, an aux input among others.

Simply use your voice to pair the Bluetooth or if you want stereo sound, pair it with a second Outback 2 or TWS (True Wireless Stereo).


It is water resistant and very rugged, meaning it can resist most of the elements.

The system comes with much functionality including a radio and cup holders.

It uses voice prompts to pair with Bluetooth.

True wireless stereo pairing.

Extended battery life.

It has a bass boost for that extra oomph.


Charging the phone while using the speakers may drain the battery very fast

How to Care for Your Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The most important thing is to understand what you’re buying and pay close attention to the manufacturer’s specifications. You may in some instances need to have additional things like a bass radiator to help you achieve an excellent sound.

Keep it clean; this means that if you live in a dusty area, make sure that there is no dirt or dust build-up because this may ruin some of the components. Clean it with a damp piece of cloth and wipe it dry afterward.

Do not use any harsh chemicals like thinner, alcohol, or detergent because it may damage some of the material used such as the fabric or the body of the speakers.

Use the Bluetooth speakers in the right places. For those that are not waterproof, do not use them near water. However, if you intend to use it in the shower or outdoors near the pool or the beach, then make sure you buy one that is completely waterproof, since it will come with the right features.

If you live in cold places, check that moisture does not collect on the surface of the speakers and if it does, make sure you wipe it off so that it does not get into the speakers.

If you’re going to use the speakers at the beach, carry something and place it in, so that you avoid putting it directly in the sand which may enter the components and damage them.

Always make sure your battery is well charged.

Keep it away from toddlers who can damage it by playing with it.

Final Thoughts

In our best Bluetooth speakers under 200 review, we have discussed different aspects including what to look for when you are going to buy your Bluetooth speakers. You now know what you need to consider before buying Bluetooth speakers and how to take good care of them.

We have also reviewed some of the products we feel would give you good value for money. Remember, buying the Bluetooth speakers is entirely dependent on what you as an individual are looking for. Take your time, make your comparisons, read user reviews before you finally decide on the best Bluetooth speaker for you.

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