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January 22, 2020
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An ergonomic mouse is a worthy alternative to the traditional computer mouse especially if you’re dealing with pain in the lower arm, wrist, and fingers. In this Anker 2.4G wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse review we take a close look at the features with pros and cons from our performance test.

The shape of the Anker ak-uba is a bit awkward, but it is designed to aid in the reduction of hand fatigue and strain. It is an upright mouse that can help lessen the pain for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. There is a bit of a learning curve due to its odd shape.

The format for this Anker vertical ergonomic mouse review will be as follows; a brief look at the brand called Anker, the main features of the Anker 2.4G wireless vertical mouse, what we liked and disliked from our performance test. Lastly, we list the answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

What We Know About Anker

This company was founded by a guy named Stephan Yang in 2011. He was a former employee of Google in California and acted as a software engineer.

With no manufacturing experience, he took the chance by creating a firm to produce battery banks and cables for the various digital devices. The name Anker is derived from the German word referencing “ship anchor”.

After Mr. Yang started Anker he eventually moved all operations to Shenzhen, China to be close to the manufacturing prowess of that region. The entrepreneurship skill of the founder should be commended, for he has grown this outfit into millions of dollars in sales on a yearly basis.

Anker is presently comprised of four other key brands including Soundcore for earphones and speakers; Roav for dash cams and smart chargers; Nebula focuses on smart devices used for entertainment, and Eufy to bring into existence devices similar to Alexa to connect all the smart home equipment.

First Performance Impression of the Anker Vertical Mouse

The vertical nature of this mouse means it functions as soon as you touch it. The sensitivity of this mouse does require a bit of a learning curve especially if one is suffering from any type of hand or wrist pain.

It is a mouse good for right-handed individuals with fast forward and backward motions. Very little motion is required to move the cursor around, and the 2.4G wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse from Anker performed right out of the box.

Anker AK-UBA Ergonomic Design

Once out of the shipping box it becomes obvious this vertical mouse is taller than any regular computer mouse. The design style gives the user the ability to deploy the handshake position as the ideal way to utilize it.

Unlike a traditional mouse, the Anker vertical mouse can be used with very little movement, which is why it is suitable for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome issues. The Anker vertical ergonomic optical mouse weighs less than four ounces.

The ergonomic design is quite ingenious as most of the control mechanisms are placed within the reach of the users’ fingertips. At the bottom of the mouse are the slots for the battery and storage space for the nano receiver.

The placement of the scrolling and DPI switch makes it easier to create the timely movement of the cursor with minimal effort. Despite the side placement of the buttons, there is still a learning curve every new user will have to deal with.

The DPI Options Performance

It feels very intuitive with the incredibly fast movement of the cursor. The ease of use can be traced to the Dots per inch (DPI) options included inside the mouse from Anker.

The DPI is what determines how fast the cursor moves on the computer screen. There are three DPI settings referenced by numbers 800, 1200, and 1600 respectfully.

The higher the DPI number the faster the movement of the screen cursor. The DPI options use the latest in optical technology to create the sensitivity of the vertical mouse.

There is a physical switch for choosing the desired DPI number. Also, the memory of the last DPI setting is not stored as it resets to the default setting once it goes into the sleep mode.

Other Noteworthy Technical Features



There are six functionalities buttons which include the scroll wheel. The power source for the Anker mouse is 2 AAA batteries, which are not included. This device is compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating Systems and Mac OS X. It is also good for use with devices using Linux.


The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for hours without any strain or pain
Comes with the ideal placement of function buttons, which make moving the screen cursor easier
Three DPI levels to help control sensitivity
Above industry warranty coverage of 18-months


Designed for right-handed users only
Mac users might find that two of the buttons will fail to function

How to Set Up the Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse

The vertical mouse from Anker is probably the simplest to set up in this modern era. It is wise to order at the same time two TRIPLE A batteries required by the device to function.

Pop open the battery compartment underneath, install the 2 AAA batteries and securely close the cover. The next step is to remove the nano USB wireless receiver from its slot and place it into the right spot on your computer or laptop.

The last step in the installation is to switch the mouse into the “on” position. A red light will begin to flash and once it stops, the vertical wireless mouse is ready for use.

If the nano receiver is placed in the right location there should be an instant connection between the mouse and the PC. If you find the cursor moves too slowly, change the DPI setting to one of the higher numbers.

We found the medium setting of the DPI options to be the sweet spot for the right and timely movement of the screen cursor. Play around with it to find if the low, medium or high DPI mode will serve you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Are the 2 AAA batteries included?

No, the required batteries are not included with your purchase. It’s better to use a brand new set of batteries in the beginning.

2 – Is this mouse good for left-handed people?

It is designed for right-handed users unless one is ambidextrous.

3 – How do you wake up the mouse?

The Anker 2.4G wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse will go into sleep mode when left idle for several minutes. To wake it up just press any of the mouse buttons.

4 – Will this mouse work with Mac OS X?

The answer is a qualified yes, because two of the buttons might not work flawlessly.

5 – Are drivers required for the Vertical mouse to work?

No. Once the nano receiver is plugged into the PC, all should be well.

6 – What is the Blue LED blinking light?

It is an indication the battery power is running low and needs to be changed. Best to change both batteries at the same time with newer ones.


Just by looking at the mouse one might not know how it can help alleviate pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. It is an ergonomic mouse that fits comfortably into the palm of the hand.

The control buttons are placed right where they can be easily accessed. Any review of the best ergonomic mouse will be incomplete if this product is not included. A standard instructions manual is included with your purchase of the Anker 2.4G Wireless vertical mouse.

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