What do you get from three nerds that decide to create a functioning tech gadget review site? The first is data-driven arguments lasting way into the night. One of the challenges we faced was choosing a domain name.

We came upon Paramountind.com from a buddy of ours that did an internship at a network solutions provider many years ago. Unfortunately, Paramount Industries went out of business many years ago. The next challenge we faced was finding the current domain holder and offering a decent price.

Most of the reviews found on this site will be formed from our own personal experiences, and also, from the opinions of other users as expressed online. We applied our experiences of buying different types of gadgets, laptop accessories, and other geeky stuff.
Despite our participation in the Amazon Affiliate program, the recommended products will be without bias or favor. We have lengthy buyers guides packed with valuable information. This site will grow to become the ultimate destination portal for those seeking refreshing information on health and sports-related gadgets.

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